New themed world for a future Open World Mario title.


Dry Bowser
One of the key factors for a 3D Mario title is new worlds that fit the concepts for these games. In 64 it was castle themed, in Sunshine it was oceanic, in Galaxy it was space, and in Odyssey it was around the world. What new themed world would be fitting for the next open world Mario title?

Party Princess

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Might be prehistoric themed, like a Super Mario Sunshine-like game set in Dinosaur Island.
That'd be fun! I'd love Dinosaur Island theme, they could even mix in spin-off themes into it too.
Like, in Yoshi Island there's football frogs and baseball bandits, so there could easily be a sport world to explore as a platformer.
If they dared to go so bold they could add a Cookie Factory, and maybe like Wario Land could be an island very near by too as a world.
That's what I'd want for the next 3D Mario, to really combine all the series together.

Ray Trace

Wiki Patroller
Giant city where you can drive karts to locations.

Hell, like a much bigger DKR overworld would be so fun to cruise around in. I had much fun driving around Paradise City in Burnout Paradise, imagine if Mario Kart adopted something like it, but, with like streamlined mission selects for the hasty people.

John Bros.

I really love the idea of a giant city where you can drive karts to locations too, but if I had to choose one Overworld theme for a future Open World Mario title, that would be the sky. I guess it would be similar to an Open World Mario Galaxy (something I would love to play too) but this time, you would travel the sky in a small old propeller plane and go through clouds of different colors and textures, rainbow roads, star roads, beanstalks, shooting flying enemies on your way to the next level. There would be a sense of discovery each time you see an island appearing in the sky after you passed through a cloud. You could sometimes land on an open sandbox level, sometimes on a short linear athletic level floating in the sky, sometimes on a village where you can take a break and shop… This is basically Zelda Skyward Sword remade in a Mario style, and much more ambitious. Actually, it seems the next Lego Star Wars game will be like that (but in space of course), I'm curious to see how it works.