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What's something that Mario characters have never said to your knowledge but would fit their personality? Well, write them out here!

"I'lla be back ... to play with you again! Woo hoo!"-Mario


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I remember a fake Baby Luigi quote in the early MarioWiki days when Mario Kart Wii was not released yet.

"Uh-oh, Baby Weegee say hi."

And that is very fitting for him. "Uh-oh" should be his catchphrase.

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Mario: Mama mia, you wouldn't believe the amount of fan-mail I received today!
Luigi: And for Luigi...?
Mario: Let's see... Mario... to Mario.... Mario. For Mario. Hmm here's a smudge here, no.... to Mario. Oh, my.
Luigi: Ehhhh...
Mario: Maybe some of them were for you, bro, but they didn't realize it was you.

Wario: Yahoe. Here's my stupid friend, Waluigi. I had to tie his shoes for him. Say hello to these chumps, Waluigi.
Waluigi: Shaddap


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"Mamma mia, could you please stop killing so many me's with your lack of skills?" - Mario in S8-Crown (SM3D Land) which I just beat. It took me a few tries, to say the least.