The Wario Apparition


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I've recently heard about this creepy shit in Super Mario 64 called "The Wario Apparition". I'm not sure if it's fake, since I've seen it happen on a YouTube video of someone playing the game on an actual cartridge and it all happened for real, and the game just crashed!

However, when I attempted it on Project64, Wario did not appear.

What are your opinions about the Wario apparition?

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It's an urban legend, just like what BLoF said, there's no evidence of it in the code.


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Can someone post that youtube video of the wario apparition on here? i wanna see it 😃

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It'd be so cool if every Sm64 was personalized, but I knowe it;s fake because i played on other peoples files before... and coding wasn't that advanced yet in the 64 era or something.

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