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What does Yoshi mean?

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A ♥Bill Cipher♥ fan
Yoshi's Safari is a funny game, i've seen it but never played it either.


A ♥Bill Cipher♥ fan
Does that mean you like it?

Cat Rosalina

Purr-fect day, isn’t it?
Banned User
Yoshi would never ever shot someone. I even think they could be friends with the Koopa (Troopas).

Cat Rosalina

Purr-fect day, isn’t it?
Banned User


(she/her) actual spore creature
I actually have him in my team, alongside Mario and Rabbid Yoshi. It’s actually the best team.
genuine question.. how do you use rabbid yoshi?? ive been playing the game for a while but just. never figured out how to use him effectively! i can list off the strengths to every other character well but . not this one


Dinosaur Island Ambassador

It’s the Yoshi Tour on Mario Kart Tour. I have to say I was suprised White Yoshi, now called Blanco Yoshi, was made available. White first appeared in Yoshi’s Story 64 with Black Yoshi. In that game one had to find the hidden white egg and get to the end of the level without dying to unlock him. White Yoshi this time is in the pipe and you’ll have to use your hard earned rubies to get him.

Blue Yoshi has also been made available for the first time on Mario Kart Tour. That leaves only Yellow Yoshi left of the original colors from Super Mario World (SNES) which were green, red, blue, and yellow.


Easter Egg Yoshi also makes a return to Mario Kart Tour in the pipe: