Dinosaur Island: Yoshi Fan Club

What does Yoshi mean?

  • Respectable

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  • Righteous

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  • Good Luck

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Virtuous

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  • All of the Above

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Dinosaur Island Ambassador

Welcome to Yoshi Club! The first rule of Yoshi Club is to.. tell everyone about Yoshi Club!

As Dinosaur Island Ambassador, I wish to extend an invitation to all Yoshi fans.

To join you must declare which Yoshi is your favorite and why.

All things Yoshi are welcome here. That means gifs, pics, polls, collectables, friendly debates, and etc.

May we together defeat Kamek and her antics!



@PaperYoshi -Dinosaur Land Ambassador
@Yoshi the Yoshifan -Yoshter
@Zoot Suit Daffy -FieryYoshi
@Petuni -Yoshilina
@Toadsworth the noble chap
@Christmassy Red Yoshi
@Trab The Halls
@Sir Slush
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Cat Rosalina

Purr-fect day, isn’t it?
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I would like to join. I like Yoshi because he is loyal, cute, fair, and lovely. My favorite Yoshi is the light blue one, because it’s my favorite color.


Dinosaur Island Ambassador
Black and light blue and orange.
And nickname is Yoshilina.
Black is da best. No bias at all. :D
Light Blue is one of my favs, Orange sadly doesn’t end up in enough games.
Yoshilina it is. Updating Original Post.
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A ♥Bill Cipher♥ fan
I have 3 yoshi amiibos....the regular green one and 2 woolly ones green n pink.

Cat Rosalina

Purr-fect day, isn’t it?
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