I'm sending people personalized cards for Christmas


Art by YoshiUnity
A couple of years ago, I helped with the Mario Boards Secret Santa event, I kinda messed up as I didn't have as much experience as I thought.
Here is something I do have experience with, card making.
Simply, tell me something you like, hopefully something I can easily find a transparent image of and I'll send one to you via a a PM on the day


Art by YoshiUnity
Reminder, I need a transparent image to use as a base and I won't use fan art


The Littlest and Cutest of the Punies
I would like an authentic picture of Falco modified to make it look like he's giving petuni a christmas present, if you can't do that please tell me so i can think of something else. ok?


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Could I have a picture of Kotori Minami? Preferably in her Snow Halation outfit, but you can use whichever one you want if that's not an option.