I wish there was a way to play MKTour on PC and it was legit

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Like I don't mean Bluestacks I mean official (and I have a feeling Mario has no PC games) If they did Mario Kart 8 Deluxe would go outta business, and it already is!
Game Over, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe :bowser:


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(and I have a feeling Mario has no PC games)
theres some old ones but there mostly edutaintment ones. you know! mario teaches typing, mario is missing, marios fundamentals/game gallery!
also i think mk8dx is still selling super well so theres that! in fact the top 15 eshop games for august (in eu regions anyway) had it at number 5 i checked


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It's still pretty disgusting how that game is left in the dust while Tour is the one getting all the support.

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If they're was, I'd probably ignore it. Never really been a fan of MKT, with it's freemium play scheme, but a fully free MKT would be good.