which smash franchise has the best music?


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title says it all

i really like the dk music in the game, and i also really enjoy listening to banjo, kirby and xenoblade music. sonic and mario are close honorable mentions.

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Depends on what this is based on, if it's based on it's the music for the franchise in general, then I feel Sonic is a clear winner. If it's based on the franchise's representation in Smash, then that's a little harder, Smash often fails to represent the best of each franchise. I'd probably choose Fatal Fury/SNK, as King of Fighters Stadium is the stage I choose for the music the most often.


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looking at the tracks i have downloaded i think i have a pretty clear bias
2 smash
15 mario
3 mario kart
3 dk
1 zelda
2 metroid
5 yoshi
6 kirby
1 starfox
2 pokemon
2 f zero
3 earthbound
1 g&w
1 wario
3 pikmin
4 animal crossing
1 wiifit
1 splatoon
1 pacman
1 bayonetta
4 castlevania
7 other
(none of the dlc tracks because i only have plant)
as for hte song quality? i dont know i havent listened to these in quite a while