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(Additional disclaimer: Toadette will still use her Super Mario look in MCCW. This new look is for community event usage only in order to distance my persona as a user from the rp.)
(Changes: The jacket now looks more like a dress, the sleeves are a lot smaller, the orb has been turned into a necklace and is smaller than before.)


It always felt weird to me how some SSC characters never got pets at all, especially if those characters happened to be late additions made just before a new generation began. So I decided to give Banana Twirl/Banana Candy, G3 Plum Pudding, Watermelon Kiss, Annie Oatmeal, Caramel Corn, Lime Light, G4 Sour Grapes, and Sweet Grapes all their own companions!

(I was going to make a new pet for G3 Cherry Cuddler as well in the early planning stages, but during my research, I found an official picture of her with a redesigned Gooseberry in an old Youtube video that I posted to the SSC fandom wiki, so I decided to scrap what her new pet might've been.)
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I haven't done any new art yet, but I'm posting the two pieces I did for @Tart's OC prompt of the month thread here for quick reference.


To celebrate My Little Pony's 40th anniversary, I drew Galaxy, Light Heart, Minty, Pinkie Pie, and Izzy Moonbow in front of a starry nighttime scene with a rainbow and the MLP logo. This is the first time I've ever drawn ponies and horses in general, and I really like how this piece turned out!
I would like to thank Rose, Pito, and Perch for granting me permission to continue this series, as well as MightyMario for letting me use Cayde for this project.

*Toadette and Cayde had arrived at the battle court, ready to start their training. Toadette began by punching targets with her hair, as well as sliding around in her slime form, melting into whatever objects she found, while Cayde was content with watching her practice. A few minutes after, Oxide and co. arrived, hoping to partake in some practice battles with the two.*

Toadette: Hello there, Toadiko and friends. I'm glad you came to see Cayde and I train for the Mega Brawl. It's good to see you too, Oxide. I thought you didn't consider training before the event, but I guess your friends gave you encouragement before you arrived. Ready to see our skills in action?

Oxide: You bet, Toadette and Cayde! I'm looking forward to see what moves you've come up with. But I ain't going to sit here and watch you fight like anyone else. I really want to partake in a practice battle, so I can see what an opponent might do against me. Now, who's going to challenge me first?

Cayde: I prefer if you and Toadette went up against each-other, Oxide. I don't really want to hurt either of you unless I'm forced to do it. However, I am interested in seeing your abilities, so I'll pay close attention. Good luck to you both!

*Oxide felt disappointed when Cayde declined his offer, but he was excited to show off his talents. He headed to the top end of the field, while Toadette headed to the bottom end. Toadiko, Cream, and Cinnamoroll each toke a seat near Cayde, eagerly waiting for the fight to begin*

Toadette: You'd better be ready for me this time, Oxide! I'm not going to pull any stops during this fight, so don't expect me to go down easily. I'll even show you that my slime form won't hinder me from defeating you. Here I come!

Oxide: I won't let you knock me out like before, Toadette. I'm going to do everything I can against you and will only stop if I wear myself out. During the event, I'll make sure every fight is a fair match-up. So don't think I'm going to break the rules, ok? Let's go!

*Toadette and Oxide each strike a pose, and the battle begins. Toadette begins by running towards Oxide, punching him with her hair. But once she thinks he's down, Oxide zips out of Toadette's reach, making her attack miss. He then charges up his plasma gun before firing a shot at her. Because Toadette wasn't paying attention, she gets stunned after she's hit*

Toadiko: Wow, I've never seen Oxide hit Toadette with any of his moves before. He usually goes down after a few seconds, but today he must seem really determined to beat her! I wonder how she might counter him, but I can see little sparks around her. Did she just get stunned?

Cayde: I think that's what happened, Toadiko. Your sister was so focused on punching, she didn't notice Oxide slipping away. But I don't expect her to go down yet. Let's see what she'll do after those sparks wear off.

Cinnamoroll: I didn't know Oxide was this fast! His movements are impressive, and his electric shots look like an emerald green instead of the usual yellow. Toadette's moves are cool as well, but her punches aren't going to hit anyone right now. How will she overcome this?

Cream: I'm not as impressed by Oxide's speed, Cinnamoroll. Sure, he reminds me of how fast Sonic runs, but I'm more interested in seeing how he'll react to Toadette's slime form. I believe only Cayde has seen it before, so I'm curious to see how she might use it on him!

Oxide: I knew you were going to punch me with that hair, but I've seen you use that move so many times! Don't you have anything new up your sleeves, Toadette?! You might've beat me before with one move, but it'll take more than that to defeat me!!

Toadette: Of course I do, Oxide. I'm not going to win with punches alone. Just wait until I change into my slime form! You'll be so surprised, you won't know what to do against me!

*Toadette transforms into slime and slides towards Oxide, melting into his gun. Once his weapon is taken, she tries to use it, but can't seem to do much. Oxide feels a little frustrated, but he doesn't want to hurt Toadette enough to injure her.*

Cinnamoroll: Woah, Toadette's slime form is very unique. I've never seen anything like it before. But I don't think she knows how Oxide's gun works. She doesn't seem to be doing much right now.

Toadiko: Yeah, she isn't familiar with alien tech, even if she's battled them before. I don't think she's gonna waste time figuring it out right now. But Oxide knows her punches. How's she going to fight back?

Cream: Don't give up yet, Oxide. Show Toadette what you can really do in battle, and try not to let your anger take over. We know you can win if you do your best, so please don't let us down!

Cayde: Don't get too stressed, Oxide. Toadette's struggling to use your weapon, so she might drop it and return to her usual strategy. Once she's back to normal, use your claws, but don't injure her! You can do this, I believe in you!

*Soon after, Toadette returns to normal, dropping Oxide's gun on the ground. She tries punching him, but Oxide zips behind Toadette and gently slashes with his claws. After a minute, Toadette falls, but gets back up and walks near Oxide, holding out her arm towards him. He thinks about gloating for a little, but instead, he holds out his arm towards her, and together, they shake hands.*

Toadette: That was a good game, Oxide. You really seem to know your stuff, and I'll be sure to hone my skills if we happen to battle each-other again. I might've struggled against you, but I had a fun time during the battle. Good luck in the Mega Brawl!

Oxide: You played a good game as well, Toadette. That slime form looks interesting, and even though you couldn't use it well, I bet you'll improve when the event arrives. I had an exciting time during our match, and I wish you good luck in the Mega Brawl!

Cayde: I'm very impressed with how well you both did during the match. It was exciting to see your moves in action, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll do in the Mega Brawl. I'll see you guys again soon!

*The sun started to set as everyone left the battle court. While Cayde went back home to her apartment, Toadette and the others headed to their rooms inside the Car Wash and got themselves ready for a good night's sleep.*
The MBMB's concept was created by Rose, Perch, and Pitohui, and the character of Cayde is played by MightyMario. Special thanks to all of them!

*A week had past since the Car Wash's employees began preparing for the Mega Brawl. While they made sure to hone their abilities, promoting the event wasn't easy. So this morning, Toadette and co. wondered how they could spread the word*

Toadiko: It's such a lovely day right now. I can't wait to see what we're gonna do for the Mega Brawl this week! Every single day, I just get more and more excited for it. Hey Cayde, how's training been going for everyone lately? I'm curious to know the progress you've made in your preparations for it!

Cayde: They've been going well, Toadiko. I just learned some new abilities, and I've also been studying the other fighters carefully. This allows me to plan my strategy ahead of time, so I'll be ready for any surprises they throw at me. What about you, Toadette?

Toadette: I've been working on my slime form, Cayde. Every time I see an object, I melt into it before the next one arrives. Oxide's training is going good too, but we're having trouble getting support. They think we're not strong enough, or they just don't like us. There must be a way to spread the word, right Cinnamoroll?

Cinnamoroll: Well, this is a Car Wash, right? If we want to spread the word, we have to talk with customers. So why don't we take turns washing cars today? That way, every customer will have a chance to express interest in the event. Besides, I'm curious to see how the process works. I don't think I've washed a car before…

Oxide: I'm not one for washing cars, Cinnamoroll. I mean, it's nice to chat with customers, but I prefer doing things that don't require it, like cleaning and stocking inventory. I'm good at it, but when they try to argue, I often lash out when I really shouldn't. I bet you deal with impatient customers frequently, Cream. How do you handle the pressure out there?

Cream: When a customer's sick of waiting, I stand my ground without being mean towards them. I also stay calm and focused, so my mind doesn't stray from the task at hand. Of course, I don't like when people rush me, but I remember to treat everyone equally, even if I'm under pressure. Speaking of customers, here comes one right now!

*Soon after, a Rex pulls up to the Car Wash, with his vehicle covered in mud. He lowers his window before he greets the employees, who are gathering supplies.*

Rex: Hey everyone. I just came from Dinosaur Land, but on the way here, I landed in a mud puddle that completely covered my car! Even the windows are filthy, so I need a major cleaning from you! Make sure there isn't any streaks left when you're finished. I don't accept sloppy work that often.

*After the Rex puts his window up, Toadette and co. work together to wash his vehicle, making sure to not miss any stains. But once the windows are clear, the Rex sees Oxide's face and feels concerned*

Rex: I never thought I'd see your face around here, you lousy alien! This must be part of your latest plan, right? I bet you hate working here, and you only got hired because those mushrooms are stupid people! So don't try to deceive me with your non-existent charisma! You won't get away this time!

Oxide: This isn't apart of an evil plan at all, Rex. I genuinely enjoy working here, so much that I've completely abandoned my ways. Not only is the Mushroom Kingdom an interesting place to live, but I'm making new friends and learning to be a better person as well! It makes me feel much happier than before, and I don't ever want to leave it!

Rex: Friends? I thought you liked working alone. So the idea of you having friends makes me feel anxious. Why don't you tell me about them, I'm curious to see if they like you. While we're here, we should get their opinion as well. You're not abusing them, are you?

Oxide: I'd love to tell you about my friends, Rex. Cayde loves animals, and I like her friendship with Zerris. Toadette and I sometimes argue, but I respect her authority. Toadiko has a ton of spunk, Cream is sweet and kind, and Cinnamoroll is a good cook. I like being around them, and life would be much lonelier without their presence.

Cayde: Oxide's a good friend, Rex. Sure, he gets himself into trouble, but I'm always ready to lend him a hand when he needs it. If he takes things too far, I don't let myself get pushed by him. But other than that, we get along well, and I'm glad to have him by my side.

Toadette: Oxide and I don't have the best friendship with each-other, but I tolerate him more than Luigi does. Sometimes, his weird ideas help when I least expect it. We might bicker, but he's willing to hear my thoughts in tough situations. Yes, he's a jerk, but he's very dependable, and I respect his assistance around here.

Toadiko: Oxide's the best friend I could ever ask for! When I get really bored, he takes me to the park so we can play together and have fun. He never misses an opportunity to spoil me, and even though he has his flaws, I support him when he needs it most! I'll always be his favorite cutie!

Cream: Oxide and I weren't always friends, Rex. He once disliked me due to my kindness, but after we settled our differences, he's been treating me much better than before. But although we like helping each-other, I haven't found much to like about him beyond the nickname he gave me. So I still consider him an acquaintance.

Cinnamoroll: I've only known Oxide for a few weeks, so I consider him an acquaintance. I haven't picked up much on him, but he thinks I'm cute and likes my cooking. He also calls me Cinnamon, and I find it endearing. But I have to spend more time with him before I consider him a friend.

*Eventually, the Rex's car is shiny and clean. Cayde pulls out the card reader, allowing him to pay for his service. After the card is scanned, the Rex leaves the facility and more customers begin to pull up at a constant rate, keeping the employees occupied with their work.*
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The concept of the MBMB was created by Rose, Perch and Pitohui, and the character of Cayde is played by MightyMario. Special thanks to them!

*In the Car Wash's theater room, Toadette, Cayde, and Oxide are watching Toadiko, Cream, and Cinnamoroll practice their cheer routines. Upon arrival, they see them wearing sparkly outfits and holding pom-poms. Cayde is in awe with how Toadiko and co. look, but Toadette feels skeptical about this*

Cayde: Hello, Cream and friends. I'm excited to see how your routines for the Mega Brawl are coming along. Your clothes are so pretty. I'm curious to see where you got them from. I don't think I've seen you guys wear anything this fancy before…

Cream: Toadiko lent us some of her dress-up clothes for the routines, Cayde. We've been working very hard on our cheer dances for you. Cinnamoroll wrote down our chants, and I was in charge of choreography. I'm excited to see how our first practice session will go. I bet you can't wait to see what we've come up with!

Cinnamoroll: I often don't rely on clothes to express myself. However, I found this blue tank-top with a pink bow, and I thought it looked nice on me. Toadiko put on a pink dress, and Cream swapped her orange dress for a fancier one. I just hope this doesn't affect our routine much. We just changed not too long ago.

Toadette: Hmm…I'm not sure if this is the right decision for you. You guys look nice, but I was expecting you to practice in your normal clothes. It's better to save the fancy outfits for the day of the event, when you've perfected your routines. So what caused you three to dress like this?

Toadiko: I thought that if we put on the sparkly clothes now, we wouldn't have to worry about going over the routine while we're in Pipe Plaza. I don't think we'll have much time to practice before we're called in to perform. So it's best we get used to wearing these outfits right away, before it's too late!

Oxide: I really want the audience to be starstruck when they see Toadiko, Cream, and Cinnamoroll perform! Every time I enter a tournament, the spectators never applaud my efforts! They always boo at me, and it doesn't raise my spirits at all. So I don't want them to be overlooked by the crowd while we're battling it out!

*Soon after, Toadiko heads to center stage, while Cream walks to the left, and Cinnamoroll floats to the right. Once they're in position, they perform a cheer dance for Toadette. After they finish, they swap places, with Cream in center, Toadiko on right, and Cinnamoroll on left. Then, they perform a cheer dance for Cayde. Once they finish, Toadette and co. applaud their efforts.*

Cayde: Wow, it seems like you're putting lots of effort in your routines. I'm quite impressed with how you moved in time with each-other, and the shaking of your pom-poms were right on cue. I'm sure when the event arrives, you'll be ready for what's to come!

Toadette: You guys seem to be doing well so far. I was worried because the clothes might've gotten in the way of your movements, but I guess they didn't hinder you that much after all. Keep on practicing often, and don't give up if you make any mistakes!

Oxide: You did well with Toadette and Cayde's routines. However, I want something different for mine. If you want to wow the crowd, you've gotta make a tower! It'll be more difficult than what you're used to, but I've got the perfect plan. Toadiko, you'll be on the bottom, while Cream's in the middle, and Cinnamoroll's on top, since he's the lightest. You think you can handle it?

Cream: I'm usually on the top when I'm flying with my friends, Oxide. If ever I fall, Cheese catches me so I don't get hurt on the way down. But I see why you put me in the middle, since Cinnamoroll's very short, and Toadiko might get hurt if she's any higher. So it won't ruin much if we give it a try!

Cinnamoroll: I see why you put me on top, Oxide. If I was in the middle, Cream and Toadiko might not reach me because my arms and legs are tiny stubs. If I was on the bottom, people might not see me. Plus, I'll have to balance the others, which wouldn't work well. I just hope we don't mess up at all…

Toadiko: I'm not sure if I can balance this weight on me, Oxide. My arms don't have much strength in them, and it might be hard to dance unless I take some baby steps. But I'm not gonna quit on you, my friend! I'll make sure we get this right the first time, even if we can't do it well!

*Toadiko walks to center stage. Then, Cream hops, landing on Toadiko's head. Finally, Cinnamoroll floats, landing on Cream's head. Once the tower's set up, Oxide pulls out his camera and tries taking a picture of them. However, Toadiko starts wobbling and trips. After she falls, Cream feels nervous as Cheese flies near her. But after a while, she falls down. Soon, Cinnamoroll floats, but as Chocola flies near him, the puppy gets distracted by Oxide's camera flash, causing him to fall.*

*When the picture was taken, all Oxide got was a black screen. While Toadette and Cayde went to comfort Toadiko and co., the Gasmoxian felt shocked with how poorly the dance went. However, he decided to think things over before getting too angry, not wanting to hurt his friends' feelings.*

Cayde: Are you guys all right? You seemed to fall down during your performance, and I want to make sure you didn't get any injuries. Tower formations are difficult to get right unless you know what you're doing. How are you guys feeling right now?

Toadette: Toadiko, Cream, Cinnamoroll, are you hurt at all? That tower seemed too difficult for you to perform. I hope you guys didn't get any headaches. When I was in cheer squad, we never did towers unless the teacher told us. That's because they can cause injuries if people aren't careful. You understand?

Toadiko: My head hurts a little, sis, but we can't quit now! The Mega Brawl's only a few weeks away, and we must make sure our routines are practiced enough before we leave home! We can do the tower, even if it takes longer to perfect than a normal routine. Even if Oxide acts selfish, I'll never let him down!

Cream: Ow…my head hurts. I don't feel like quitting, Cayde, but if Oxide wants to hurt us instead of helping out, I'm not going to be naive. I know how mean he can be sometimes, so if he acts out, I will tell him that what he's doing isn't ok. If he doesn't stop, I have the right to walk away. I won't let him push me this time!

Cinnamoroll: My ears are feeling numb from being in the air for so long. Quitting doesn't seem right, but Oxide shouldn't expect us to do perfectly. We're just kids, and it takes time to practice things. But if he tells us to get it right or else, I won't let him toy with me. We're not as easy to manipulate as he thinks!

Cayde: Don't worry, guys. If he hurts you, he won't get away with it. You might be the youngest here, but he can't expect you to listen to his every command! I don't want to go through a situation like one we had in November again.

Toadette: Cayde's right. If Oxide tries to hurt any of you, there won't be a cheer squad for him at the tournament. Any action he takes that violates our policy will be sent straight to Luigi. He'll have to rely on his own instincts if he wants to win without our help!

*Soon after, Oxide approaches the stage.*

Oxide: I think I might've pushed you too far with my expectations. If I knew you were gonna struggle, I wouldn't have sat there and let you fall. But I was so focused on getting my picture right, I wasn't paying attention to your performance. If you can't do the tower, I'll be fine with your normal routine. You're so adorable, that you don't need a tower to show it, right?

Toadiko: That's right, Oxide! I'm fine with doing the tower again, but I think my head would like it better if we returned to our normal routine. I'm happy you didn't hurt us after we failed. I'll go to the left of the stage this time, since I've already been in the center and the right. What about you, Cream?

Cream: I'm glad you recognized our feelings and responded in a way that didn't hurt us, Oxide. You're really showing us how much your behaviour's improving around here. My head hurt quite a bit after the tower, so we won't be doing that again. Hmm…as for my position, I think I'll go on stage right this time. I can't wait to perform for you!

Cinnamoroll: It's nice that you didn't hurt us after we struggled. You might be selfish and mean, but you really care about us. My ears are still numb, so I wouldn't be ready for another tower right now. I think I'll go in center this time. I'm looking forward to our performance!

Oxide: That's the spirit, cuties! I'll be sure to pay attention, so I won't pull out my camera until you're just about to finish. That way, I can turn the flash off so it won't distract you. You can do it this time, Cinnamoroll, Cream, and Toadiko! Toadette, Cayde, and I will always believe in you, no matter what happens!

*Toadiko, Cream, and Cinnamoroll get into position before doing their second routine. Once they start to dance, Cayde and Toadette are amazed with their moves, and Oxide is at the edge of his seat. After a few minutes, he pulls out his camera to take another picture, making sure to turn off the flash beforehand. After a few seconds, Toadiko and co. strike a pose, smiling for their picture.*
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The MBMB was created by Rose, Perch, and Pitohui. The character of Cayde is played by MightyMario.

*There were only a couple weeks left before Toadette, Cayde, and the others could head for Pipe Plaza. While the cheerleaders practiced their routine, the fighters were hitting targets with their moves. But after three defeats in a row, Toadette began losing faith in her slime form.*

Cinnamoroll: This is the first time I've seen Toadette in a state like this. I'm wondering why she's so worried. She's been doing well with her training, but today's not going well for her. Look at all the targets she's missing! If she continues to feel this way, I don't know what might happen to her…

Cream: Yeah, she doesn't seem to be feeling good right now, Cinnamoroll. Her punches are strong, but her slime form isn't doing much. It's almost like her skills are diminishing as we speak. I don't often see her doubting herself like this. Maybe we could try and help her out?

Cayde: I feel quite bad for her as well, Cream. Usually she keeps calm in tough situations, but it seems like the pressure is getting to her. I think we should see what's going on. …Toadette, is there something wrong with how you're feeling?

Toadette: I'm not feeling too well, everyone. I've gone through three losses in a row with those practice rounds, and I'm starting to lose faith in myself. My slime form is more of a hinderance than anything! I always come up short when I try to use it. It won't help me win the tournament, that's for sure.

Toadiko: Why do you think your slime form is hindering you, sis? During the practice rounds, you did quite well with it. The only mistakes you made were sliming into a bubble, letting one of Oxide's traps explode, and not knowing how to operate alien tech. I don't see it as a waste!

Oxide: You think your slime form is trash, Toadette?! You're not one to falter in the face of your enemies, even if they have the advantage. Plus, you've taken on lots of tough challenges that I would've panicked in after a while! This tournament should be a piece of cake if you try hard enough!

Cayde: I think your slime form is very unique, Toadette. You just need a bit more practice before the tournament comes around. Don't let those losses consume you, my friend. You shouldn't give up, I know you can do this!

Toadette: The problem is, I haven't met a lot of the competitors. If my slime form messes up every time someone goes against me, what good is it for? It might've helped with those photographers, but now I don't think it has any use in combat. How do I see it as something besides a mistake?

*Cayde and co. went to comfort Toadette and give her some reassurance.*

Oxide: I personally think your slime form is quite cool, Toadette. It definitely isn't a hinderance in my mind. But you shouldn't get stuck in a corner every time it doesn't work. You always seem to find your way out of tough areas, so you should make up for your mistakes and learn from them!

Cinnamoroll: Just because you lost in the practice rounds doesn't mean the tournament won't go well for you, Toadette. Look on the bright side. Your skills are improving, your slime form is useful, and you've got us cheering you on. If you tuck away the bad thoughts, you might end up winning it all!

Toadiko: You can't give up now, sis! That slime form is anything but useless. Yeah, you've made mistakes, but practice makes perfect. And you don't quit that easily, right sis? If you keep on training, when the Mega Brawl comes, you'll be ready for anything. I know it!

Cream: I don't often see you give up when things get tough, Toadette. You're really brave and resilient, and you never back down from a difficult task! If those fighters push you into a corner, don't fret. Use that opportunity to turn the tides towards you, and be courageous, like a tiger!

Cayde: You all came together to help me out, right? I don't leave others behind in tough times. You're one of my biggest inspirations, Toadette. Believe in yourself, and you will succeed. You're much stronger than you think you are, my friend!

*Toadette felt renewed, ready to face her opponents with determination.*

Toadette: …I feel a lot better now, everyone. There's still a couple weeks before the Mega Brawl, so I guess I shouldn't have worried too much. My slime form isn't perfect, but that doesn't mean it can't help me win. I appreciate your efforts in helping me out. If we do well, Pipe Plaza won't forget our talents!

*Cayde and co. were glad to have helped their friend, giving her a thumbs up. By the end of the day, Toadette ended up hitting the most targets with her attacks. As the days past, the excitement grew, and everyone was looking forward what might happen in the future*

Yesterday, I decided to draw some visual representations of my two combatants' move-sets they plan to use in the MBMB. These include the moves listed in their submission forms, as well as the attacks they utilized during a practice battle with Cayde (@Zerris) and Bubblun (@Zdrmonster Productions.) I also drew Sandbag from Super Smash Bros for the first time, and he turned out very well for me. I hope you guys enjoy it!

This drawing was inspired by the most recent trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime, which showed off some new transformations in the game. Pâtissière Peach is making some treats, and baking alongside her is Strawberry Shortcake! There is also a small cameo from Cinnamoroll, and you can see a much more colorful background compared to previous drawings I've put out this year. I hope you guys enjoy it!

This is a special drawing I made for Shroom Issue 200. It was originally completed in August, but I decided to wait until the issue released so that no one was spoiled. You can find out more about how I put it all together within this Shroom Section, if you haven't already!

This is a drawing of my two cats, Misty and Gigi. It was made last month, and I tried my best to give the subjects a realistic appearance by adding texture and using natural proportions. I have also included photos of the cats so you can see how they look in real life.






This drawing is a Christmas gift to all of my friends on this site, plus a few of the staff members. I hope we can continue to share fun times together, even as some of us drift apart from each-other. (PS. I know some characters are less accurate than others, but I tried my best to represent everyone with as much faithfulness to their original designs as possible.)