What a way to introduce my first forum post,


That one strange person.
With blatant interest in the properties of the Super Crown (Supercrown).

So, I just wanna give my personal headcannon on the crown, which, I've actually had a few.

NOTE: These Headcannons all take place under the rule that Super Crowns do affect all characters, as fandoms have... "demonstrated". These headcannons are also separate, yet can be paired with others, if compatible. Keep in mind, these are just my personal ideas.

1. Any character under the effect of the Super Crown experiences only two changes; status, and species. Any non-human character will adopt a more humanoid form. Additionally, they will also achieve Royalty status, for as long as they wear the crown. These changes cease upon removal of the power-up. (Incompatible with 2.)
2. Similar situation as Headcannon 1, except that a gender reversal takes place. That's all that changes. Any characters with no definitive male/female pronouns changes to the opposite of how they display themselves. If there is no distinguishing features that could define them as masculine or feminine, it defaults to a prince/king outfit and title, as those are generally gender-neutral. (Incompatible with 1.)
3. The character is feminized. That's it. This is the most common, and widely-shared idea of "Supercrowning" on the internet, except the way it differs from mine, is that the character is NOT overly-sexualized. Come on, people, have some decency. (Incompatible with 1 and 2)
4. Similar to 3, except no matter the person, their appearance changes to resemble Princess Peach, while still keeping some features reminiscent of who the person really is. STILL, not overly-sexualized. (Incompatible with 1 and 2)
5. Much like 4, except instead of resembling Peach, you would resemble any of the known Princesses, based on preference, or kingdom. I.E., A Luma is likely to resemble Rosalina. (Incompatible with 1 and 2)
6. Only members of the Toad Species (this includes all Toad characters, Toadette, Toadsworth, any other Toads) are affected by the Super Crown. This must be paired with any of the first 5 headcannons.
7. Only female, or feminine characters can use the Super Crown. This can be paired with either 1, or 4 (not exactly 3, because only fems can use it anyways.)
8. The Super Crown has no effect on you if you do not follow any of the known Princesses of the Mario Universe. This includes Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and any that I may have missed. You could count Wendy, maybe. I dunno, she's Bowser's daughter, I'm not sure if that counts. This can be paired with 1-5, most commonly 5.
9. This headcannon is actually canon-canon. Only Toadette can use the Super Crown. Any other character who obtains it exchanges it for coins. Go buy yourself something nice. Maybe materials to make a fake Crown to at least have the satisfaction of having it. Or ice cream. That's even better. (Only really pairable with 1, I guess 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, because those all take evidence from how the Crown works in-game.)

And that's pretty much it. I'd love to hear your guys' opinions, because, hey, even if you don't like it, at least somebody saw my post. Feel free to post your own headcannons.

EDITS: several spelling errors got fixed cause my mobile keyboard is dumb chzjxjsk
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You did all of THAT on mobile?

My headcanon for the thing is that it affects Toadette only, doesn't affect anyone else since anyone else just gets coins and I honestly wish she didn't change to a version of Peach since people apparently become more fixated on that transformation rather than Toadette's character. Toadette's better off becoming just a super version of herself.

I'd like if the Super Crown gave everyone a pretty dress. Didn't change them to Peach, just gave them a dress. As how Nintendo hinted at it. Or maybe it changes them to a another character that has no coherence (Toadette -> Peach doesn't make that much sense to begin with). Mario becomes Luigi, Daisy becomes Rosalina, Pauline turns into Waluigi, Bowser becomes a barnacle.