A platformer where Mario has a melee weapon

Susie McCallister

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Most of Mario's combat is either punch, kicks and projectiles, of course, in Donkey Kong and the RPGs, Mario has his hammer and he can use more blunt weapons in Smash, however, I am looking towards a more traditional Mario platformer.

Going off Cappy and Perry, the weapon is a living being that resembles what Mario is using, I think the weapon can also be used to help Mario get to hard to reach to heights, he can spin it to a speed where it resembles a propeller and he can hit the ground to cause a shockwave or make weaker land under an enemy collapse, he can also use it to break containers that have useful items, the biggest deal is the combo attacks which help in boss fights and stronger minions

I think the obvious thing would be a hammer, but a baseball bat and a twirling flag also works, what's your take?


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A weapon is one thing but I'll pass on the combo attacks.

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Mushroom Kingdom Warriors should be a thing. For some reason I also fancy the idea of a melee/hacknslash Mario game starring the Babies as the main cast due to Bowser Junior being ninja-like
Baby Mario Mystery Dungeon. Make it happen, Nintendo.

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Hm can I just say that I want Mario to randomly wield a sword so he can join the ranks of the anime swordsmen in Smash Bros


Give him a hammer and map it to the Y/B/whatever button ordinarily dashes, shoots fireballs, lifts, etc. It could function exactly like it does in Paper Mario. A short range attack that hits both ground-level enemies and blocks. In a platform game it'd basically serve as an alternative to the Tail/Cape.


The idiot who puts things in the wrong board.
You know there is this little obscure game called "hammerin harry" I'd like to point you all too.

It's basically a platformer based around smacking people with a mallet. Good stuff.