Has Mario have any effect on your personality?


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Any type of thing can change you, how did Mario games affect your personality?

Mario games have made me more patient and observant, as the gameplay while simple, requires these traits at times.

Oddly enough, it made me also a fast actor after noticing many things could of been prevented due to fast thinking.

In terms of games like the Kart and Party games, it made more tolerant of defeat due to just losing so many times and ragequitting didn't make me feel any better, lol


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ive strived for a while to be as kind as mario and luigi are but im not sure if its really helped me do so when i got new friends in 2018 and finally stopped being a lil Ass Hole...
i can at least say mario odyssey made me better at video games dfNGHKNMG


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Not really other than making me into even more of a hugely obsessive fangirl than I already was

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Eh, not really. I'm a sarcastic guy who likes and makes jokes irl, just like on here. I don't usually get ideas for jokes from video games though.
That doesn't mean I can't appreciate jokes in Mario games, I'm a firm believer that Color Splash is on par with the original Paper Mario simply because of graphics and writing (and the gameplay is good too).
I'm a mix between Mario's nice demeanor and Wario's love for green pieces of paper, minus the treasure hunting. I'll admit I need more practice if I also want Mario's tolerance.

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The most obvious and blatant thing Mario has done for me is give me a deep fear and fascination of sea creatures. As I said in a previous thread.

"Least Favorite: Probably Unagi. I think that thing single handedly made me afraid of sea creatures. It's kind of funny looking back on it. I miss back when I was little and was easily scared, by silly small stuff. I remember my sister (she's older then me and also grew up with SM64 before I did) telling me about how scary the water level was and being afraid of it, but somehow never noticing the door to Jolly Roger Bay. Once I did, and saw the water themed area along with the painting I knew exactly what it was. I was scared of whatever was about to come next and asked my sister to come and see it. Once we beat the first star, we all agreed the eel was scary and wanted not to see it ever again. She then said that she hoped the next star had nothing to do with that eel. Only to see the next star's name as "Can An Eel Come Out To Play" with impeccable comedic timing."
And despite all the child hood drama and permanent fear of sea creatures. It also birthed a fascination. I love learning about deep sea creatures because they're all so bizarre and like nothing else. And they're all so hard to observe some creatures have only been spotted once. Leaving us to wonder if it is an endangered species or just so deep we haven't been able to see more. Such as the Casper Octopus.
Oh and also Super Mario Bros. 2 was the first ever video game I recall playing, and I tend to reference it a lot in my comics.


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Yes, but not nearly to the degree my stepmom would swear it did. According to her, my passion for Mario was a curse and there was to be no playing, drawing or even talk of Mario franchise on her watch. She thought it would "cure me" of my obsession but in reality it just made me go harder as soon as her evil eye wasn't on me.

In reality, I'm just your average fangirl, i have my favorite games and characters but I'm not whatever the fuck she was afraid of.

(on another note, ironically if she saw i was trans she would probably screech uncontrollably and throw out many curses, considering her bigoted views on the subject)


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According to her, my passion for Mario was a curse and there was to be no playing, drawing or even talk of Mario franchise on her watch. She thought it would "cure me" of my obsession but in reality it just made me go harder as soon as her evil eye wasn't on me.
This was so awful. My parents know how obsessed my sister and I are with Mario, but even though sometimes they can act demeaning towards it, they still outright allow it and are completely fine with it. Hell, when I got plushies for my characters, mom even adored them a lot, because she associates them with me (as they're unique to me) even though they are heavily Mario-inspired.


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Nah, the tags don't say anything special, unfortunately.

Yeah, the Yoshi was a custom one too, in the style of the Super Mario World Yoshi.


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My family often accuse me of being a gaming addict but I know what I am. I love Mario but I don't need him to survive.


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I like how one of them is just smiling all day and having a good time.
The brown one? Yeah he's the dopiest of my characters. Though the red one is smiling too, just not ear-to-ear.