Best mario villain:


Koopa Troopa
All of this mario villains, which one is yours favorite and why, in yours opinion?
Wart SMB2
Tatanga SML Wario SML2 Donkey Kong MVSDK Culex & Smithy SMRPG Bowser PM64 Sir Grodus and Shadow Queen PMTTYD Count Bleck and Dimentio SPM Cackletta MLSS Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob MLPIT Fawful and Dark Star MLBIS Antasma MLDT Kamek SMW2YI King Boo LM1 or Shadow Mario SMS?


Koopa Troopa
But I put Bowser here.
Its after Culex and Smithy.
Anyways, yeah Bowser is my favorite too, but I also love to death Fawful, Smithy, Grodus, Shadow Queen, Bleck and, of course, the famous near god-like jester, who is famous for his ironies, comparations, the mighty.... Dimentio!!!!

King Dedede

King of Dream Land
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Oh yeah, didn't see him there. Not sure why he's associated specifically with Paper Mario but whatever.

Anyway I just love how iconic Bowser is. Many will try to argue that "Bowser's lame and boring" but it really wouldn't be a Mario game without him. He's awesome, funny, and he seems to thoroughly enjoy what he does. He just screams "awesome" all over.

Oh yes and Kamek. I love him.

I guess Cackletta too because she's so ridiculous. And no Fawful is not as good.

I have yet to play a Luigi's mansion game so I can't really say much about king boo, but his design looks great and he seems to be good as a scary and imposing bad guy.

I've kind of changed my mind over Wart over the last year of two. I don't think he's that great anymore, But if he did return, It'd still be nice.
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Shadow Mario because I'm not biased or anything.


Doopliss, Wario, Bowser, and Fawful. It's too tough to have to choose one.

I always loved how much of a troll Doopliss was.

I like that Bowser thinks of new ways to fight Mario like the koopa clown, ground pound, sports car, roller coaster.. and that's just in the platformers! He has plenty more schemes up his shell in the other genres.

Wario isn't an antagonist too often (he totally should be, bring back Wario Land @ Nintendo!) But damn do I love him as he is truly everything the 2nd wave fandom mistakenly thinks of Mario (minus the misleading charm). Aka, Mario's evil counterpart

Fawful is just funny everytime he says anything, and he's a mad scientist so there's that. With that said, Bowser and Wario are pretty funny with what they say too.
They look a lot better too and cosmic Mario should've looked like that since the beginning instead of having space background textures as his skin.


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Cosmic Mario looks better. It's like his essence is a portal to the deepest reaches of space. Same reason I love Count Bleck's cape.


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