How would you introduce your board friends to others?


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On social media, there is promo posts to get more followers to a person you like, this isn't the case here for obvious reasons, but it is fun to imagine.
If you had to introduce one of your friends here to someone who doesn't know them, how would you describe them?

@Princess of Tennis
Meet the enby with the no envy! Soft but tough, never gets rough but never gets pushed around and all around kind-hearted, let's a go!


Is it bad that I actually kinda have? Promoted at least to 2 close friends and my mom.

"My new friends are really awesome.

Baby Luigi on Fire & her twin sister Lefty Green Mario make fanmario 3D Models, animations, and mods. Check out Waluigi is a useless loser, and their Left4Dead2 uploads! Lefty also does the best personality take on Mario I've ever seen. And BLOF has a whole complex cast of Baby OC's.

Winstein and Zelenpixel are really good at drawing, one's got a sort of Bob's Burgers genre of style and the others got a fantasy dragon style. They both incorporate some of it into Mario fanart and it looks really good.

Klinsly's super friendly and supportive, and can always count on her to make fun thread topics. She also has a super cute retro cartoon cat aesthetic. I feel like I could count on her for good niche games and other media like Mappy and Namco High.

There's these 2 kiddos Mr.L/Princess Luigi and LongJohnSpaghetti who work very well together at Mario memeing and have a super popular funny roleplay thread going.

MiracleDinner is a bit like me in trying out old Mario games (N64/GC/3DS/WiiU) working her way up to the newer games, it's nice to have her around, perhaps we'll play a game together sometime."


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