Scrapped Characters

Howdy! I'm a new user and I've been scouring the web (unsuccessfully) to find scrapped characters. ie, characters/their concepts for games in the Mario franchise (and I'm using that term broadly, I'm talking Wario, DK, anything goes) that got thought up but thrown out (or repurposed). Any help would be greatly appreciated so thank you very much!
Well there's this unused kong from Donkey Kong Land:


This article should have some more info: List of Donkey Kong Land pre-release and unused content
On the subject of scrapped Paper Mario characters, there was going to be a Chain Chomp partner in Sticker Star (implying that partners as a whole would come back). There are also PLENTY of unused enemies in Paper Mario games, Mario RPG, and Mario & Luigi. The Mario RPG ones are pretty interesting, so here's a link.

not characters per se but these are scrapped mario kart wii vehicles


this thing is a fighter fly. it uses its super mario all-stars mario bros design.
There's a weird new enemy species that was scrapped in... Sticker Star of all games (suggesting at one point they were more tolerant of new species in the game). Looks like a weird Yoshi/Koopa serpent.