What if Mario had a monthly digital magazine?

Killsy Cat

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Of course, nothing is replacing the hard working people at the Shroom, but I started wondering, what if Mario had some sort of magazine?
With print dying, digital is the way to go, of course.

What could it have? Good questions, the obvious is news on new projects like the games, the movie, toys and Super Nintendo World, but more fun things can be comics, revealing concepts that went into the development that weren't shown to the public, letters that are answered in character, it also can work as a website


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I think that one of Kirby's advantages is the sheer consistency compared to Mario. Since Mario is a big property, he's gotten a lot of branches with their own consistencies, but I am sure everybody who prefers one over the other would be able to enjoy them together.

With how the general fan is, I could see that the preferences will slant towards older games, particularly the Gamecube era since that's the crossover of the general time in which fans generally grew up with, and the modern era. As such, I can see some biases with those games as opposed to newer ones with some exceptions, like 3D World, Kart 8 and Odyssey.

Thank you for reading.


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I would be mildly entertained by the absurdity of the Entertainment News section, and greatly intrigued by The Scientific Mario section.