What is your most obscure interest?

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What's that tiny little thing you like a lot but most people don't know it exists?
Mine is Magical Starsign, the DS game that inspired my Lassi theme, it made me so happy that Smash remembers it.
Another one is Legend of Dark Witch, I own all games related to it and all the 3ds themes, I actually named myself after my favorite character from it and my all time favorite character after transitioning, Klinsy


not sure if it could really be considered an obscure interest but pretty much everyone I know has about zero interest in history which I really do enjoy reading/learning about

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Hmmm. Well there was this line of toys from the early 2000's that actually wasn't in production for long, but I was obsessed with collecting them and playing with them. They were called NakNak, made by Hasbro and they were little blocky people that could connect together and make stacks. One of their defining features was the clicking sound they made when you change their pose. I first discovered them when McDonalds had them as toys, but later started buying packs of them at local drug stores and any place with a toy section. The typical pack I believe came with 5 you could see + one mystery figure. Then there was the special holographic one, who could exist in any type (dictated by the presence and/or shape of their hands and feet: hook, toe or none) and came with a special rocker playset made for stacking other NakNak figures on and around. I must have had about five of those, maybe more. There was a purple version and a yellow (or maybe orange idr) version. Man I was betrayed when I went to NakNak.com one day to find that it no longer existed and the toys were discontinued. They had been advertising an upcoming new wave of NakNaks in new shapes in the little manuals that came with the packs, but those never came out due to the discontinuation :(


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there's a game that fuck anybody apart from me knows about

it's called xiii (pron. thirteen) and it was one of the best games of all time, but it undersold and nobody knows about it which is sad


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Super Princess Peach- a DS game that is often overlooked for having Peach as the star. The soundtrack is good, the controls, are a bit confusing at first, but once you get used to it, the game is very fun. A lot of people avoid this game because they think it’s bad, when it really isn’t.

The Legendary Starfy series- This series is obscure because most of its games except for the 5th and final entry(released in 2009 overseas), have never left Japan. Although I have only played The Legendary Starfy, I feel that others don’t know the series because of its first 4 entries never leaving their country of origin, and 5th one being largely avoided by many. I find this very sad, as I enjoyed playing it when I did, even though I needed help to beat most of the bosses.

Digimon series- This was once a huge competitor to Pokémon back when the series first started up. This was because Digimon came overseas a year after Pokémon did(the former came to the west in 1999, while the latter came in 1998, a year prior), so both series were very popular at the time. Many kids collected the toys, and watched the show on TV. However, when it came to video games, Digimon was knocked out of the park by its main competitor, Pokémon. After the second season of the show ended, Digimon was completely overshadowed by Pokémon’s sheer popularity, and has never been able to fight back. While the games are still being released and has some players, the show hasn’t been seen overseas since the final episode of Fusion aired. Now, the series is somewhat of a blue moon, you rarely see it anymore these days, and you’re lucky when you do see it again. Though I prefer Pokémon over Digimon, I can see why it became a victim of Pokémon’s over-popularity, that it will never be able to recover from it, nor fight back against it now that its tried a few times without success.

Yo-kai Watch series- Like Digimon, Yo-kai Watch is a competitor to Pokémon. Though I’ve only played the first Yo-kai Watch game, and only watched a few episodes of the show, I ended up liking the series. However, right from the beginning, it became a victim of Pokémon’s over-popularity. The series as a whole in the west hasn’t been as successful as it is in Japan, and now, people rarely see it anymore here. Although I prefer Pokémon over Yo-kai Watch, I can see why it’ll never be able to fight back against Pokémon, nor recover from being a victim of its over-popularity even though it has tried to do so without success.

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I'm known for being a devout Mario acolyte and played a few games more than the typical Mario fan and also being a fan of modding and 3D modeling. I also am known for being a bird lover too.

But one of my lesser known interests is culinary. I beliece it's lesser known because I don't get too much questions on my ask thread about food. I don't go out of the way to watch cooking shows but I've from time and time visibily expressed interest in food. I'm particularly a fan of Asian cuisine, especially Chinese and Korean food. Also, I'm a fan of music, just like my food tastes, not picky with genre and having tastes all over the place.

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I watch BadComedian videos, provided that they have English subtitles (or just translated subtitles). I like learning about dreadful Russian cinema.

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Oh another thing, maybe people have already figured out my political views (leaning socialist I think), but I'm very involved in the skeptic circles. I regularly read skeptic and critical thinking sites like Science-based Medicine. I'm also a regular contributor to RationalWiki and I semi-regularly spend a lot of time gathering information (news articles, occasional scientific papers) on various political and scientific topics like crisis pregnancy centers, felony disenfranchisement, vaccinations, GMOs, and more; I get involved in debates with other people, as I generally butt heads with conservatives, centrists, racists, TERFs, and some left-wingers (particularly the anti-GMO crowd and one time the anti-fluoridation folks); I even had a 9/11 truther explicitly call me literally a Nazi, complete with Goebbels references.


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Fortune Street Wii. Fun game about moneymaking, and perfect for starting rivalries, although the game length can get about as long as Monopoly. If only the save feature worked in multiplayer...