Theory! Boos And Shy Guys: Related? [ Warning Kinda Dark ]

Moon Captain Mario

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Me and my good friend came up with this.

So, shy guys. We all know em'. But why do they have that mask? To conceal their identity would be obvious. What if, they're boo possessing masks left behind long ago, as relics of some sort? Here's the dark part. The boos are not normal boos, they're friendly, but that's because they stem from dead baby characters. [ Dark Right? ] So, they possess the masks and roam the earth, only disguised now.

I Hope you liked it!


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Your theory feels very try hard.

Princess Mario

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Dead baby characters? For some reason I just imagine they were rejects for Yoshi's Island DS and Mario Kart 8 and they turned into Shy Guys.

Moon Captain Mario

It's A Me, The Captain!
I actually don't know why I shared this CRAP. I didn't fully come up with the concept. So I just decided to share it, why? I don't know.

Princess Mario

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Well, we do have a headcanon thread somewhere here. I don't think your theory is crap. It can't be any more outlandish than those theories.


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My guess about the Shy Guys' masks is that they actually ARE their faces. We don't get much proof of that, aside from Mario Strikers Charged where they can move their eyelids and their lips (kinda cute not gonna lie).

According to some videos I saw, some people hacked Mario Lower Tennis's camera to move it during Shy Guy's winning screen. During that screen, his mask falls at some point but we don't see what's behind it. The modded camera showed people that there's nothing. Here's the best image I could find to show what the camera showed hackers:

(couldn't find anything other than gifs)

I don't really believe Boos have anything to do with this, unless Shy Guys are just Boos disguised or something, which might explain why they can move their faces in MSC.

But hey, It's just a theory. A GAME theory!


Hmmmmm, I dunno 'bout this one. Boos are never said to have been anything other than what they are now in a past life or anything; they're "naturally ghosts", more or less.

We know Koopas typically become Dry Bones after they die, but this isn't the case for every Koopa (some just plain die, others become Dry Bones possibly because their spirits aren't at rest/are vengeful).

Humans that die and become ghosts in the Mario series still look like they did at the time of their death, if the Portrait Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion are any indication.

And we have an undead variant of Shy Guys; the Boo Guys that usually appear in the Yoshi games. So the normal Shy Guys are definitely not ghosts or zombies. And aside from Shunned Guys, they're not really creepy, more like awkward and goofy.

The mask is probably for a more simple reason; either their true faces are really ugly and they're afraid of scaring non-Shy Guys, or they're just really THAT shy, as their name suggests.