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Super Mario 64 May be old. But still playable, And it is the first 3D Mario game. It's on the N64, and I'm still playing it in 2019. It's good and I got some stars out of order, Which you can do. I actually beaten SM64! And all 120 stars. And I visited yoshi, And got a wing cap. I also managed some Backward Long Jump, I got some glitches. You can even beat it with 30 stars using glitches.

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I've played the DS version. Although it's not my favorite Mario platformer (Galaxy 2's just too good), it's still a pretty dang great game especially considering its age. I've beaten it, but I have yet to collect all of the stars.

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I never owned the OG Mario 64, as I have it on an emulator.

It's really fun. Some moves are a bit awkward to use, such as wall jumping. I've beaten the game (simply because I BLJd to get to the final level early), and right now I'm trying to get all 120 stars, which sure is a tough challenge.

I always wanted a Mario 64 HD or something, as that game is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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I don't think I can really get back to the original one after having played Super Mario 64 DS and Super Mario Odyssey. But what I'm really interested are the ROM hacks of the game. I plan on trying to play Super Mario 64: Eternal Star and Super Mario 64: Last Impact, which I hear are excellent fan mods of the game.

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ill fan mod Baby Luigi into the game i mean ive seen people make custom characters so i should give that a spin


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I have both the original Nintendo 64 cartridge and the DS remake.

Despite the roughness around the edges, I still very much enjoy 64 all these years later. It's really fun exploring for stars and utilizing Mario's unique moveset to it's fullest to pull off crazy things like backwards long-jumping up a flight of stairs at the speed of light or grabbing certain stars much earlier than usual.