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Watched the tail end of the Xbox show for some reason. Looked pretty OK.


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Limited run just ended, Ubi is starting soon with a preshow going on right now
Kinda Funny is next
Avengers, assemble! It's soon hip to be Square



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It seems that Mario + Rabbids 2 isn't on the cards, or perhaps it's not developed. That would have been my highlight if it were in the show. Well, perhaps if Rayman showed up in some for that would have been a highlight too. Nonetheless, Ubisoft does have some interesting things in show, such as that Roller Derby game and Gods & Monsters, which looks like an open-world Legend of Zelda game (so Breath of the Wild).

Also it's amusing that Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is announced recently, since when Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy remasters, VIII was most notably absent since they announced VII and IX. So it's good to know they didn't leave a spot. I am liking the mainline Final Fantasy games being finally released on Nintendo systems, especially after what happened back in 1997 when the first mainline game was released on the PlayStation.

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is no one excited for the fact that there's going to be a new just dance game on the wii???

Rinka Hayami

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You know, Wii would like to play know why are wii still releasing on the wii.

Like does it really still sell? Come on.

Chris Yukine

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It one of the best selling consoles, especially among casual audiences, and Just Dance is the most casual game series in existence.