Christmas 2018


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
I feel like its been christmas for a month already

you would think you'd acquire some sort of stockholm syndrome for shitty christmas songs but it never gets better


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Snoadgamer said:
maybe I'm too early.
it's always too early

Miki Hoshii said:
I feel like its been christmas for a month already

I've been seeing Christmas trees in the open and decorations for a few weeks, now. If someone told me Christmas had already passed, I'd believe them.

You Watanabe

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Technically, it already had passed. A bunch of them have.

Christmas 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014...

Ulfric Stormcloak

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I currently have a device that has a countdown to Christmas. It is my family's tradition to open a few presents on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas day.


Already got the tree set up. (Well actually, it's been up since December 1st but I couldn't contain my enthusiasm for much longer.)


Ulfric Stormcloak

Bass singer extraordinaire.
I got some early Christmas presents a few days ago. They are handed down from my mother to me two Amy Grant albums, two Don Francisco albums, and a Keith Urban album. I know Amy Grant and Keith Urban before my mother gave them to me. I never heard of Don Francisco before I got the albums. And the are are around a decade old.

Classic Robotnik

I'll have to give myself a PROMOTION!
Alright! Christmas Eve is tomorrow! The festivities are starting. And also, this year, since no-one is coming to dinner with me, we'll open all the presents in Christmas Eve. So tomorrow, I might get Smash Ultimate!

Ulfric Stormcloak

Bass singer extraordinaire.
I got me a Merle Haggard album and a three movie in one pack for Blu-Ray. Now let's see what I have in me stocking in the morning. I hope I get some Fire Emblem Cipher cards. Just because it is only released in Japan doesn't mean I can't get them. My late father had got his swords from Japan, and I have my Marth and Cloud Amiibos from Japan.


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Snoadgamer said:
Aaaaaand now it's Christmas Eve! Probably almost everyone who doesn't own Smash Ultimate right now will get it tonight or tomorrow! Anyways, Merry Christmas!
Nope :bowser:

Christmas White Lightning said:
I hope I get some Fire Emblem Cipher cards. Just because it is only released in Japan doesn't mean I can't get them.
I have some, they're pretty cool


Received early:

~ Pokemon Let's Go, Eevee!
~ WarioWare Gold

Will receive in a few short hours:

~ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
~ Super Mario Party
~ Mario Tennis Aces
~ Luigi's Mansion remake
~ Kirby Star Allies
~ Crash N.Sane Trilogy
~ Dragon Ball FighterZ

Classic Robotnik

I'll have to give myself a PROMOTION!
I got:

-The new Guiness Book
-Some Shirts
-Some crappy board game.

That's all. Sadly, I didn't get Smash Ultimate. But, I recently learned that GaneStop in my country has it. So today I can order it. And my parents will DEFINITELY let me since it's Christmas.

Ulfric Stormcloak

Bass singer extraordinaire.
In a few hours I will be able to open my presents. I had the flu and it kept me up all night. I am feeling better now.


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I haven't gotten all my Christmas presents yet, but so far I've gotten an audio splitter, two different multi-use pens, an Incredibles 2-themed deck of cards, a pencil case, and--best of all--the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia! That book is so big (it's 256 pages long!), and so far I've found it mostly accurate and learned a few little things myself. It even goes over glitches as if they were intended secrets! There is one error that bugs me, though. It consistently states that the first unmodified American release of The Lost Levels was the Wii U VC release in 2014, when in fact it was actually the original Wii VC release in 2007. But all in all, I'm happy with my presents so far!

Tressa Colzione

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christmas haul:

-Nintendo Switch (yoooo)
-Breath of the Wild
-Deadman's Hand and Deadman's Poker (two books that go together)
-Whole bunch of chocolate
-PGA Tour golf cards (think baseball cards, but golfers)
-F-Zero GX nintendo power guide
-A Pokemon poster
-LEGO architecture set (London)
-A detective fiction book
-The Charwoman's Shadow, an old fantasy book
-Samus and Metroid from World of Nintendo
-Jake Hunter Detective Story games (Memories of the Past and Ghosts of the Dusk)
-Assorted small things
-Steam games (Hypersonic Speed Girl and Marisaland Legacy)

all in all a very nice haul