What's your stances on how Smash Bros. portrays characters (especially Mario's)?


Koopa Troopa
Some talks on GameFAQs inspired this thread.

It's been pointed out that Smash Bros. might not do the best job portraying its characters. If not in overall personality, then in moveset. Examples:

Mario: Portrayed as way too stern, too serious. Just look at how he walks in Piranha Plant's trailer.

Bowser: Shown as some wannabe demon king/kaiju who just has beast noises instead of his characteristic grunts. Even Bowser Jr. acts less like a creature than he does.

Donkey Kong: Moveset does little to reflect his games. He even lost the bongos.

Diddy: Acts too much like a yapping chimp and not enough like a "cool cat" (think of his victory animation in DKC2 and his DK64 version).
That's not really psychopath Mario. That's bored Mario who drew angry eyebrows on him to make him look mean.

I tolerate the voice but it's so trashy and it makes a world of a difference the moment I voice mod the hell out of that voice to Mario yelling "WELCOME... TO MARIO KART!" every time he does a d-smash.
For that, he says "Mario number 1! Whoohoo!"

And he thanks people so much for playing his game when he d-smashes.
Bongos, whatever. Donkey Kong's new Final Smash is the best thing to ever happen to his moveset because it's from Jungle Beat and that game (particularly the parts they based the move on) is DK at his absolute best.
Voice portrayals have been known to be very inconsistent for certain characters. Just look at Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Bowser; they don't sound anything like their canon selves, and yet Yoshi, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings all kept their canon voices.

As for King K. Rool, he was last voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya before his 10+ year absence began.
I actually like k.rool's smash voice.
One could maaaaaaaybe argue that for a game like Smash, Bowser having a lizard-like voice kinda fits, and don't kill me for saying that, but how hard would it be to imagine his actual voice? And even if not, Sakurai has stated that he didn't like Bowser's design and wanted him to look more monstrous, hence Giga Bowser was created.

DK tho should have his normal voice. It fits for Diddy though, he always seemed 100% monkey to me, and his fighting style really bodes well with it.
honestly bowser and dk making animal noises instead of having weird deep human voices sounds way better to me but maybe that's just because i grew up with the n64 games. i never even noticed there was such a big difference until i read this thread. also when are we getting blue thwomps back

i dont think i have any problems with the way super smash bros portrays characters, other than that it portrays ashley as an assist trophy instead of a playable character. everythings a bit more serious than in mario games but that's not an issue of misrepresentation that's just always been smash's aesthetic
Ever since Bowser's model was changed to better resemble his canon appearance, sounding like a Godzilla rip-off just doesn't feel right anymore. Even just comparing Bowser's Brawl artwork to his Smash 3DS / Wii U artwork can give you the impression that he feels less feral now.

The characters feel perfectly fine with how they are portrayed in Smash, and I see absolutely no reason to change it.