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Dripping with sarcasm
Lol yeah actually I took the drawing I made with comic markers and colored it really fast in Photoshop.

Yours is that Yoshi decided to one day put himself in Photoshop, give himself fuzz, and use a hue/saturation layer to become a purple Yoshi. He then got so famous for his edit to himself that all the Yoshis hired him as the national Photoshop artist. The result is that all the official art you see of Yoshi is actually a purple Yoshi who had himself turned green.


Koops, King of cowards.
Edgy blue haired girl puts on bunny ears.

So... is she faster now?

Maria Renard

Rest in Peace Walkazo 1991-2016
Was a person that got transformed into an odd creature.


Inferno Chicken
One day Bucken Berry decided to follow by Captain Toad's example and set out to make a name for himself, little did he know the trials and tribulations that would await him on his grand quest would be catastrophic. Crestfallen by the fierce and mighty Wingo impeding on his progress, he seeks the aid of a rogue Nabbit who is a master in his thieving devilry and has the charisma of a swanky Waluigi. The two travel across the farthest reaches of space and time where they preform 0.5x half-A presses in Hazy Maze Cave and align their QPUs incorrectly while hugging a wall for twelve hours before traveling to a parallel universe where they discover whether L was truly real in 2041 or if it was all just a figment of the Subcon.


Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality
The pink lynx has realised that while he was playing his game, it crashed in the middle of the play session. Thinking back on Luigi's Switch getting squashed by a Thwomp, he wished he saved his game to the backup cloud at one time.

Thank you for reading.


The self proclaimed gamer
After Lego Mario got kids of his own, he took them for a walk in the park. He realised that one of them was missing. So he told his other kids to find him. They never came back :'(

But this whole dramatic scene was just Bowser Jr playing with his toys, just like the first sequences in every Toy Story movie.

Maria Renard

Rest in Peace Walkazo 1991-2016
Had his cap and vest changed.

Joanna Dark

Carrington Institute Top Agent
This blue Toad dreamt of becoming a space traveller, and was thus one of many Toads who took a trip in a space shuttle to witness a race set in one iteration of Rainbow Road.

Joanna Dark

Carrington Institute Top Agent
Sometime after Dracula's demise, Maria and Richter decided to create a hobby by playing music