I revamped the first (and so far only) five pages of my Animal Crossing chibi comic.
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New disguise/form

Siph disguised as a pony! I thought he could be a dragon, because Yoshis are described as dragons, but Siph said no, he wanted to be a pony.
I do not, unfortunately. My only reason being is that with my current irl workload, it would take me ages to get around to the requests.
So what I'm saying is, I might do it, but don't be surprised if it takes me a year.

That being said, I do have some new stuff completed.

  • PLMB-Peach-Armor.png

    Less complicated than Daisy's armor. Pink gold plate armor with gold accents, with her usual brooch on the breastplate, and gold Mushroom emblems on the shoulder pads (to represent the Mushroom Kingdom). Her usual white gloves. A red, knee-length skirt over her leg armor. And also a little white belt with a golden clip to holster her classic parasol.

    Speaking of her trusty parasol, she can use it as an impenetrable shield like in Super Paper Mario (except against the Kitty Lasers), or she can simply whack people with it. But one more thing: it's also a rapier. The rod — not the canopy — acts as the wiry sword's sheath. The heart-shaped handle is the pommel, as you probably guessed. A Peach-y spin on the "Royal Rapier" trope. Admittedly inspired by that piece of fanart I posted in the other thread. Here's the original, and here's the colored version.

    I wanted to make all the armor shiny gradients, but my computer couldn't handle all those gradient objects and ended up freezing on me
    So flat colors it is.
  • Twins, triplets, etc: Identical are always the same species. Fraternal can be any combination of the parents' species.
    Just something I decided to add.
  • Siph: Daisy's sure looking sporty!

    J: "Daisy's personality shines in the Strikers series, and I enjoy the Strikers series for that reason." Quoted from Deanna Mustard, Daisy's voice actor.

    Siph: Ouch, there goes the fourth wall.

    J: I don't think there is a fourth wall in Smash.

    Siph: Fair point. So what can I expect from this fight?

    J: Daisy is faster than Peach, since she's wearing her Strikers armor instead of her usual poofy dress, and she's not as floaty and doesn't use a parasol in battle.

    J: She also has her Sarasaland subjects and resources helping her out for a lot of her specials: Superballs, Rock Kids, Pompon Flowers, Bullet Biffs and subspecies, Bombshell Koopas, Glitters, and even the Sky Pop.

    Siph: Wow. Sarasaland represent! What else does she have?

    J: She does have quite a few moves that also originate from spinoffs. A dice block, her Megastrike, her Crystal Smash, her Super Dive, and so much more.

    Siph: So a moveset from a variety of games, all suited to her personality, powers, and people. How proper!

    Note: A lot of liberties are taken here, since I'm basing it off my idea for Daisy in Smash, before she was even revealed for Ultimate. I also "localized" some of the species from Super Mario Land. Rock Kids are the Ganchan, and Glitters are the Chikako.
  • Copy Ability: Plasma/Spark
Just one new artwork. But I'll throw in a Siph's Smash Convo, too.

  • J-Pajama-Day.png

    J-Yoshi64 (Pajama Day)
    Special Item: Dash Ring
    I like when characters have fun pajamas. These are a recreation of actual pajamas I own, robe and all.
  • Siph: Really? Another Mario?
    J: Yes, but Paper Mario has a completely different moveset. He doesn't share a single one with Mario or Dr. Mario.
    Siph: Fair enough. So what does he do?
    J: Items and Badges. Lots and lots of Badges. He also has the Ultra Boots spring jump and the Super Hammer spin attack. He can also Superguard and use Pixls.
    Siph: Any partners?
    J: Not for his normal attacks. Just him and the Pixls. But that's still something to watch out for.
    J: He can also use his Black Chest curses, and he even flips dimensions as his Final Smash, taking you with him.
    Siph: That doesn't sound so bad…
    J: True, but all his partners from all games are hiding out in the other dimension, ready to gang-rush you and clobber you all at once, ending with a triple explosion courtesy of Bombette, Bobbery, and Boomer.
    Siph: Oh. That's a frightening demonstration of teamwork.
That's a brilliant idea but then I would have to add the daunting task of writing unique Tattle dialogues for every character too, lol. Or every stage. Or both.

A few new things.
  • snow-j.png

    J-Yoshi64 (Winter Gear)
    Special Item: Ice Flower
    This is what I'd wear at the Winter Olympics. This one is a combination of actual winter clothing I own or have owned. Occasionally the scarf will completely cover my mouth and nose, similar to Bowser Jr.'s.
  • Siph: Uh… Piranta Plant?
    J: This is a milestone! The first time a generic one has ever had a playable role in any game ever!
    Siph: But… a Piranha Plant?
    J: I mean, the moveset potential is all there, what with all the subspecies to behold. It runs like the Ptooies and Stalking Piranhas. It can morph into a Putrid Piranha Plant to charge up a poison attack, so watch out for that. Its recovery move stems from the Jumping Piranha Plants.
    Siph: Pun intended?
    J: Pun? Oh! Yeah, no, that was unintended, but I'll take it. Now let's see, where was I?
    J: Outside of the Poison Breath and Ptooie spike balls, all its attacks are as follows: slashing or slapping with its leaves, biting, headbutting, and swinging its pot or pipe at you. And for its Final Smash, it summons Petey Piranha! Who uses cages and inexplicable fire breath as a callback to the Subspace Emissary, rather than graffiti, flight, and tornadoes from Super Mario Sunshine. Not Mario canon.
    Siph: Whoa! Talk about a heavy hitter!
    Siph: But seriously. A Piranha Plant?!
  • PLMB-Rosalina.png

    Unlike the other two royals, Rosalina's "Season 4 Outfit" isn't armor, it's a space suit. Minus the helmet, because I want all the characters to keep their traditional headgear.
    I used real-world astronauts as a reference when designing this. The front and back panels could be armor, but
  • Dark-Rosalina.png

    Based off her concept art, with inverted colors.
    Dark Rosalina.png

    This is what inspired the color scheme. Look at that lovely editing!
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Just drew this. This was an idea I had in third grade, which was the 2005–2006 academic year, well over 12 years before the whole Stupid Crown.
After a long hiatus, I have some new things.

  • Kayla.png

    Kayla also known as KK
    I traced over my original sketch of her.
  • Siph: Uh-oh! Waluigi!
    J: The walking toothpick man finally made it. Good for him.
    Siph: He'd better play fair. We all know how much he prides himself on being a cheater.
    J: I don't know if it's even possible for us to cheat in Smash. Players on the other side of the fourth wall will definitely find ways to alter the game, but not us who are actually fighting in the tournaments.
    Siph: So what does he do? He doesn't have a main game to get his moves from like the other Mario characters. He is a Mario rep, right?
    J: Yeah, since he's never even been mentioned in Wario games. For no good reason.
    J: But to answer your first question, his moveset all comes from spinoffs. Bombs, eggplants, various sports equipment, his thorny whip from Strikers Charged, all sorts of goodies from the Mario Party games, and even his pinball machine!
    Siph: Whoa! How does that work?
    J: Okay, so he uses his Vacuum Orb from Mario Party 7 to suck up any opponents within range, and inside the tank is Waluigi Pinball. He has to use the flippers to launch the opponents into the ceiling of the machine, cracking it.
    J: Once the ceiling gets hit three times, the opponent breaks through and are Star K.O.d, and the final smash ends with any other trapped opponents breaking free. And if they fall below the flippers, they're also free.
    Siph: That's a lot of spinoff energy in one move. I really gotta prepare for this one!
  • Pony-J-n-Siph-hoofbump.png

    Siph probably just roasted me or something, but it was a good roast so he gets rewarded with an offhand hoof-bump. Off-hoof?
  • Siph-point-walk.png

    Siph himself! I vectorized the crayon drawing I did of him, this time with game-accurate Yoshi proportions! I also changed his spines to the singular canon color.

    I̵̩̥̙̝͗̈́ ̴͙̼̦̊̓̽͘L̸̟̹̤̘̽̾̕Ǫ̵̺͕͎̀͆V̸̗͕̲̻̌͂͂Ē̷͕̜̲ ̷̮͖̣͕͑H̷͚͙̻̟̑̒͒̚Ȋ̶͍̝͊͑́M̷̩̳̲̊
I just have a bunch of Siph's Smash Conversations completed, so I think I'll post them once a day. With Waluigi's posted, I'm done with the Mario series reps! So what series are we moving on to?

Yoshi, of course.

Siph: Yoshis for life!

J: Oh-ho-ho! You're gonna fanboy as hard as I did — I guarantee it!

Siph: "Gonna" nothing! I already am!

J: Okay! Now, although you're both Yoshis, you have very different movements, attacks, and characteristics.

J: You're faster and use your tongue for a tether recovery, but you're also lighter and don't have any projectile attacks.

Siph: I also don't have any egg-based moves. All I have are fists, feet, head, and tail. And my flashlight.

J: Which you can whack Yoshi with, or you can shine the light on yourself to temporarily daze him.

Siph: We're both Yoshis, but we have almost nothing in common on the battlefield.

J: Outside the battlefield, though, you have a lot in common. Which reminds me, he offered to treat us to lunch after this. Isn't that nice?
Baby Mario Bros.
Siph: Baby Mario! And Baby Luigi! Armed with hammers as big as they are! Do they fight like the Ice Climbers?

J: Eh, they share the "attacks twice" mechanic, and Baby Luigi leads for half the palette swaps, but other than that, not much.

Siph: Okay, what do they do?

J: They use a lot of attacks from the Mario & Luigi RPGs, and not just the babies' attacks from Partners in Time.

Siph: Bros. Attacks included?

J: Absolutely! They also use the bubbles from Yoshi's Island as recovery. And their Final Smash is an engine of destruction that has been linked to these two since Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The Chain Chomp!

Siph: Okay, but does the Chain Chomp music from Double Dash play when they use it here?

J: I should hope so. It'd be a wasted opportunity if that wasn't the case.
Donkey Kong
I'm a little scared to fight DK. His hands are as big as I am!

J: Tell me about it. I'm already a twig as it is. I'm pretty sure he could fit at least three of me in one hand.

Siph: I'm glad I'm fast. I can get in and get out a lot.

J: Good plan. As long as you can get him to flinch consecutively, he won't be able to get a hit on you.

Siph: Uhh… "consecutively" means doing it over and over really fast, right?

J: Right. I'm proud that you figured that out yourself.

Siph: It just made the most sense. And you kinda force me to figure it out because you always use big words. Stop that!

J: If you beat DK, I might consider it.
I haven't posted since 6/3, so I've got 6 posts to do. I'll do 3 in one post and 3 in another.

Diddy Kong
Siph: Hey look! It's the guy who always ruins things for you in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart Tour!


Siph: But the good news is he's not a CPU racer this time, so no bumps, snipes, or backspam here.

J: Does his down special count as backspam? I mean, he throws a banana peel behind him.

Siph: And the peanuts technically have shells, which could be good for sniping.

J: And there's always the Footstool Jumps, which are essentially like getting bumped.

Siph: Especially in the air, while doing a trick, completely messing you up and sending you plummeting into the bottomless pit below.

J: *exhales through nose angrily* …

Siph: Those CPUs really do a number on you, huh?

J: Take him down Siph. I'll find it very cathartic.

King K. Rool
What do you call a wacky-eyed reptile who needs to go on a diet?

J: King K. Rool?

Siph: Seriously though, that eye is gross. He should keep that eyepatch he wore when he had that pirate thing going.

J: *reading an encyclopedia* Hmm. I don't think he had an eyepatch.

Siph: He should get one. But the cape and crown are totally cool.

J: He can throw his crown at you like a boomerang, but you can catch it and throw it back at him. Or you can play keepaway so he can't use it again.

Siph: Sweet! What else should I know?

J: He uses that belly of his for a counter attack.


Siph: Oh great, it's Wario.

J: Gross. Try not to get near him.

Siph: What kind of stupid advice is that? I have like no ranged attacks!

J: Oh yeah, you're right. I guess you're gonna need a bath after this fight.

Siph: In a furnace. With acid.

J: And maybe tomato juice, depending on whether or not he uh… lets some air out.

Siph: And then a shower in a rocket plume.

J: Sorry, Siph. Looks like you're gonna have to get closer than is comfortable for this one.

Siph: I hate this. I hate this a lot.

Siph: This is why we need items!
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My big brother Toa of Twilight Z (Z or ToTZ [pronounced tots] for short) joins in the chat.

Okay, so which Link is this?

J: Well, what does he look like?

Siph: What kind of question is that? They all wear the same stupid hat and tunic. Except this one.

Z: He's not wearing a tunic?

Siph: No! I mean yes! I mean… ugh, he's wearing a tunic but not the same tunic. And no hat.

J: Oh, well that's the Hero of the Wild. He has a different arsenal than the Heroes of Time and Twilight.

Z: His forward smash can launch a sword beam when he's at full health.

J: Which is a total rip-off of Kirby Super Star.

Z: Link's sword beams came first.

J: They did? *checks encyclopedia* Huh. Today I learned.

Z: His bombs are also extremely different. And he has no Clawshot for grabs.

Siph: That means he doesn't have a tether recovery! But his normal recovery is pretty good already, so I'm not sure how to work with that.

Young Link
Siph: Why would you drink milk in the middle of a battle?

J: Milk? Are you fighting Young Link?

Siph: I guess? I mean, he's got the hat and tunic, and he sure sounds like a kid.

J: And flaming arrows by default?


J: The only kind of arrow that any pyromaniacal player would use.

Z: The only kind of arrows worth using. If you can't kill it with fire, you aren't using enough of it.

J: Case in point.

Siph: Young Link is also way faster than the normal Link.

J: You got that right. He also has the Clawshot. Watch out!

Z: You outclass him in speed, anyway. Go get him!

Toon Link
Siph: Smaller body with a bigger head, hat, and eyes… J, is there a Baby Link?

J: Uh, no. That's Toon Link. He's Link in the style of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and a few other games.

Siph: Oh. I just figured since the babies in Mario games have those proportions, it's the same here.

J: The Legend of Zelda is not Mario, Siph.

Siph: Okay, so how's this Link work?

J: Well, since he has shorter arms, he has a smaller reach. He's also lighter and faster. And his boomerang doesn't have the tornado thingy.

Siph: So hits can send him flying that can't send normal Link flying.

J: Which doesn't really matter if either Link's damage is high enough. Just rack up enough damage and then hit him with a strong attack like you would any Link.
Can't pose it yet due to disconnected faces, but here's Platinum Pauline! My reasoning for making her platinum: Platinum Taxi. It was made for Pauline, so why not just associate her with the whole precious metal?

Platinum Pauline unposed.png
Here I'd like to showcase my OC Kayla again, with some of the sprites I've already posted (with some minor tweaks), this time showing what Animal Crossing New Leaf stuff inspired many of her outfits.

  • kk-default.png

    While in-game the Pro Design is a shirt separate from the default skirt, canonically the whole thing is a single dress.
  • kk-active.png

    She'd wear this for bikes and ATV's in Mario Kart. I recolor a lot of the greens from the originals to match the green grey of her default dress.
  • kk-kimono.png

    I'd drawn this from memory, so I didn't get the white stripes on the kimono accurate at all. The tights are from New Horizons. She's an avid bug catcher, so she'd be all about the spiderweb pattern.
  • kk-pjs-equinox.png

    I figured I'd throw in that I gave her the New Leaf hairstyle too.
  • kk-pjs-winter.png

    OK so while there are green-stripe pants in New Horizons, I made these up before I knew about them. I just thought hey let's make a set.
  • kk-pjs-summer.png

    I just wanted an excuse to put her in this tank without violating my canon that she dislikes exposing her shoulders. As long it's just pajamas for sleeping behind closed doors, what's the harm? And I made it a bit more of an oversized shirt. I think it looks pretty good.
  • kk-incognito.png

    In-game, whenever Kayla showed up wearing this hat, Whitney always complained that she looked like some kind of famous actress trying not to be recognized. I loved it so much I decided to make it canon. Well, not the famous actress part.
  • kk-wetsuit.png

    Instead of a leotard, I think I'll have her wear this for aquatic and rhythmic gymnastic Olympic event. Still totally works.
  • kk-snowgear.png

    Can't have olympic attire without stuff for the cold.
  • kk-winter.png

    In between winter events, while inside the likely heated buildings, it'd be smart to discard the multiple layers for a bit.
  • kk-sport.png

    All other athletic events. Olympics, baseball, tennis, etc. Everything except Strikers.
  • kk-dark.png

    Because I'm addicted to evil clones, I had to make Lilika. A straw-feminist who rules a small matriarchal kingdom as a dark counterpart to Kayla and her village of Ie. Calls all men pigs. Also, her main export is pork. Luckily, she can't use any magic other than Merry Poppins flight with her black, white-speckled umbrella, so no need to look into the implications. Not that she doesn't look for ways to do that. For now, she just beats men with it when they look up to see what the heck just flew over them only to accidentally get an eyeful up that intentionally raised skirt.
    No woman actually likes what she does.

Now, I'd love to here people's thoughts on this passion project.
Presenting a properly posed Platinum Pauline!
Platinum Pauline.png


  • Platinum Pauline.png
    Platinum Pauline.png
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And here's my last Pauline for a while. I put her in a brighter red that leans farther towards the orange end of the reds than her normal dress, and white shoes. Additionally, I also discovered I could twist her hair around 180° and then flip it up in a very stylish and classy updo instead of leaving her hair as is, so she can fit in with Peach's and Rosalina's ponytails.

Fire Pauline model.png
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About a ga-dozen character emblems. Had to happen eventually.

  • Verdigris-Daisy-emblem.png
  • Fire-Daisy-emblem.png

    Model coming eventually
  • When I first saw the New Donk City region coin, I thought that was definitely going to be Pauline's character emblem! Nope. But I'm using it for concepts along with the official one.
  • Fire-Pauline-Emblem.png
  • The superior emblem from Mario Party 8
  • Instead of the LAZY RECOLOR of Mario Kart Tour, this is one is more befitting of the Bro's identity, and matches Hammer Bro's emblem from Mario Party 8.
  • Fire-Bro.-emblem.png
  • Ice-Bro.-emblem.png
  • Let's not kid ourselves. This is going to happen.
    This one was a bit of a challenge, because neither one looks fitting for a baby character. I had to dramatically alter the New Donk City coin to look like a baby. But the lip print also looks bad. But the way I colored it looks vaguely more like just a heart with a smiley face on it. I hope I hope.


  • Fire-Bro.-emblem.png
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And here's Fire Daisy. I swapped the orange and yellow on her normal dress, and made the orange redder to better suit the fire.
Like many others, I initially wanted to use white instead of orange since she should be more remembered by the color she wears most, but that looked too much like an Invincibility Leaf form than a Fire Flower form. But I still wanted yellow in there, so I ditched white altogether. I like how it turned out.
fire daisy model.png

I promise this is the last Daisy for a good long while, or else my next drawing will be Bowser and me kissing.
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