J's Artwork, Fanart, and Idea Concepts


Always remembering Walkazo
I'd tried my best to make my own MKW map icon.
J-Yoshi64 Map Icon.png

Still needs work.


Always remembering Walkazo
New disguise/form

Siph disguised as a pony! I thought he could be a dragon, because Yoshis are described as dragons, but Siph said no, he wanted to be a pony.


Always remembering Walkazo
I do not, unfortunately. My only reason being is that with my current irl workload, it would take me ages to get around to the requests.
So what I'm saying is, I might do it, but don't be surprised if it takes me a year.

That being said, I do have some new stuff completed.

  • PLMB-Peach-Armor.png

    Less complicated than Daisy's armor. Pink gold plate armor with gold accents, with her usual brooch on the breastplate, and gold Mushroom emblems on the shoulder pads (to represent the Mushroom Kingdom). Her usual white gloves. A red, knee-length skirt over her leg armor. And also a little white belt with a golden clip to holster her classic parasol.

    Speaking of her trusty parasol, she can use it as an impenetrable shield like in Super Paper Mario (except against the Kitty Lasers), or she can simply whack people with it. But one more thing: it's also a rapier. The rod — not the canopy — acts as the wiry sword's sheath. The heart-shaped handle is the pommel, as you probably guessed. A Peach-y spin on the "Royal Rapier" trope. Admittedly inspired by that piece of fanart I posted in the other thread. Here's the original, and here's the colored version.

    I wanted to make all the armor shiny gradients, but my computer couldn't handle all those gradient objects and ended up freezing on me
    So flat colors it is.

  • Twins, triplets, etc: Identical are always the same species. Fraternal can be any combination of the parents’ species.
    Just something I decided to add.

  • Siph: Daisy's sure looking sporty!

    J: "Daisy's personality shines in the Strikers series, and I enjoy the Strikers series for that reason." Quoted from Deanna Mustard, Daisy's voice actor.

    Siph: Ouch, there goes the fourth wall.

    J: I don't think there is a fourth wall in Smash.

    Siph: Fair point. So what can I expect from this fight?

    J: Daisy is faster than Peach, since she's wearing her Strikers armor instead of her usual poofy dress, and she's not as floaty and doesn't use a parasol in battle.

    J: She also has her Sarasaland subjects and resources helping her out for a lot of her specials: Superballs, Rock Kids, Pompon Flowers, Bullet Biffs and subspecies, Bombshell Koopas, Glitters, and even the Sky Pop.

    Siph: Wow. Sarasaland represent! What else does she have?

    J: She does have quite a few moves that also originate from spinoffs. A dice block, her Megastrike, her Crystal Smash, her Super Dive, and so much more.

    Siph: So a moveset from a variety of games, all suited to her personality, powers, and people. How proper!

    Note: A lot of liberties are taken here, since I'm basing it off my idea for Daisy in Smash, before she was even revealed for Ultimate. I also "localized" some of the species from Super Mario Land. Rock Kids are the Ganchan, and Glitters are the Chikako.

  • Copy Ability: Plasma/Spark



Always remembering Walkazo
Just one new artwork. But I'll throw in a Siph's Smash Convo, too.

  • J-Pajama-Day.png

    J-Yoshi64 (Pajama Day)
    Special Item: Dash Ring
    I like when characters have fun pajamas. These are a recreation of actual pajamas I own, robe and all.

  • Siph: Really? Another Mario?
    J: Yes, but Paper Mario has a completely different moveset. He doesn't share a single one with Mario or Dr. Mario.
    Siph: Fair enough. So what does he do?
    J: Items and Badges. Lots and lots of Badges. He also has the Ultra Boots spring jump and the Super Hammer spin attack. He can also Superguard and use Pixls.
    Siph: Any partners?
    J: Not for his normal attacks. Just him and the Pixls. But that's still something to watch out for.
    J: He can also use his Black Chest curses, and he even flips dimensions as his Final Smash, taking you with him.
    Siph: That doesn't sound so bad…
    J: True, but all his partners from all games are hiding out in the other dimension, ready to gang-rush you and clobber you all at once, ending with a triple explosion courtesy of Bombette, Bobbery, and Boomer.
    Siph: Oh. That's a frightening demonstration of teamwork.


Always remembering Walkazo
That's a brilliant idea but then I would have to add the daunting task of writing unique Tattle dialogues for every character too, lol. Or every stage. Or both.



Always remembering Walkazo
A few new things.

  • snow-j.png

    J-Yoshi64 (Winter Gear)
    Special Item: Ice Flower
    This is what I'd wear at the Winter Olympics. This one is a combination of actual winter clothing I own or have owned. Occasionally the scarf will completely cover my mouth and nose, similar to Bowser Jr.'s.

  • Siph: Uh… Piranta Plant?
    J: This is a milestone! The first time a generic one has ever had a playable role in any game ever!
    Siph: But… a Piranha Plant?
    J: I mean, the moveset potential is all there, what with all the subspecies to behold. It runs like the Ptooies and Stalking Piranhas. It can morph into a Putrid Piranha Plant to charge up a poison attack, so watch out for that. Its recovery move stems from the Jumping Piranha Plants.
    Siph: Pun intended?
    J: Pun? Oh! Yeah, no, that was unintended, but I'll take it. Now let's see, where was I?
    J: Outside of the Poison Breath and Ptooie spike balls, all its attacks are as follows: slashing or slapping with its leaves, biting, headbutting, and swinging its pot or pipe at you. And for its Final Smash, it summons Petey Piranha! Who uses cages and inexplicable fire breath as a callback to the Subspace Emissary, rather than graffiti, flight, and tornadoes from Super Mario Sunshine. Not Mario canon.
    Siph: That doesn't sound so bad…
    J: True, but all his partners from all games are hiding out in the other dimension, ready to gang-rush you and clobber you all at once, ending with a triple explosion courtesy of Bombette, Bobbery, and Boomer.
    Siph: Whoa! Talk about a heavy hitter!
    Siph: But seriously. A Piranha Plant?!

  • PLMB-Rosalina.png

    Unlike the other two royals, Rosalina's "Season 4 Outfit" isn't armor, it's a space suit. Minus the helmet, because I want all the characters to keep their traditional headgear.
    I used real-world astronauts as a reference when designing this. The front and back panels could be armor, but

  • Dark-Rosalina.png

    Based off her concept art, with inverted colors.
    Dark Rosalina.png

    This is what inspired the color scheme. Look at that lovely editing!