Okay, brain. Is this the last of the character emblems? Can I move on with my life?

Because if Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach get their own unique emblems, then they all should.


Cat Bowser/Meowser, Tanooki Bowser, Cat Wario, Tanooki Wario
Cat Rosalina, Tanooki Rosalina, Cat Waluigi, Kitsune Waluigi
Cat Toad, Tanooki Toad, Cat Pauline, Tanooki Pauline
Cat Toadette, Tanooki Toadette, Cat Pauline and Tanooki Pauline if the Metro Kingdom Regional Coin were Pauline's emblem like I thought it was going to be


I realized most of these weren't going to be as easily recolored as Mario's and Luigi's respective Tanooki and Kitsune emblems, and I jumped at the challenge. I think I did pretty well. White Tanooki and White Kitsune. Pauline twice again, experimenting with the Metro Kingdom Regional Coin, also as a throwback to when she was blonde.


Fire Rosalina's emblem already exists in Mario Kart Tour, and I didn't feel the need to make any changes to that one. This wasn't intentional, but Fire Wario's emblem is McDonalds colors lol.
That bottom row is Gold Wario, Purple Gold Waluigi, and Blue Gold Rosalina. Yes, those are real alloys of gold. Purple gold is an alloy of gold and aluminum, and blue gold is an alloy of gold and indium. I'm taking a nod from pink gold being a real alloy of gold and copper, AND from the Gold Flower turning Luigi into Silver Luigi. You cannot stop me!


Because Mario Kart Tour got Penguin Yellow Toad's emblem all wrong (they made it RED for crying out loud), I needed to fix it. And I went overboard.
Here's Toad, Toadette, Blue Toad aka Bucken Berry, and Yellow Toad aka Ala Gold.


Okay, so I think the Hylian Crest would be better as Princess Zelda's character emblem if she got to join Link in Mario Kart 8. And the Sheikah symbol that's being used in MK8D as BotW Link's emblem should really be Sheik's emblem. I made up the Master Sword in its pedestal as Link's emblem instead, and Ganondorf's emblem is the symbol of Ganon's forces.


Because while I'm making alternate emblems for power-up forms, WHY NOT FEED MY SELF-INSERT ADDICTION

Fire J, Gold J, Cat J, Pneguin J, Tanooki J, White Tanooki J

Fire KK, Silver KK, Cat KK, Penguin KK, Tanooki KK, White Tanooki KK

Fire Qur, Green Gold Qur (this is a real alloy of gold, silver, copper, and zinc), Cat Qur, Penguin Qur, Kitsune Qur, White Kitsune Qur

Fire Pry, Copper Pry, Cat Pry, Penguin Pry, Kitsune Pry, White Kitsune Pry

Jevvel and Lilika don't get emblems because they're not allowed to join.
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I'm just going to stop saying "I think this is the last of them" because clearly I'm wrong every time.

Okay this is ridiculous. I keep changing my mind on several KK sprites.
1 (first version)
KK big sprites transparent.png

KK big sprites transparent r.png

KK big sprites transparent (2).png

4 (current)
KK big sprites transparent (1).png
I was expecting it to be much longer before I tagged @Fawfulthegreat64 again but apparently not.
Super Mario RPG!

Oh and because I have a major addiction, here's another lineup of my self-insert, his interdimensional counterparts, and all our adoptive kids.

Reminder that we do not like the ones on the red background.

All J versions and Siph enlarged.png
J Christmas Party outfits.png

I was at a Christmas party recently, and I was inspired to make Christmas party outfits for my interdimensional counterparts and our kids.

Take a shot sip of water every time I say "fuzzy white trim"

J is hosting! The green, blue, and white-striped sweater is the closest thing to a Christmas sweater that I own irl, but I like it as one. It has a zipper at the collar, rather than buttons. Otherwise, just blue jeans and grey and red tennis shoes.

Siph wears green shorts with fuzzy white trim at the waist and hem, red boots with fuzzy white trim, and a stripey elf hat with ears and a golden bell. My little Yoshi is adorable!

Kayla exchanges her four-leaf clover with some holly. She also wears a sweater similar to the holiday sweater from Animal Crossing New Horizons, but I strayed from that design a bit to personalize it to fit KK better. Some green pants with fuzzy white trim lining the hem and pockets, and some brown snow boots with fuzzy white trim, which admittedly you can't see due to the hem of her pants. It's fine.

Meralde was a challenge for me to come up with something for, being a Buzzy Beetle. I decided to adorn her shell with poinsettia leaves, wrapping around the carapace. They're a nice contrast to the emerald color of the Precious Stone Buzzy.

Qur... that boy was difficult for J and KK to lay down ground rules for regarding dress code. Yes, he looks cold, but the party is indoors so he's fine. But J and KK told him in no uncertain terms that he was NOT to show up in any kind of "sexy" wear. He had to at least cover as much as he's comfortable covering without setting off his sensory issues. So here we have him in a sleeveless green Santa coat and red Santa pants, both with fuzzy white trim. Though he'd best behave with that mistletoe at the end of his hat. You just know he's gonna mess with J.

Slack I decided to go the simple route. Red boots with fuzzy white trim, and a simple white scarf with holly print at the ends and red tassles. Goodness that looks adorable!

Pry wears more pompoms because she loves them. Ironically no hat though. This pompom sweater is slightly longer than what I have on her standard winter outfit, acting as a short dress instead. Also with fuzzy white trim. Sea green tights, her standard beige moccasin boots, and though it's hard to see, her ponytail is tied back with an imitation fir branch. Yeah, you try conveying pine needles with these pixels.

Thistle I also struggled with conveying my idea in limited pixel space. That's silver tinsel wrapped around her shell. It looks gorgeous on the amethyst color imo.

Now bigger to show detail better.


I wasn't finished with making emblems for everybody, only temporarily burnt out. BUT BEHOLD MY REKINDLED ADDICTION!

For supporting and antagonist characters from the Mario and Luigi series. From left to right:
Prince Peasley, represented by his yellow rose; Queen Bean, represented by a bean with her crown on top; Lady Lima, a thin L-shaped bean on a background resembling her cloak; Tolstar, his star and hair; Cackletta, her crooked grin and weird purple pigtail things on a green background; Fawful's emblem is exactly as it looks in-game but I colored it and put it on a red background; Popple's is his mask and hat; Toadbert is just his glasses; Stuffwell is, well, the very suitcase that he is; Kylie Koopa's emblem is her camera and ribbon; a regular Shroob is Toad's emblem with Shroob coloration on a black background; Princess Shroob's emblem is the goblet she's seen holding in her official artwork; Elder Princess Shroob's represents her disguise as the spirit of the Cobalt Star; Yoob's emblem is a Yoob egg on a black background; Starlow's is just a circle and a star, being a stylized silhouette of herself; Prince Dreambert is a stylized silhouette of his head; Midbus and Blizzard Midbus are his tattoo on a background that matches his skin color, and Blizzard Midbus's emblem also has his crown; Dark Bowser's could be either the Dark Star or a Dark Bowser version of Bowser's emblem, and the Dark Star itself could even have the former as its own emblem; and Fantasma's emblem is a stylized silhouette of his bat form
Next up is Paper Mario NPCs!
UPDATE: I added the two french Broques and the Elite Traitors. I also slightly resized some elements to the Dark Star.

Because I am a fraud who has not actually played any M&L games, it had to be pointed out to me that the Shroobs already have an in-game emblem, making my recolored Toad emblem inaccurate. Here's a proper one as penance.
Tremble and cower before Dark Yoshi! Yet another evil clone crafted by the villains imprisoned in the deepest corners of the Underwhere, with the powers of Shadoo, the Dark Star, etc.
Dark Yoshi.png

And because I just can't help myself, a character emblem, since I already gave one to Dark Daisy.
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In the middle of my Mario projects, I randomly decided to try remaking a vector of Dr. Wolf of the Brony community, using what's already around for reference. Just the one pose here, though. I made a lot of things simpler for the sake of time, but otherwise I think I did pretty well.

I just made some new outfits for two of my characters, Pry and KK. Formal attire and pajamas for Pry, and a new swimsuit for each. I have a lot more clothing design options for Pry than KK due to the latter having the modesty of the Amish. And Pry still loves her tube tops, frills, midriff, and front ties. I also gave Pry a new updo for formal attire after some hair research.

Also, did you know there's no such thing as tube top footie pajamas? Google gave me no results.

Pry n KK new big sprites.png
My baby boy is COMING TO 3D
I just need to give him a watch and a pose.
Siph model WIP.png
I just made some new outfits for two of my characters, Pry and KK. Formal attire and pajamas for Pry, and a new swimsuit for each. I have a lot more clothing design options for Pry than KK due to the latter having the modesty of the Amish. And Pry still loves her tube tops, frills, midriff, and front ties. I also gave Pry a new updo for formal attire after some hair research.

Also, did you know there's no such thing as tube top footie pajamas? Google gave me no results.

View attachment 33197

Updated Pry's footie pajamas to have pom poms instead of frills, and the gloves on her formal attire to be frillier. I also added a version without tights and with beige gloves. Now imagine her carrying a beige wallet with the dress too.

Pry n KK new big sprites.png
I decided to put them all in one big deviation so as to not tag the creator of the templates a bunch of times

Lordly Ladies Power-Up Palettes.png

So here we have Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline, all in Power-Up forms that simply swap their costume palettes, with the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Gold Flower, Ice Flower, Red Star, and Special Crown (a gold and white invincibility power-up I made up, like the Invincibility Leaf minus the ears and tail, and the Special Cup crown isn't a Power-Up yet).

Peach, Fire Peach, Pink Gold Peach (CuAu3​), Ice Peach, Flying Peach, Special Peach
Daisy, Fire Daisy, Verdigris Daisy (Cu(CH3​CO2​)2​), Ice Daisy, Flying Daisy, Special Daisy
Rosalina, Fire Rosalina, Blue Gold Rosalina (AuIn2​), Ice Rosalina, Flying Rosalina, Special Rosalina
Paulina, Fire Pauline, Platinum Pauline (you can thank Mario Kart Tour's 2019 Holiday Tour for this one), Ice Pauline, Flying Pauline, Special Pauline

Templates made by KatLime on DeviantArt
So many years ago, I made a signature vehicle for myself. It's my because it features my stainless steel water bottle, which is my signature weapon. I call it the Bike Frame, as a bike answer to the Pipe Frame. It's just a standard bicycle, with a basket carrier above the back wheel to put the engine in. It also has a bell on the left handlebar.

Originally I'd done just these four colors and called it a day, content with having them be the only four palettes.

But yesterday I changed my mind. I'm making alternate palettes for every single character. And I have the character emblems to complete them too. I'm also going to redo the ones above except for the blue one.

Starting off, I made one for J, Siph, KK, Z (my older brother), Qur, Slack, Pry, and Millie (Z's r63 counterpart and KK's older sister). Meralde and Thistle don't get one due to being only half of a brick block tall and wide, and Jevvel and Lilika don't get any because no. A hard-to-see detail is that Qur's and Pry's bells are on the right handlebar instead, due to their right and left being mirrored from J and KK.

Then I made some for Mario, Baby Mario, and all of Mario's alternate costumes.
Mario, Fire Mario (orange bell for FIREBALL), Dr. Mario (I went with my own design for the character emblem, unlike in Tour), Baby Mario (light blue bell like his shoes), Cat Mario, Bee Mario, Tanooki Mario, Penguin Mario, Metal Mario (notice the green bell for the Metal Box), Ice Mario, Mr. M (silver bell like how Mr. L is commonly depicted with silver eyes), Shadow Mario (orange bell for Bowser Jr.), Gold Mario, Flying Mario, White Tanooki Mario, and Special Mario (the gold and white invincibility form I made up for the Special Cup crown to be a power-up for)

Okay here are the corrected ones. Also I resized the small characters' bikes and slightly recolored Penguin Mario's and Shadow Mario's bikes.


Consider this page 8 of "Taking a Self-Insert Too Seriously"
There will be no page 9.

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My first hand-drawn comic! Still self-inserting and still about the brony analysts, particularly the TF2 Analysis Anarchy crew, but this time without any of them being featured. Just Ty and Doc being mentioned. Is this progress? Chronologically, this would take place after my "Taking A Self-Insert Too Seriously" He says even though neither comic is canon to the bronyverse.

Siph just really wants J to get in, and while J would probably have fun, he has enough on his plate. And he doesn't want to reward Siph's little stunt. J will probably need both the Fountain Sea Coast post office AND the Ie post office to screen his outgoing mail, to prevent any more of Siph's letters from going through. Hopefully the apology letter can be a forgivable violation of the restraining order. Regardless, if there's a hearing, J plans on having his little Yoshi pay for all court fees with his Star Piece collection, this time converting it to bits though.

As you can see, I got a bit lazy as the page went on, especially in panel 13.😅

Some Concerning Mail.jpg
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