Of course Peach would be the next character I make Bike Frame palette swaps for!
In a slightly different order than Mario's and Luigi's due to only having 12 instead of 16. And I used all of the Power-Up forms I designed for!

Peach, Baby Peach, Nurse Toadstool, Shadow Peach
Fire Peach, Ice Peach, Tanooki Peach, Cat Peach
Pink Gold Peach, Flying Peach, White Tanooki Peach, Special Peach

Might as well post the arrays of emblems too.




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Because of course my favorite princess would be next! Before I even made her Bike Frame palettes, but those are coming too!

Daisy, Baby Daisy, Retro Daisy, Dark Daisy
Fire Daisy, Ice Daisy, Kitsune Daisy (my version for Kitsune that I came up with the idea for before Nintendo made theirs), Cat Daisy
Verdigris Daisy, Flying Daisy, White Kitsune Daisy, Special Daisy (this is a powerup form I made up for the Special Cup crown, it's another gold and white invincibility form, but without any tails or ears and stuff)
Rosalina emblems! That third one is for the Cosmic Spirit. And I slightly altered Baby and Fire Rosalina's.

2 Pauline works with another coming soon. At long last, Dark Pauline!


I've gone through several changes in ideas for this one, but I think I've finally settled on a design I like. Dark Pauline has her original blonde perm from the first Donkey Kong, a ripped dress, heeled boot things that have a spike on the back of the heel and kind of a crisscross thing going on all the way up the thighs. Black nails, red eyeshadow, black jewelry with golden spikes. And of course, the eyes have black sclerae and glowing red pupils.

Made using the Pauline base by KatLime.

Next, character emblems!
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My designs for Tanooki Pauline (in both 3D Land and 3D World styles, maybe one can be for karts and the other for bikes?) and Cat Pauline.

I slightly altered the hem of the 3D World Tanooki Suit to be more the style of Pauline's dress instead of the petals that Peach and Rosalina have. I know it's not optimal for programming, but it's my design so nyeh :P I also decided not to give her gloves for either one.

For Cat Pauline, I went with a red but slightly pinkish color, with the normal cat design. Kind of inspired by the red kitten from Bowser's Fury for the coloration, albeit slightly darker.

I made some new powerup emblems for J and his interdimensional counterparts (Ice, Flying, and Special), remade some of the other ones, rearranged them all, and also made some for my big brother Toa of Twilight Z and his r63 interdimensional counterpart Millie, who is a magical girl good witch. I had to break some rules for a couple of Z's emblems.


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Some expressions on Siph. Amicable (or happy), Glee (or "heh"), Shiny, Pouty, Cocky (or smug), Sob, Angy, and Surprise
It's about time I drew this boi. Meet Slack the Yo Bro, Qur's adoptive son!

Slack is much smaller compared to other Yo Bros. and Hammer Bros., being a young child. Also unlike most Bros., Slack is quite shy, softspoken, and withdrawn rather than rowdy. This is also a sharp contrast to his father's flirtatious nature. Qur magically altered Slack's yo-yo to be silver rather than white, giving it mirror properties to reflect projectiles if he tosses or spins it correctly.

Unlike Siph and the Buzzy Beetle girls, Slack has no gemtone qualities about him. He's just a normal Yo Bro, minus the helmet. Still a precious bab tho.

Slack the Yo Bro - drawing.png
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I made sprites for my brother for his birthday! But it's not until May 26th, so no one tell him. It's a surprise!🤫His name is Toa of Twilight Z. Z for short. Same layout as the other sprite sheets.
Next up: Millie!

Millie! I had to step out of my comfort zone to honor my brother's vision for her.

I don't remember if I ever posted these. I made them back in 2017.

The Koopalings as Pokémon trainers, or as Mystery Dungeon'd Pokémon themselves.

Mario x Pokemon meme Bowser Jr..png
Mario x Pokemon meme Larry.png
Mario x Pokemon meme Morton.png
Mario x Pokemon meme Wendy.png
Mario x Pokemon meme Iggy.png
Mario x Pokemon meme Roy.png
Mario x Pokemon meme Lemmy.png
Mario x Pokemon meme Ludwig.png

But last night I was hit with inspiration and made one for Daisy. Might make more, but God knows when.

Mario x Pokemon meme Daisy.png
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Here are some face sprites of the ZJ Bros, their interdimensional counterparts, and all of their small sidekicks.

ZJ big sprite mugshots.png

Toa of Twilight Z and Buggy, Millie and Marmalade the Otsune (otter kitsune hybrid), J-Yoshi64 and Siph Jade 64, KK and Meralde the Precious Stone Buzzy, Qur and Slack the Yo Bro., and Pry and Thistle the Precious Stone Buzzy.
oh and here's Buggy, he's a Bionicle MOC and Z's trusted sidekick/creation

And here are the Special Crown forms of everyone — even Reba!
White and Gold. Marmalade is imperceptible by mortals except for Millie, so he doesn't get one.

Special Crown J.png
Mario Kart Tour gave us the Tea Coupe. I give you... the Peanut Butter Coupe! This can be considered J's signature kart.

Peanut butter cups are a generic snack, so it's not NECESSARILY Reese's

Palette swaps featuring milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and inside-out variants of the three.
And a cutaway showcasing the most important feature that many karts are severely lacking: LEG ROOM. Also the seat, but that's not the focus.

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Two of my personal images on the Wiki are of J's signature weapon: the Cutter Knives, which combine into the Cutter Blade. Well now I think it's high time to make sprites of them! I've also updated the looks and functionality of them.

Cutter Blade big sprites.png

Since they're based on BIONICLE Vahki Keerakh's Stun Staffs, I used Danska's Bionicle Builder on BZPower as a base. However, the scale was incompatible with my big sprites of J, so I had to alter it slightly. But that did make room for creativity! I added dark blue lines that light up when the Blade flies and blink when the Blade or a Knife is about to generate an explosion.

A recap: The Cutter Blade is a bladed boomerang (sort of, it's not shaped like a traditional boomerang). The handle is located between the two blades on the ends. When thrown, it follows J's brain commands via his watch. From this angle, it would spin counterclockwise (with the bladed edges, they're single-edged). Made of a solution of Protosteel and titanium, so it's virtually indestructible. After it finishes its infliction(s), J recalls it back and catch it with ease.

The Cutter Blade splits at the middle into two Cutter Knives, single-edged weapons. The Cutter Knives are primarily for close-combat. They can also be used as a thrown projectile, and can be recalled like the Cutter Blade, handle-first for safety of course. J's watch and brainwaves aid in distance and accuracy when it comes to striking his desired target. The Knives can also be used like shuko spikes, so J can use them to climb vertical or near-vertical faces, or just cling to the ground if a foe is attempting to dislodge him. The Cutter Knives are stored in J's watch.

The Cutter Knives, whether they are together as the Cutter Blade or separate as the two Knives, can generate explosions without damaging themselves.
I decided to make more parent-holding-child artworks for my interdimensional counterparts, akin to my first post in this thread. KK and Meralde, Qur and Slack, Pry and Thistle, and Lilika and Reba.

Her Daughter.jpg
His Little Boy.jpg
Her Little Girl.jpg
Her Heiress.jpg
I've perfected my big sprites, and also made some back sprites as well. Don't ask me why.


And also some back sprites for the kiddos.

Update to the Kiddos.
I couldn't figure out how to dress up Buzzy Beetles in feminine formal attire so I just stacked them in a column and left them alone.
I also updated Siph's skin, hair, and boots to be glisteny and his belly to be metallic silver, like the Gemtone Mini-Yoshi he is. But I forgot to make his irises metallic gold. The girls, being Precious Stone Buzzies, also have glisteny carapaces, metallic silver rims, and metallic gold plastrons.


Toa Jeyoshi translated from Danska's Bionicle Builder to my big sprite style!
Jeyoshi, Toa of Sonics
wields the Percussive Staff and the Sonic Spear
bears the Great Kanohi Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis, by default. But also has the Calix the Mask of Fate, Rau the Mask of Translation, Suletu the Mask of Telepathy, Volitak the Mask of Stealth, and Sanok the Mask of Accuracy

It doesn't take a Toa of Psionics to know he's not an actual Toa. He's way too short! The average Toa is *7'2.5"* and J is still 5'6"

Toa Jeyoshi sprites x4.png
More sprites of myself! This time of how I actually look irl, with some of my current irl clothing. I still have most of the clothing in the top two rows of my regular sprite sheet, but these are newer clothes. Plus the goatee that makes me look my age and not 12. But my mental image of myself is cleanshaven.

Summer, Fall/Spring, Winter, Formal, Robe, Winter Pajamas, Summer Pajamas. (No fall or winter PJs due to living in a desert making the transition more instant.)

Who knows? Maybe some of these could be alt costumes for when I'm in Mario Kart.

Hey guys guess what I have Rosalina and Pauline Bike Frames
only took 9 months