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Re: J's Artwork — Original and Fanworks

And now for something completely different. I just completed this today.
When my avatar/persona visits other dimensions that don't have humans/fleshy humans, I use my watch to go Duplighost and take a form that better blends in with the dimension's inhabitants. You've already seen me as a Toa (Bionicle), so here's me in another "disguise"...

a pony!


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Re: J's Artwork — Original and Fanworks

Moving on from pones, here's the next team!

Team PRDT's name comes from the color of the stone peridot, and so that is its pronunciation.

Pauline (leader)

I also decided Pauline's weapon would be her handbag, and she'd use it like Coco Adel, complete with transforming into a gatling gun:

Daisy would use crystal gauntlets like her Megastrike, similar to Yang Xiao Long. May or may not include the "it's also a gun" feature like Yang's weapons, though. Still haven't settled on it.


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Re: J's Artwork Original and Fanworks

Another one of Siph's Smash Conversations!

Siph: Oh look, it's Princess Peach!

J: Princess Peach Toadstool, as many a fan like to call her. Toad loyally defends her here in Smash, and even helps with her grab attacks.

Siph: Just like how I defend you in our adventures with my Siphon attack.

J: Yeah, except Toad launches spores as a counterattack, while you siphon the foe's health to replenish mine.

J: The spores are projectiles, too, so if you have a Franklin Badge or some other way to reflect them, then they're useless.

Siph: Peach's floating ability is pretty cool. As long as she doesn't cross a blast line, she can float back to the stage without a problem. And that's not even counting her parasol.

J: Yeah, but if you hit her while she's floating, then she can't use it until she lands again. See if you can hit her with a long-range attack or projectile before she can make it back!

Siph: Or I can just try knocking her below the stage so she can't reach.

J: Ugh, I've been on the receiving end of that when I play as her. Not fun.

J: But good strategy. You've got this in the bag.
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Re: J's Artwork — Original and Fanworks

The wildcard team!

Team BKWD's name comes from the term "backwood(s)" which is "remote uncleared forest land." Therefore the word "backwood" should bring to mind a lush green or woody brown color.

Birdo (leader)
Diddy Kong

Each of Teams PRDT and BKWD's members are closely associated with 1 member of Teams PLMB and WYTD.
Mario → Pauline
Luigi → Daisy
Peach → Rosalina
Bowser → Kamek
Yoshi → Birdo
Toad → Toadette
Wario → Waluigi
Donkey Kong → Diddy Kong

This team is going to start out terribly and dysfunctionally. That's to be expected with Waluigi AND Kamek. And then there's the fact that Birdo of all characters is the leader, of whom the former two characters might get jealous for her position. But they'll have to get their butts in gear if they want to fight the threat that I made up as an excuse for all these teams being formed.


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Re: J's Artwork — Original and Fanworks

I figured I'd list my ideas for Team PLMB's weapons.

The rod of Peach's parasol doubles as a sheath for a rapier, with the heart-shaped handle being the handle of the sword.

Similarly to Crescent Rose (the weapon of RWBY's main protagonist, which transforms mechanically back and forth between a giant scythe to a high-impact sniper rifle, which creating the meme in RWBY "it's also a gun" because most weapons double as guns, with a few exceptions), Mario and Luigi's hammers would mechanically transform into FLUDD and the Poltergust whatever-thousand, respectively. Though the hammers would clearly look similar to the respective Gadd inventions instead of the dull grey hammers.

Not sure if Bowser even needs a weapon for himself since he's already awesome. I have considered the claw things he wears in Mario Strikers Charged.


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Hmmm I should probably add Team PLMB's silhouettes to this thread.

The Heroes of Light
Peach (leader)

PLMB refers to the color plum, which is a purple hue (look at the letters in the png). It's also a pun on the word plumb, which is what our favorite bros allegedly do.


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Okay so I changed two of them. Team PLMB just to look better and Team WYTD (whited) to TEAM WYDT (white).

And here's the next team that I'm sure you were all just DYING to see /s


The first half of Bowser's kids (shut up, they're all still his kids in my fanon)

Ludwig (leader)
Bowser Jr.

Expect tension between Ludwig and Bowser Jr.
Their weapons would just be their wands and Magic Paintbrush.


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I used this image for Roy.



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My man!


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Another actual drawing! After HOW long? Yeesh.

Terry Lydia Bear

Species: Bear

Age: 3

Favorite Color(s): Blue, cyan


Favorite Activity: Dressup

Favorite Food/Drink: Sugar cookies

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coconut

Other Interests: Fairy tales (and much later in life, crime scene investigation and forensic science)

Superhero Name: Chronocub
Super Power(s):

  • Psychometry: Terry can look into the past of any plant, animal, fungus, or inanimate object with just a touch, or for a whole room or area simply by occupying the space. She is vulnerable while gazing into time, though. Incidentally, she always knows where you left that thing you're looking for.
  • Time Freeze: Terry can freeze the passage of time for the any plant, animal, fungus, or inanimate object she touches, or for a whole room or area simply by occupying the space, while still being able to move herself. She can restart time for her target at will.
Bio: Terry is the second-youngest of the Bear Family, the older twin of Coco, and the third-youngest in the whole superhero family friend group. This little girl has always loved fantasy books and fairy tales. She even wants her super suit to look like a fairy princess! Tilly Katt, the rookie seamstress of the group, is trying to talk her into a compromise that would create a less poofy uniform with a better visual tie to Terry's time-based superpowers. It's a debate for the ages. But poofy might be better, because for some reason, Terry gets really cold when she uses her powers. Because of this, it's not unheard of to see her wearing sweaters like the one above and other long-sleeved shirts in warm weather. When Terry is old enough to be in school, her parents will tell her not to use her time-freezing power to cheat during tests. When Terry gets even older and more mature, she will take great interest in solving violent crimes, as her psychometry power will help her find evidence and track down the exact perpetrator.

Terry's best friends are her twin brother Coco and Tiny Cow.

Character emblem TBA

Any questions, comments, critiques, concerns, snide remarks? :P


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Aaaaand another team LOL

The name comes from willpower orange.

Wendy (leader)

Because you gotta have Lemmy and Iggy together. Also, those colors make me hungry for some reason.

Funny story: I set up most of these teams so that their leaders of choice would be questionable. Just like Teams RWBY and JNPR in the show proper. Think about it.
Wario, a greedy stinkbomb.
Pauline, the (supposed) ex.
Birdo, a controversial character off the bat.
Ludwig, on a team with Bowser Jr.. That's gotta get under a few fans' skins. (The only reason Jr. wasn't the leader was because I couldn't find any colors that would work with an acronym)
Wendy, who hasn't shown much evidence on how well she'd do in a leadership role afaik.

Team PLMB is the only team not to fit this theme.


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Made this for the birthday of someone I follow. It's their pet cat in the style of my Stuffyverse. Say hi to Weasley the Tabby!



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Yet another team with no end in sight!

Colins Wicket is a greyish brown color.

Wrinkly Kong (leader)
Cranky Kong
Kammy Koopa

There IS going to be conflict between Toadsworth and Kammy. Count on it. But if Team PLMB can work with Bowser on it, then so can Team WCKT. Even if their lieges have to order them to get along.


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More of J-Pony64



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The next team and the next Siph's Smash Conversation.

You probably weren't expecting this one.

A candytuft is a type of flower whose blooms come in white, pink, or purple. I really had to dig to find a color-related word for these four. And how fitting of a team name, considering who the leader is!

Candy Kong (leader)
Dixie Kong
Tiny Kong
Funky Kong

Unfortunately, I'll never be able to make a team of Kremlings. One, "Team KKKK" looks very wrong on paper. Two, there aren't many good color-related words that I could work with for them. The only two I can think of are Khaki and Cookie.

Next, Siph's Smash Conversation for one Koopa King:
Siph: Oh boy! Bowser time!

J: Oh no.

Siph: I bet he's going to keep track of every K.O. I deal to him, and then K.O. you in kind for each one. Doesn't that sound fun!

J: Siph, why do you do this to me?

Siph: Because it's fun! Now, what can I expect in this fight?

J: Well, his Smash attacks really pack a wallop, so watch out for those. And his side special is a grab attack, so shielding will be useless against that.

Siph: He's faster than I expected him to be, too.

J: Of course he's fast. He can stay ahead of Mario whenever he kidnaps Peach, remember?

Siph: But I'm way faster than him just because we Yoshis are quick on our feet.

J: Speed can only do so much. You don't have any projectiles outside of items, so you're going to have to get close to him in order to hit him.

Siph: I just have to make sure I don't run into him when he's about to attack. It's all about timing!


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The next member of the Stuffyverse!
Cristian "Cris" Cow

Species: Cow

Breed: Holstein

Age: 5

Favorite Color(s): Green, Brown

Instrument: Trumpet

Sport: Bullfighting (it's different in the Stuffyverse)

Favorite Food/Drink: Chocolate milk

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Other Interests: Banks

Super Power(s):

  • Nigh-Invulnerable Skeleton: Cris's bones are incredibly durable, almost indestructible. However, he is only able to utilize his abnormally big horns, as all his other bones are interior. Even so, he uses what he has to great effect, gouging holes in even the toughest barriers. Unfortunately, being young as he is, he is not very strong nor possesses the best judgment, so he is liable to get his horns stuck and trap himself. He is also not very heavy, and so is easily thrown around. This power also makes it impossible to perform any medical procedures that require piercing or breaking a bone. His parents don't let his siblings use him as a can/jar/bottle opener.

Superhero name: Mighty Matador (Mighty referencing his durability, and Matador referencing his charging-bull tactic.)

Bio: Cristian "Cris" Cow is energetic just like his younger sister Annie. The two are practically inseparable outside of class (preschool and kindergarten classes are separate, after all). Cris surprised his parents by developing a love of banks. It all started when he went into Terrace City Bank with them one day during a special event, and the owner of the bank decided to give the little calf a free T-shirt, which is naturally now his favorite shirt. Ever since then, Cris has been fascinated with how the monetary business works. He's not even interested in being rich. It's the exchange of money that has him amazed. Outside of banking, his only other obsession is chocolate milk.
Cris's closest friends are Teddy, Henry, and his little sister Annie.

I tried a little foreshortening on Cris's right leg to give his running a more natural look. Did I get it?

His horns really are that big.



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Another PLMB team and another Siph's Smash Conversation.

Team SLCK silhouettes.png

Team SLCK (silk): Another team you didn't expect!

Swanky Kong (leader)
Lanky Kong
Chunky Kong
Kiddy Kong

I'm lucky there were exactly 4 Kongs left, instead of just 1, 2, 3, or (Stars forbid) 5
But only Lanky Kong has had any 3D appearances after DK64 (Brawl stickers do not count).
I was hesitant to put Kiddy Kong on a team because he's so young, but then I remembered Bowser Jr. is on a team

Moving on, here's the next Smash Conversation!
Siph: Hiya, Bowser Jr.*!
J: You're fighting Junior*? Nice! It's kinda like one of your playdates, then, except you're fighting each other.
Siph: It's a shame the Koopalings are in that stupid Junior Clown Car instead of fighting me personally. Bowser should really do something about Junior's reliance on that thing.
J: You should tell him that, because I'm certainly not going to be the one to tell him that.
Siph: Why not? You're both single dads. He'll totally listen to you.
J: Wow, you said that with a straight face.
Siph: WAHAHAHAHA! It was really hard. I don't think I could do it again.
J: Whatever. Just watch out for all the toys, projectiles, and other shenanigans the Clown Car has to offer. If you'd good, you can pick up a Mechakoopa and throw it back like a Bob-omb.
Siph: Sounds like a blast! We should do this more often!
*The name changes depending on the Koopaling.


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My latest artwork, not a PLMB team but still semi-related to my PLMB obsession. Similar to the new outfits that the cast got in season 4 of RWBY.

Her top armor is based on that of Ancient Egypt, therefore being a nod to Sarasaland's kingdom of Birabuto. Her bottom armor is based on that of ancient China, therefore being a nod to Sarasaland's kingdom of Chai. Unfortunately, my research for armor of Polynesia and the Caribbean, for Easton and Muda respectively, came up short. Caribbean armor gave me costumes for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Polynesian natives viewed their tattoos as armor, and I didn't want to do that to Daisy.
Daisy also wears a white minidress underneath her armor with yellow trim in the same style as the sporty minidress for modern tennis and golf matches. Under the skirt, she wears orange tights, and she also wears dark orange, knee-length leather boots on her feet.
On her hands, our bella in yella wears white gloves with a similar flower trim to her usual formal gloves, but elbow-length to accommodate for her weapons:
Turquoise gauntlets! The same gauntlets she summons for her Megastrike, and she can summon and dismiss these as well, but these gauntlets can also fire seeds that bloom into crystal spikes like her Crystal Smash!! move, but these crystals can be orange, yellow, turquoise, or white. Yes, I imagine Daisy's fighting style is similar to Yang Xiao Long's. It just fits both their characters. And both of them have yellow beauty that burns gold, so it works!
On her back, Daisy also wears a very short, white cape with orange interior. It just barely peaks out from under her hair's length.


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Team BLGK silhouettes.png

Team BLGK (black)

I noticed the Paper Mario 64 partners are a group of 8. So they could split evenly into a two teams of 4. Perfect for RWBY-esque teams.

Lady Bow (leader)

Siph: Mario?
J: Not quite! It's Dr. Mario! He's slower, heavier, has stronger attacks, and doesn't have FLUDD.
Siph: But it's still Mario.
J: Technically, yes. Functionally… pretty much, yeah. But he's a lot more different from Mario than he was back in Melee.
Siph: DON'T SAY THAT WORD! You'll attract the angry purists!
J: Ha! They can't reach me!
Siph: Yeah, but what about the comment section, Mr. Smartypants? Do you really want to subject the poor forum-goers to that kind of treatment?
J: Oh shoot, you're right. Oops. I totally messed that up. Sorry everyone!
J: At least I can still warn you that Dr. Mario's has a cape the same as Mario, so watch out!
Siph: Oh no! Not that thing again!


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New PLMB team
New Siph's Smash conversation
New other

Pick two.


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Screw it. I'm posting all four, since I discovered tabs.

  • Team SWBP

    Team SWBP (soup)
    Yes. Soup. It brings to mind a color, so it works.

    Sushie (leader)

  • Siph: Aww, I don't want to fight Lumas! They're too cute!
    J: Cuter than Yoshis? Cuter than you?
    Siph: … Okay, I can fight them now.
    J: All you needed was the proper motivation. Now, Rosalina can fight by herself, but the Lumas' attacks are pretty strong.
    Siph: Can I just take out the Luma to make things easier?
    J: Sure, but another one will pop out a bit later.
    Siph: Aww man! I guess I should take advantage of that little time to really rack up some damage.
    J: Yeah. Good luck, Siph!

  • Verdigris Daisy

    The only other Daisy-related thing I'll create for a while lol
    My interpretation of Daisy's Gold Flower form, her answer to Gold Mario, Silver Luigi, and Pink Gold Peach. I give you Verdigris Daisy.

    What is verdigris, you ask? It's copper, with an exterior layer of patina due to oxidation. Just like the Statue of Liberty. Okay, so technically, verdigris is the color of said patina, but Verdigris Daisy rolls off the tongue better than Greenish Copper Daisy imo.
    I wanted to use a real precious metal, but also wanted to subvert the "Daisy is orange" cliché, since she consistently has more yellow on her anyway. Something I've begun to grow pedantic about. And this green sheen on copper matches both her normal brooch AND her alt colors in Mario Strikers Charged.

  • I am not a narcissist.
    Fire J!
    Fire J

    That is, this is me when I'm using the copy ability from Kirby, not the Fire Flower from the Mushroom Universe.
    The flaming wrists and decorative circlet come directly from the Burning copy ability from Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, while the flaming ankles and cross (I am not KKK) are just to add something more to the empty space that my lanky form creates. The original accessories are much closer on a spherical body.