What do we do with Super Smash Bros?

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Time Turner said:
JC said:
On a related topic, unless Time Turner or anyone else is planning on doing it, I'm planning on starting a proposal on what to do with Smash Bros. subjects that still currently have separate articles but have made minor appearances outside of Smash Bros. (e.g. Nintendog).
No plans from me at the moment. Although I'm curious what the proposal's about: what constitutes a "minor appearance"?
Cameos in games, microgames etc. and Mystery Mushroom costumes, which pretty much apply to many of the currently unmerged Smash subjects. I'll also include subjects that have non-Smash info already covered on other, more appropriate articles, like Blinky's appearance in the MKAGP series on Ghosts (Pac-Man).


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1. don't think this one is particularly obscure because it comes from paper jam, so i say the paper jam name should take priority
2. still think the ike fighter should take priority tbh, since people who search ike on mariowiki would likely be referring to the anime swordsman from super smash bros brawl and the latter ike is so obscure that i doubt people even know there's a mario character named ike.
3. ''the same applies here''

it really depends on how things turn out for elements like items, assist trophies, etc in the future though.

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The first one isn't really obscure at all, but the name is clearly derivative of the Smash move, so I'm neutral on that. The other two are so obscure and I didn't even know they existed before now, so they should stay as is.