Detective Pikachu movie???


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There are a couple of questions I would like answers to:

1) What is appealing about Danny DeVito being cast as a role of Detective Pikachu??
2) What is infamous about Sony or Fox that made them less appealing for a movie producer, compared to Legendary?

Thanks for reading.


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Sony and Fox for the most part don't have a very good track record when it comes to adapting certain properties.

Sony: Spiderman, The Smurfs

Fox: Fantastic Four, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Garfield


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consider the following smf: not everything that sony and fox do are complete shit

consider something else: not everything from your favourite production companies are pure gold


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JonTron said:
consider something else: not everything from your favourite production companies are pure gold
it's like with me and square enix and then I look at Final Fantasy XIII-2


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ooga chakas internally


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i didn't really care about this movie but i am now actually looking forward to this

all aboard hype train


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In... more uplifting news, a trailer for this dropped today.

and it looks pretty good, actually


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Hmm, this is the first Nintendo movie besides the animated Pokemon movies since 1993's Super Mario Bros, isn't it? In any case, it looks pretty good, and I like the realistic Pokemon even if they border on being unsettling. I'm looking forward to seeing more about it.

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The realistic Pokemon look weird and all, but I guess we could get used to in in the film. I did survive the TinTin mocap movie after all with TinTin being rendered a bit uncannily.
Looks fine.

It's like a middle ground between the standard look and those grotesque hyper realistic renditions.


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I absolutely love it.


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I'm just glad it's not just Gen 1 pandering, that was a big fear, but I was glad to see Greninja.

Some of the pokemon, like Pikachu actually look pretty good. But Jigglypuff with fur is unsettling. I always imagined it had the texture of a balloon.