The joke thread. ( Puns and Wordplay are welcome)


Always remembering Walkazo
So a guy on Reddit made a 3D printed, magnetic "Settlers of Catan" board.

Now, looking at it, you may be wondering (as I did), "What's with the pie?"

That's the dessert tile.


RIP Walkazo.
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What do you call two automobiles that are black and white?

Race cars.

I literally came up with this about a minute before I'm posting it.


RIP Walkazo.
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Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his Pixar collection, except for one.

He's never gonna give you Up.

My dad sent me this one.


Always remembering Walkazo
My friend told me to take a spider out instead of killing it.
We went and had some ice cream. Cool guy. Wants to be a web developer.


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I was thinking of making a Captain Falcon joke, but there's a problem.

I couldn't think of a good punchline.

Sylvain José Gautier

King of cowards.
Disclaimer: Only thise who played BotW, or know it well, can understand that one.

What energetic drink would you recommend to Yiga Footsoldiers to be able to catch Link?

Kohga Cola

BBQ Turtle

Crazy sponsors lady.
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Even more terrible Mario Kart jokes coming up! (Sorry, me and my brother were having a come up with the most terrible Mario Kart jokes competition the other day... prepare to groan).

Where do Goombas go to get bargain buckets and spades?
Cheep Cheep Beach
What do you call Princess Toadstool planting flowers?
Peach Gardens
What is the quietest Mario Kart course?
Mute City
What does Toad use to measure things?
Mushroom Gorge
What do you call Donkey Kong's winter sport equipment treasure marker?
DK Snowboard Cross
What does a Paratroopa wear when it collects a Feather?
Koopa Cape
And where does that Paratroopa go to get that feather for a bargain?
Cheep Cheep Cape
What do you get when you throw an egg off a cliff?
Yoshi Falls
What do you use to cross Mushroom Gorge?
Mushroom Bridge
What is the strictest Mario Kart course?
Hyrule Circuit
What are the best vehicles to take to Sweet Sweet Canyon?
Donut Plains
What do Ptooies play on?
Piranha Plant Slide
What do you call a flower's electrical wiring?
Daisy Circuit
How do you describe Ludwig's hair?
Big Blue
What do you call a bird flying across the track?
Animal Crossing
What's the best way to get to Rainbow Road?
Cloudtop Cruise
What do you say after stealing Wario's treasure?
Wario's Gold Mine

(Please note: Some of these jokes are based on name that change in the PAL regions, so if you don't get them, that's probably why)

Paper Mario

Luigi: Hey Bro, look at this trophy I just won!

Mario: Is it-a real gold?

Luigi: As far as I know, yes.

Mario: It can't be-a real, if it's AFAIK.

edit: also this was on the Paper Mario subreddit, i posted it on the random image thread but it fits here too


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What happened to the wooden plane with the wooden wings and the wooden engine?

It wooden go!