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For all the kids who took Latin in school

An Ancient Roman walks into a bar
He sits down and says
"I'll have a martinus please."
"Don't you mean a martini?" The bartender asks
The Ancient Roman replies
"If I wanted a double I would have asked for it."


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So there was this cattle ranch on an old site of a battle. One of the male cattle came across an old grenade that was left behind, and ate it.
The result was
a bomb in a bull (abominable).


Always remembering Walkazo
When a thief decides to break in, they have two options.
Intruder door, or intruder window.


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Two elves walk into a bar.

The hobbit laughs and walks under it.


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How do you make a Norweigan entertained for one day?

You put him in a circular room and tell him to sit in a corner.

Paper Mario

Sheepdog: All 40 sheep are accounted for.

Farmer: But I only have 36 sheep.

Sheepdog: I know, I rounded them up.


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Sidon said:
Do the Swedish only have jokes about Norway?
No, I found these jokes in a book full of many different ones.

What do you call a purple gorilla?

A grape ape.


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"So there are 7 caterpillars are out in the harbour."
"Yes, they're all small and what happen to the caterpillars if they don't come back!"
"They all are around, yes you're right. They might be small, and the harbour is big."
"what? in my head?! >_<

Sylvain José Gautier

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A guy and his dad go to a bar. They are both drunk.

"Dad, there's something wrong with this cup of beer."
"What is it, son?"
"It doesn't have a bottom."
"You're right! What kind of a cup is that? Every cup has to have a bottom!"
"That is just so freaking weird! And that annoys me!"
The son inexplicably gets mad and begins hitting the table with all his strength. The cup flips over.
"What?! It doesn't even have a top!"