Video game songs that still remain stuck in your head.

Dr. Peach

Rest in Peace Walkazo 1991-2016
I think Mega Man 8's Intro Stage theme gets stuck into my head.

Obscure pick time.
So there was this gamecube game called Evolution Worlds which was a port of two games from the Sega Dreamcast and it was probably the first RPG I played (not counting Pokemon Yellow). The second game was pretty intact, but the first game was pretty heavily gutted (as I would find out years later) with the dungeons being replaced with generic dungeons and the dungeon themes being replaced with the second game's first dungeon track
So the first 2 or 3 dungeons had this song playing:
And it's probably the song I'll remember most from that game (though the song is pretty good anyway).


Surely you jestin!
Lul, this morning I woke up with this song in my head for some reason:
And no, I have not played the Donkey Kong Country games, except for a little bit of the Gameboy Color port of the original game.


The Cack Bat is here to stay!
I always find this song often taking a strike in my mind.


Koopa Troopa
The Phantom of the Bwahpera. Altough I don't have Mario & RAbbids, I really like this song, as my favourite music genre is classical music, including operas and symphonys - and this song is like an operatic aria about Mario.
Also, when I play Mario Kart with friends or in a tournament (yes, there are regular offline Mario Kart tournaments in Austria) and get a spiny shell, I must always think about the lines "you are first and doing so well, / but here comes the spiny shell! Ha ha ha!" :D

Also, Odyssey's opening song, Jump up, Super Star, remains stuck in my head, but I guess I'm not the only one here... :D

Rinka Hayami

Koops, King of cowards.

After I memorized it, it keeps playing in my head. I love it. Before I had no idea of how it sounded like despite the fact I love Bonechill. It must be the sound effect of the falling icicles that distract me, because when I heard this I really thought it was the first time I ever heard it, despite having played many times through the game.

Love this song.


Fiery bird with great firepower

Lots of Mario Party music gets stuck in my head, but this one in particular is something that has remained stuck in my head since 2003


Surely you jestin!
Last night I had a hard time sleeping because I had every version of "Now or Never" from both Splatoon games stuck in my head