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Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

30k views!. Yes!
Bowser: This is some nice tea Peach!

Peach: Well thanks!

Bowser: But do you have some hot sauce?

Peach: Yeaah…*Hands over bottle of Hot Sauce*

Bowser: Thanks *Puts Hot Sauce in Tea and drinks* Tasty and flamy *Phone rings and answers* Oh...Peach, i have to go. My wife is worried that i got struck by lightning again *Puts on Trench Coat and Fedora*

Peach: Bye

Bowser: Byeeeee…*Leaves*


Bowser: That was fun *Walks past sign that reads “Crime Watch Zone” with a picture of a Toad wearing a Trench Coat and Fedora* How can this day go-*Gets tackled by cops*

Cop: Freeze Dirtbag!

Laytor, at the Castle

Kamek: *Puts pack of cold peas on Bowser’s head*

Bowser: Then they say it’s a misunderstanding

Kamek: Tell me about it

Bowser: But spending time with Peach was fun, btw

Kamek: This is fanfiction, not Shroombook

Bowser: It’s not my fault why the author is lazy!

Kamek: Ugh…

Bowser: Look, i get it, you put up with my crap everyday. Ever since i was born.

Kamek: I remember that time you threw your toy train at me, worst hospital visit ever…

Bowser: Or that time i-*Notices Kamek is gone and reads note* I’m out

Bowser: Crap

Laytor that day

Bowser: *Reads envelope* You’re invited to the 50th Annual-Ok, now what is it with this world having so much anniversaries!?-eh herm!-Mushroom Kingdom Royal Ball...Haha, VERY FUNNY IGGY!. *Uses phone* I’m gonna call Peach and she’ll think i’m crazy or something!

Peach (Phone): Hello?

Bowser: It’s me

Please Stand By

Bowser: Hey Peach

Peach: Bowser, did you get the invite i sent you?...Bowser?

Bowser: I-uh-i…*faints*

In the Hospital

Clawdia: Bowser?...Bowser!

Bowser: *Wakes up* Huh?

Clawdia: Somebody came to meet you

Peach: I guess you got excited that i did such a thing, eh?

Bowser: So, i have to bring someone?

Peach: Yeah, but you don’t have to

Bowser: Can you come Clawdia?

Clawdia: Sorry but i can’t...I have to do something the day of the ball

Peach: have nobody to go with…

Bowser: What about you?

Peach: Sorry but-

Mario: *Enters* Where’s the spaghetti?

Peach: Ok, how gullible are you?

Bowser: Well...looks like i’m gonna go by myself then CURSE YOU MARIO!!!

At the Mario Bros. House

Bowser: *Looks through the window* I get revenge on you Mario…*Walks but gets hit by rake*...Ughhhh…*walks the other way but gets hit by rake* ...dammit…*Goes to the backyard* what type of prank can i do?...*Goes through window*

Baby Yoshi: uhhh...i….BOWSER IS HERE!

Bowser: *Runs away but gets chased by the cops* You’ll hear from my lawyers!

At the Castle

Bowser: Well that was an epic fail…*sees Lemmy*...Lenny!

Lemmy: My name is Lemmy King Dad

Bowser: Yeah yeah yeah...Do you go to school with Baby Yoshi?

Lemmy: yeah...why?...

Bowser: When Mario comes and picks him up, place this Bob-Omb in Baby Yoshi’s backpack

The next day, at Mushroom Elementary School

Lemmy: *Sneaks Bob-omb in Baby Yoshi’s backpack*

Baby Yoshi: *Enters Mario Bros. Plumbing Van but Bob-omb drops out of backpack*

*Van drives away and Bowser parks car where it was*

Bowser: Did you light the-*Sees Bob-Omb*


The Night of The Ball

Peach: *Is with Mario* Hm, looks like Bowser didn’t want to come…

Bowser: *Enters and is with Wendy* Well, i had to bring someone!

Peach: Bowser…Be honest…

Bowser: Be honest ‘bout what?

Peach: You’re jealous that i’m with Mario and i was already taken

Bowser: I-uh-i…*Makes a very scary face and tries to scare Mario*

Mario: Pfft…-___-

Bowser: *Tries to defeat Mario but gets knocked out*

20 Years Ago

*Classic Love Music plays*

Teenage Bowser: *Is sitting down on hill with a Teenage Peach* It’s such a nice day outside

Peach: It’s nice and beautiful, like you

Bowser: *Blushes*

Peach: Bowser...i oughta be frank with you...i met somebody, somebody...who isn’t like you...but nicer…

Bowser: Wait...what?

Peach: I’m sorry were a nice guy…*Leaves*

That very day...i swore to get revenge on Mario


???: Bowser?...Bowser?...

Peach: Bowser!

Mario: Nice job trying to scare me

Bowser: Heh heh…Well, i’ll be on my way *Leaves with Wendy*

Peach: I feel kinda bad for him...did i do the right choice 20 years ago?...

Mario: I think you did Peach…

The End
Iggy: *Is making a serum* Pass me the Shroomalxium Crystal

Bombette: *Hands Crystal*

Iggy: *Squishes it up and puts it in Serum* Now, put on the goggles *Puts on Goggles along with Bombette and shakes up the serum*

*Foam splats onto Bombette’s Goggles and Bombette cleans it off*

Iggy: Good, last time i done this Roy had to go get his eyes flushed

Bombette: So what does this serum do?

Iggy: It can help transform the Koopazilla back into Mushroom King but i hadn’t tested it yet *Puts Serum in vaccine* Now i need something to test it on…

Bombette: Use a cockroach or something

Iggy: An animal is not a good idea, it’s 2025. People use computer simulation nowadays.


Iggy: I know that laugh….

Bombette: Oh no...could it be?

King Boo: K-I-N-G B-O-O, what does that spell? King Boo!

Iggy: What do you want from me!!?

King Boo: Remember when you were my puppet 10 years ago and i had fun doing then later revealed Amy’s true plan?

Iggy: Yeah…

King Boo: I had so much fun doing it that you ruined it and i swore revenge on you that very day!. I felt worn out after not having my puppet for 10 NEW PUPPET! *Possesses Iggy*

Iggy (Ghost): HIM BOMBETTE!

Kiggy: Ha! Welcome to the Mindscape, without a puppet you’re basically a ghost!

Kiggy: Now how to get revenge...hmmm…*Almost gets hit by Whip*

Amy: Get out of his body you life sucker!

Kiggy: aww, it’s Red Bow *Gets out of Iggy’s Body* Had a feeling’ i’d run into you!

King Boo: *Grabs vaccine* Who should i inject this to?...*Tries to Inject it into Iggy but Iggy is resisting*


King Boo: I see you got stronger!...IN WILLPOWER! *Injects it into Iggy* Enjoy a new body...Glasses *Flies away*

Iggy: No...I will...ugh…*Notices changes* Huh?. I didn’t have this horns before…*Starts to mutate*

Amy: Oh my…

Bombette: *Vomits*

Peach: *Enters* Can you people keep it-*Notices Iggy mutating* Never mind *Leaves*

Episode 3: The Great Leap Forward

Peach: Can he turn back?

Bombette: Ask Mr. Whousedtobeakoopabutisnowawhoknowswhat!

Peach: There could be a way to change him back…

Amy: Then what is it?


Peach: Just ignore that, it’s just…”Iggy”...I need help with i’m going to get, so can you come with me Goombario?

Goombario: Sure

In Peach’s Castle

*Koopazilla is walking around a devastated Toad Town*

Goombario: So, why are we here for?

Peach: The Treasure Room *Opens secret door*

Goombario: Woah...Secret room…


Peach: *Is walking down stairs with Goombario*

Goombario: I cannot believe this castle has a secret room!

Peach: Well, everyone has secrets

Goombario: So why did you bring me along?

Peach: I need somebody with Determination, only 2 determinates can open the door but my dad is...well...different...

*Both approaches Magic Stone Door*

Goombario: Wow...

*Noises coming from the other side*

*Door opens*

???: What fun is there in being original?...Blahaha!

Peach: Iggy?...

Iggy: *Is a dragon with a very long and slender body, a green head, and horns* I’d prefer this form!

Peach: How did you get in here?

Iggy: Let me give you a demonstration *Uses Telekinesis*

Peach: Yeah yeah i get it, do you have the Healing Orb?

Iggy: Oh, you mean this little orb? *Breaks it* Oops!

Peach: Why you little! *Tries to take out star rod* Where is it?!

Iggy: You mean this? *Breaks Star Rod*

Goombario: *Backpack disappears* What!?

Iggy: *Has Goombario’s backpack and takes out Chocolate Bar* How fun!

Goombario: Aww...i was saving that!

Iggy: Not anymore!. I used to be something i thought was weak...but King Boo did me a favor! *Sticks out tongue at Peach*

Mario: *Runs in* DON’T YOU DARE INSULT THE PRINCESS! *Runs up to punch Iggy but gets launched back*

Iggy: Telekinesis, hell yea!

Mario: Ugh…

Peach: I hadn’t used this in a long time but! *Floats and makes fireballs appear* Knew this ever since i was 18! *Launches Fireballs*

Iggy: *Deflects* How about i make you thoughts come true! *Snaps and Healing Orb appears and breaks it* Take me down! TRY ME! *Flies and uses telekinesis on Peach, Mario, and Goombario*

In the Sky


Iggy: Okay...NAH!. I’m done being the bad guy and losing all the time, it's about time i’m actually invinic-*Gets hit by Koopzilla and is launched toward Mountain with Goombario and Co*

In the Forest

Iggy: Once again something happens…*Is about to breathe fire* The game’s over

*Fireball launches at hit’s Iggy’s Glasses*

Iggy: AGH! MY EYE!

???: *Is a Yoshi wearing a satchel pouch and green cap*

Iggy: No...I-i-it’s...I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE!

???: Not forever…*Uses Scepter and Iggy is blasted toward tree and punches him unconscious* The game’s over for you *Lowers cap and leaves*

Goombario: Who was that?

Peach: Could it be?...

Mario: I feel guilty…

Peach: Let’s stop talking about him…

Iggy: Ugh…

Peach: Let’s just leave him there

Goombario and Co.: *Goes toward outpost*


Luigi: So Wiggler and Toad are all the way in Mushroom City

Goombella: Toad is inside the Coinomic Corporation and Wiggler is in Mushroom Studios

Luigi: I’ll go and get Wiggler and Toad

Goombario: I’m going, i want to meet my favorite celebrity!

In Mushroom City

Host: Looks like Wiggler Glutenhosen takes the World Class Chef 2025 Award! Beating Ludwig Von Koopa!

Ludwig: *Storms out*

Wiggler: Aha! *Celebrates*

Host: That’s all we have for Celebrity Chef Cook-off, see you in 5!

Wiggler: *Leaves*

In the Dressing Room

Wiggler: *Notices picture of Luigi and Wiggler* Meh *Throws away picture*

*Phone rings*

Wiggler: *Answers* Hello?

Wiggler’s Mom: Hi sweetie!

Wiggler: Mom, i made sure i put on my lucky cologne

Wiggler's Mom: I’m just happy that you’re the world’s #1 chef, i’m-*Static*

Wiggler: Weird…*Turns on TV*

TV: Evacuation Ordered for Mushroom City, MANDATORY EVACUATION FOR MUSHROOM CITY

Wiggler: I-uh-i…

Goombario: *Busts in* Wiggler!

Wiggler: Do i know you?

Luigi: Wiggler!

Wiggler: Wait...Luigi?

Luigi: We have to get out of here, before he comes!

King Boo: Wiggler, when’s my cue? *Possesses Wiggler* Hahaha!

Kiggler: This body is even better than that incompetent dragon!

Kiggler: *Grabs Spatula* GWAHAHA!

Goombario and Co.: *Fights Kiggler*

King Boo: *Is launched away* I’ll get you-*Gets shot by Laser* Ha! You got the Top Hat!

Amy: Crap!

Goombella: *Enters* Leave Wiggler alone!

King Boo: I already got Glasses and Bacon Strip, but i’ll get all of you! *Disappears*

Wiggler: What’s happening?

Bombette: It’s a long story

Goombella: Can i have your autograph?

Bombette: Does this journal entry sound good?

Luigi: We can wait till later, we have to get out of here!

All: *Runs out of a Devastated Mushroom Studios*

Luigi: You and Amy go get Toad! We’ll go to the outpost!

Goombario and Amy: *Runs toward the Coinomic Corporation*


Bob: So, if we were to increase the revenue by 10%, we would be bankrupt in 20 days. Anyone agree with this remark?

Toad 1: You have to ask our CEO first

Toad: Sorry Bob...but no

*Goombario and Amy break in*

Goombario: Toad!


*Koopzilla looks inside building*

Goombario: This way! *Goes down stairs with Toad and Any*


Toad: Keep on going do-*Gets launched out of building onto roof along with Amy*

Goombario: Uh…*Jumps and makes it*

Amy: We have to jump roof to roof *Jumps 5 roofs* I’ll wait for you here!

Goombario: *Jumps 5 roofs*

Toad: I can’t do it...i’m scared of heights!

Amy: Just do it!

Goombario: Jump!

Toad: *Jumps 5 roofs* I-i made it!

*Skyscraper falls*

Toad: Looks like it’s a great leap forward for us

All: *Jumps roofs and enters a building*

Inside a building

Toad: So King Boo is back?...

Goombario: Yup…

Amy: Look, a car!

All: *Enters car*

Amy: *Hotwires car*

*Car moves*

Koopazilla: *Stomps and ground opens up*

*Car stops and Goombario and Co. exits car*

Amy: How will we get across?

Goombario: It’s not that much of a fall but you can sure break something!

Toad: We’re done for…

Koopazilla: *Approaches Goombario and Co.*

Goombario: JUMP!

All: *Jumps into ravine*

Goombario: I never knew you people that much!. But you were some good people!

Goombario and Co.: *Are about to hit the ground but starts floating*

Amy: Huh?

Goombario: What happened?

Toad: Are we going to the Overthere?

Iggy: I can’t let myself see the only person who cares about me perish right in front of me *Stops*

Goombario and Co.: *Falls but are not hurt*

Amy: Iggy?...I thought you...i thought you were gone

Iggy: It gave me future, jump onto my back

*Goombario and Co. jumps onto Iggy’s back and Iggy starts flying away*

At the Outpost

Iggy: *Makes healing orb appear* Time to go back to normal!

Peach: *Uses orb*


Iggy: *Is still the same* What? *Makes healing orb appear*

Peach: *Uses Orb*


Iggy: *Is still the same* No...IT’S IRREVERSIBLE!??. I’M GOING TO BE LIKE THIS FOREVER!?.

Peach: There’s nothing i can do…


Amy: Calm down Iggy...i-

Luigi: We can try to work out a deal with

Iggy: Work out a deal with that FANCY IDIOT!?

Luigi: You just have to accept it...things change...don’t go through a mental breakdown…

Amy: Iggy, i-

Iggy: No...I’m done...I can never look at everyone the same again *Flies away toward mountain*

Amy: -like you no matter what you are…

Peach: We have to stop King Boo

Toad: Is this everyone?

Luigi: No...there’s one more…

Goombella: We hadn’t seen him in over a year…

Goombario: You mean?...

On top of a mountain

???: ...He’s coming…

To be continued

The tides have turned! Just like on how the NFL has it’s own little turns of tides from time to time!. What will be of Iggy? Who is the final symbol? What will be of the others? Will i get new underwear? Find out next time on Episode 4: Love From A Father!.


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Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

My worst enemy, the dreaded cliffhanger.

When will the next episode come out?
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

*broken sign reads “Welcome to Toad Town”*

*Wind gusts and Toad Town is all devastated*

*Camera pans over to a devastated Peach’s Castle*

*Beam of light comes from the Castle*

King Boo: If i charge this Boo Crystal, i can open up the Boo Dimension!

*Iggy flies toward castle*

King Boo: Look who came crawling back!


King Boo: *Controls Iggy* Listen here you good-for-nothing-26-year-old-idiotic-koopa-wannabe...YOU’LL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! *Laughs and launches Iggy away*

At the Outpost

Luigi: I remember like it was yesterday…

Luigi: 12 years ago he was orphaned from his parents but i took him in as my adopted son and we lived happily. Peach made him the Royal Protector and not even the strongest of monsters could beat him. He was brave and always kept his hopes up...until that very day...the day he realized his parents...his parents were gone...We argued and he ran off into the mountains of Mushroom Valley, i still love him.

Goombella: I remember seeing the argument myself…

Mario: I felt bad for him

Bombette: *Reads Journal* Yoster Italiano, adopted son of Luigi Italiano...but the rest is unknown

Wiggler: *Uses tracker orb* He’s located in Mt. Mushroom

Toad: He’s insane! He could’ve gotten killed if he were to climb it!

Luigi: He’s a optimistic kid, but he won’t answer to me...I think Goombario and Bombette will be worth enough

Goombario: C'mon Bombette

Both: *Leaves outpost*

Goombella: Give him a hug for me

In the Forest

Bombette: *Sees Mt. Mushroom* Almost there

Goombario: *Reads Map* Probably entering through the caves is a easier solution*

Both: *Enters a cave*

Goombario: Wow, he went through all of this? *Jumps crevices and broken bridges*

Bombette: *Sees sign* The Temple of Dreams

Goombario: More like the ruins *Climbs ridge with Bombette*

Both: *Walks alongside mountain trail coming out of a cave*

Goombario: I see the peak

*Snow falls harder*

Bombette: I see it too!...It looks like a yoshi…

Both: *Reaches end of mountain trail and enters other cave*

Bombette: *Sees fountain* Is it?...*Reads journal* The fountain of dreams, a fountain inside the ruins of the Temple of Dreams. It is said that a wish will be granted here.

Goombario: I wish for...hmm...You

Bombette: heh heh

Both: *Walks on bridge*

*Snake like creature follows Goombario and Bombette*

Goombario: *Climbs ridge*

Bombette: *Is grabbing onto ridge but gets grabbed*

Tryclyde: Blaha!

Head 1: We got her!

Head 2: Free food!

Head 3: I ran out of ideas!

Tryclyde: *Takes Bombette and slithers away*

Bombette: *Screams*

Goombario: *Throws rock* Over here stupid!

Head 1: *Tries to eat Goombario but bites rock and teeth break* HET HIM!

Head 2: *Breathes fire but Goombario deflects it, gets hit, and is knocked out*

Head 3: *Tries to eat Bombette but gets kicked and knocked out by Goombario*

Bombette: *Runs away along with Goombario*


Goombario: We’re almost there…

Bombette: I see the staircase!

Goombario & Bombette: *Climbs up staircase and into opening*


Goombario: Is that?...

Bombette: No way…

*Mysterious Yoshi with satchel pouch and green cap looks back*

Yoshi: *Raises cap* …!

Bombette: *Faints*

Yoshi: I was expecting you would come by eventually…

Goombario: I cannot believe that i’m seeing you

Yoshi: Let me guess...King Boo is finally victorious for once...unless if you have me

Bombette: How did you know?

Yoshi: King Boo told me...and the dragon

Goombario: Cool, now you should come with us

Yoshi: Not with the person who made my life an entire lie

Bombette: Your “father”?

Yoshi: He lied about my real parents this whole time, there’s no way i’m going back to that damn kingdom

Goombario: But Yoshi...we need you!


Goombario: I don’t want to fight…

Bombette: We can work something out, i me-

Yoshi: NO!

Oh i love a little argument every couple of days

Yoshi: That voice

Iggy: *Flies and lands near Yoshi* Yoshi, how long has it been...4 years maybe?

Yoshi: Iggy old enemy

Iggy: Please, call me Draconius, i have a new yet horrendous form. It’s been awhile since i got my butt kicked by a teenager

Yoshi: Ugh...i need to bleach my eyeballs after seeing you!

Draconius: Hey, every changes their names every once in awhile. Now why isn’t Mario’s name Prince Mario?. Of course i had to consult with the author.

Yoshi: Do i look like i care if you think you have cool name?

Draconius: Looks like the little Yoshi is a bit more aggressive, c’mon...give me that classic punch you always give me!

Yoshi: *Tries to punch Iggy-

Draconius: JUST CHANGE IT!

But i feel wrong doing this, makes you look like a Mary Sue

Draconius: *Snaps*


Please Stand By

Draconius: Saw that one coming


Yoshi: *Is about to punch Draconius*

Draconius: *Snaps and Yoshi is launched back* Again! *Does it again* Now for a little snack! *Levitates Goombario and Bombette and flies away with them*

In The Sky

Draconius: Now i’m gonna let you see the wonders of heaven *grabs knife* BEFORE I SEND YOU TO HELL!

Bombette: *Holds onto Goombario* WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US!?

Draconius: Ah Bombette! Not you of course, you’re my “personal favorite”...except for the teen right next to you…*Swings knife* Die

*Fireball is launched but misses*

Draconius: appears to be that-


Draconius: I’ll do it

Since when are you the author?

Draconius: pfft...fine *Gets shot out the sky by a fireball*

Goombario: *Cough* Ugh, smells like the fish market

Draconius: It’s not over yet *Is about to breathe fire*

Yoshi: *Wrestles Draconius*


awfully persistent Glasses, here’s the sound of somebody’s neck being snapped!

Yoshi: Ew…

King Boo: Hey, i have more puppies with necks to snap

Draconius: King Boo…

King Boo: Awww…Iggy “Draconius” Koopa, how is your new life doing?. Horrid, ain’t it?...well enjoy it...IT’S ALSO ETERNAL!

Draconius: WHAT!?

King Boo: Now if you excuse me, i’m gonna see you get tormented even-*Gets punched and gets into a fight with Draconius*

Bombette: We have to help him!

Goombario: No way! Let’s leave

Yoshi: ...i cannot relive the beginning of my life…*Takes out journal from pouch and reads* Boocranium Forlantium COSTRAPIUM


King Boo: Eh?


King Boo: Wait...what’s going on? *Disappears*

Yoshi: Incantation of Defeat, one time use

Draconius: What...why would you be so nice?...

Yoshi: J-just...don’t mention it

Draconius: Look, i’ll take you to the Outpost *Levitates Goombario and Co. onto back and flies*

At the Outpost

Luigi: Yoshi?...

Yoshi: Dad?...

Both: *Hugs*

Goombella: *Hugs Yoshi*

Peach: Looks like it is a happy ending

Wiggler: I think that’s everyone…


Koopzilla: *Rips off roof of outpost*

All: *Runs*

Peach: RUN!

Toad: We need to do something!

Yoshi: Wait *Grabs Rod* The Rod of Dreams!...WE COULD DEFEAT HIM!

Peach: But how?

Goombario: I have a plan!. Hand me it and i need somebody to help me get to him

Amy: I have a grappling hook

Draconius: Wings

Goombario: Let’s go Draconius

Draconius: *Smiles* Just call me Iggy

In the sky

Goombario: *Swings rod* Easy does it….

Koopzilla: *swings arms*

Iggy: Watch out!

Goombario: Stay still...easy does i-

Koopzilla: *Grabs Iggy and swings him around*

Goombario: *Jumps and makes it onto Koopzilla’s shoulder*

Koopzilla: *Swings Iggy and Amy gets hit by Iggy’s tail and is launched toward tree*

Goombario: Oh crap! *Swings Rod and launches*



Goombario: *Falls and lands on top of a bouncy mushroom* Heh heh

Luigi: This is the true hero here!

Bombette: *Kisses Goombario*

Peach: *Grabs jar* my dad’s soul…

*Soul floats and turns into Mushroom King*

Mushroom King: *Yawn* What’s for dinner?

Peach: *Hugs Mushroom King* I missed you dad!

Wiggler: How ‘bout i bake us all a victory cake! To celebrate step 1 of taking back the kingdom!

Toad: Luckily i keep my lucky lunchbox with me

Mario: Hey, where’s Iggy and Amy?. I really like seeing the couple together.

Iggy: *Is with a wounded Amy* Why can’t it be me?

Amy: Phew...looks like my game is ending...heh heh

Iggy: Amy...i can help you...i still have my intellect…

Amy: No need for that...this wound is too large to fix

Iggy: B-but-

Amy: But i wanted to say is i always loved you...and this was the greatest time for it *Kisses Iggy*

Amy: Goombario...i have a secret for you...don’t tell anyone about this, trust no one...King Boo’s weakness is…*Whispers to Goombario*

Goombario: What?...

Amy: Yes...the most simplest thing can be put to great use...take care of Mr. Draco for me…*Closes eyes*

Iggy:…*Breathes fire* CURSE YOU KING BOO! *Punches tree and tree falls and flies away in anger toward mountain*

King Boo: *Is staring through orb* Yes...YES!. My plan is almost COMPLETE!

...King Boo...the gentleman trickster is succeeding after Iggy’s breakdown and Amy’s death. But his weakness still remains unknown and darkness approaches for Goombario and Bombette...find out what happens in the next episode, Episode 5: Traversing The Darkness!


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Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Here's a little short.

PIK: What should I get Gabby for Valentine's Day?
Gabby: What should I get PIK for Valentine's Day?



-They both have the same pizza-Pepperoni-, from the same pizza place-Little Cesar's.-

Both: ...
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Monster Gabby said:
Here's a little short.

PIK:: What should I get Gabby for Valentine's Day?
Gabby: What should I get PIK for Valentine's Day?



-They both have the same pizza-Pepperoni-, from the same pizza place-Little Cesar's.-

Both: ...
(I have a feeling that you live in texas)

Nice, but remember you post on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

*Portal opens*

Luigi, Wiggler, and Baby Yoshi: *Falls out portal and rolls down hill*

Wiggler: I hate that portal

Luigi: You’ll get used to breaking your back every now and then…

Baby Yoshi: Where are we?

Luigi: We’re in some random weird kingdom called The Mushroom Kingdom and we’re looking for a weird guy in overalls named Luigi Italiano

Wiggler: *Hits Luigi* We’re in our own world dummy, except 2 months ago

Baby Yoshi: How did you know?

Wiggler: There was a Size 3 Underwear Shop there

Luigi: This place doesn’t seem bad

*Iggy is kidnapping Peach*

Baby Yoshi: I wonder on how the others are doing

In The Control Panel

Frisk: I win at Shroomopoly!


Frisk: I dunno…


Luigi: Well...we better go after the-


Luigi: Looks like he won…

Mario 2: *Walks with the Princess away from Koopa Clown Car wreck*

Peach 2: My hero!

Baby Yoshi: Can’t wait to see on how this escalates

Luigi: Should we up with them?

Wiggler: What do you think Luigi?...

Luigi: Yes

Luigi and Co.: *Walks toward Castle*

Inside The Castle

Mario 2: Peach, King Boo is trapped in the Boo Dimension, the onky way for him to escape is to summon him

Peach 2: I just feel like somebody summoned him...But who?...

???: Perhaps a fellow lady did

Luigi: *Kicks open door* Just wanted to add some effect*

Wiggler: Where are you King Boo!?

Baby Yoshi: Yeah!

Mario 2: What?...


King Boo 2: *Appears* Hats off to you, your highness...or how ‘bout i say...your ignorance?

Mario 2: *Is about to run up to King Boo 2*

Peach 2: Don’t mario!. King Boo is a very powerful demon, don’t let his lenient personality or formality fool you...he’s physically invincible.

King Boo 2: Ah, well if it isn’t Crown and Red M. Oh, and if it isn’t the future version of Yoshi Egg, Green L, and Flower. I was expecting you!.

*Luigi 2, Wiggler 2, and Baby Yoshi 2 enter*

Luigi 2: What happened?

Wiggler 2: I think they already beat us

Baby Yoshi 2: We should leave...we don’t want to turn this into Rick & Morty

*Luigi 2, Baby Yoshi 2, and Wiggler 2 leave*

King Boo 2: *Kidnaps Peach, opens up portal, and enters portal*

*Portal closes*

Mario 2: What’s going on?

Luigi: We’ll explain it on the way!

Wiggler: This way!

In Boo Woods

Luigi: Boo’s mansion

Mario 2: So you came to save Peach from King Boo?

Wiggler: Yeah…

Baby Yoshi: and enjoy the next few months, King Boo will try and reign over your land

Mario 2: What?

Baby Yoshi: Nothing


*Flowey comes out through the ground*

Flowey: Here’s Flowey!

Wiggler: Luigi, pesticides

Flowey: Oh no! Not the Pesticides!

Wiggler: *Sprays Flowey with Pesticides*

Flowey: HISSSSS!

WIggler: *Sprays more*

Flowey: You’ll hear the end of this! *Goes Underground*

Wiggler: Next time i’m using weed killer

Bill Cipher: *Appears* Well well well, The man in green and his little friends

Luigi: Bill Cipher…

Bill Cipher: Where’s Frisk and Sixer?



Frisk: I’m not even trying

Ford: *Flips table and leaves*


Bill Cipher: Dang it...looks like i have to come back the next episode *Disappears*

Mario 2: Am i going crazy or something!?

Luigi: All of this will be over soon

Baby Yoshi: *Kicks open door*

King Boo 2: Heh heh

King Boo: Like they say...two heads are better than one…

Wiggler: I wonder if this works on Boos too *Sprays King Boo and King Boo 2 with pesticides*

King Boo: GAAAAH, IT BURNS!!!!!!!

King Boo 2: MY EYES

King Boo: *Kidnaps Peach 2*

Mario: I have a headache....

The End

Episode 11: Kirby! Kirby! Kirby!
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Nice, I can use my pesticide to remove the local ghosts. You deserve 5 million coupons. Another entertaining and helpful episode!
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Iggy Waffles said:
Nice, I can use my pesticide to remove the local ghosts. You deserve 5 million coupons. Another entertaining and helpful episode!
yay!. Free coupons!.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Day 28

Meredith: *Shoots Shotgun* Try to escape!

Luigi: *Starts RV*

Meredith; *Gets overwhelmed by zombies and gets eaten*

Randall: MEREDITH!!!!

Carlson and Lee: *Shoots Zombies*

Reggie: *Uses Pitchfork on Zombies*

A.M.Y: *Uses Katana*

Goombella: *Uses Shovel*


All: *Enters RV and RV drives away*

On the Highway

Luigi: What is the nearest destination?

Lee: The nearest destination is Shroomville

A.M.Y: Hopefully there isn’t any traffic…

Randall: *Cries*

Reggie: It’s ok dad…

Luigi: *Stops driving* You better look at this…

Carlson: *Sees Large traffic pile up*

Amanda: How will we get to town?

Reggie: There’s too much cars, we may have to walk

Linda: Ok sweetie, grab your things

Cheryl: *Grabs Teddy Bear*

Baby Yoshi: *Grabs Items*

All: *Leaves RV*

Lucy: C’mon Boys

Dale: *Climbs on top of RV and uses Binoculars*

Carlson: *Uses Sniper* Just one...I can probably take it out

Luigi: *Sees horde on other side* THERE’S TOO MANY!

Lucy: Where do we go?...

Luigi: Go under the cars! Wait for it to pass!

All: *Goes under cars*

*Horde is walking by the cars the group is hidden under*

Lucy: *Is holding onto Charles and Bill*

Cheryl: *Is hyperventilating*

Linda: *Is under other car with Dale* Cheryl...ssshhh…

Cheryl: *Sees zombie looking at her* EEEEEK!! *Gets out and runs into forest*

Linda: CHERYL!

*Zombie horde walks away*

Linda: *Looks into forest*

Goombella: Who knows where she could be!

Linda: *Cries*

Dale: C’mon...let’s go in the woods…

In a Town

Lee: Wait..i see somebody…

Luigi: It’s a person!


???: Huh? *Is wearing hospital clothes and approaches group* What happened to everyone?...

Lucy: What, were you asleep this whole time?

???: Name’s Glenn, i was in a coma

To Be Continued

Episode 6: Dead Zone
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

The theme of this fanfic is quite-ACHOO!-Ironic due to-ACHOO!-you kn-ACHOO!-JUST GET ON WITH THE FANFI-ACHOO!
Luigi: *Sits down on couch* Hmmm…*Turns on TV*

TV: The Super Shroomy Stories!!

*Turns out Luigi was on TV and the real Luigi will be in the next line of text*

Luigi: *Is sitting down on couch with Baby Yoshi, Mario, Goombella, and Wiggler* Damn reruns!!

TV: *Luigi turns on TV*

TV: Damn reruns!!!

The Super Shroomy Stories

Created by-...wait...doesn’t everyone know who created th-

*Luigi is driving van with Mario, Goombella, Baby Yoshi, and Wiggler*

Baby Yoshi: So i packed my emergency matches, my video camera, my Toad plushie, and my air horn *Blares Airhorn*

Luigi: *Ear blares*

Goombella: How much closer to Dimple Wood National Park?

Luigi: 2 hours

Wiggler: Oh look! The Super Shroomy Corporation!

Mario: I wonder what is going on in there


Hattie Hattington: So...what will be the next episode about

Brave Shy Guy: PIK?

PIK: *Is writing on papers*

Inside PIK’s head

*Everything is a Inside Out-esque style with fictional villains being emotions. Bill Cipher is joy, Iggy is anger, A.M.Y is sadness, Discord is disgust, and Mr. Burns being fear*

*The emotions are watching My Little Pony*

*Screen disappears*

Sadness (A.M.Y): See what happens when you make PIK go into his thoughts too much?


Disgust (Discord): Ugh, let’s just hear their dumb ideas and then go back to watching his favorite MLP Episode


Joy (Bill Cipher): No no, we’ll just...err…*Presses button that say “First word that comes to mind”*


PIK: P-P-Po-Ponies?

Brave Shy Guy: Ok then….

Hattie Hattington: You are the boss


Goombella: It’s probably none of our business

Luigi: *Goes on exit that says “Dimple Wood National Park”*

In Dimple Wood

Luigi: *Sets up tent and pulls down support beam but it launches back and hits Luigi*


Luigi: *Has red mark on face* Ouch…

Wiggler: *Sents up tent in 10 seconds* Done

Luigi: How do you do stuff so fast?

Wiggler: I got lost in the woods once

Goombella: Oh yeah, 2 years ago?

Wiggler: 2 weeks ago

Mario: *Stares blankly at Wiggler*

Wiggler: I got lost in the woods 3 times

All: *Stares blankly at Wiggler*

Wiggler: *Starts fire*

*Random Wiggler comes out of bushes and extinguishes fire*

Puffy The Wiggler: Remember kids, only you can preven-*Gets hit by Wiggler*-*Cries* you’re not nice! *Runs away*

Wiggler: Weirdo

Luigi: Damn wildfire commercials

Goombella: *Roasts hot dogs* anyone hungry? *Hot dogs catch on fire*

Goombella: *Serves hot dogs with black sausages* Heh heh…

Wiggler: I’m ordering pizza *Notices phone is gone* where is my phone?

Luigi: Heh heh…

7 Hours ago

Wiggler: Luigi can you hold my phone?

Luigi: Sure *Places Phone on top of car and ties shoes*

Goombella: Ready?

Luigi: *Starts car and drives*


Wiggler: 0_0

Luigi: Heh heh...heh....

Mario: I’ll order *Phone is gone and is holding cardboard*

Luigi: ...we need to unplug!

Mario: I’ll do that during the apocalypse

Baby Yoshi: Look what i found *Shows rope*

Wiggler: Now i can lynch myself!

Baby Yoshi: we can swing on it!

Mario: *Swings on rope but Mario falls into lake*

Goombella: *Grabs Towel but sees Gible* EEEEEEEK!!!

Luigi:’s just a Gible *Gives out hand* C’mere little guy

Gible: Gi?...*Approaches Luigi*...*Bites Luigi’s hand*

*Outer view of Dimple Wood is shown*


*Birds fly away*

Gible: *Runs away*

Luigi: *Cries*

Baby Yoshi: Meh…*Walks into bushes*

Iggy: *Holds knife* I gotcha no-oops-i-uh

Mario: Were you watching us this whole time!?
Iggy: Can’t i try and murder somebody every now and then?

Goombella: Great, now you’re stalking us, who else!?

Wiggler: *Hides pictures of A.M.Y*

Iggy: *Runs*

Baby Yoshi: This is the 39th time he’s tried to murder me


Luigi: *Uses guitar*

Baby Yoshi: zzz…


*Bear attacks Luigi and Co.*

The next day

Luigi: *Drives car*

All: *Is wearing bandages*

Wiggler: See what i mean by?

Luigi: Next time we’re ordering pizza…


*Riots outside the Super Shroomy Corporation*

Riot: Down with Ponies! Down with Ponies! Down with ponies!

Brave Shy Guy: We broke a record!

Hattie Hattington: What is it?

Brave Shy Guy: Lowest rated episode, 1/10 stars and 95% of the reviews are “Is this MLP or TSSS?”

Hattie Hattington: What do we do PIK?...PIK?

Inside PIK’s head

*All of PIK’s emotions are panicking*

Joy (Bill Cipher): WHAT DO WE DO!?



Fear (Mr. Burns): I QUIT!

Sadness (A.M.Y): *Is rolling on the floor*

In the Meeting Room

Brave Shy Guy: PIK?...

PIK: *Faints*


PIK’s emotions failed him

The End


What direction is gravity supposed to be again?
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Lol. Inside out is a good movie.
I want to see Brave Shy Guy appear again sometime,
Or maybe a HL3 reference.
Good Luck!


Prince of LOUD.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

My turn.

It is a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Daisy and Peach are busy doing something.

Peach: Can I look now?

Daisy: Yep!

Peach opens her eyes. What she sees was surprising. She sees herself, but her bangs are spiky, and hot pink. The rest of her hair is also spiky, but black.

Peach: How long does this dye last?

Daisy: A year.

Peach slams her face on the table, and sighs.

Daisy: Look on the bright side! Bowser wouldn't know who you are!

Later, Peach walks through Toad Town, wearing a pink t-shirt, jeans, and hot-pink sneakers. In comes Bowser. He spots Peach.

Bowser: ROOAR...? Uh, excuse me, have you seen Peach?

Peach: No, I haven't.

Bowser: Oh, okay, sorry.

Bowser leaves. Peach spots Mario. They have a picnic. Soon, they depart. A year passes without Bowser knowing who she was.

Peach: I need to do that more often.

The end.

It's rather short, but it'll do.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Monster Gabby said:
My turn.

It is a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Daisy and Peach are busy doing something.

Peach: Can I look now?

Daisy: Yep!

Peach opens her eyes. What she sees was surprising. She sees herself, but her bangs are spiky, and hot pink. The rest of her hair is also spiky, but black.

Peach: How long does this dye last?

Daisy: A year.

Peach slams her face on the table, and sighs.

Daisy: Look on the bright side! Bowser wouldn't know who you are!

Later, Peach walks through Toad Town, wearing a pink t-shirt, jeans, and hot-pink sneakers. In comes Bowser. He spots Peach.

Bowser: ROOAR...? Uh, excuse me, have you seen Peach?

Peach: No, I haven't.

Bowser: Oh, okay, sorry.

Bowser leaves. Peach spots Mario. They have a picnic. Soon, they depart. A year passes without Bowser knowing who she was.

Peach: I need to do that more often.

The end.

It's rather short, but it'll do.
But it was good anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Episode 350 and still more Uprising
King Boo: *Is chanting demonically at the top of the castle*

*Beacon of light shoots out of the castle into the sky*


*Portal is opening up in the sky*


*Portal opens up*

King Boo: Hello Boo Dimension!


*Yoshi is sitting on ridge with Bombette*

Yoshi: Oh no…

Bombette: What’s happening?

Yoshi: The Boo Dimension has just been opened…


*Part of ridge falls and Bombette falls off the ridge*


Bombette: I’m okay!...i guess...i’ll find a way to get to you! *Walks into woods*

In the woods

Bombette: Hello?...anyone?...I’m not gonna hurt you?...


Bombette: Hello?...*Looks back*

*Rustling in bushes*

Bombette: *Checks bush*

Temmie: *Jumps out bush* HoI! *Runs away*

Bombette: Heh heh he-*Gets attacked by Piranha Plant*

Bombette: *Ends up falling into ravine*

*Piranha plant looks into ravine and walks away laughing*

Bombette: *Tries to stand up but falls and closes eyes*

*Figure approaches Bombette*


Episode 5: Traversing The Darkness


Peach: Wait, did he?

Mushroom King: *Looks at Castle* The Downfall has commenced...Yoshi, do you still have A.M.Y’s RiftTracker 5000 from Episode 355?

Yoshi: *Looks in pouch* Yup *Uses RiftTracker* The Rift is opened to 15%...It’ll be 100% in...3 weeks-er-1 hour-er-1 week

Goombella: I can relate this to iShroom Updates

Goombario: What about Bombette?

*Rustling in bushes*

Peach: *Is levitating and holding fireball*

Luigi: *Cowers*

Mario: *Takes out magical staff*

Wiggler: *Takes out spoon*

Toad: *Checks bush*

Temmie: HoI!!!!!!

Yoshi: you know where Bombette is?

Temmie: *Vibrates intensely*

Yoshi: ugh…

Wiggler: U nO whRE B0mbte zzz?

Temmie: See fEll InTo RvINE And PRLY DED

Wiggler: She fell into a ravine and is probably dead *Hands Temmie flakes to Temmie*


Meanwhile in Peach’s Castle

King Boo: *Stares at Goombario through orb* Keep on crying’ll end up like her eventually, there are no heroes in this new world…


*Rift gets bigger*

King Boo: ‘Bout time for a tatic i hadn’t used in 1500 years! *Turns into a blue mist*

In the camp

Wiggler: *Is sleeping* Nu-uh-huh...No buttercup...i’ll give you my soul for a donut...Homer Simpson style

Goombella: What is going on in his head?...

Wiggler:…*Eyes start glowing* BE SYMBOL NEXT I WILL!

Mushroom King: Stay back!

Toad: What the hell is going on!?

Peach: Boo Mist...King Boo’s ultimate weapon, it will slowly kill you...we have to help him…

*King Boo appears and blasts Luigi and Goombella with cane toward tree*

King Boo: Mr. and Mrs. Italiano! Can’t wait till i kill them! *Is about to blast Luigi and Goombella with cane*

Yoshi: *Gets in the way* NO!

King Boo: Huh?...


King Boo: *Points cane* Grrr…

Yoshi: I SAID DO IT!

King Boo: No...I’m amazed on how brave you are to protect your i’ll spare them...AFTER I SEND YOU TO HELL! *Launches Blue Mist at Yoshi*

Yoshi: *Collapses*

Luigi: NO!

King Boo: *Cackles and Disappears*

Goombario: What do we do?...

Mushroom King: 3 of us enter their minds and stop the blue mist

Goombella: I’ll go, i wanna teach that freak with a top hat a lesson

Luigi: If he sacrificed himself, i will sacrifice myself…

Goombario: I’ll go too…

Mushroom King: *Hands Journal* You’ll need this…

Peach: *Hands Star Rod* and this

Mushroom King: ...and this *Throws snowballs to Goombario and Co.*

Luigi: What was that for?

Mushroom King: Mindballs

*Goombario and Co. collapse*

In The Mindscape

Luigi: this?

Goombella: I dunno

Goombario: Look! *Points to Yoshi and Wiggler*

Luigi: Over here!

Both: *Looks back and approaches Goombario and Co.*

Luigi: *Hugs Yoshi*

Wiggler: *Hugs Goombella*

Luigi: I’m so proud of you…

Yoshi: No’re a real hero…

Goombario: *Reads Journal* To destroy the blue mist we must reach the Mind Core

Luigi: *Looks at Journal* The mind core should be this way

*Blue Mist is approaching Goombario and Co.*

Goombella: RUN!

All: *Runs into Metal room and locks door*

Luigi: So this is what connects our minds...well...a combination of our minds…

Wiggler: If only i had kids, i always wanted to have kids but i’m a bit of a romance drag

Luigi: Same here

Goombella: Eh-herm!

Luigi: But i got married

Yoshi: Dad...i’m sorry about our arguement over my parents…

Luigi: It’s okay...i would’ve done the same thing…

Goombario: Look, at monitor! *Looks at monitor* It’s what’s happening!

*Mushroom King is talking with Mario and Peach is sitting down with Toad staring over Luigi’s unconscious body*

Luigi: Things look alright...i guess?

*Monitor shows shaking*

Luigi: Oh crap…

*Blue Mist starts entering room*

Goombario: RUN!

All: *Runs away from Blue Mist into chamber*

Luigi: We’re surrounded!

Goombella: *Hugs Luigi*

Yoshi: I love you dad…

Goombario: Tell Bombette that i love her

Wiggler: ...The ultimate sacrifice…*Sacrifices himself*

*Blue mist is surrounding Wiggler*

Wiggler: Go...without me….

Goombario and Co.: *Runs into Mind Core*

Yoshi: Who knows on how to hack?...

Luigi: Not me

Goombella: I work at an archeology site

Goombario: Let me try…*Uses computer*

Access Granted

Goombario: Hmm *Presses Ctrl+Alt+Delete*

Blue Mist Terminated


Yoshi: Huh?...


Luigi: Pfft. So?

King Boo: I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR INCOMPETENCE! YOUR SOULS WILL NOW BE CLAIMED! *Is turning red and is emitting bolts of lightning* I killed your parents Yoster…i won’t spare anyone anymore...

Yoshi: COULD YOU!?

King Boo: you want your real mommy?...Are you gonn-*Is hit by hot sausages* Gah! It burns!...wait...I killed you!

Wiggler: Nobody messes with my friends *Is launching sausages*

King Boo: Oh yeah?...What are you gonna do about it?...Hmmm...HMMM!? *Gets hit by Electric Whip, looks back, and sees A.M.Y* I THOUGHT I KILLED YOU!?

A.M.Y: Ain’t you heard of the Overthere!?

King Boo: ENOUGH!

Wiggler: *Eats Hot Dog* Hm?

King Boo: *Adjusts Top Hat* I’m really impressed with you guys, i’ll spare you this time...but not again...but know’ll still suffer a fateful demise *Disappears*

Luigi: Wiggler?...You lived?...

Wiggler: No…*Vomits* Ugh...i don’t feel like Jimmy-Two-Shoes

A.M.Y: Wiggler...i forgot to do this when i died but…*Kisses Wiggler* I guess we’re together now…

Yoshi: *Sees Yoshi-like figures* Who is that?

Luigi: *Approaches to figures* No way…

Goombella: I-i-it’s….

Goombario: Who?

Yoshi: Mom? Dad? *Approaches 2 Yoshis*

Yoshi’s Mom: I knew you would grow up to be something great

Yoshi’s Dad: I was never there for you...but i am proud for you

Yoshi: *Hugs parents*

Yoshi’s Mom: I love you…


Luigi, Goombario, Goombella, and Yoshi: *Wakes up*

Yoshi: That...was great…*Hugs Luigi*

Peach, Toad, Mario, and Mushroom King:*Are sitting near a dying Wiggler*

Goombella: That was so brave of you Wiggler

Wiggler: Not as brave as Yoshi….*Cough* i right?

Peach: What happened?

Goombario: He sacrificed himself…

Mario: First A.M.Y...Then Iggy...Then Bombette...AND NOW WIGGLER!?

Mushroom King: That’s enough Mario! I do not wish to dethrone you

Mario: I’m sorry but...Wiggler has felt like a 3rd brother to me, even though he can be a bit of a idiot...he’s still a good friend…

Toad: It’s okay Mario, we’re all in this together

Wiggler: *Closes eyes* …*Pause*...w-wanna go to the movies A.M.Y?...

Mario: He’s in a better place now…

Yoshi: I’m tired of seeing this happen...we need to stand up to King Boo! We need to show him who we really are! We’re not puppets...WE’RE PEOPLE! AND WE STAND UP TO WHO WE WANT TO!

All: YEAH!

To be Continued

The Downfall has commenced and the group is already preparing a uprising, what will be of the uprising?. Where the hell is Bombette and who is that figure?. What will be of the rest of the characters?...and most important of all...

...Is Goombario worthy enough to stop King Boo and use his weakness against him?...

We’ll find out in Episode 6: Falling Hopes

Also, no fanfics this weekend and friday due to a family trip
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

I got used to it, but why not Luigi?
Isabelle: Ok, so mayor PIK-er-i don’t know if i should mention his real name, i mean he hates it when people call him by his real name on websites like MarioBoards. But NEXandGBX revealed his real name, Stargazing revealed her real name along with Anton on Skype. You know what?...

Luigi: Skip to the end!

Isabelle: Ok, so Mayor Carlos is out of town, his Co-Author and his assistants are busy, and i know…

Luigi: *Cheerful* I get to own the town?

Isabelle: run it until he comes back…

Luigi: How hard can it be?

Isabelle: Well, he booked you a room at the hotel

Luigi: Where is the hotel?


Isabelle: *Opens tent for Luigi*

Luigi: Uhh…

Isabelle: It’s better than checking out in “The Outdoors” *Points to stump surrounded by bushes*


Luigi: *Is sleeping*

*Somebody walks in tent*

HHA Member: Your lamp is facing the wall

Luigi: *Wakes up and screams*

Laytor that night

Tom Nook: I deeply apologize, we grade homes at 6 AM but i didn’t know you moved in, everyone knows about the Happy Home Academy


*Lights in houses are turning on*

Villager 1: I’m trying to sleep!

Villager 2: Keep it down!


Luigi: *Is walking toward Town Hall*

Luigi: *Falls into Pitfall and gets out*

Inside the Town Hall

Isabelle: Morning Substitute Mayor


Isabelle: Some person always lays out pitfalls every single day, i wonder why…

12:00 AM

Teddy: I gotta make myself look stronger!...but how?...*Digs hole* But i can’t leave it here, i can only close it up with something due to the logic of this universe…*Buries Pitfall* Good one Teddy! *Leaves*


Isabelle: Well Sub-Mayor, we got our 5th report of the famous “Nighttime burglaries”

Luigi: Somebody is robbing the town?

Isabelle: Yes, they stole the town’s book of history last night

Luigi: 2 Years gives a town a history?

Isabelle: Well, we considered doing Project PRISM (Look it up)

Luigi: Is there any “Non-NSA-related-things”?

Isabelle: We totally didn’t place a Project PRISM Chip in Mayor PIK’s iShroom

Luigi: Let’s just get a better police force

Isabelle: But all we have Sheriff Cooper and the only worthy person is...well...nobody…

Luigi: Okay, anything else?

Isabelle: We have this Public Works Project request *Shows Luigi file*

Luigi: 0_0 *Runs to cabinet, grabs Bleach, and Bleaches eyes*

Isabelle: A David-esque statue with you being David doesn’t seem that bad…



Luigi: *Sits down by the River*

Aurora: Hi Luigi, want me to tell you something?

Luigi: Sure

Aurora: If you hold you can use your item!

Luigi: *Runs away toward tree and curls up into a ball* find your happy place...find your happy place...find you happy pl-

Pete: Letters *Dumps letters on Luigi*

Luigi: *Reads and tosses Letters* It’s just letters about Puck making Banana Bread!

Puck: Here’s a letter! *Hands Letter*

Luigi: *Reads Letter* ...WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT!? *Runs toward Town Hall and uses phone* Help me…

PIK: Uhhh...Luigi?


PIK: Because i need somebody sympathetic and intriguing


PIK: You’ll get used to it *Stops calling*

Luigi: *Faints*

At Night

Luigi: Ok, so your job is to monitor and find the criminal for tonight

Cooper: Yessir! *Marches around the town*

Luigi: *Goes to sleep in tent* EEEEEEEK!

Tom Nook: Sorry *Leaves*

Luigi: Zzz...zzz...zzz…

*Mysterious figure is on roof of mansion and breaks in mansion*

A.M.Y: Why hadn’t i robbed this town earlier *Opens up briefcase* Oooooo *Looks at Millions of coins in briefcase*

A.M.Y: Like taking candy from a baby...well without the baby *Steals Briefcase and leaves but then comes back and spray paints “Craphead” on the wall*


Cooper: Freeze Dirtbag!

A.M.Y: *Holds Bone* You want it?

Cooper: *Pant pant* Yes yes!

A.M.Y: Then go get it! *Throws Bone far away*

Cooper: *Goes after bone*

Luigi: *Exits tent* Keep it-Oh crap

A.M.Y: Well look who it is, catch me if you can! *Runs away*

Luigi: WHAT NEXT!?


Town Hall, The Next morning

Isabelle: So what do we do about these Project PRISM Tapes?


Isabelle: *Throws Tapes out window*

Avery: Ow! Dammit!

1 Month Laytor

PIK: *Is walking through town*

*Angry mob is outside town hall*

PIK: Uhh…*Enters Town Hall*

PIK: What the hell!?

Isabelle: He left a note *Shows note that says “I quit!”*

PIK: Now what?

*A.M.Y breaks window and steals documents*

A.M.Y: Secrets for life! *Runs away*

Isabelle: Well, we could Nuke the town

PIK: *Presses Button* Enter the bunker


The End
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Trust is the main factor in the new world. It will be difficult to trust on who you know...but with friends, comes numbers, with numbers comes power, and with power comes success
*Demonic muttering*

*Bombette’s voice* Who-wha?

*Go there*

Where? Go where? Can’t you see...THERE’S NOTHING LEFT!. Mushroom City is devastated, Toad Town is in shambles, and Goomba Village got burned down to the ground!

*Glimpse of a devastated Mushroom City is shown*

*Activate the Apothican Souls*

No...They would kill me if they knew i had relations with Apothica!

*Glimpse of Rockets barraging Mushroom City is shown*

*One can be trusted*

Who? Mario, Draconius?, Goombario?


*Red Bow is shown*

*Our last followers were killed...She will guide you...TRUST APOTHICA*

*Blue Flower is wilting*…


Bombette: *Wakes up and is in cave and is wrapped by a tail* Huh-EEEEEEEK!


Episode 6: Falling Hopes

Bombette: *Runs and curls up in a corner* Dr-dr-Draconius! EEEEEEEK!!

Draconius: I somehow knew you were going to panic...curse those hikers…

Bombette: I-i’m sorry…

Draconius: I forgive’s just…

Bombette: I understand *Tries to get up* Ouch!

Draconius: Your leg was broken when i found you in the ravine, i took you here and nursed you back to health

Bombette: How long will it take to heal?

Draconius: ‘bout a week or 2

Bombette: What about the others?

Draconius: I don’t like to speak about them...I know who i’m really am...a monster...a freak...i was never accepted for who i was and will never be…

Bombette: But…*Sigh*...

At the Camp

Luigi: Is sitting down with Goombella and Yoshi and is sad*

Mario: He always felt like a brother...a sibling to me, Luigi was my only sibling but Wiggler felt like one, now he’s eating burgers in the Overthere

Mushroom King: He was compassionate yet a glutton, but he didn’t let that get in the way

Goombario: *Walks into woods with Peach*

In the Woods

Goombario: I hope Bombette is okay…

Peach: I don’t think she is...could she be…

Goombario: I hope not


*Rift gets bigger*

Peach: We gotta stop King Boo…now…

Goombario: But he’s physically invincible!

Peach: Well, nothing is invincible unless you set your mind to it. As far as i known, Luigi and Co. have beat King Boo countless times! is this time any different?

Goombario: Because Wiggler and Amy are dead, Draconius has gone mad, and Bombette is missing

Peach: Then i guess we just have to try…

1 Week Laytor

*Yoshi, Goombario, and Luigi walk toward a devastated Mushroom City*

Luigi: So exactly where we have to go?

Yoshi: Mushroom King says that we have to activate the Pylon on the WMUSH Radio Headquarters

Luigi: Do i look like a Radio geek to you?

Goombario: There it is!

Luigi: Thank god it is still intact

*Skyscraper falls*

Goombario: Oh crap!

Yoshi: Damn

All: *Enters Skyscraper*

Luigi: Stairs are destroyed

Goombario: But the elevators are still here

Yoshi: I wonder where is the power switch *Looks into room* Here it is *Enters room and flips switch*

*Lights turn on*

*Elevator opens and Goombario and Co. enter*


Draconius: *Is examining Bombette's leg*

Bombette: Ouch…

Draconius: Looks like i don’t have to operate again*

Bombette: Wait...what?

Draconius: Your leg was so bad i had to operate...but your leg is doing just fine *Walks toward computer and uses it*

Bombette: Draconius...what are you doing on there?

Draconius: I’ll tell you eventually

Bombette: *Sigh* I wish Goombario was here…

Draconius: ...I’ll be back…*Puts away computer and flies away*

Bombette: *Checks computer*

Bombette: *Reads* Mushroom Kingdom Missile Launch Directory...What?...But why the hell would he need access to the Missile Directory?...unless if he was trying to launch Missiles here!?

At WMUSH Radio Tower

All: *Rides Elevator*


*Elevator opens and floor collapses*

Luigi: are we going to get through?

Yoshi: Just jump *Jumps across hole along with Luigi*

Goombario: *Gulps and jumps across hole*

Yoshi: Good *Walks up stairs*

Goombario: What’s up with him?

Luigi: He’s pretty sad over Wiggler’s death, he liked Wiggler ever since he was orphaned, Wiggler took care of him whenever i was at work with Mario and Goombella. He was like a uncle/brother to him...

Goombario: So why are we here?

Luigi: If we can broadcast a message using the Pylon, we could assemble an army or radio some survivors

Yoshi: Here it is, the Brodcast controls! *Flicks Switches*


Bombette: I don’t get it...why does he need controls to the Missile Directory?...*Lies down on rock and falls, revealing secret room* Huh? *Enters Room* Oh my god…

*Secret room is a demonic worship room*

Bombette: *Is seeing halucination*


Bombette: *Reads Journal* Apothican Revival Ritual, In order to revive one member, one must site this incantation and must sacrifice a Symbol item *Notices Bacon Strip* Uhhh…

Draconius: You shouldn’t have done that…

At the Skyscraper

Yoshi: *Is turning knobs* Work dammit!

Luigi: *Plugs in cables* Hmmm…

Goombario: *Checks Wires* One of these are broken

Yoshi: Then how will we fix it?

Luigi: Wait…*Checks box, finds spare radio, breaks it, and rips out wire*

Luigi: *Grabs wire and connects it with wire* I tried this once and it worked


Yoshi: Yes!


Bombette: Wh-why are you doing this!?

Draconius: …*Sigh*...TO GET REVENGE ON THAT BLASTED BOO OF COURSE!...and with this ritual, she’ll be ressurected!

Bombette: Draconius...why would you do-


Draconius: The Ritual has begun!


Bombette: *Tackles Draconius*


Bombette: I DON’T TRUST YOU!!!

Draconius: Then i guess i have to resort to fighting you…*Starts flying* PROVE IT TO ME THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF SURVIVING!

*Shaking and Strange blue light emerges*

Computer: 3...2...1…

On the Moon

*Missile launches toward the Mushroom Kingdom*

Astronaut 1: Uhhh...Mushroom, we have a problem

*Planet explodes and planet is heavily damaged, with rocks coming out of it, large holes, and lava sprawling out*

At the Skyscraper

Luigi: What the hell?!

Goombario: *Almost falls out skyscraper but gets saved by Yoshi*

Luigi:*Pulls up Yoshi and Goombario*

Goombario: *Flicks switch*

At the Cave

Draconius: *Is launching fireballs and is flying all over the place*


Bombette: *Looks at the devastation* H-how...HOW COULD YOU!

*Do not trust*

Draconius: You’re still listening to that voice in your head?!

Bombette: H-how d-did you know!?

Draconius: I can read minds…*Starts levitating Bombette*

Bombette: Let me go!

Draconius: *Grabs Knife* I just have to kill you and i can get this over with! over…*Sinister smile*

*Radio turns on*

Radio: *Goombario’s voice* We are aware that somehow...the Mushroom Kingdom got nuked by a missile…

Bombette: Goombario…

Draconius: *Drops knife and stops levitating Bombette*

Radio: I have lost a close friend of mine due to King Boo, but join us. Join us so we can rebel against this monstrosity that will try and engulf our kingdom and destroy us. THIS IS THE START OF AN UPRISING!.

Radio: Our camp is east of Toad Town in the ruins of the Mushroom Kingdom Military Outpost

Draconius: Well golly…

Bombette: *Picks up knife and stabs Draconius* I have slayed the beast…

Draconius: *Collapses* Do you really hate me that much?...

Bombette: *Sheds tear and leaves cave*


Bombette: Who said that?...

*It’s me...remember me?*

Bombette: W-w-wait...Who?

*It’s me, Amy *Cough* Sorry, just trying to get used to Apothica*

Bombette: Amy? What is Apothica exactly?

*I have many relations with paranormal things, After Iggy released my soul into Apothica, i have the ability to communicate with you*

Bombette: Why me?

*You were close, i never had a close friend before…but i have a plan…*

???: Bombette?

Bombette: Goombario?

Goombario: Thank god you’re safe! *Hugs Bombette*

Bombette: *Kisses Goombario*

To be continued

Looks like Amy has a Apothican servant (*Pun intended*). King Boo’s plans are on the verge of being thwarted but will our heroes do it successfully?. What will be of our (Probably Deceased) antagonists. Why do you park in a driveway but drive in a parkway? (Trademarked by Magikrazy). We’ll (Probably) find out in Episode 7: Antagonizing
*Glimpse of a devastated planet is shown*

Mario: Nothing is the same…

Luigi: It’s just a nuke...So he launched the nuke?

Bombette: yes, and i had to stab him later...

Peach: Woah…

Yoshi: It was kill or be killed Peach…

Goombario: I’m just glad you're okay

Bombette: and h-

*Don’t tell them about the place of ritual*

Mushroom King: Okay, the radio broadcast should start getting us some survivors

*Group of Toads enter camp*

Bombette: Ughhh…Okay...i’ll go to the facility and activate the SDA Table…

Goombella: Uhh...Why are you talking to yourself?

Bombette: I have an idea so we can stop King Boo, we have to go to Facility 250

Mushroom King: Wait, why?

Bombette: Well-

*Don’t tell them*

Bombette: I did the research and it has something that can help us stop King Boo…

Peach: But didn’t it get destroyed by King Boo?

Luigi: It’s still worth a shot, but who will go?

*Your choice*

Bombette: I’ll take Goombario and Yoshi

Yoshi: *Checks Backpack and pulls out tablet* E. Gadd’s MasterTracker Tablet *Types in Tablet* Facility 250


Episode 7: Antagonizing

Goombario: Let’s go

*Goombario and Co. leaves*

Dimple Wood

Yoshi: *Removes Boards*

Bombette: *Takes out Flashlight*

Goombario: Sheesh, No power

Yoshi: I can live with that *Walks down stairs*

*Good, first you have to activate the Power. The generator room should be in the Laboratory*

Bombette: Let’s activate the power, the switch is in the lab

Yoshi: How did you know that?

Bombette: Educated guess

Yoshi: Hmmm…

Goombario: Dammit, it’s locked!

Bombette: *Finds Bobby Pin* I don’t know how to lockpick

Yoshi: Lockpicking comes within my set of skills *Gets lockpick and picks lock*

*Door opens*

Lab Opened. Power Level Critical, Major Systems Offline

Goombario: *Pulls switch*

Power Level Stable, All Major Systems Online and Active

Bombette: Nice

*Great, the power is on but you have to rebuild the SDA Table. It is located in the Control Panel and you have to collect a Control Tablet, a Antenna, and a glove. The Control Tablet and Antenna are in the control panel and there is a extra glove of mine in my bedroom*

Bombette: I guess i have to lie then… *Reads Journal* So 2 of the parts are in the control panel and one is in the bedroom

Goombario: I’ll go into the Control Panel with Yoshi

Yoshi: It should be over there

Both: *Leaves*

Bombette: The bedroom

Retina Scan Required

Bombette: Ummm…*Scans eye*

Remember to trust Apothica, Bombette

Bombette: H-how did she know?

*Uhh...don’t read my diaries*

Bombette: Ok then *Looks around in room*

*My spare suit is in back of the bookcase*

Bombette: *Moves Bookcase and finds a spare suit* Here it is…

Yoshi: *Enters* How is that little voice in your head doing...or should i say...the apothican voice?

Bombette: I-uh-i…

Yoshi: Yup, you’re communicating with her through your head

Bombette: How did you know?

Yoshi: 8 years ago…

8 Years Ago

My dad and uncle were going to save Peach from her and said i couldn’t go...but i couldn’t STAND for an adventure

Baby Yoshi: *Sneaks into Air vents*

But she already beat them

*Luigi and Mario are tied up*

So i decided to save my own family

Baby Yoshi: *Jumps out of vent*

Amy: Well you seem a little “short-tempered” *Laughs*

Baby Yoshi: *Runs and tries to punch Amy but Amy resists*

Amy: Not even trying *Snickers and ties up Baby Yoshi with whip*

Baby Yoshi: Let me go! *Tries to get out*

Amy: *Loads Laser Pistol and aims it at Baby Yoshi’s head*


But something happened...she spared me, she was fond of me and was amazed on how i made past the security systems and on how i was still trying to beat her

Amy: Hmmm…*Unties Baby Yoshi, Luigi, and Mario*

Mario: What the-

Luigi: Er-...Let’s go get the princess

Amy: She’s in the next room

*Mario and Luigi leave*

Amy: Kid...try and take me down

and she was strong as hell, i couldn’t knock her down!

Amy: *Smiles* I can help

Baby Yoshi: Huh?

After the fateful day, she trained me...LITERALLY

1 Year Laytor

But then...i saw a side of her i thought i would never see

Amy: I always wondered...what about your...your real parents?

Baby Yoshi: *Sheds tear*

Amy: *Looks at Baby Yoshi then kisses his forehead* Hey...You’re the coolest person i’ve ever met...don’t let the deaths of your parents get in the way of your life, i bet they’re proud of you too…

Then the very next day

Amy: Now...try and take me down

Baby Yoshi: *Beats up Amy*

Amy: I’m impressed kid...i’m impressed


Yoshi: I remember it just like yesterday

Bombette: *Grabs Glove* Wow…

In the Control Panel

Yoshi: *Builds SDA Table*

*Now place the glove…*

*Bombette places glove*


*Rift opens*

*Yes…Apothica has just been opened!*

Bombette: What is Apothica exactly?

*A legendary ritual performed in favor of an afterlife and the paranormal now… to defeat King Boo...all we have to do is…*



King Boo: Time to patch this rift! *Closes rift, snaps, and Amy appears*

Amy: What...i’m...alive again?

King Boo: Well, i gotta kill my enemy!

Draconius: *Flies in*

King Boo: Well if it isn’t the C in Crap!

Draconius: You will not kill her again…

King Boo: BUT I WILL! *Snaps*

Draconius: Blahahaha…Take me down Am-*Is about to be punched by Yoshi but deflects*

King Boo: Ha! I just manipulated his mind!

Draconius: Ugh…*Faints*

King Boo: Damn it! It never works!

Draconius: *Breathes fire at King Boo*

King Boo: *Mocks Draconius: You can’t get me, you can get-*Almost gets hit by whip*

*Amy and Draconius fight King Boo together*

King Boo: ENOUGH! *Starts Levitating Amy* Since my son was killed...maybe i’ll return the favor *Snaps and red mist comes out of Amy* No longer part of Apothica...and-*Gets kicked by Goombario*

Draconius: No...please...I’LL DO ANYTHING!

King Boo: Oh i know *Possesses Draconius and starts punching Amy* Heh heh heh *Leaves Draconius’s body and hands him a knife* Do the final blow

Draconius: NO! *Is about to use knife on King Boo but misses*

King Boo: *Controls Draconius and swings his tail toward Amy* Your mental breakdown will begin shortly…*Flies away*

Draconius: N-n-no...I-i…*Walks away*

Amy: You were a great person Yoshi…

Yoshi: *Sheds tear and leaves along with Goombario and Bombette*

At the camp

Yoshi: We were close…

Goombario: That’s it...WE’RE GONNA FIGHT KING BOO!

Mushroom King: ...Yeah...C’mon guys!


*Ground starts breaking open*

Toad: *Is about to fall but gets grabbed by Luigi*

Luigi: H-hold...on

Peach: *Is holding onto ledge*

Toad: Save Peach...Luigi, be the hero *Lets go*

Luigi: NOOOO! *Saves Peach* ...Let’s fight King Boo

Change of events and we’re walking STRAIGHT INTO THE FINALE!. Amy and Toad have died and Goombario has decided to fight King Boo!...find out next in the finale...Strength In Numbers
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Sorry for the double post but due to personal reasons, MiG and Mushroom WORLDS are postponed

2/8: Bring Your Wiggler To School Day
2/10: Uprising Finale: Strength In Numbers
2/12 (My Birthday): A Tale of 2 Marios
2/14 (Valentines Day Special): Good Riddance


Prince of LOUD.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

I can write because I'm sick.

Being a kid is fun, but what if you get sick?

"LUUUIIIGIII!" Baby Yoshi cried. Luigi ran in. "What's wrong?" Luigi asked. B. Yoshi ran up to a trash can and threw up. "Let me guess: You're sick." B. Yoshi nodded. Luigi called a doctor.

Dr. PIK and Nurse Gabby was running tests on B. Yoshi. "Shroom Sickness," Gabby announced. "How many mushrooms do you feed him?" PIK questioned after. Luigi responded with: "...5-500..."

"HOLY -LONG CENSORED-!" They both yelled. Gabby fixed her glasses and told Luigi: "Don't give him mushrooms for a year.

So, B. Yoshi asked for Mushrooms multiple times a year. Luigi said no. After the year was up, the sickness was over. They lived happily ever after. The end.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Monster Gabby said:
I can write because I'm sick.

Being a kid is fun, but what if you get sick?

"LUUUIIIGIII!" Baby Yoshi cried. Luigi ran in. "What's wrong?" Luigi asked. B. Yoshi ran up to a trash can and threw up. "Let me guess: You're sick." B. Yoshi nodded. Luigi called a doctor.

Dr. PIK and Nurse Gabby was running tests on B. Yoshi. "Shroom Sickness," Gabby announced. "How many mushrooms do you feed him?" PIK questioned after. Luigi responded with: "...5-500..."

"HOLY -LONG CENSORED-!" They both yelled. Gabby fixed her glasses and told Luigi: "Don't give him mushrooms for a year.

So, B. Yoshi asked for Mushrooms multiple times a year. Luigi said no. After the year was up, the sickness was over. They lived happily ever after. The end.

I understand, get well soon.

...and...the reason why i will not write this weekend and friday...
I was in a group chat with my friends, and one of them said they were going to kill themselves. So she said she was planning to cut herself and have an overdose, i was talking to her along with my other friends telling her that we can help and we all like her since she believed that nobody liked her. I went as far as admitting that i was going to kill myself once but then realized that it would just be plain wrong, i was crying and even admitted i had a crush on her since i felt like i should reveal something. We evetually consoled her and she's all happy now, but she still believes nobody likes her.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Baby Yoshi has to bring a relative to school but Wiggler is his only choice but he doesn’t want to pick him

Teacher: Ok, what is 5x10?

*Every student is staring at the clock*

Teacher: How ‘bout you Baby Yoshi?

Baby Yoshi: I-uh-i

*Bell Rings*

Teacher: Wait class!

Every Student: *Groans*

Teacher: Tomorrow everyone has to bring a relative to school...everyone except Lemmy…

Lemmy: Why?

Teacher: Last time you bought your older brother Roy and one of the students had to go to the hospital

*Everyone runs out*

Teacher: Especially you Baby Yoshi, i expect big things from you since you’re Luigi’s son

Baby Yoshi: Yes Mr. Butts…


Baby Yoshi: *Enters Car* Hi Wiggler

Wiggler: So, what happened in school today?

Baby Yoshi: Well…Wait, if he knows...he’ll come and you’ll end up being embarrassed like last year!

Last Year

Wiggler: and i bought a pie! *Trips and accidentally hits Baby Yoshi with pie*


Baby Yoshi: *Shivers*

Wiggler: What is it?

Baby Yoshi: Nothing

*Car drives away from Mushroom Kingdom Elementary School*

At the Mario Bros. House

Wiggler: *Is tending to garden*

Baby Yoshi: So...what are we doing?

Wiggler: Planting Giga-Carrots, they’re the same but bigger and better. First you have to grab a Carrot seed, plant it, and put Glutenhosen Brand Fertilizer on it. Then wait 2 weeks…*Plants crops*

Baby Yoshi: Why do i have to wear the Army Helmet?

Wiggler: Well-

Baby Yoshi: Heh heh...I have to go inside *Goes inside*


Baby Yoshi: Dad, can you come to school with me on Bring Your Relative To School Day?

Luigi: Sorry Son but i have to fix Mushroom King’s toilet after an incident with “Super Spicy Jalepeno Bacon”

Baby Yoshi: What about Uncle Mario?

Luigi: Plumber’s Conve-


*Please stand by*

Luigi: Plumber’s convention

Baby Yoshi: What about Goombella?

Luigi: Business trip with Professor Frankly

Baby Yoshi: *Walks to room*

Inside Baby Yoshi’s room

Baby Yoshi: *Lays down on bed* Ugh…

*Iggy sneaks in through window and aims gun at Baby Yoshi*

Baby Yoshi: Meh...just do it…

Iggy: How did you know i was here?

Baby Yoshi: I can guess when you’ll try to kill me

Iggy: Then i’ll come tomorrow-*Accidentally falls out window*

Baby Yoshi: Wait...I have an idea!

The next day

Baby Yoshi: Wiggler, look what i got *Shows Wiggler paper*

Wiggler: Oh my god...CANDY COUPON!

Baby Yoshi: *Launches Firework with Paper tied onto it* Go get it!

Wiggler: *Runs after firework*

The Next Day

Pandg2: So i bought my brother

Teacher: Gabriel, he goes here

Pandg2: But you said a RELATIVE

Pandg3: Loopholes rock!

Teacher: *Facepalm* I hate loopholes

Teacher: Now, what about you Baby Yoshi?

Baby Yoshi: Well-

Wiggler: Sorry i’m late

Baby Yoshi: Oh no…

Wiggler: Now let me tell you something *Sits on chair but the chair breaks* Crap…

30 Years Ago

My family was looking for a place to find a farm after my father received a large honor from the Mushroom Kingdom military

Wiggler’s Dad: *Is given a medal and check by Mushroom King and Mushroom Queen*

Wiggler’s Mom: *Starts up Truck connected to Mobile Home*

I was 9 years old at the time, along with my 12-year old brother, and 14-year old sister

*Wiggler, Wiggler’s Brother, and Wiggler’s Sister enters mobile home*

*Truck drives away along with Mobile Home*

We arrived at The Mushroom Plains, it wasn’t ever inhabited due to wolves and who knows what.[/b]

*Truck parks and Wiggler’s Dad disconnects the Mobile Home*

We were poor, but we had a big future with a 500 coin check. Too bad there was no nearby hot dog stands, i almost ate my older brother thinking he was a French Fry

*Young Wiggler is looking outside and his father brings him a present*

He gave me his helmet, it was a heirloom i kept ever since

At Night (In the flashback, of course)

I decided to sneak out at night, not wary of the dangers ahead of me…

*Wolf sneaks up on Wiggler*

I screamed and ran, as i was running i fell onto a berry bush and managed to hide from the wolves

*Wolves walk away and Wiggler’s Dad comes out with a rifle*

My dad was impressed on how i survived on my own, so we all went inside while i was spilling squished up Mushroom Berries on the carrots...but the next day…

The next day

But the second we came out...The berries caused the carrots to grow instantly, and that’s how the Wiggler Family Farm was founded. My dad and mom retired and moved to Mushroom City, so my siblings run the farm. We eventually became the richest family in the Mushroom Kingdom.


*Everyone is staring at Wiggler*

All: *Claps*

Teacher: That’s an A+ for Baby Yoshi

*Bell rings*

Wiggler: Class is over, woo hoo! *Jumps out window*


Baby Yoshi: Wiggler-

Wiggler: I should reveal to you something too, William is my real name but i have a nickname if you prefer to call me that.

Baby Yoshi: Thanks…

Wiggler: Don’t mention it *Drives car*

The End

Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Guys, there's some personal things that has been happening lately and i'm going to go on a hiatus

But the Uprising Finale and Birthday Special will be on my birthday.