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Wiggler: Okay, I gotta make dinner. Hmmmm...
(Baby Yoshi comes in kitchen)
Baby Yoshi: Wiggler can I eat you?
(Wiggler holds document)
Wiggler: READ IT
Baby Yoshi: "According to Household rule 5.89a. I Baby Yoshi here by declare to never eat Wiggler on any condition" "Signed Baby Yoshi"
Baby Yoshi: FINE! Just make a Souffle or something...
Wiggler: SOUFFLE!
(Wiggler flips through Cookbook)
Luigi: WIGGLER! You better not be making Explosivo Souffle!
Wiggler: I'm Not! Ok, Pickled Pirahna Plants, Koopa Stew, Yoshi berry pie...AHA! Explosivo Souffle
Wiggler: Ok let's see...A Dash of Sugar, 1 Super Mushroom, Moo Moo Milk, Yoshi Eggs and last but not least, Explosive Ferry Flavorizer Dust.
Wiggler: Just 1 pinch, if I add more, it will explode!
Wiggler: Steady....Steady...
(Accidentally adds more than a pinch)
Wiggler: Cra-
(House Explodes)
Wiggler: -p
Luigi: What did I tell you?
Wiggler: No Butts, No Coconuts?
(Luigi Chases Wiggler)

The End

Like it or not?

Hope you enjoy the Story!
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Story 2 is here! But all I have to say is thanks for the 50 views in the first story. Thank you all so much for 50 views in less than 24 hours. OK here is the story.

Please note that I am no longer doing Colored Dialouge

Also, I do not listen to Nintendo's Koopaling age order, I have a Made-up one.

Last of all, I did not listen to the 2012 Retcon, The KOOPALINGS will always be Bowser's (Biological) Kids to me
It is just a normal day at Peach's Castle
Peach: mmm...Baking Bacon that has already been Baked
*Iggy Busts in Kitchen in Koopa Klown Car*
Iggy: I got you now Princess!.
Peach: AHHHHH! It's Iggy Koopa!
*Iggy Starts chasing Peach in Clown Car*
*Benny Hill Background Music*
Toadsworth: Priiiincess! I made the World's Biggest Card Tower, Which only took me 5 months to ma-
Peach: No Time!
*Card Tower falls*
Toadsworth: NOOOOOOOOOO!
Iggy: I know how you feel Toadsworth
*Iggy grabs peach with the clown car's mechanical arm*
Peach: Let me Go!, Luigi!
Iggy: It is too late for Luigi now! Bla-ha-ha-ha!
Peach: What did you do to him!?!?
Luigi: Gaaah!, Iggy was right, Flappy Flaptor is addictive!
*Peach notices coffeepot*
Peach: Hey Iggy...
Iggy: What?
Peach: Do you want coffee?, you need the energy.
Iggy: What makes you say that?
Peach: Is it really obvious? I heard you once spent a week in your Laboratory without sleeping.
Iggy: It was a Invention!
Iggy: OK fine, I will have coffee
*Lets go of Peach*
Peach: Good, Now how much lumps do you want
Iggy: Ummm...3
*Peach grabs frying pan*
*bangs Iggy 3 times on the head*
*Iggy Collapses*
Peach: That's weird, I thought Coffee was supposed to keep you awake.
Peach: Guards!
*guards drag Iggy away*

The End

Episode 3 coming soon!
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Here is a sneek peak of story 3
Bowser: OK, The Moo Moo Meadows is the perfect place to take our family picture, ain't it kids?
Lemmy: If no Bulls trample us to be exact...
Iggy: Hope it does not notice Dad's Red Hair
*Bull comes by*
*Bull charges at Bowser*
Wendy: Daddy, look behind you
Bowser: Huh
Ludwig: Daddy!, are you okay!?
Larry: Say something!

What happens next?

Coming 10-20-2014


Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Ludwig reads this....

Ludwig: Wooahooahoohoohoo!!!!!
These stories are marvelous!!!

First time I went to a fan made place.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

yoshiking14x said:
Ludwig reads this..
These stories are marvelous!!

First time I went to a fanmade place
Thank you, I have been waiting for someone to say that.
I have to post story 3 later today due to school
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Thank you all for the 100 Views
Now you've all been waiting for...
Bowser: IGGY!!!!!
Lemmy: Uh-oh bigger bro, papa is popping mad!
Iggy: ....
*In the throne room*
Iggy: yes dad?
*Bowser holds family picture at Iggy*
Iggy: Nope
Bowser: I see you holding an "I stink" Word Balloon right by my mouth
Iggy: *Chuckles*
Bowser: WHY YOU!!!
*Iggy runs away*
Bowser: Too bad he is hyperactive...-_-
Later That day
Bowser: Kids, we are taking our yearly family picture
Wendy: YAY! I was trying out dress #205
Bowser: Now let's go somewhere...
Bowser: Hmmmm...I KNOW!
Bowser: Inside The throne room!
*Bowser Sets up camera*
Bowser: Say "Let's Try to beat Luigi one day!"
Koopalings: Let's try to beat Luigi one day!
*Iggy holds "I Wear Diapers" word balloon right by Bowser's mouth*
Ludwig: Look what Iggy's doing.
Bowser: WHY YOU!!
2 Hours Later
Bowser: The Moo Moo meadows is the perfect place to take our family picture ain't it kids?
Lemmy: If no bulls pass by...
Iggy: And any do not notice dad's red hair
*Bull comes by*
*Bull charges at Bowser*
Larry: Daddy look behind you
Bowser: Huh?
Larry: Dad, are you okay?
Ludwig: Say something!
Bowser: How about in the Sparkling Waters?
*Cheep Chomp eats Lemmy*
Bowser: I didn't like him anyway
Even more Later
Bowser: Maybe Mushroom City
*Car Hits Larry*
Even More than More Later
Bowser: Look at the nice lush landscape of Dinosaur land.
*stegosaurus squishes Wendy*
Stegosaurus: I am a Stegosaurus
Ran out of things to say
Bowser: Peach's Castle seems peaceful
*Luigi stomps Morton*
Can this hurry up?, I am running out of title cards
Bowser: Bob-omb factory?
*Bob-Ombs fall on Roy*
Roy: Uh-
Several Hours Later
Bowser: How about a field without ANYTHING THAT CAN MESS THIS UP!!
*Train hits Ludwig*
The Narrator ran out of ideas since and got fired so we had to hire a new one
Bowser: Maybe Iggy's Laboratory...
*Robot Squishes Iggy*
Iggy: Since when do my Inventions betray me!?
A day Laytor
Bowser: Anyone got any ideas?
Ludwig: What about the hospital?
Bowser: What makes you say that?
Ludwig: That we are all in casts and bandages!
Morton: I broke 6 Ribs....
Roy: I lost muscle mass...
Lemmy: I'm too stupid...
Iggy: You've been stupid ever since
Roy: Can it, Nerd!
Iggy: What did you call me!?!
Roy: Nerd
*Roy and Iggy start fighting*
Bowser: The Family Picture is done! And it only took us 8 Days to make
Lemmy: Let's see on how it turned out
Wendy: Are you sure nobody will notice in the picture that we are all in Casts?
Bowser: I am sure
Even more Laytor
Bowser: Let's see on how this baby turned out!
*Picture Shows up *
Bowser: I blinked....

The End

Here is a ShroomyShort:
Iggy: Finally with this invention I can defeat Luigi!
*Ludwig comes in Iggy's Laboratory*
Ludwig: Hey Bigger Bro, I was practicing piano and I heard you "Celebrating"
Iggy: It's because of what I invented
Iggy: Bla-ha-ha-ha!
Ludwig: Wha-ho-ho-ho-hoo!
*Iggy Blushes*
Iggy: *Laughs Dementedly*
Ludwig: Saw that one coming...-_-

Episode 4: The Party Invite
Coming 10-21-14


Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

The family photo adventure is funny because of the very sudden shenanigans.

Morton: I swear I didn't do anything wrong!
Luigi jumps on him again.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Since Yoshi14x appreciated my works I decided to do a sneak peek at episode/story (whatever you want to call it) 4!
Wario: We should use a Battering Ram!
Waluigi: Yeah we should use-
Waluigi: Me!?
*Wario charges at castle door*
Wario: I am sure battering rams are'nt supposed to have black eyes

What happens Next?


Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Iggy Koopa7777 said:
Since Yoshi14x appreciated my works I decided to do a sneak peek at episode/story (whatever you want to call it) 4!
Wario: We should use a Battering Ram!
Waluigi: Yeah we should use-
Waluigi: Me!?
*Wario charges at castle door*
Wario: I am sure battering rams are'nt supposed to have black eyes

What happens Next?
That explains why does the dastardly pair have black(purple) eyes.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

wow! These have a ton of views.
Like you all have been waiting for....
A peaceful day in Toad Town
Luigi: Hey look, a letter from peach
Dear Luigi,
You've been invited to my party


At Wario's House
Waluigi: Hey stupid, did you know that Luigi got
Invited into Peach's Cool Party?
Wario: 0_0
Wario: Shut up at get going!
At Peach's Castle
Guard: Invite
Luigi: here you go Brock
Guard: Have a fun time!
Guard: Invite
Wario: uhhhh...
Waluigi: Does being awesome count?
Waluigi: we need a better approach...
Wario: I KNOW!
10 Seconds Laytor
Guard: Yes
Wario: I love you
Wario: That was not pretty....
Waluigi: got ideas?
Wario: We should use a battering ram!
Waluigi: And we should use-
Waluigi: Me!?
*Wario Charges at Castle*
Wario: I am sure battering rams aren't supposed
to have black eyes....
Waluigi: Ya think?
*Wario notices Iggy Koopa*
Wario: We could "use" Iggy Koopa!
Waluigi: That Moron?, I bet he is stupid
Wario: But he makes those cool Inventions
such as- Uh Waluigi?
Waluigi: He has a Stupid Hairstyle, I bet I am
Waluigi: What!?!
Wario: It's Iggy...
Waluigi: Acting like a no-good-stupid
*Someone taps Waluigi*
Waluigi: Huh?
Iggy: What did you say about me!?!?
Waluigi: Uhh...That you're beautiful?
Waluigi: he is so weak, but he can
Pack a good punch...
*Peach Comes out Castle*
Peach: Wario, Waluigi what are you here?
Wario: We wanted to be in the Party...
Waluigi: But we did not get an Invite....
Peach: I sent you an invite
Waluigi: Wario?
7 Hours Ago
Waluigi: Wario, here is this letter from Peach
*Waluigi Puts letter on table*
*Waluigi leaves kitchen*
Wario: There is no cheese
Wario: Who eats a sandwich
Without cheese?
*Wario notices letter*
*puts letter in sandwich*
Wario: Tasty
Waluigi: WARIOOOOO!!!

The End
Goombella: Hurry up!, it's on!
Wiggler: I got the popcorn!
Luigi: I got the Mini-Sodas!
Baby Yoshi: I got the Tractor Tire!
*Everyone stares at Baby Yoshi*
Baby Yoshi: Oh I thought we are watching Farm Games
Goombella: LOOK, IT'S ON!
TV: Welcome to Smart or Stupid!
TV: Time for the knockout round!,
OK Jim, if you answer this correctly you get to choose to get
1,000,000 Coins or one of Curtains B, C, or D
Jim: I'm ready!
TV: OK!, the question....
TV: How much does a iShroom 6 cost?
Goombella: 275 Coins!
Jim: 300 Coins!
TV: You are...Kinda Stupid,
Pretty lucky for a Toad like you
TV: That's all we have for...
Crowd: Smart or Stupid!
TV: whoever calls 1-214-679-MUSHROOM
first tommoriw gets to be on here
Luigi: Since I love this game show...
The Next Day
TV: Welcome to Smart or Stupid
Wiggler: DIAL IT, DIAL IT!!
*Luigi dials number*
Phone: You are caller #1!
*Phone transports Luigi and Co.*
Host: And what are your names?
Luigi: Ima?...
Goombella: Mor?...
Baby Yoshi: On Isa?...
Wiggler: Bella?....
Host: Hello Ima, Mor, On Isa, Bella
Luigi: No!, our names are Luigi, Wiggler,
Baby Yoshi, and Goombella!
Host: OK
Host: Who would be competing?
Baby Yoshi: Luigi
Wiggler: Luigi
Goombella: Luigi
Luigi: Luigi?, Ok i'll do it
Host: Ok, let's see who you'll be competing
???: aaaaAAAAAHH!
*??? Falls through warp pipe*
*Dramatic Music*
Goombella: I-it's...
Wiggler: IGGY KOOPA!!!
Baby Yoshi: He eill not stand a chance against
Iggy, he is very smart!
Luigi: Iggy!?!??!
Iggy: LUIGI!?!?, I did not know you
Watch Smart ir Stupid
Host: OK, let's start...
Host: Question 1: What is the
Chemical formula for Shroomchurinslitiolon
Iggy: St!
Host: Correct!
Luigi: Uh-oh
Host: Question 2: What is a
Luigi: A ty-
Iggy: A type of penguin!
Host: Correct!
Iggy: I am very clever, am i luigi?
*Luigi turns pale*
Iggy: I must be right, i am smarter
Than Luigi. Oh wait, I am!
*Iggy taunts Luigi*
Luigi: Why i ougghta!!!
30 Minutes Laytor
Host: Ok, Commercials!
Host: Take 5 Luigi and Iggy
Iggy: I cannot defeat you with my
Preposterous Inventions, But outsmarting...
Luigi: ....
Iggy: Just admit it, you were going to lose
Iggy: You are just to scared, like when you are about
to fight me you get scared.
Luigi: *Sigh*
Wiggler: I can't belive it you are being
Outsmarted by a 16-year old
Luigi: He is too smart for me
Goombella: You just have to win Luigi...
25 Minutes Laytor
Host: Ok, Iggy has 20000 Points and
Luigi has....-5
Luigi: :(
Wiggler: This is worse than Bingo....
Host: You won Iggy!!
Iggy: YES!!
Host: But can get a bonus prize
If you answer the Mystery Question
Iggy: You know what...Gimme that Q!
Host: Ok!, but this is how it works, you answer
It right, you win. Answer it wrong,
You lose and the oppnent gets to answer,
And if he gets it right, he wins.
Iggy: So?, I'll win
Host: Ok!, how much does a iShroom 6 Cost?
Iggy: *Turns Pale*
Iggy: Pass?...
Host: Nope, only answer
Iggy: Uhhh...
Host: Luigi's Turn!
Iggy: B-bu-but...
Host: Too bad, so sad
Host: your turn Luigi!
Luigi: Uhhh...
Goombella: 275 Coins!

Luigi: 275 Coins!!!
Host: YOU WON!!!
Iggy: WHAT!?!!
Luigi: Wait, you don't know that?!
Iggy: Uhhh...
Luigi: He does not know how much it cost!!
Host: ok you could have one of
These prizes
Host: 100000 Coins
Baby Yoshi: Ooooh
Host: A trip to an All-you-can eat buffet for free
Wiggler: Oooooooh
Host: A all-expense paid trip to The
Sparkling Waters
Goombella: Ooooooh
Host: Or...
At Luigi's House
Luigi: This prize is great!
Wiggler: Yeah, its...
*Luigi and Co. Are popping bubble wrap

The End
For more satisfaction:
Wiggler Says...
*Random Guy comes*
Random Toad: Hey wanna play Bingo?
*Wiggler Punches Random guy*

Episode 6 Coming 10-22-14
With Special Guest Star Appearence


Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

The way characters are used, they don't seem to contradict themselves.

The party story is funny.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Hello and you're reading Episode 6 & 7 of The Super Shroomy Stories
But i was impressed that this has 300 Views thank you all
Alright here it is:
With Special Guest Star...

A Night at Luigi's House
Luigi: Guess what Tonight is!
Baby Yoshi: Hot Dog Night!
Goombella: Blanket Night!
Wiggler: Game Night!
Luigi: Yes
Baby Yoshi: not without...
Someone opens door
Toad: Me!
Luigi: Toad!!
Wiggler: So what game did
You bring?
Toad: Bingo!
wiggler: NO B-E-A-N-G-O!
Wiggler: *Jumps out window*
The Next Day
Luigi: WIGGLER!?!?!?
Wiggler: Yes?
Luigi: *Holds Document*
Wiggler: Oh my Credit Card bill
Wiggler: I have 5 Coins how much do I owe?
Luigi: 15, 450, 170
Wiggler: 0_0
Wiggler: Why that much?
Luigi: You bought only Food
Wiggler: I'm a Glutton
Luigi: You better start paying and
Get a job
Wiggler: *Gets Newspaper*
Wiggler: The Para Weekly and
Koopa Khronicle are full of jobs!,
Let's see...
Wiggler: Lumberjack!
*Chainsaw splits Wiggler*
Wiggler: I've been Segmented....
Wiggler: Mathmatican!
Wiggler: Solve π÷√456
Wiggler: Say What?
Wiggler: Security Guard at
Timmy Tomcat's Pizza?
*Animotronic Appears*
wiggler: AHHHH! *Runs*
Timmy Tomcat: I just wanted to give you
A hug...
Wiggler: *Notices Something in Newspaper*
Wiggler: Earn 2 Million Coins...
Wiggler: By playing Bingo...
Wiggler: NO WAY!!
Wiggler: I cannot believe it I signed up....
Feldspar: Hello!, I am Feldspar
Your host for the 5th
Annual Mushroom Kingdom
Bingo Tournament!
Wiggler: Bingo is evil...
Feldspar: with Bingo Master...
Feldspar: YOSHIKING14X!!
Yoshiking14x: Hello Everyone!
Yoshiking14x: *Sits by Wiggler*
Wiggler: Oh No, Not that I have
Bingo phobia, I am playing against the Bingo

Yoshiking14x: I can hear you...
Wiggler: Awkward
Feldspar: Mushroom18
Yoshiking14x: *Checks Off*
Yoshiking14x: Try to see how long you can go
Wiggler: Good Advice
1 Millisecond Laytor
Wiggler: HELP ME!!
Yoshiking14x: Sheesh, take a
Chill Pill
Wiggler: *Taking Chill pills*
Feldspar: Flower9
Yoshiking14x: *Checks Off*
Wiggler: *Licks off?*
Yoshiking14x: This is going to be a Long Night
10 Hours Later
Yoshiking14x: Close to win!
Wiggler: Need 1 More!
Wiggler: I cannot take this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!
Wiggler: HELP!!!
Yoshiking14x: I did'nt know it was possible
To have Bingophobia
Feldspar: And the final Number is....
Yoshiking14x: *Crosses Fingers* Mushroom98..
Wiggler: *Crosses Fingers* Flower61...
Feldspar: and its...
Feldspar: Star7
Luigi: BINGO!
Both: WHAT!?
Yoshiking14x: Congratulations Luigi
Luigi: Thanks:
Wiggler: Why did you sign up
Luigi: The Notifications Were getting Annoying
Wiggler: So that means...
Wiggler: NO MORE BINGO!!

The End
In Dedication to YoshiKing14x, for his love of the series
At Bowser's Castle
Wendy: Pllllllllease daddy?
Bowser: NO!, I am not giving
You another pet!
Wendy: Why?
Bowser: You abuse them
Wendy: My older brother Iggy has
A Chain Chomp and he Abuses it!
Bowser: Fine I'll give you a pet!!
Wendy: I want a Yoshi, Not any ordinary one.
My sweetheart Luigi's Baby Yoshi
Bowser: OK, that is really harsh
At the Park
Luigi: Hey Princess Peach and Toad!
Baby Yoshi: Throw the frisbee Luigi!
Luigi: *Throws Frisbee*
Toad: It's Dark, must be a Sola-
Peach look up...
Peach: I-i-it's the...
Luigi: Doomship...
*Giant Arm Reaches Out of Doomship*
Iggy: You're lucky I invented this
Arm Sis'

Wendy: Shut Up, and grab Baby Yoshi
Luigi: Baby Yoshi!!, Look ou-
*Arm Grabs Baby Yoshi*
Baby Yoshi: Let me go!, Luigi!
Luigi: *Jumps onto arm*
Peach: Luigi!, look out it's-
Iggy: Too Late! *Blasts Luigi With Scepter*
Baby Yoshi: Luigi!!!!!
*Doomship Dissapears*
Luigi: They Took...They Took Baby Yoshi...
Peach: Let's go get him back!
At Bowser's Castle
Wendy: Yay!, My NEW Pet
Wendy: We can try out so much stuff like...
Wendy: Trying Dresses!
Baby Yoshi: I'm a Boy...
Wendy: 0_0
Wendy: Playing Video Games!
Baby Yoshi: I prefer SNES and Wii U
Wendy: Eating!, This food tastes like garbage!
Wendy: Playing Football! *Throws football at Baby Yoshi*
Baby Yoshi: *Throws it at Wendy's Head*
Wendy: *Collapses*
Wendy: Come on!, Eat up
Baby Yoshi: Fine! *Eats Food*
Baby Yoshi: Tasty
Wendy: Your favorite!
Baby Yoshi: Strawberry!
Wendy: *Throws Football*
Baby Yoshi: *Throws it Back*
Wendy: *Throws it*
*Football Crashes through Window*
Iggy: OUCH!
Wendy: Run!
Baby Yoshi: Wendy, you aren't so bad after all
Wendy: You too
2 Days Laytor
Luigi: We're here
Peach: Let's go in *Opens Door*
???: *Demented Giggle
Toad: Oh it's
Iggy: Yup, Iggy Koopa!
Morton: With Morton!
Morton: wejustneedtodefeatyousoyouwillnever
Iggy: Aww Shut Up!
Iggy: You'll go fight them off Morton
Toad: I'll go face him
Luigi: Okay Toad
Peach: Good Luck
Morton: youshouldbewareihavestrenghtsthatfarsurpassyou
Toad: *Walks Past Morton Into next Room
Morton: Why!?
Iggy: So which one would face me?
Peach: I'll go!
Luigi: But Peach-
Peach: it's your Yoshi Luigi!
Luigi: OK
1 Hour Laytor
Luigi: Wendy's Tower...
Peach: Luigi!
Toad: Luigi!
Luigi: Both of you!
Peach: I had to keep hiring Iggy with my parasol...
Luigi: Come on let's go
Baby Yoshi: HELP ME!
Luigi: Baby Yoshi! *Runs up Tower*
Luigi: Opens Door
Luigi: Baby Yo- Wendy?
Baby Yoshi: Help Me!, I need extra lives!
Luigi: Baby Yoshi?, Come on let's go
Baby Yoshi: I like it here Luigi...She did'nt hurt me
Luigi: What are you saying?
Baby Yoshi: I-i Wanna... Stay here...
Luigi: OK...*Closes Door*
Luigi: *Sniff* Baby Yoshi found himself a new owner
Toad: At least you have your friends
Peach: Baby Yoshi will still love you Luigi
Luigi: I feel better aalready
Baby Yoshi: HELP!!
Luigi: Baby Yoshi!?! *Busts Through Door*
Wendy: You know what? I figured out you love Baby
Yoshi and I can Control you with him!
Wendy: So Marry Me!, and Baby Yoshi will not get
The Drop of Doom
Luigi: You little Monster!
Wendy: Too late Tee-hee *Drops Baby Yoshi*
Luigi: *Jumps Out Window*
Baby Yoshi: AHHHHH!!
Luigi: *Grabs Baby Yoshi*
Luigi: I got you now...
Luigi: *Flies* I forgot I had a
Super Leaf in my Butt Pocket
Baby Yoshi: Now you remember...-_-
Luigi: *Lands in Deck* Ta-da
Both ( Peach & Toad): *Claps*
Wendy: Peach knows how to give a whooping...
Luigi: Come on let's go

The End

Bowser: Wendy I- ...
Wendy: I can Explain...
Bowser: WENDY!

Apology for Abuse
Luigi the Wooster
10th Episode Special


One Tough Cream Puff
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Iggy Koopa7777 said:
Toad: Bingo!
wiggler: NO B-E-A-N-G-O!
Wiggler: *Jumps out window*
I absolutely love Wiggler's hate for Bingo. Well done!
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

I was going to add this quote so it's beta

Beta Quote: Wiggler said:
I heard your grandma has plastic wrap on her furniture
Eats hard candy...but worst of all...
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

I noticed that Booween (Marioverse equivalent of Halloween)
And i am doing something special...
I am working on the Halloween Special .
It's called 10 Days at Timmy's

Since i've been watching the popular
IoS and PC game Five Nights at Freddy's
I am doing an ENTIRE episode dedicated to it
So far I am working on it. I will post later

Ten Days at Timmy's
Coming 10-31-14