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Read the first part, the fic got cut into 2 parts due to text limit.
Peach noticed the knife and kicked toward to Yoster.

“Lyra! I don’t want to do this to you!” Yoster said as he began to shed more tears.

Lyra didn’t listen.

“LYRA!” Yoster cried.

Lyra still kept on trying to bite Yoster.

“...Are you even there?” Yoster asked as he was tearing up “...Please answer me…”.

Lyra still didn’t listen.

“I’m sorry Lyra…” Yoster sighed “...I am going to inflict you the greatest pain you have ever felt and inflict to myself the greatest emotional pain i have ever inflicted upon myself.

Yoster slowly grabbed the knife while Lyra was trying to bite him while she was on top of him, stared into it, sighed with tears, glanced at Lyra, and then sliced her stomach with the knife.

The whole world seemed to flash for Yoster and show a memory of Lyra and Yoster together, sitting on a log.

“I never met anyone so...kind” Lyra smiled as she kissed Yoster.

Yoster stroked her hair.

Then the world seemed to go back to the situation where our hero is.

Lyra got off of Yoster and screamed.

“...You left me no choice” Yoster said as he pulled down his cap.

Lyra looked at Yoster and began coughing up blood while holding onto her wound and then collapsing shortly afterward.

“I’m sorry…” Yoster cried as he kneeled besides Lyra “...Why...Why does it have to be like this?”.

Lyra began coughing up even more blood.

“...I live but i have to kill...Should i die but let them kill?” Yoster asked himself as he kissed Lyra on the cheek “...I love you”.

Lyra fainted.

Yoster got up and vomited.

Yoster fainted shortly after.

“Oh no…” Peach said “Quick, go get someone!”.

5 Hours Later


There was zombies surrounding a house.

Inside the house was Lyra, Iggy, Amy, and Yoster.

“What do we do!?” Lyra yelled frantically.

“Well, we have no ammo and they might as well break in soon!” Iggy responded.

“Sssh” Amy said “We have to remain calm and silent”.

“I have a plan” Yoster said “We can disguise ourselves”.

“Does that really work?” Lyra asked.

“I did it before” Yoster said “Now follow my lead”.

Yoster and Amy managed to pull a zombie into the house and kill it.

“We need shirts or bedsheets” Yoster said.

Iggy bought some large T-shirts.

“Now this is going to stink” Yoster said as he ripped open the corpse using a hatchet and began rubbing the shirt in undead entrails.

Amy gagged.

Lyra covered her nose.

Iggy vomited.


The 4 teens exited the house wearing bloody T-shirts.

“Now remain calm” Yoster said “They won’t attack you if you stay silent”.

The 4 kept on walking through the herd and toward a City Hall.

At the roof of the City Hall was a Toad who was signalling Yoster and Co.

“Almost there” Iggy said.

Yoster looked back at Lyra, who was hyperventilating.

“Lyra…” Yoster said “Calm down”.

“...I can’t do it” Lyra cried “I can’t…”

“Hey hey...Just remain silent” Yoster said “We’ll be through this soon enough…”.

Lyra began crying before zombies grabbed her and began eating her.

“YOSTER!!!!” Lyra screamed.

“No...NOOOO!” Yoster yelled.

Lyra was holding onto Iggy, who was holding onto Amy.

Iggy couldn’t get Lyra to let go.

“Yoster!” Iggy yelled “Do something!”.

Yoster took out the hatchet and stared at Lyra’s arm.

Memories of him and Lyra together began flashing in his head.

Yoster swung the hatchet and began chopping her arm until it came clean off.

Iggy and Amy ran toward the church.

“YOSTER!” Iggy yelled “WHAT ABOUT YOU!?”.

“I’m joining her…” Yoster cried as he got eaten by Zombies


Yoster woke up in a hospital bed alongside Lyra.

“Am i dead?” Yoster asked “If i am, then where are my parents?”.

“You lived” Andromeda said “The stitched up the bite and removed the tooth” Andromeda responded “They managed the clean the tooth too” Andromeda said as she held up Lyra’s detached Dragon Tooth and handed it to Yoster “You seemed to be having a bad dream”.

“Lyra…” Peach said as she glanced over to Lyra “...Got put in a coma because of her wound”.

“She lost a lot of blood” Andromeda sighed “We’re going to need lots of bleach i guess”.

Yoster stared at the Dragon Tooth and sighed.

Yoster got up from the bed, walked over to Lyra, stroked her hair, and began to cry.

Andromeda put a hand on Yoster’s shoulder.

3 Weeks Later

Yoster entered the room Lyra was in and kneeled down besides her.

“...I’ll wait till you wake up from the coma…” Yoster sighed as he held her hand “If you’re there...please...wake up...I wanna see you again”.

Lyra was still asleep.

“Figured that one out…” Yoster sighed.

Yoster shed a tear and it landed on Lyra.

Lyra’s hand began to move and hold Yoster’s hand.

“...Yoster” Lyra said faintly as she began to open her eyes “...Is that you?”.

Yoster bear-hugged Lyra.

“ i?” Lyra asked.

“The hospital” Yoster responded “That wound i gave you...put you in a coma”.

“How long has it been?” Lyra asked.

“3 Weeks, I fed Chompy during that time” Yoster responded.

Lyra sighed, got up from the bed, and looked out the window.

“...Yoster, I think this is where we part ways” Lyra said “It doesn’t seem that we are worthy of each other”.

“Lyra…” Yoster said.

“You’re a hero, I’m a villain” Lyra said “I am not capable of unconditional love, I am a eccedentesiast”.

“What is that?” Yoster asked.

“...You’ll find out” Lyra smiled as she opened the window “Can i have my tooth back?”.

“Well don’t try re-attaching it” Yoster shrugged as he handed the dragon tooth over to Lyra.

“Goodbye Yoster” Lyra smiled “...I will see you some other time”.

Yoster shed a tear and smiled.

“One more request before i go?” Lyra asked.

“Anything that you desire” Yoster responded.

“...A kiss on the lips” Lyra smiled.

“C’mere!” Yoster said as he kissed Lyra for quite a long amount of time before stopping.

Lyra walked over to the window and flew away into the sunrise.

“This is was Andromeda warned me about” Yoster said “I am suffering what she’s suffering…”.

Yoster pulled out a phone.

“Hey Goombario, wanna go to the arcade?” Yoster asked.

The End
I was bored so...Happy birthday to any random person out there.

[Read the fic first before reading this, it contains spoilers]
*Sits down in chair inside a library lit by a fire in the fireplace and eventually pours wine into a cup*

“Hello guys and girls, PIK here” *Drinks from cup but then spits the drink out*


Take 2


Take 7

“Hello readers and local demons out there who may be reading this since i totally did not do a satanic ritual of some sort, PIK here and this is a bit of author commentary so...yeah”.

Story Arc 1 seemed to be a success, with the first 2 episodes being the introduction with 2 classic fan favorites; Iggy Koopa and Amy Candolit. But later on we got new fanon characters such as 2 new villains, Draconius Tyrain and Aseena Tyrain (Yes yes, dragons...I was going with Koopas and it didn’t seem to work). Of course we can’t forget Ki-Wait he’s not introduced yet?.

Sometime later…

*Eats pizza*

Oh, time already?...

But when we got story arc 2, we got a new character...Lyra, Yoster’s sorta-girlfriend i guess. Of course the recent episode has to be the most violent episode of the series since you get a scene where Yoster literally slices Lyra’s stomach open out of regret and protection. Now let’s get all the villain crap out of the way; King Boo will make his return sometime in the series, i won’t tell you when but the gentleman trickster will make his big return in the episode that is already in development.

Now i was pretty proud of Story Arc 1, since we got the classic “Koopa Family Craze” and “The Narrator being a total dingus”.

Hattie, don’t even think of grabbing that club, i keep a revolver with-oh wait it’s just a nerf gun...Well i’m about to get murdered.

20 Minutes Later

*Is bloodied and bruised*

We got a revamped version of the classic villains such as Iggy now being a crazed and sadistic scientist and Amy being a flirtatious thief and serial killer. Not only that, we also got Mario not being aggressive and Wiggler still being his good ol’ self!.

Now for Story Arc 2, we got the episode So-Fish-Ticated in which Luigi tried to bond with Yoster and the episode Packaged Deception, where we meet a new villain in the series. This Story Arc is going to be a bit hard on Yoster, especially towards the other parts. But we will also get more characters from the original series such as Professor E. Gadd and Kamek, the punster.

Now i really found the episode Packaged Deception emotional, when i write the episodes, i sometimes cry during the really emotional ones. Like you know the scene in With Every Breath where Aseena refuses to leave the stone statue? I bawled and had to clean my laptop of tears. And do you know the scene where Yoster is forced to “almost kill’’ Lyra and that he ends up putting her in a 3-week coma? Well that helped me raise the question if tears are edible.

But it’s in future episodes where it gets the the point where i stop writing due to crying too much, i won’t reveal what those episodes are obviously.

Well, that’s all for now i guess...But i’ll see you in the next fic by this dweeb you know me as!.
Guys, i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i was busy today and yesterday...So take a guess.

Fic delayed till next week.
“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not going to remember about me”

-Al Capone

*Noir Style*

It was a stormy night in the Mushroom Kingdom, there was a figure in a leather jacket and fedora walking into an alleyway. The figure pulled out a phone and cigar, he placed the cigar in his mouth and dialed on the phone.


There was a Toad in a cubicle on a computer.

The Toad had a pair of spectacles and bushy eyebrows.

The phone rang.

The Toad picked up the phone.

“Harley and Associates” the Toad answered “Benjamin speaking”.

“Hey...It’s me” someone said on the other end.

“Bowser?” Benjamin said “It’s been 4 years, what is it?”.

“I want to begin anew and go back to the golden days” Bowser said on the other end.

While Benjamin was calling, he was accessing files for grants on his computer.

“But remember what happened on our last heist?” Benjamin said “...Clawdia?”.

“Ben, i’m over that” Bowser said on the other end “Meet me at my place at 11 PM tomorrow”.

Bowser hung up the phone.

“Sure” Benjamin said as he accessed the grant files and proceeded to steal money from them.

“You really are good at stealing money, Ben” Benjamin smiled.


There was a Koopa doing paperwork.

The koopa was dress up as a sheriff, had a uniform and cowboy hat.

The phone rang.

The koopa answered the phone.

“Decalburg Police Station” the Koopa answered “Sheriff Reynolds”.

“Turt” Bowser said on the other end “...We’re coming back, meet me at my place at 11 PM tomorrow”.

“...Sure” Turt said “I’ll be there”.

A Bandit Guy walked in and gave Turt a huge bag of coins.

“Here is the 500,000 Coins” the Bandit Guy said frantically “Now delete all of my criminal files!”.

Turt began typing on the computer.

“Deleted” Turt smiled as he accepted the coins.


There was a Shy Guy chef in a fancy restraunt.

“Order 15 consisting of Roast Beef and Lobster” The waiter said.

The phone rang and the Shy Guy picked up.

“You’re contacting Le Shroom” the Shy Guy said “Chef Ramsey speaking”.

“Nate, i got Turt and Benjamin” Bowser said “Meet me at my place at 11 PM tomorrow”.

“Sure Bowser” Nate said as he hung up the phone.

A chef handed a dish to Nate.

“Tell the waiter this is Order 15” the Chef said.

The Shy Guy took out a bottle of Knockout LIquid from his uniform and put it on the dish.

3 Hours Later

Nate walked outside toward a crashed car, inside was a sleeping Toad.

“Heh heh” Nate chuckled as he took the Toad’s wallet then woke him up “Watch out, you could’ve ran out someone!”.

The Toad looked around confusedly.

“Well i have to make an insurance claim” The Toad said.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Ep. 14: Do Not Disturb

The Next Day, 4 PM

Bowser opened the castle door and placed a cigar in an ashtray.

“Kamek!” Bowser called out.

Kamek entered the main hallway and gave Bowser a mug of coffee.

“Your r-rudeness” Kamek said “You should really teach your kids on how to behave b-better”.

“How’s that!?” Bowser growled.

“They can be a bit...quirky” Kamek said.

“My kids behave perfectly!” Bowser said.

An explosion came from one of the rooms and Ludwig stumbled out all dazed.

“Well some of them” Bowser said.

“Why don’t you hire a babysitter?” Kamek asked.

“I’d rather not be responsible for another murder” Bowser said as he walked down the hall with Kamek while drinking from his coffee.

“How about a friend of yours?” Kamek asked.

“Well if you say that” Bowser said “You babysit them, you’re a friend”.

“But your hi-highness-” Kamek said.

“I MAKE THE DECISIONS AROUND HERE, IS THAT CLEAR?!” Bowser yelled angrily “Now...There’s something going on later today”.

“...What is it?” Kamek sighed.

“I have a meeting with my...crew later today” Bowser said “It’s been 5 years…”.

“But that incident with your wife!” Kamek said “Are you sure you’re willing to lose another?”.

“Kamek, all 4 of us are all bad people who have been in deep shit and want to prove ourselves to the world” Bowser responded “But after the death of my wife, we couldn’t find ourselves anymore since it felt like we lost a part of ourselves. Now i’m going to do this and you’re not getting in my way, now you’re going to take care of my kids so they won’t disturb me during my meeting, K?”.

“S-sure” Kamek said.

“And if you don’t…” Bowser said “...I will enjoy making a doctor remove a bullet from the back of your head”.

Kamek gulped.

Kamek left.

“I also need to hand you a list!” Bowser called out.

9:30 PM

Kamek was studying a list.

“All you need to know, i will be on the top floor in the conference room but don’t let anyone get near that room” Bowser said “It has been 4 years”.

“Don’t give Lemmy sugary foods, Let them sleep whenever they want” Kamek read “Listen to Ludwig’s crappy music when he asks you to and act that you like it even if your ears are causing you to bleed out and die”.

“Also if Iggy’s girlfriend visits, make sure they don’t end making out in the closet again and nearly ended up getting shot by her in the face” Bowser said “And i’ll hand you a spiked club to defend yourself if Roy’s ”Friends” visitand decided to…”roughen up the place”, consider yourself lucky if he leaves along with them but i’ll pay his bailout fee just in case...Make sure he’s not doing Plant Pills”.

“Got it” Kamek said.


Turt was driving Benjamin and Nate in a cop car.

“4 Years, man” Nate said “4 years of poisoning customers in order to steal their money”.

“4 Years of hacking and stealing bank files” Benjamin said.

“4 years of accepting bribes and framing men” Turt said.

“I can’t believe our old pal is doing this!” Benjamin said “I mean, our business was a major success!”.

“Machine Guns, Robbin’ Banks, Enemy Mobs, those were the good ‘ol days” Nate said.

“Remember that one moment where i testified against myself in court?” Turt asked “Managed to make the trail plead me as not guilty”.

“But how did we do it?” Benjamin asked “How did we begin anew? I mean, we had to change in appearance and crap”.

“Of course i faked my death” Benjamin said.

The car parked next to Bowser’s Castle.

Nate got out the car.

“Remember his kids?” Nate asked.

“I’m pretty sure that was hell in a nutshell” Turt responded “I prefer me and my wife”.

“I’m not sure i want a kid” Benjamin said as he knocked the door.

Kamek opened the door.

“Oh, right this way!” Kamek said as he gestured the 3 guests to follow him.

“This place sure changed a lot” Turt said.

“Bowser cares about the decor of his castle” Kamek said.

“That explains a lot” Benjamin said.

“Over here” Kamek said as he pressed a button, causing an elevator to come down “In here”.

The 4 entered the elevator and it went up.

“So, how’s Bowser doing?” Turt asked.

“Well…” Kamek said while scratching the back of his head “He’s still his angry and killer self like always but he has a shorter temper since the death of his wife”.

The elevator opened, revealing a long and dimly lit hall with a large red door at the end.

Kamek led the 3 mobsters toward the door.

Kamek opened the door.

On the other side of the door was a neatly furnished meeting room, inside was Bowser who was sitting at the far end of a round table.

“Take a seat” Bowser said as he took his feet off the table, pulled up his fedora, took off his sunglasses, lit a cigar, and put it in his mouth.

The 3 sat down.

“Close the door and leave, Kamek” Bowser said “And don’t let my kids disturb me, Do not disturb, k?”.

“Yes your grumpiness” Kamek said as he left and closed the door.

“I prepared something for this very occasion” Bowser grinned as he pulled out a giant bottle of wine from under the table “Nice to see you again!”.


Kamek closed the door and entered the elevator.

“...I can do this…” Kamek said “...Just one night of annoying abominations”.

The elevator door opened and Lemmy’s body was on the floor.

“WHAT!?” Kamek yelled “It’s barely been 5 seconds and one of you just got murdered!”.

Kamek grabbed a shovel from the closet.

“I’m not dead” Lemmy said.

“GAH, ZOMBIE!” Kamek shrieked as he dropped the shovel.

“I like laying down on the floor” Lemmy smiled “I’m a doormat!”.

Roy walked over Lemmy and cleaned his feet on him.

“Hey, respect your little brother!” Kamek demanded.

Roy took out a spiked bat.

“...Treat him the way you want” Kamek gulped.

“I’m a doormat” Lemmy drooled.

Kamek walked down the hall and saw Morton.

“Hey Martin” Kamek said.

“...What did you call me?” Morton asked.

“Your name is Martin, right?” Kamek asked “Or was it Marty?”.

“Dude, my name is Morton” Morton said “How did you forget my name?”.

“Ummm...Favoritism?” Kamek shrugged sheepishly.


Kamek was cooking dinner and had a black eye.

“Darn kids” Kamek grumbled as he began to serve dinner on eight plates and placed them on the table.

“Now how do i call 8 kids at once for dinner?” Kamek asked himself right as he pulled out a phone and called on it.

So Kamek called the 8 koopa kids for dinner on his phone.


Larry was sitting on the toilet, using his phone.

“I hate constipation” Larry groaned.

Larry’s phone rang.

“GAH!” Larry screamed in shock as he accidentally dropped his phone into the toilet “...Oh crap”.


“What the hell is this?” Ludwig asked as he pointed to the Broccoli on his plate.

“Maybe Kamek is secretly as parasite and he’s feeding us his spores” Iggy said.

“Ah’ ain’t eatin’ ‘dis!” Roy said in disgust as he threw his food to the ground and left.

“I’ll try” Wendy said as she put her food in her mouth but spat it out shortly after “Are you trying to kill me!?”.

“It’s Broccoli” Kamek said as he put the Broccoli in his mouth “Yummy!”.

“Ewww” all the Koopa Kids said in disgust.

“I want candy!” Bowser Jr. whined as he began banging the table “Candy! Candy! Candy!”.

“What do you guys want from me!?” Kamek yelled.

“Candy! Candy! Candy!” The Koopalings said while banging on the table.

“No!” Kamek refused.

All the Koopa Kids pulled out their scepters.

Kamek entered the kitchen and came crashing into the dining room with a truck full of candy.


“You hear that?” Nate asked as he took a sip of wine.

“No” Bowser responded.

“So, Bank Robbery or Bank Robbery and then a Bar Robbery?” Turt asked.

“What option do you think the Boss will pick all the time?” Benjamin asked.

“The option the gets us the most earnings” Bowser responded “So the second option you little dummy”.

“Luckily i bought Sally” Turt said as he pulled out a golden revolver.

“I missed Sally!” Bowser exclaimed “You put down many enemies with it”.

“Helped me in the line of duty an awful lot of times” Turt said.

“So let’s plan out our heist” Benjamin said as he pulled out a computer and projector.


“Now how am i going to fix this?” Kamek asked himself right before dialing on a phone “Umm...Monty Bros. Construction?...Wait...I’m a banned client!?”.

“...Too much jobs that require work that nearly kills your employees?” Kamek said “Well i’ll be damned” Kamek said before hanging up and putting his phone in a blender.

Kamek did a facepalm right before leaving the kitchen and noticing Roy and his friends dragging down a knocked out Wendy.

“What happened this time?” Kamek asked.

“She wouldn’t shut da’ hell up!” Roy replied “Now i’ma go annoy my older bros’ Ludwig and Iggy!”.

Roy entered a lab and caught Iggy making out with Amy.

“Looks like lover boy got himself a h-” Roy mocked right before Amy shot a gun in the air.

“Looks like Pinkie got himself a casket!” Amy growled.

Roy and his friends ran away.

Kamek looked into the lab.

“Why is there an old man here?” Amy asked “She your dad?”.

Kamek frowned heavily.

“He’ “Babysitter” Iggy responded “My dad’s right-hand man”.

“Oh that explains why he looks like he was born underwater” Amy said.

“You take that back!” Kamek yelled.

“Or what?” Amy smiled “You’re going to bore me to death stories about the Mushroom War?”.

“PATRIOTISM!” Amy yelled as she began shooting her guns toward the ceiling.


“What’s going on down there?” Nate asked.

“I told you to not leave your shotgun perched above the fireplace” Benjamin told Bowser.

“I think that’s my son’s girlfriend” Bowser said before pulling out a phone “Wait right here”.


Kamek was walking down the hall right before his phone began to ring.

Kamek answered the phone.

“Hello?” Kamek responded.

“KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE!” Bowser yelled before hanging up.

Kamek groaned right before hearing footsteps above him and a elevator ding.

Kamek looked around frantically and saw the Koopalings running all over the place.

The elevator came down and opened, revealing Bowser and his friends.

“Hey Boss, you haven’t showed us your kids” Benjamin said.

“Fine, i’ll show you my sorry excuse for a family” Bowser groaned “Kids!”.

All the Koopalings lined up.

“Age order” Bowser commanded.

The Koopalings lined themselves up in age order.

“That’s Bowser Jr., a absolute chip off the block. That’s Lemmy, who doesn’t have a brain. That’s Larry, my favorite. That’s Wendy, a total brat. That’s Martin-” Bowser said right before being cut off by Morton.

“Morton!” Morton interrupted.

“Yeah yeah, Maron” Bowser replied “That’s Roy, a wannabe. That’s Iggy, my nerdy son. And that’s Ludwig, my oldest”.

"Well Kamek, i have to go on a heist" Bowser said as he held up a machine gun "Don't burn down the castle while i'm gone!".

5 Hours Later

The Castle was on fire.

"Care to explain?" Bowser asked.

The End

Well time to check on Pinterest then work on Episode 16-Oh...I have 666 Pins
I must say, I am very impressed with the above story. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take on average to make one episode?
Keep up the GOOD work!
uʍopǝpᴉsd∩ said:
I must say, I am very impressed with the above story. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take on average to make one episode?
Keep up the GOOD work!
Well thanks, the time it takes for me to make a story varies based on how busy I am since I just began High School. The average time is about 3 days to 1 week to publish one.

Magikrazy said:
He hasn't been on this website since July.
...Or was he?

Well I have lost interest in this site and I have been very busy lately. I decided to expand my stories on the FFnet although that would mean rewriting the whole series. I found this slightly bothersome but I have noticed that I can improve the stories and establish a longer storyline.

I plan to add links whenever a new one comes on although the FFnet version is slightly more adult such as a slight increase in profanity and scenes that can deemed inappropriate.
(Hope it's fine to bump this)

I should probably archive these alongside my other older works, but at the same time I'm lazy.

I keep thinking about these stories - earlier I was writing and I had a moment thinking about how far I've come. To this day I'm still writing, albeit not Mario. I've entertained the idea a few times but nothing came out of it. Regardless, I still have these stories to thank for inspiring me to get where I am today. They're still the scribbles of a preteen who wrote more than they actually socialized with the world around them, but I don't think I'd end up getting my current career in writing without typing away about Wiggler's hijinks. Despite Iggy, the little worm was actually my favorite for the longest time.

Thank you to those who stuck around and read these too. You folks truly, truly kept me going even if I was writing as a coping mechanism on most days. It's been so long since I revisited these stories, let alone this forum, so it's crazy to think that it's been nearly a decade since I started writing here. Again, thank you for reading.