The Super Shroomy Stories (SERIES REBOOT)

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Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

It’s not the end…

...It’s not the beginning…’s the resolution… the Uprising

Uprising Finale

*Glimpse of a devastated Mushroom Kingdom is shown*

Bombette: There’s nothing left…

*Glimpse of a devastated planet is shown*

Bombette: ...we’re all that’s left…

*Glimpse of a explosion is shown*

Bombette: ...and we’re going to fix this all…

Mushroom Kingdom: *Places Flag on Rubble that says “Take Back The Kingdom”*

Mushroom King: Goombario...can you do the honors? *Passes Bullhorn*

Goombario: You mean it?...You really mean it?...

Yoshi: C'mon Goombario, i know you can do it

Goombario: *Grabs Bullhorn*

In the Castle

King Boo: Bootler, hand me a glass of blood

Bootler: *Serves King Boo a glass of blood*

King Boo: *Drinks blood and eats cup* Yummy…

*Chanting comes from outside*

King Boo: It has started...The ultimate battle between mortals and immortals *Goes to balcony and sees mob*


Goombario: *Talks into bullhorn* All is lost...we lost our families...we lost our friends...we lost ourselves...But we will find ourselves, we will show King Boo on who is the real hero, we will stand up to an old enemy. We are the future of a Mushroom Kingdom, we are the heroes and fathers of the next generation…

...we are...the Uprising…

...we are...strength in numbers…

Goombario: *Pause*...CHARGE!

All: *Charges toward the castle and cannons are launched toward the castle*

King Boo: Na’am Letusan Kupisa…

*Rift gets bigger and Boos start coming out from the castle and into the mob*

Yoshi: *Tries to bash open door along with Luigi and Mario*

*Door breaks open*

Mushroom King: Go along! Me and my daughter will fight!

Goombella: Me too!

Luigi: Stay safe!

*Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, Goombario, and Bombette walk down hallway*


Goombario: *Looks out window* Holy crap...look…

*Quadcopter crashes into the castle*

Luigi: Should we go investigate?

Mario: Well, it is in the way of us getting to the balcony

Yoshi: I have a bad feeling about this

Goombario: It may have weapons or something useful

All: *Walks toward wreckage*

Bombette: dang it, it’s blocked

Mario: *Pushes door* Not anymore


Yoshi: Huh?

*Dark figure stares at Goombario and Co. and climbs up to ceiling*

Luigi: Who’s there!?

Mario: Show yourself?

???: *Claws protract, jumps down, and punches Luigi*

Amy: Surprised i survived…*Flirtatious grin* Heh heh heh…

Luigi: Amy?...

Yoshi: Amy...we can work together

Amy: No, this time i’m gonna be who i really am *Cracks whip*

Mario: Go on Goombario and Bombette

Yoshi: We’ll take care of her…

*Goombario and Bombette go to the next room*

Amy: How long has it been since we had our last battle? 8 years maybe?

Mario: *Runs to Amy to punch but gets flipped* Why you little-*Tries to stand up but Amy puts a foot on him* Get off of me!

Amy: Who’s next?

Yoshi: Amy...stop this

Amy: But it’s such a nice day outside, the flowers are burning, there’s screams of pain, and people like you…
[size pt=5]Should be burning hell[/size]

Amy: *Cracks whip and laughs*

Yoshi: *Fights Amy along with Luigi and Mario*

Mario: We don’t have to do this! *Dodges whip*

Amy: Yeah, let’s negotiate on this...NOT *Shoots gun*

Luigi: *Is about to punch Amy but gets launched toward wall by Amy*

Yoshi: *Punches Amy*

Amy: ...HOW DARE YOU! *Kicks and Punches Yoshi*

Yoshi: Ugh…*Collapses*

Mario: YOU’LL PAY FOR-*Gets shot by Amy*

Amy: It’ll be you that pays…*Sinister grin*...who’s next?

Luigi: *Crawls away*

Amy: *Cracks whip* It’s over for your son and brother, Luigi…*Walks up to Luigi and grabs him by the neck with a feeler* I feel like a Sylveon, for 12 years you would never risk to punch me, i knew you were scared of me. You knew if you were to do the slightest knock to me, i would kick your butt. So go ahead and cry...pee your pants...i’m still going to win…

Luigi: *Pees pants and starts panicking*

Amy: *Laughs* Oh Luigi…*Kisses Luigi* Join me and we can beat King Boo, i’d love to see Mr. L again. Ya craphead…

Luigi: I’ve always wanted to do this to you ever since…*Rips off Ribbon-like feeler*

Amy: YEOWCH! Can’t you see that was surgically implanted like the others?

Luigi: *Punches Amy and knocks her out*

Mario: G-good j-j-job…

Luigi: You were right…

Yoshi: I thought...she was fond of me…

In the Next Room

Bombette: Almost there…

Goombario: This doesn’t make sense...why is all of this happening?

Bombette: I don’t know Goombario…

What fun is there in making sense?

Goombario: Oh no…

*Draconius appears out of thin air and is wearing trench coat & fedora*

Draconius: Good apocalyptic afternoon m’lady and sir. *Snaps and trench coat & fedora disappears*

Draconius: But remember me!? It’s your old friend Iggy Koopa, but now i am a dragon...but i have a little gift for you...YOUR OWN DEATH...boy, admitting that sure seemed like a lot of fun...have fun...IN HELL...I’ll enjoy every single second of your death...SINCE I’M GOING TO TEAR YOU INTO BLOODY PIECES, OVER AND OVER AGAIN!. Intestines will fly, blood will splatter, bones will be snapped, and dreams will be crushed…


Bombette: Go on Goombario!. I can take it from here!.

Goombario: But Bombette…

Bombette: Just go!...I love you…

Goombario: *Goes to next room*

Draconius: You sure care about him, don’t you?. Heh, that’s ironic since you hate me that much. SO I’M GOING TO CLAW YOUR *Bleep*ING EYES OUT AFTER THIS!

Draconius: *Breathes Fire* [size pt=10]Die[/size] *Claws protract and tries to scratch Bombette*

Bombette: *Dodges*

Draconius: Die...die...DIEEEE!

Bombette: *Grabs knife on the ground*

Draconius: *Starts levitating Bombette’s knife* Ya need this? *Eats knife* Not anymore

Bombette: *Grabs journal*

Draconius: Don’t be a hero, kid *Levitates journal, snaps, and journal catches on fire* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bombette: You monster!

Draconius: I was a monster ever since *Levitates Bombette and flies* Cry...go ahead and cry “Mommy!” “Daddy!” “Somebody help!”

Bombette: H-h-he-

Draconius: SHUT UP! *Stares deeply and angrily at Bombette* Don’t even try to beat a supreme being like me…

Bombette: *Cries*

Draconius: *Makes a sympathetic face but then changes it, scratches the air, opening a rift* Die

*Rift closes*

Draconius: Huh?

*Bombette falls*

Draconius: Huh...My powers? *Starts glowing* GAAAAH! WHY ARE THEY GOING AGAINST ME, GAAAAAAH!!


*Iggy is no longer a dragon and is lying down*

Iggy: Just kill me…

Bombette: *Grabs knife*

Iggy: …

Bombette: *Drops knife*

Iggy: …!

Bombette: I won’t do it…

Iggy: ...i’ll kill you…

Bombette: Still…

Iggy: ...I’ll kill everyone…

Bombette: I’m not going to kill you

Iggy: *Gets up and starts to tear up* W-why are you so nice to me?

Bombette: *Throws away knife*

Iggy: I don’t understand…*Tears up more*

Bombette: The answer is no

Iggy: I don’t understand…*Turns back into Draconius and then cries* life is a lie…*Collapses*

Bombette: *Lies down with Draconius*

The next room

Goombario: *Sees set of stairs* I never thought this day would come…*Goes up stairs and through archway*

On the Balcony

King Boo: *Looks at Battlefield*

*Shaking and rift gets bigger*

King Boo: My plans, they will succeed and by tonight. This world is mine…

Goombario: Not for long…

King Boo: Goombario A. Heronicio

Goombario: It is too late for you King Boo

King Boo: 5000 years i was being tormented by defeat, i’ve always tried to conquer this blasted world. I’ve possessed, swindled, and even killed just to make it this far into succession. You’re not going to ruin my plans, nobody is going to ruin my plans in controlling all of you and combining the 2 sacred dimensions together, causing a onslaught of terror and destruction...I am King Boomerie “Cipher” Boo the Third, The King of Chaos and Ghosts, now...Let’s play a game...shall we?. *Snaps and Goombario’s Backpack disappears* No tools, and especially no Star Rod. If you beat me, you win and i win...YOU PERISH!...Now, i may seem feeble...but not for long...say hello to my true form! *Starts glowing and gets bigger. Eventually grows out extra arms, a 3rd bowtie, and turns black*

Lord Boo

Lord Boo: *Demonic voice* How do you like my true form?

Goombario: Uh…

Lord Boo: We can save that for later...THIS IS MY WORLD NOW!

Goombario: *Dodges Lord Boo’s attacks*

Lord Boo: Enough games! *Opens up portals and chases after Goombario*

Goombario: Not today! *Throws Rock and Lord Boo*


Goombario: I know your weakness Boo...and it’s-


King Boo: *Is in Goombario’s Mind* Thanks for letting me possess you! It sure is a lot of fun! *Opens Door and sees Goombario*

Goombario: Wait and see Boo…

King Boo: Wait...wha?

Goombario: Your weakness...IS THE SYMBOLS! *Is holding all the symbol items*

King Boo: No...NO!

*Everything is shaking and is on fire*

King Boo: NO, MY POWERS! *Is trying to transform*

Goombario: *Goes up to King Boo and kicks him*

King Boo: NOOOO! *Explodes*


Goombario: Ugh…*Wakes up*

King Boo: N-no….I won’t lose...I won’t lose…*Is about to kill Goombario: DIE *Censor Bleep*

Draconius: YOU’LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID! *Pushes King Boo and is sucked into rift along with King Boo*

King Boo: NOOOOOO! *Explodes and rift closes*

Goombario: But...wha?...*Castle balcony collapses along with Goombario*

Goombario: *Is knocked out*

Sometime Laytor

Goombario: *Wakes up in hospital bed* Where am i?

Bombette: You fell but Amy nursed you back to health

Mushroom King: Thing is, that the Mushroom Kingdom is back!

Peach: Thank you Goombario

1 Year Laytor

Peach: *Awards Goombario, Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, and Bombette a medal* I hereby declare these loyal civilians, the Awards Of Heroism

Bombette: *Kisses Goombario*

The End

Guys...I’m sorry to say this but...i’ve been losing interest in writing and i’m considering on cancelling the series.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

Sad to hear.

Well it was a good run, and I understand what's been going on with you.
Re: The Super Shroomy Stories

guess who's back?

Now, this is a reboot of the series. The new series will have a new writing style, storyline, and new characters (Both Canon and Fanmade). But some characters such as the original characters and new characters will appear until later in the series. I hope you enjoy this new series.
Many say a story is just the publication of one intellectual mindset who writes it for fun and appeal. But this is no story, this is...The Super Shroomy Stories. Deep in the Space-Time Continuum was a dimension called The Shroomiverse, it had a planet which had 3 kingdoms. They remained neutral since the beginning of civilization until one creature decided to declare war on the neighboring kingdoms, thus starting...the Mushroom war. The war lasted for 50 years until the cause was encased in stone and the 3rd Kingdom collapsed. 1000 years later, the 2 remaining kingdoms were still clashing against each other; One for global domination and one for global peace. The Mushroom Kingdom and The Koopa Kingdom.

...Now let’s get on track, shall we?...

“Shroomtember 25, 2015” Yoster wrote in a diary, he was a small Bubble Baby Yoshi with a small satchel pouch and green cap. “Today my dad and uncle are moving to Toad Town for his new job! I am so-”

“Yoster” Luigi interrupted as he entered “Get your things so we can go”.

“Yes Dad” Yoster said and then writes into the diary: “Never mind, i have to go”.

Luigi was a tall man, with a handlebar mustache, green cap, and overalls. He worked as a plumber along with his older brother, Mario. Yoster, Mario, and Luigi loaded the things into the van and drove away, eventually past a sign that said “You are now leaving Decalburg”.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Ep. 1: Man In Green

“Finally, we’re here” Mario said joyfully as he drove the car into a street “It should be around here”.

“There it is!” Luigi pointed out.

The House was a fairly-large house atop a small hill with 3 windows, a white wood wall, a green roof, a dirt path, and a driveway. Some could call it the “average house” while some could call it a Rank D Mansion.

“It’s...It’s…” Yoster said in a sad tone.

“Pretty worn-down” Luigi added “But hey, at least it’s better than a “Rank F”.

“Hey, we’re the Italianos and nothing gets in our way” Mario encouraged.

“You’re right!” Luigi said cheerfully and later rubs Yoster’s head, which makes Yoster smile.

While The Italianos were moving the things out the van and into the house, a neighbor eventually walks onto their lawn.

“Howdy!” the Toad said “My name is Toad Mushroomhead, i live at the house next door”.

“Nice to meet you” Mario said shaking his hand “My name is Mario Italiano”.

“Well if you ever need anything, just knock on my door” Toad said joyfully as he left.

The day was followed by a cool and soothing Night, not that much was going on except a few cars passing by and after the Italianos set up their furniture, they decided to play some Checkers.

“I win again!” Yoster celebrated.

“I give up...” Mario grumbled…

While Yoster was celebrating, somebody knocked on the door.

“I’ll go get it” Luigi said as he walked toward the door.

But when Luigi opened the door…

“SURPRISE!” Toad exclaimed as he ran in.

“What’s going on?” Mario asked.

“Dad, what’s happening” Yoster asks.

“Well…” Toad says “I’ve told a friend of mine that you moved in and we decided to order some Pizza for all of us!.”

As Toad walked in, he was followed by a fancy-looking Wiggler with a blue bowtie holding a immense amount of pizza boxes.

“What’s even better...” the Wiggler said cheerfully “...That these are homemade!”.

“This is William Van Gluttoners” Toad remarks “But we just call him Wiggler”.

“I live at Mushroom Estates” Wiggler said “The biggest mansion on the street”.

“Lucky” Luigi says in a jealous tone.

“Hey don’t sweat it” Wiggler says in a sympathetic tone “We’re all destined for success”.

“You’re right” Luigi says confidently.

So Toad, Luigi, Wiggler, Yoster, and Mario were having a pizza party like a close friend group on a saturday night. They laughed and talked and had fun all night, hoping that tomorrow will be good as today.

The Next Day

“BEEP BEEP BEEP!” The alarm clock blared as it displayed 8:30 AM.

“Ugh” Luigi said as he procrastinated to get up “Ugh...Mario...can you turn it off?”.

“Fine…” Mario said lazily as he turned off the alarm clock.

Later that morning the little 14-year old Yoster was home alone as his father and uncle went to work that day, but he didn’t know on will happen next.

“You can go to the library or park” Yoster read on a note Luigi left him.

As soon as he finished reading the note, Yoster decided to leave the house and go to the local Toad Town Library to see what works of Literature they have in the building. But as he left his house, he was stopped by two teenagers.

“Stop!” they both exclaimed.

One of them was a Goomba who appeared to be 13, here wore a blue cap and backpack. The other one was a Female Bob-Omb who looked a year younger than the Goomba, she wore a pink bow and a satchel pouch.

“I’m Goombario” the Goomba said afterward.

“...and I’m Bombette” the pink Bob-Omb introduced “You must be new to Toad Town, right?”.

“Um…” Yoster said in a confused tone.

“Don’t worry” Goombario explained “Almost all new kids don’t know their way around town”.

“So where are you going?” Bombette asked.

“Well i’m going to the Library” Yoster replied.

“We can take you there” Bombette said.

“No thanks” Yoster said “I know on how to get there”.

“Well thanks for answering” Goombario said happily “We live right next door if you need us”.

“Thanks!” Yoster said as he rode his bike into town.

Toad Town was a relatively large town, larger than Decalburg but without the shipping ports and docks. There were shops, stands, houses, and buildings all over the immense town. If one were to go far north, the would reach the most majestic building of them all; Peach’s Castle. A castle the belonged to the Toadstool’s where they would peacefully rule over the Mushroom Kingdom.

“Finally” Yoster said as he locked his bike onto a bike rack.

But as Yoster walked up the steps, he noticed something that normally no citizen would ever do since they were so compassionate. He saw a female goomba probably in her 30’s with yellow hair and a tie being harassed by a Koopa. The Koopa was tall and slender but his slightly-raspy voice showed that he was 16 or 17, he had a lime-green hairstyle in the shape of a turnip, wore very round and thick glasses, and had a lime shell with purple rings around the spikes.

“I’ll never tell you!” the Female Goomba yelled “I’m the Princess’s student and i would never reveal what it would do!”.

“Then what about the Star Rod!?” the tall Koopa asked.

“I know who you are...Iggy Koopa…” the Female Goomba muttered.

“You’ll pay!” Iggy exclaimed “I’LL TAKE OVER THIS BLASTED KINGDOM!”.

“Pfft, Like i’m scared” the Female Goomba said.

But things took a dark turn, Iggy took out a Magic Scepter and pointed it at her.

“Tell me…” Iggy muttered angrily “NOW!”.

“N-ne-never!” the Goomba refused.

“I’LL ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF YOUR-” Iggy exclaimed threateningly until he was interrupted by Yoster.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Yoster yelled at Iggy.

“You’ll be my first victim” Iggy chuckled as he put his Magic Scepter away and left.

“Thanks” the Goomba said as she grabbed her stuff “My name is Goombella”.

“You’re welcome” Yoster said as he’s about to enter the Library.

“Well, i am going inside the library...want to go with me?” Goombella asked.

“Sure” Yoster replied.

The library had an immense literature collection; Ranging from encyclopedias to children’s books to novels and things like that.

“So...who was the teen that was annoying you?” Yoster asked as he sits down at a table with Goombella.

“Can i lend you in on something?” Goombella asked as she gets closer to Yoster.

“Uh...yeah?” Yoster said cowardly.

“I...I am a student a Princess Peach, My old teacher Professor Frankly thought i was better off learning from her and she let me in on a secret.” Goombella whispered “...can you keep it safe?”.

“I cross my heart” Yoster replied.

“Inside the Castle at the top of the tower is the Star Rod, a magic wand with unimaginable power!. It was used by the first generation of Toadstools to encase...well, it’s against the law to mention his name in anyway so we’ll call him was used to encase You-know-who in stone to stop the Mushroom War 1000 years ago...but if it fell into the wrong hands…” Goombella whispered “...we would’ve been in hell, Iggy is King Bowser Koopa’s oldest son and he’s already working on a machine that can penetrate the Magic Barrier”.

“Is the Princess aware of this?” Yoster asked.

“Yes” Goombella replied.

Just as Goombella is about to start a new topic, her phone rings and she answers it.

“Hello?” Goombella said into the phone and leaves afterward “Yes Princess”.

Later that night the Italianos went to the castle courtyard in front of Peach’s Castle to mark the 5000th Anniversary of the victory of the Mushroom War.

“I cannot believe that we’re going to see the Princess!” Luigi said excitedly.

“Although it is our 2nd day here” Mario said.

As Mario, Luigi, and Yoster wait for the ceremony, they are greeted by Wiggler & Toad.

“Looks like you came too!” Wiggler said joyfully.

“Isn’t it glamorous outside?” Toad asked.

Just as Luigi and Co. engaged in a conversation, Goombella comes and greets Yoster.

“Yoster!” Goombella said in surprise “Didn’t know you would be here, so this is your dad?”.

“My name is Luigi” Luigi added.

“I’m Mario, that’s Toad, and that’s Wiggler” Mario said while pointing to Wiggler and Toad.

“Well, Peach said-” Goombella said just before she got interrupted by a speaker.

Just when the speaker blared, cutting off Goombella, A tall Royal-looking man with a turban, black robe, and a small black beard coming from his chin walked from a door and onto the Castle balcony. Followed by a blond woman in a pink dress.

“Hello everybody!” the Man said “Remember me, Mushroom King and my daughter Princess Peach?”.

The crowd cheered.

“Now let my daughter do the speech!” Mushroom King reluctantly said before giving Peach the Microphone.

“1000 years ago there was a war, a immense war that took many intellectualism to beat. But using the power of both the Star Rod and Loyalty of Citizens alike, we won and we were put at peace.” Peach said right before Mushroom King pulls out and waves the Star Rod “Now, it is our duty to-”

But something happened, Peach was cut off by the sound of a cannon firing straight into the Castle. Shortly after, there was screams after the sight of Airships flying straight to the castle to do their preposterous bidding with the Toadstools.

“Put the Star Rod in the Castle Treasure Room!” gestured Mushroom King to his Royal advisers, Toadsworth and Wooster.

While Toadsworth & Wooster left to go put away the Star Rod, the Airships got closer...closer…Until Iggy Koopa appeared on the deck on the Frontmost Airship and pulled out a bullhorn.

“Long time no see Princess!” Iggy blurted out into the bullhorn.

“Now...give me the Star Rod and i won’t end up enjoying every second i tear your castle apart” Iggy commanded.

“NO!” Peach and Mushroom King refused.

“That’s a shame…” Iggy said “...I’LL GET IT MYSELF THEN!”

After implying that he’ll steal the Star Rod himself, he pulled a lever. The lever opened up a hatch in the Airship which let out a giant arm that grabbed Peach & Mushroom King and put them on the airship, surrounded by Bowser’s Army...The Koopa Troop.

“Let’s go in there and save Peach” Mario said “...Who’s with me!?”.

“...I am” Yoster said confidently.

“A Teacher helps a student” Goombella added “Now it’s about time the Student helps the teacher”.

“We are” Toad and Wiggler said.

“What about you Luigi?” Mario asked.

“Dad?” Yoster asked with worry.

“I’ll go” Luigi said “LET’S TAKE BACK THE PRINCESS!”.

So Luigi and Co. decided to run into the castle and intervene from Iggy’s preposterous plot to steal the Star Rod.

“This is the room!” Goombella pointed out.

“Let me kick it open” Mario said, whilst struggling to kick open the door.

“Let me try” Wiggler volunteered “Make me mad”.

“Your momma is so stupid, she yelled into a envelope and called it a voice mail!” Toad chuckled.

“WHY YOU LITTLE!” Wiggler shouted as he turned red and kicked the door off the hinges & frame with all his might.

“Damn” Mario said.

“All better” Wiggler smiled as he turned back to the color yellow.

“There he is!” Yoster blurted as he pointed to Iggy.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Goombella and her group of friends...I’m sooo scared” Iggy said in a sarcastic manner.

“GIVE BACK THE PRINCESS!!” Mario commanded “OR ELSE!”.

“...or else?...OR ELSE WHAT!?” Iggy cackled as he pulled out his Magic Scepter and used it on Luigi and Co., knocking them out.

After being knocked out by Iggy he proceeded with his plan as he pressed a button on a mechanical clown car, shooting a blue laser at the Barrier surrounding the star rod, eventually penetrating it!.

“Yes...I finally have it…” Iggy cackled as he grabbed the Star Rod “MWAHAHAHA!”

After that, Iggy entered the Airship and stole the Star Rod, along with Princess Peach.

“Help me!” Peach blurted as she flew away along with the airship.

3 Hours Later

“Ugh…Where am i?” Luigi asked as he is in a Hospital Bed along with Yoster, Goombella, Mario, Wiggler, and Toad.

“In the Hospital” Mario said “The scepter defeated us all”

“Ugh...My leg” Wiggler groaned.

“My armlets...have friendly faces” Toad muttered.

“Dad...I don’t feel right” Yoster groaned.

“Mehlp…” Goombella groaned.

“I appreciate that you tried to stop him...thank you” Mushroom King said just as he enters the room. “I-i just can’t…”

But Mushroom King starts crying after losing his daughter, but then Luigi gets up from his hospital bed.

“We couldn’t stop him…” Luigi said “But we will again!”.

“Yeah” Mario said just as he got off the Hospital Bed “Let’s save the princess!”.

“I’m in on this, i wanna give him a taste of his own medicine!” Wiggler blurts.

“Nobody hurts my dad!” Yoster yells as he gets off of the bed.

“Let’s do this!” Goombella shouts.

“I-i...I am just...This is so nice of all of you…” Mushroom King said and then cries.

“Please Master uh-” Toadsworth said as he was interrupted by Luigi.

“Luigi and Mario” Luigi remarks.

“Please Master Mario and Master Luigi” Toadsworth said as he hands Luigi a Fire Flower “I may help, i hope you save the princess on such a treacherous journey”.

“My blessings go out to you” Wooster said.

3 Hours Later, Bowser’s Castle

“Is this not the right place?” Luigi asked.

“This is Bowser’s Castle as the map states” Goombella said reading from a map.

“But we can’t exactly waltz our way in there” Wiggler said “There could be traps, monsters...or even worse...Weight Loss Experts...such hellish things…”.

“We can go in through the vent” Yoster suggested.

“Great idea” Luigi said as he pried open the Air Vent Door.

While Iggy Koopa was busy testing the capabilities of the Star Rod, Luigi and Co. crawled through the vents and eventually made it to the Throne Room.

“Wow, this room is neatly designed” Toad said in amazement.

The Throne Room was a circular lava pit with a bridge extending out from one side of it to another side on the room where a very fancy Throne. As Luigi and Co. walked on the bridge, it begun to shake as Iggy was using his machine the test the Star Rod causing Wiggler to fall!.

“Help!” Wiggler said as he was holding onto a ledge.

As Wiggler was worried that he would plummet to his death, Luigi stepped up and saved him.

“Thanks” Wiggler said.

“No worries” Luigi replied.

As Luigi and Co. walked down the bridge, a mysterious figure holding a weapon followed them toward the throne.

“Dead end” Toad said “Goddammit”.

“IT WILL BE YOUR DEAD END!” Iggy yelled, as he pulled out a futuristic-looking gun and shot a green laser at them “You like it? I used a part of the Star Rod’s energy to make this”.

“WHERE’S THE PRINCESS!?” Luigi demanded.

“I guess you didn’t listen, let me introduce myself” Iggy snickered “The name’s Iggy Koopa, your local 16 year old mad scientist”.

“Ugh, this guy” Mario groaned.

“Well i guess it had to end this way then...DIE!” Iggy yelled.

As Iggy begun shooting at them, Luigi and Co. made a run for it to the lab. When they made it there, they made sure the door was locked.

“There it is!” Yoster pointed as he grabbed the Star Rod.

“Nice!” Mario exclaimed.

But something went wrong, very wrong. From the ceiling the Lab released a gas in which Luigi and Co. started to fall asleep one by one. The second the gas poured out a TV Monitor attached to a Metal arm came out from a hatch showing Iggy’s face on it.

“Looks like that Gas did work!” Iggy said on the monitor “Wait till i release the poison, it will kill you-”

But Iggy was interrupted as Luigi got up and fought the noxious fumes as he walked toward a button that said “Knockout Gas Release Prevention”

“DON’T TOUCH THAT BUTTON!” Iggy commanded.

“N-n-not T-today!” Luigi said as he pressed the button, cutting off the gas causing Mario, Goombella, Toad, Yoster, and Wiggler to wake up.

“….NO!” Iggy cried.

“Try me” Yoster commanded “Try me ya big craphead!”.

“THAT’S IT!” Iggy yelled as he kicked open the door “You messed with the wrong-”.

“It was you that messed with the wrong kingdom!” Luigi interrupted.

Luigi shot the Star Rod at Iggy; Knocking him out. After knocking out Iggy, all of them walked toward the castle dungeon to free the Princess.

In the Dungeon

“When will this end?” Peach said to herself.

The Doorknob to her cell turned.

“Fudge, it’s Bowser” Peach said.

“Hey” Luigi smiled as he entered the Dungeon.

“Thank you!” Peach exclaimed as she kissed both Luigi & Mario “Thank you too Goombella, i really appreciate it”.

“Thanks” Goombella said back.

“Now how about we go back to Toad To-” Peach said.

“Am i missing something?” Bowser interrupted as he kicked open the door.

“This thing makes adventuring look like 2+2” Luigi sighed as he shot Bowser with the Star Rod, knocking him out.

So the whole group laughed and laughed as they made their trip back to Toad Town.

The Next Day

“It’s okay” Wooster said as a soothed a crying Mushroom King.

“I cannot believe she got kidnapped!” Mushroom King cried “Who would do something”

“Hi Dad” Peach said as she entered, interrupting Mushroom King.

“Oh i’m so glad that you’re okay!” Mushroom King cried as he ran up to hug Peach. “Thank you…”

“No worries” said both Mario and Luigi.

At Night

“Pawn to B4” Yoster said as he was playing Checkers with his dad “Checkmate!”.

“Why do you win everyti-” Luigi said as he was interrupted by somebody knocking on the door.

“I’ll get it” Mario said as he opened the door.

“Surprise!” Mushroom King said as he walked in, carrying a huge cake.

“We decided to award you by hosting a party at Mushroom Manor” Peach said “Will you come?”.

“Yes” Mario, Luigi, and Yoster said at the same time.

“Eh-herm...Luigi?...I decided to move out of the mansion i live in since my parents drive me i move in?” Wiggler asked.

“Can i too? I want to move out of my apartment” Goombella asked.

“Sure” Luigi said.

“You’re more than welcome to” Mario said.

“Now, that’s not all!” Mushroom King said “Now!”

“Surprise!” Toadsworth said as he jumped out the cake.

So everyone laughed and laughed as they had their own mini-party, but there’s more to come on...The Super Shroomy Stories.
That’s all for now but i’ll release more along with more characters from the original cast in future episodes alongside new characters. I’ll release one every friday and here’s the schedule:

Feb 26: Thief Of The Night
March 4: Family Fadoodle
March 11: Full and Fledged
March 18: Once was a Statue
Kind of sad to see the old canon go, but the reboot seems pretty good so far!
A small announcement:
A new fanmade character will appear in Episode 5 and another will appear at Episode 10. But a new canon character will appear at episode 10 and another at episode 15.
Last week was intensive, the Mario Bros. were successful in defeating Iggy and preventing him from succeeding, but just because he’s one villain...there could be more than one...2:00 AM, Peach’s Castle; It was a cold night, Princess Peach and the royal family were asleep, the guards were off-duty, the whole town seemed deserted and there was no signs of anyone being awake...except one person...

She was a tall white vixen with a tail that had a pink end and ears that had a pink end. She was about Iggy’s size. She also wore a black jumpsuit with white gloves, white boots, and a white utility belt. She also wore a Red Hair ribbon with Pink Ribbon-like feelers coming out of it, similar to a Sylveon.

“Now where the hell is the Air vent?” the Vixen asked herself.

The Castle is normally well-protected by the finest of guards, but when they’re off duty, they activate the castle security system. One of the most secure systems in all of the Mushroom Kingdom, even the most elite of hackers cannot disable the system.

“I hate entering roofs” the Vixen said as she pulled out a grappling hook and used it to enter through the roof.

“So easy” the Vixen said as she entered through as sunroof.

As she entered through the sunroof, she used a special spray on herself which made her appear invisible to the facial recognition cameras throughout the hallways and corridors.

“Like taking candy from a baby...but without the baby” the Vixen said to herself as she entered Peach’s room.

Peach’s Room was nothing but the color pink, it was decorated with pink and red drapes as if it were fit for a queen. At the way end of the room was Peach’s Crown on a special table, and at the other end was a sleeping Peach.

“Don’t worry Peach, you’ll never crack the case…” the Vixen smiled sinisterly “...your property...belongs to Amy”.

And so Amy ran off into the night with Peach’s Crown, and Peach will be in for a immense surprise the next day…

The Super Shroomy Stories
Ep. 2: Thief Of The Night

“And so, the Mario Bros. and their friends save the Mushroom Kingdom” the TV said from a Mushroom 5 News Broadcast.

“It’s so nice to be recognized by others” Luigi said.

“Especially by the Toadstools” Mario added.

Meanwhile, Yoster was outside with Goombario and Bombette.

“Woah, that’s so cool!” Goombario said in amazement.

“You got to save the Princess with your father?” Bombette asked in amazement “Lucky!”.

“Yup” Yoster said “I wonder what will happen next”.

“Hey Yoster” Toad said as he walked onto the Italiano’s yard “Can you go get your dad, uncle, Wiggler, and Goombella?...Peach needs us for something important”.

“Sure” Yoster replied as he entered the house and called for Luigi, Mario, Wiggler, and Goombella.

At Peach’s Castle

“So what’s wrong?” Luigi asked.

“Uhh….you got a new haircut?” Wiggler guessed.

“You look no different to me, so is there any problem?” Toad asked.

“Oh for the love of god!” Goombella said in an angered mood “She lost her crown, guys”.

“Even worse” Peach replied “It. Was. Stolen”.

“But can’t you just buy a new one?” Wiggler asked.

“Wiggler!” Luigi, Mario, Toad, Yoster, and Goombella shouted.

“That thing is irreplaceable! A Family Heirloom!” Peach said “It was in the family for 1000 years”.

“Holy crap” Luigi and Co. gasped

“Well who stole it?” Yoster asked “Iggy or You-know-who busted out of his prison?”.

“It couldn’t be Iggy” Peach replied “The cameras would have detected it...even worse...they know about the facial recognition, we even found traces of a spray on which cameras wouldn’t detect you”.

“So this person is a master burglar” Yoster said.

“Did they steal anything else?” Luigi asked.

“Only the key to my Dad’s Bacon Safe” Peach replied as she pointed to a crying Mushroom King “Find them and return the crown in one piece, that thing is very valuable”.

“We promise” Luigi said.

“We’ll bring this burglar to justice” Toad said.

Later That Day

“I wonder who could do such a thing” Yoster said as he was walking through Toad Town with Goombario and Bombette.

“Well, at least your dad and uncle are volunteering to find the person who stole Peach’s crown” Goombario said.

“But who could it possibly be?” Bombette asked.

“Well, it couldn’t have been You-Know-Who” Goombario said.

“Or Iggy” Yoster added.

“Then who could it be?” Bombette asked.

“I don’t know” Yoster replied “It could be somebody close to us or just a new threat”.

At Night

“Ugh, what time is it?” Luigi asked.

“12:00 AM” Mario responded after looking at his phone “This person sure knows to fight sleep deprivation”.

“Sure seems like it” Luigi yawned.

“So…” Mario said “Have you-”.

But Mario was interrupted by the noise of footsteps.

“What the hell?” Luigi said.

“Show yourself!” Mario commanded.

“Looks like the poor idiots want to find me” Amy whispered to herself as she was holding onto the ceiling with her claws.

“I SAID SHOW YOURSELF!” Mario commanded once again.

“Pfft, Child’s play” Amy whispered to herself as she pulled out a vaccine from her belt and examined it.

“Wait…” Luigi said as he looked closely at a figure at the ceiling “They’re over there!”.

“GET DOWN FROM THERE!” Mario yelled.

Amy followed exactly what Mario said, she approached Mario and said:

“You cracked the code, now here’s your reward” Amy said in a flirtatious manner.

She went ahead, took the vaccine out of her belt, and used it on Mario; Knocking him out!.

“Formula KNK-8” Amy said “A knockout serum i created myself”.

“So it was you this whole time!” Luigi exclaimed.

“Let me introduce myself…” Amy smiled “I am Amy, my age may make my acrobatic skills and intellect seem quite absurd in general in since i’m 15. But i’m trying to reclaim vengeance against one...particular...incident. But you seem like the type of person i’m ready to beat my anger in that mask of yours...oh wait...THAT’S YOUR FACE!”.

“GIVE THE PRINCESS’S CROWN BACK!” Luigi commanded as he ran to Amy.

“Catch me if you can!” Amy said as she jumped out a window and ran off into the night.

“Not today!” Luigi said as he jumped out the window and chased Amy.

“Nice try…” Amy snickered “But i’m still uncatchable!”.

As Luigi was about to catch her and tackle her, she jumped 5 roofs away from Luigi who just barely caught up with her.

“How….*Pant*...are you so…*Pant*...energetic?” Luigi asked exhaustedly.

“Acrobatics” Amy replied as she ran.

“N-n-not for long!” Luigi exclaimed as he ran after Amy.

“You’re already caught up to me, i’m sooo scared!” Amy said sarcastically.

“YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!” Luigi yelled as he charged at Amy.

But something happened...As Luigi charged at her and was going punch her…

...she kissed him.

“OH GROSS!” Luigi said in a disgusted way as he was trying to “Rub off the germs”.

“Pfft, i’ve done worse!” Amy said.

“Sure seems like it!” Luigi replied.

“Hey...wanna hear something?” Amy asked as she put her arm on Luigi.

“Umm...sure?” Luigi replied.

“I rarely do this but…” Amy said right before she punched Luigi in the face, knocking him off the building.

“Bye, have a great time!” Amy laughed as she ran off into the night.

The Next Day

“So when will your nose heal?” Mario asked.

“2 months, maybe 3” Luigi replied “Those are some powerful hands”.

“So, who was she?” Peach asked.

“She was some vixen in a jumpsuit kicking my-” Luigi said right before he was interrupted by Peach.

“Did you get back my crown?” Peach asked as she interrupted Luigi.

“What does it look like to you?” Luigi replied “Take a gander at me and guess”.

“No…” Peach said “You didn’t…”.

“But hey, now we know who did it” Luigi said “All we have to do is find the teen”.

“How about a 50% off of new phones?” Mario chuckled.

“Mario, i think you’re trying too hard to appeal to the audiences by trying to make jokes about things that appeal to kids” Peach said.

“Hmm, should we try not only me and Mario but Wiggler, Goombella, and Toad too?” Luigi asked “Oh yeah...and Yoster!”.

“Sure...but i don’t think we should add Yoster” Peach said “He’s a bit too...young”.

“Fine…” Luigi groaned.

At Night

Mario, Luigi, Wiggler, Goombella, and Toad were scouting the town to find the notorious criminal and bring her to justice. But she stayed hidden since she had a plan that was just plain preposterous.

“Come to me little child” Amy sung to herself quietly as she approached the Mario Bros house “We will break free from this world”.

As Amy unlocked the door by lockpicking, she approached Yoster’s room and opened the door. She walked up a sleeping Yoster, gave him a kiss, and grabbed him with one of her Ribbon-like feelers.

“The true treasure is here…” Amy whispered to herself as she walked off into the night as she kidnapped Yoster.

The Next Day

“Yoster, i’m home!” Luigi said as he entered his house “Yoster?”.

As Luigi walked up to Yoster’s room, he noticed that he was gone. But he discovered a note that said “Come and Take him”.

“No...No!...NO!” Luigi yelled as he tore up the note “YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!”.

At Peach’s Castle

Peach was in the middle of a meeting with the Mushroom Kingdom council, but she was wearing a Cardboard Crown.

“Umm...I couldn’t stand to say this but WHY are you wearing that cardboard crown?” one of the Council Members asked.

“Well, story is-” Peach said before she was interrupted.

“YOSTER GOT KIDNAPPED!” Luigi yelled as he kicked open the door.

“Wait...WHAT!?...I’m sorry Council but i cannot tolerate something to impardonable at the moment” Peach said.

“I have an idea on how to find him” Luigi said.

Later that day, Luigi, Peach, and Mario are tearing off the boards from the front of a cave.

“Is this the right place?” Mario asked.

“Well, FindMyPhone said Yoster’s phone was here” Luigi replied.

“I think it is” Peach said “I see a light”.

“Let’s go inside” Luigi said.

As Mario, Luigi, and Peach walked into the cave, they were amazed at the sight that there was a facility built right into the cave!.

Somewhere in the facility, Amy was looking at the Mario Bros. through cameras in the control panel.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” Yoster yelled.

“Same goes here…” Amy said flirtatiously “...Who are you?”

“Wait...are you blushing!?” Yoster asked angrily.

“Hmph...Why don’t you join me?” Amy asked “You seem like the type of person who will be just right…”.

“As if!” Yoster replied.

“That’s a shame....” Amy said “I guess i just have to kill you!”.

After that, Amy grabbed a white pistol from her belt, began to load it, and aimed it at Yoster.

“Love you…” Amy chuckled.

“no...NO!” Yoster yelled as he freed himself from the chair “Shoot it....I dare you…”.

Amy began shaking in a cowardly manner, as if she didn’t want to shoot Yoster. But Luigi kicked open the door along with Peach and Mario.

“I see you found me” Amy smiled as she grabbed Yoster and aimed the pistol at Yoster’s head “Come on step closer and i’ll shoot!”.

“No...DON’T!” Luigi begged.

“What do you want!?” Peach asked angrily.

“Do you even have a father or anything like that?” Luigi cried “Would you like it if somebody tried to murder somebody you deeply care about?”.

After Luigi said that, Amy dropped her gun and fell...then started crying.

“ can’t be…” Amy cried “I’ll kill you…”.

“I WILL KILL EVERY ONE OF YOU SOME DAMN DAY!” Amy yelled as she grabbed the gun and pointed it “Don’t get closer”

“But Am-” Luigi said as he was interrupted and got shot, knocking him out.

“Dad?” Yoster cried as he was right next to Luigi “No...Dad...get up!”.

“Who’s next?!” Amy yelled just before she got punched by Yoster.

“You’ll pay for this” Yoster said as he proceeded to punch Amy.

“HOW DARE YOU!!” Amy yelled as she started to fight Yoster.

And so, Yoster and Amy were punching each other in many areas, the face notably. For a moment Amy was winning due to her hand-to-hand combat skills...but she took a glance at an unconscious Luigi. She begun to shed a tear and eventually got knocked out by Yoster.

“Quick, find the stolen items and let’s take Luigi to a hospital!” Mario commanded.

The Next Day

“Ugh” Luigi groaned as he got up from a hospital bed.

“Where am i?” Luigi asked.

“You were shot, but Doctor Toadley patched you up” Mario replied “Peach got her crown back and Amy got arrested”.

“What about Yoster? Is he safe?” Luigi asked in a worried tone.

“He’s just fine” Mario replied.

“Oh thank god” Luigi said.

“Also, Peach got you this gift” Mario said as he handed Luigi a present.

“Ooh” Luigi said as he unwrapped the gift “A Gold Watch! Now when my watch is hungry, it goes back 4 seconds!...anyone?...”

“No…” Mario groaned.

The End
Since i had the time, Episode 3 has been released early!
When people think of families, they of a family that has fun such as a barbeque or movie night. There are millions of families in the Mushroom Kingdom that have fun such as playing a board game or going out to eat. But this is no ordinary family, the Koopas are a crazy family that rule the Koopa Kingdom...and let’s see what’s their definition of a normal day

It was another day in the Mushroom Kingdom, or how about the Koopa Kingdom perhaps?. Contrary to the Mushroom Kingdom; The birds were dying, the flowers were burning, and everything looked pretty hellish. To the Koopas, this one part of their definition of a normal day. Bowser got up from his bed, he was wearing a red bathrobe and proceeded to the kitchen, where he got a cup of coffee and read the newspaper, not wary of his 8 children running around the castle.
Bowser had 8 kids; Bowser Jr., Lemmy, Larry, Wendy, Morton, Roy, Ludwig, and Iggy. Youngest to oldest and probably least mature to most mature in general...Lemmy and Larry were busy trying to NOT burn down the castle, Wendy was busy begging Ludwig to give her beauty tips, Roy and Bowser Jr. were busy cheering at Morton since he was chugging a liter of soda, and Iggy was trying to fight sleep deprivation as he was making another machine.

“Damn Kids” Bowser grumbled as he took a sip of Coffee.

“Dad dad dad dad!” Wendy yelled to Bowser “Do you think this dress makes me look bad?”

“It makes you look like if Death and Ugliness had a baby” Bowser grumbled.

“Why are you so mean Dad!?” Wendy cried as she ran.

“Next time, don’t wake me up at 4 AM!” Bowser yelled.

“Chug chug chug!” Roy and Bowser Jr. cheered as Roy went through a whole liter of soda.

“Dis’ boy knows on how to chug dat soda!” Roy exclaimed.

“Dang, he’s good” Bowser Jr. said in a surprised tone.

Meanwhile, In Iggy’s Lab

Iggy’s Lab was filled with scary machines, both decommissioned and used alike. Iggy actually caused a power outage in the Castle twice already due to testing out his machines. There was machines shooting bolts of electricity from one antenna to another and beakers filling up other beakers automatically.

“Yes...finally” Iggy said with a crazed smile as he was twitching and shaking “I FINALLY DID IT!”.

“Bark!” his pet Chain Chomp, Chompy barked.

“...and i hadn’t had sleep in 144 Hours!” Iggy said right before he fell asleep.

“Iggy, can you keep it down?” Bowser asked right as he entered “Goddammit Iggy, i told you not to stay up past Last week!”.

As Bowser focused on Iggy, he went to the counter, grabbed a marker, and laughed while drawing on his face.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Ep. 3: Family Fadoodle

Later That Day

The whole Koopa family entered the van except Iggy, who just got up from sleeping for 6 hours.

“Hurry up Iggy!” Bowser yelled.

“Ugh, i want to go to the mall already!” Wendy groaned.

“I want Auntie Amanda’s to get their Pretzel-stuffed Pretzel!” Morton yelled.

“Hurry up nerd!” Roy yelled.

“Fine!” Iggy said as he kicked open the garage door and entered the van, not wary that he had the word “Idiot” drawn onto his face.

“You’re killin’ me smalls” Roy said as he looked at Iggy.

“Can i drive ze car King Dad?” Ludwig asked.

“No, remember what happened last time?” Bowser responded.

Last Week

“Are we there yet?” Wendy asked for a 20th time.

“NO!” Ludwig asked “Do you want me to turn this car around!?”.

“...Are we there yet?” Wendy asked.

“THAT’S IT!” Ludwig yelled as he turned the car around and drove it backwards on the highway, causing car wrecks and explosions.


“Ugh” Ludwig groaned.

So after that conversation, Bowser started the van and drove toward the Mushroom Kingdom, where their destination was.

At The Mushroom Kingdom Mall

“Dad, can i have that Toy?” Bowser Jr. asked “Iwantit iwantit Iwantit-”.

“I’LL BUY YOU THE WHOLE STORE” Bowser replied angrily “Look, here’s 20 Coins for each of you to share, K?”.

After giving each Koopaling 20 coins each, they all ran while Bowser went to a store called “Dealing with crazy kids Bookstore”. Meanwhile, Wendy was at a Clothing store with Ludwig.

“Does this make me look fat?” Wendy asked.

“Everyzing makes you look fat” Ludwig responded.

“YOU MEANIE!” Wendy cried as she ran away.

While Wendy ran, she ran past Morton and Roy who were at a food stand.

“I just want dat Good lookin’ Veggie Dog” Roy ordered.

“I want the Hot Dog, but with all the toppings” Morton ordered.

“But sir, that is 50 toppings” the Cashier responded.

“Great, because of you, now i’m going to starve” Morton groaned as the camera pans over to his fat belly.

“That’ll be 600 coins” the Cashier said.

“How’s dat!?” Roy yelled.

“Because your brother here also owes me 580 after basically buying my whole cart last time!” the Cashier responded angrily.

“Now he doesn’t…” Roy said as he pointed a Bill Blaster at the cart.

“40 coins...will that be for here or to go?” The Cashier asked as he started to shake intensively.

“Yay!” Morton cheered.


Bowser Jr. and Lemmy were playing in the Children’s Court all by themselves, while Larry was busy trying to scam parents from their money.

“And so ladies and gentlemen, if you buy this one of a kind product, your day will be much better as you can both clean and scratch your back!” Larry said as he held up a weird-looking item.

“Do you sir want to buy this Rubberscratcher?” Larry asked to a cop.

“Yup, this is the guy” the Cop said as he talked into a Walkie Talkie and arrested Larry.

“Wait-WHAT!?” Larry exclaimed “B-bu-bu-bu-but!”

“Sorry shorty’, not my fault if you try to scam others” The cop said as he walked Larry outside and toward a Police Car.

As Larry got into a quarrel with a cop, Bowser Jr. and Lemmy were left all alone on the indoor playground.

“So what?” Lemmy asked.

“Wanna steal from a candy store?” Bowser Jr. asked.

“Sure” Lemmy said as he got off the swing.

As Lemmy and Bowser Jr. walked toward a Candy Store, they walked past Iggy, who was busy playing Kaizo-hard Mario Maker levels at a arcade and was surrounded by a crowd.

“Yes...YES!” Iggy exclaimed while twitching randomly while playing the hardest Mario Maker level ever made; P-Break “I BEAT IT!”.

The crowd cheered.


As Iggy was cheering, Wendy ran into a store called “Dealing With Your Crazy Kids Bookstore”.

“So yeah” Bowser said “That’s why we got divorced”.

“So…” the Therapist said “May i suggest-”

“Dad dad dad dad dad!” Wendy exclaimed as she ran in.

“Well i’m done” the Therapist said as he put a sign that said “I quit”.

Later that day

“You just had to ruin it Wendy…” Bowser said while driving the van “I mean, why can’t we be more like THAT!”.

After saying that, Bowser pointed out to Luigi and Co; Who were sitting on a curb eating Hot Dogs.

“Maybe because we all have different personalities” Iggy remarked.

“Ugh…” Bowser said as he smacked his head against the wheel.

Later that evening, Bowser was sleeping due to a migrane he was having due to his annoying kids. But the Koopalings were plotting out something far more sinister…

“We should kidnap the Princess!” Bowser Jr. suggested “I want a new mommy”.

“Yeah totally!” Wendy agreed.

“But how?” Ludwig asked.

“I know” Iggy said “C’mere into the lab”.

9 AM: At The Castle

“Hmm…” Mushroom King pondered as he stared at his hair when he took of his turban “I should watch out with the Hair Removal Cream”.

“Dad, hurry up!” Peach said as she knocked on the door, causing a bottle of hair removal cream to fall onto Mushroom King’s hair; Making him bald.

“NOOOO!” Mushroom King yelled.

After hearing that, Peach unlocked the door and entered.

“Morning Dad” Peach said joyfully “Nice hair today”.

Peach left Mushroom King in the bathroom as he was whimpering, so Peach decided to walk down the hall until she was hit with a hammer and knocked out.

“Yes…” Roy said as he was holding a Hammer.

Later, At Bowser’s Castle

“Wow, i’m impressed!” Bowser cheered.

“Let me go!” Peach commanded.

“We have a mother! We have a mother!” The Koopalings chanted.

“If you untie me, I’ll give you a kiss” Peach said sarcastically.

After hearing Peach say that, the Koopalings proceeded to untie Peach.

“You kids sure are Gullible!” Peach said as she grabbed a Super Leaf and flew away.

The End
Episode 4 is here!
The Mario Bros think of Wiggler as a close friend and roommate, sometimes he can do the most ridiculous of things or just ruin the situation. But like Luigi always says, respect your friends and they got your this situation of course.

“Wrench” Mario asked for as he was fixing a sink.

“Wrench” Luigi said, handing Mario a wrench.

“Umm...Is the pipe supposed to shake like that?” Mario pointed out.

“Oh crap” Luigi responded.

After the pipe started to shake, the ceiling and then the whole entire house started to shake.

“Explain what the hell is going on!” Goombella screamed as she ran into the bathroom “An Earthquake?!”.

“Nope!” Luigi responded “Run!”.

Luigi proceeded to run out of the house along with Goombella, Wiggler, and Yoster. But Mario got his foot trap

“Help!” Mario exclaimed.

But it was too late, since the whole ceiling of the house collapsed onto the furniture, floor, and things like that. Mario was one of the things that the ceiling collapsed onto.

“Do you think we should call an ambulance?” Goombella said.

“I’d like to make an insurance claim” Luigi said on a phone.

“Can you bring an Ambulance?” Yoster asked on his phone “Ok then”.

“Bad news” Luigi said “They said they’ll get the whole house fixed by next week”.

“But where can we stay Dad?” Yoster asked.

“I have an idea” Goombella said.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Ep. 4: Full and Fledged

“I’m sorry but you can’t” Peach said “I do wish you can stay here but we’re doing some major planning and renovations to the Castle since we have a celebration coming up, plus my dad is one person you do not want to share a room with”.

“Why?” Yoster asked.

“He makes really annoying chewing noises in his sleep and the only way to get him to be quiet is to slap him” Peach sighed.

“I have an idea!” Wiggler said “We can stay in my parent’s Mansion, they always love a good ol’ visit every once in awhile”.

“Hm, where do you live again?” Luigi asked.

“You knew i lived in Mushroom Estates since the very first Episode!” Wiggler thought to himself “Mushroom Estates”.

So Luigi and Co. proceeded to go to Mushroom Estates, the richest area of residence in the whole Mushroom Kingdom.

“Wow, there’s so much Mansions!” Yoster said in amazement while looking at all the mansions.

“You used to live here?” Goombella asked.

“Yup” Wiggler responded “Me, my sister, brother, and parents work as Master Chefs. Cooking is a skill the runs in the family, but i moved out since i wanted to fit in with other people instead of being barraged by the paparazzi”.

After looking at all the immense and exquisite Mansions, Luigi and Co. proceeded to the biggest Mansion in all of Mushroom Estates; Wiggler Family Manor.

“Wow!” Luigi said in amazement.

Wiggler pressed a button on a gate and entered a password on a dial pad, after entering the password, the gate opened.

“Here it is” Wiggler said.

Luigi and Co. proceeded to enter the immense mansion, there was a large fountain, hedges, and gardeners tending to the hedges. Wiggler walked up the stairs and rang the doorbell, which made a very loud yet splendid noise. The person who opened the door was an Elderly female Wiggler with glasses and white hair, the other one was an Elderly male Wiggler with slightly balding white hair, square glasses, and a Blue shirt with suspenders.

“Wiggler!” the Elderly female said.

“How’s it goin’ old chap?” the Elderly male asked “Been awhile since ya gave us a good ‘ol call!”.

“Hi Mom, Hi Dad” Wiggler greeted.

“Your dad has waited a pretty long time for you to visit us, he was excited when the doorbell rang” Wiggler’s Mom said “Come on in!”.

“Woah!” Yoster looked around in amazement as they entered the mansion.

“This Mansion is so huge” Luigi said “and splendid!”.

“Well, we earned our riches after cooking great food and selling it” Wiggler’s Dad said “Before then, we owned a ranch”.

“Wiggler, can you be a dear and show these kind guests where they will sleep?” Wiggler’s Mom asked.

“Sure” Wiggler responded as he went up the stairs with Luigi and Co.

“This is where Luigi and Goombella will sleep” Wiggler said, pointing to a door “and that’s where you will sleep Yoster”.

And so, Luigi and co proceeded to their assigned rooms.

“Wow, i wish i had this type of room” Goombella said as she opened the door.

“Too bad Mario isn’t here to enjoy this, he’s at the hospital” Luigi said.

“But hey, at least he has a place to stay in the hospital and we have a place to stay” Goombella said.

“Good point” Luigi said.

“Dinner time!” a voice called out from downstairs.

5 Minutes Later

“It’s a old family classic” Wiggler’s Mom said “Wiggler surprise”.

“Hmm…” Luigi said as he inspected the strange dish before eating it “Nice”.

“I love it!” Goombella said.

“Tastes great” Yoster said.

“Wiggler, you never introduced yer’ siblings” Wiggler’s Dad said.

“Oh sure” Wiggler said “That’s Phillip, the middle child”.

“Hey” Phillip greeted.

“There’s Sophia, the oldest” Wiggler pointed out.

“Evening” Sophia said.

“That’s Billy, Sophia’s son” Wiggler said “and there’s Julie and Suzie, my dad’s nieces”.

“It’s sure a treat to have such kind guests visit” Wiggler’s Mom said.

“Can we touch Luigi’s mustache?” Julie and Suzie asked.

Everyone at the table laughed.

“No seriously” Suzie said.

At Night

Yoster got up from bed and proceeded to go to the kitchen, it came to a surprise that he knew where to go despite staying there for a couple of hours. As Yoster entered the kitchen, he saw Sophia, who was doing the dishes.

“I’m OCD ish y’know” Sophia said “I’d prefer things clean around here ever since we moved ‘ere”.

“Oh” Yoster said “But what about Wiggler, how was he like?”.

“In a nutshell, i’d say Glutton” Sophia said “Once he got so hungry dat’ he ate a whole tree”.

“You’re kidding, right?” Yoster said.

“Nope” Sophia responded.

“Geez, what else about Wiggler?” Yoster asked.

“Well, sometimes he can do the dumbest of the dumb” Sophia responded “Like that one time where he ate 3 grams of salt since he thought it was sugar”.

Yoster laughed.

The Next Morning

“Fresh Eggs and Garlic Toast” Wiggler’s Dad said “Somethin’ basic”.

But Billy came running in.

“Grandpa?” Billy said “It happened again”.

“Aw hell naw!” Wiggler’s Dad said as he went outside.

The Wigglers and Luigi & Co. proceeded to go outside while Wiggler’s Dad proceeded to remove a sign that said “Wifi password if you solve this math equation: (29x²√50y+38x³)-40+392x⁴”.

“You gotta be kidding me” Phillip said.

“Who puts up these signs?” Suzie asked.

“Maybe this trail of footsteps will lead us to the culprit” Julie pointed out.

“I’ll go” Luigi said as he went up the trail of footsteps, which lead to a bush.

“Seriously?” Luigi sighed.

Luigi grabbed a nearby hedge trimmer and trimmed the hedge, revealing Iggy Koopa snickering and holding a hammer and a sign that read “Unattended Children will be sold to the circus”.

“You gotta be kidding me” Luigi said rolling his eyes.

“Oh crap!” Iggy said as he ran away.

“Is this the police?” Luigi asked as he started calling on his phone.

7 Days Later

“But i don’t want to go!” Luigi cried as he was being dragged toward the Plumbing van.

“You. Have. To!” Goombella said as she dragged Luigi “Are you doing fine with Yoster?”.

“He kicks to much” Wiggler said as he dragged Yoster.

Eventually they were successful, and they drove away with the suitcases and the whole gang in the plumbing van.

The Next Day

“But it was such a nice mansion” Luigi said.

“Well, sometimes living in a mansion can be stressful” Wiggler said.

“You got to stay in a mansion?” Mario said as he was in a wheelchair “Lucky”.

“What makes it stressful?” Luigi asked.

“One word” Wiggler responded “Being rich isn’t worth it?”.

“How?” Luigi said.

“Look it up” Wiggler responded.

The End
Well whadya know, another early release!
It was a another night at the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone was sleeping calmly and there was few people awake or outside. Peach was one of those people as she was busy writing a book.

“It was 1000 Years ago” Peach wrote into a book “1000 years ago the first generation of Toadstools used the Star Rod to encase the cause of the Mushroom War in a stone statue to put the two kingdoms at peace, and now since it has been 1000 years, let’s dedicate this to 1000 more years!”.

“Sweetie, do you think it’s best to go to sleep now instead of writing into that book?” Mushroom King asked Peach.

“Yes father” Peach responded “...But i feel...that something big will happen...Dad...what about-”

“Relax sweetie!” Mushroom King interrupted “He’s been encased for 1000 years and we have the Star Rod”.

“Well...i guess so” Peach shrugged as she turned off a lamp and put her book away.

It was 12 AM at night, but the Toadstools were not wary that Goombario, Bombette, and Yoster were in the Castle garden to check out something.

“This better be worth it” Yoster yawned as he was walking between bushes with Goombario and Bombette.

“It will” Bombette said.

“What are we going to see?” Goombario asked.

“Something that will blow your mind” Bombette responded as she moved some branches in a bush, making a hole and revealing a statue.

As Goombario, Bombette, and Yoster proceeded to go through the hole, Goombario and Yoster were staring blankly at the statue. The statue was a long and slender dragon, who had 2 fangs, a pair of Bat wings, a small beard, some hair, 2 horns, claws, and a tail with a hairy end.

“It’s...It’s just a statue…” Goombario said.

“Yeah, i have to agree with Goombario on this one…” Yoster said.

“That’s not any statue...It’s the statue of Draconius…” Bombette said.

“WHAT!?” Yoster exclaimed.

“Who’s Draconius?” Goombario asked.

“I’ll tell you…” Bombette sighed “1000 years ago, he caused the Mushroom War and was eventually encased in stone in order to stop the war”.

“Wow” Goombario responded.

“I feel kinda bad for him...I mean...the punishment seemed a bit too harsh but…” Bombette said.

“If i learned anything, even the most cruelest and grotesque of punishments have to be done just to stop the enemy, even if it means killing them” Yoster responded "That's what happened to Iggy Koopa and Amy".

“I think we should leave” Goombario said.

“Yeah, we should” Bombette said.

And so Goombario, Yoster, and Bombette left the castle garden and made their journey home. But something happened...the statue began to crack and shake…

The Super Shroomy Stories
Ep. 5: Once Was A Statue

“Ugh, nothing to watch on TV today!” Luigi groaned.

“How about we go give the Princess a little visit?” Mario asked “I mean, she does like guests every once in awhile”.

“I guess so” Luigi said.

As Mario and Luigi got up, Toad ran in and started breathing heavily.

“M-m-mario!...*Pant*...Princess…*Cough*...NEEDS YOU QUICK!” Toad exclaimed.

“You know what that means!” Luigi said as he ran to the castle with Mario.

“Wait for me!” Wiggler said as he ran to the castle with Goombella and Yoster.

At the Castle

“What is it Princess?” Luigi asked as he ran in alongside Mario, Wiggler, Goombella, and Yoster.

“Finally” Peach said “It’s a great emergency…”

“Does the word...Draconius seem familiar to you?” Mushroom King asked.

Luigi and Co. gasped.

“He-he is free!” Mushroom King exclaimed “He is very dangerous and hard to stop”.

“1000 years ago there was 3 Kingdoms, he ran the 3rd Kingdom; The Dreeconia Kingdom since he was one of the 4 founders of the Mushroom Kingdom. He eventually waged war and nearly took over the Mushroom Kingdom until 2 of the founders used the Star Rod to encase him in he’s back” Peach said.

“Now we need the Star Rod before he gets it!” Mushroom King said as he walked toward the throne and pressed a button on the side, revealing a secret compartment in the wall. But the Star Rod was gone…

“Nice try” said a mysterious shakesphearean voice “My powers are quite noteworthy...I wonder if i will eventually get a Article on SMW”.


“You must be Princess Peach Toadstool!” said the voice “I remember being acquainted with your Great great great great great great great great great Grandmother”.

“Skip to the chase!” Peach yelled.

“AND SO, WATCH SUFFER HER ULTIMATE DEMISE!” said the voice as a Dragon appeared out of a puff of smoke “I see you’re quite perturbed due to my introduction”.

(Refer to description earlier in the Fic (Also note this).

He also had colors too; He had a dark green tail that were the same color as his bat wings, his body and head were light green, and he had light brown hands and a beard.

“I remember being encased in stone over a millennium ago...I sure want to return the favor!” Draconius laughed right before he shot a laser at Mushroom King, turning him to stone!.

“DADDY!” Peach cried.

“NOBODY LAUGHS AT THE PRINCESS SUFFERING!” Mario yelled as he charged to punch Draconius in the face.

But as Mario jumped up and was one inch away from hurting from Draconius, Mario started to emit a yellow glow and Draconius yellow eyes got brighter.

“You think a feeble person like YOU can hurt ME?” Draconius laughed “The greatest joke ever told!”.

“No...NOT MARIO, TAKE ME INSTEAD!” Luigi commanded.

“You sure seem to care a lot about him” Draconius said as he gave a serious look to Luigi “I’ll tell you this…”

After that, Luigi started to emit the same yellow glow Mario had, and he started to float toward Draconius.

“I suppose i do have the time!” Draconius said as his claws protracted and proceeded to scratch a drape, opening a portal.

“Ugh!” Mario said all disgusted.

“What is that!?” Luigi pointed out as he stared into the portal.

Inside the portal was Dora The Explorer.

“Relax my human friend!” Draconius said “You’re lucky i’m not sending you to Teen Titans Go!”.

“STOP THIS DRACONIUS!” Peach commanded.

“I do suppose i should stop with such preposterous actions” Draconius sighed.

“Good” Peach said.

“RIGHT AFTER I RECLAIM MY THRONE!” Draconius yelled as he shot a beam at Peach.

Peach tried to run but fell, but Wiggler pushed her out of the way of the beam, hitting him instead. Wiggler got knocked out but then started to glow and float as his body slumped.


Wiggler proceeded to float higher and glow brighter. A while later, he transformed into a mere butterfly.

“Wiggler?” Luigi said as the butterfly went onto his finger.

“Your friend has no memory now, he’s just a mere butterfly!” Draconius laughed.

“YOU’LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID!” Luigi yelled as he started to fight Draconius along with Goombella and Mario while Yoster escorted the Princess toward the Castle entrance.

“I think we’re safe” Yoster said “Where the hell is the Star Rod?”.

“I don’t know” Peach responded “But there is another way to defeat him, his weakness is-”

“You seem awfully worried Princess!” Draconius said as he appeared out of thin air, holding Mushroom King’s statue “May i suggest you handing me the throne or i’ll shatter your father into 1000 pieces?”.

“...Deal” Peach said “But on one condition!”.

“Speak it!” Draconius smiled.

“You free Yoster and let him live!” Peach commanded.

“You drive a hard bargain, but it shall be so!” Draconius responded.

“But Peach!” Yoster said.

“Run Yoster…” Peach said “...Don’t end up like your father...He’s too powerful”.

And so, Yoster ran away from the Castle as Draconius proceeded to do his evil laugh after placing the Princess in a thorn cage.

The Next Day

Yoster was inside a boarded up house, with Bombette, her parents, Goombario, and his Mom.

“Can’t you try anything else?” Bombette asked.

“No…” Yoster responded as he approached the door “I’m going to stop him”.

“I’m going” Bombette said.

“You’re crazy!” Goombario responded.

“But you may never know what will happen” Bombette said.

“She’s right” Yoster said.

Meanwhile, At The Castle

“It’s such a beautiful day” Draconius said as he grabbed a glass of tea, dumped the tea, and ate the cup.

“You won’t get away with this!” Peach yelled as she was in a cage with Mushroom King’s statue.

“Isn’t that a movie clichè?” Draconius asked “Toadsworth”.

“I don’t have knowledge of it!’ Toadsworth responded.

“Now you do” Draconius said as he snapped his fingers.

“So many movies have that Clichè quote when the villain captures the protagonist” Toadsworth said “Can i keep my new intellect?”.

“No” Draconius said right before he snapped his fingers.

"Gosh Darnit" Toadsworth said.

Peach sighed.

“Why so sad?” Draconius said in a fake sad voice “Is it because i encased your dad in stone and your friends are now my pets?”

Draconius pointed to a cage that labeled “Peanut Gallery Of Failed Heroes” which had nothing but Butterflies and Rabbits.

“You monster…” Peach muttered.

“Can you speak up?” Draconius asked “I’m over 1000 years old, there’s no way-”

“YOU MONSTER!” Peach said as she punched Draconius right in the face.

“OW!” Draconius screamed “Why you little-”

Draconius started to charge up fire in his mouth, but stopped and started laughing.

“Why should i kill you if i had the ability to force you to give me the Star Rod for god’s sake!” Draconius laughed “My intellect almost failed me, thank you for stopping me from heading to certain failure!”.

“Idiot” Peach muttered.

“I can tell you your ignorance cannot simply compete with my 1000-year old knowledge!” Draconius laughed as he disappeared.

Yoster and Co. were walking through the castle hedge garden, looking for the cause of what broke him out so they can use it to their advantage.

“This is where it was” Yoster said.

“No signs of incantations” Goombario said.

“Wait…” Bombette said “Yoster, do you have Goombella’s Book Of Studies?”.

“Yeah” Yoster said as he reached into his satchel pouch, pulling out a book “Here it is”.

Yoster opened the book and looked through it, and eventually the Star Rod fell out of it!.

“What...What?” Yoster said.

“How-Who!?” Goombario exclaimed.

“I found a note” Bombette said, as she picked up the note and read it “You should’ve look Princess, From Draconius”.

“Well that wasn’t very bright” Yoster said.

“Oh, a spell for stone statues” Goombario said.

“Today i have found out that sympathy can break people out of stone statues” Bombette read “Oh crap”.

“So that means…” Goombario said.

“All of you are ignorant!” Draconius laughed as he appeared out of thin air in a tuxedo “That’s why you read to succeed kids!”.

“Draconius!” Yoster yelled.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” Draconius laughed.

“QUIT LAUGHING AND FACE US LIKE A MAN!” Yoster commanded angrily.

Draconius gave Yoster a deep stare and he started to levitate Yoster.

“What was that!?” Draconius yelled.


“You don’t know on how i can really you?” Draconius said as he snapped his fingers, causing his tuxedo to disappear.

“Let me introduce myself yet once again” Draconius said “1000 Years ago i used to formally rule my own Kingdom-”.

Goombario snored as he was asleep.

“I USED TO RULE MY OWN KINGDOM” Draconius said, gritting his teeth.

“Oh wait...Oops” Goombario said as he woke up.

“I ruled over my kingdom until i started the Mushroom War, thus causing it to collapse” Draconius said “I had a wife and daughter…and…”

"And what!?" Yoster said.

“Pfft, why the hell should i be talking about this?” Draconius laughed “I WILL KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!”.

Draconius started to charge the fire in his mouth, but gets punched by Yoster in the stomach.

“RUN!” Yoster yelled.

Bombette, Goombario, and Yoster ran away.

“GET BACK HERE!” Draconius yelled as he disappeared into thin air.

Inside the Castle

“I...I think we lost him” Goombario said exhaustedly.

“I hope so” Bombette said.

“YOU!” Draconius yelled as he used telekinesis on Yoster and Co. “I should’ve killed you the first time i met you!”

“N-not today!” Yoster yelled as he pulled out the Star Rod and used it on Draconius.

“No...No...NO!” Draconius said as he started to turn to stone “I’LL RETURN ONE DAY!”.

Draconius was in a very angry pose as he turned to stone, after that Yoster and Co. fell as his powers were no longer affecting them. Just as Goombario and Bombette began celebrating, Luigi and Co. turned back to their normal selves, Mushroom King turned to normal and so did the whole Mushroom Kingdom.

The Next Day

“I’m so proud of you” Luigi said proudfully as he rubbed Yoster’s head “You defeated a Dreeconia King”.

“Yoster, i cannot thank you enough!” Peach exclaimed “I therefore hand you the Star Rod...Take care of it”.

“Thank you” Yoster said, putting away the Star Rod.

And so, the Mushroom Kingdom was saved yet another time. The statue was placed in the garden and with the sign “Do not show Sympathy” since he would break out once again!. What will happen next time, on The Super Shroomy Stories.
Guys, Episode 6 will be delayed since i've been very sick the past couple of days. Episode 6 will probably release alongside Episode 7 next week.
Guys, there is a chance that episode 6 will be delayed along with other episodes since i'm busy with Theater and Final exams coming up. Episode 6 might be delayed to April Fools' although i find some irony in that.

Sayonara until Ep. 6 comes out!.

All my fics will be posted on my DeviantART page, but please be aware that they are the "Uncensored Edition" which means much more violence and profanity than the amount here i show you on the MarioBoards website.

Also, R.I.P Walkazo
Well guess who's back, Episode 6 and probably 7 will come out by the end of this week after a 4-week delay.

Lookin' forward to it!
How 'bout a FAQ?
Hello guys, it’s PaperIggyKoopa!. I have decided to do my first FAQ/Q&A for the rebooted fanfiction series i have made, now i will answer questions that people have been asking me for a while.

Now, people have been asking me when the next episode well premiere..well...good news!. Episode 6 will come out this week!.

Q: Hello

It’s me


Q: So far we have 3 antagonists from the original series, will you add the other original antagonists?

Yes, King Boo has yet to appear sometime in the series and there will be 3 antagonists joining the “Cast of Fiends” soon.


Q: We’ve got a handful of characters from the original series, but do you plan to add new characters?

Yes, various ones.


Q: In the original series there wasn’t much ships, will it be the same?

No, there will be far more ships as opposed to the original 3 ships in the other series. One of the ships has been a bit controversial, i always experiment with the series but i may have taken it too far with one type of ship i will mention later.


Q: Crossovers were a major element in the original series, will there be crossovers?

Yes, but they will posted rarely. There has been basic crossovers like Sonic but there are ones that i deem a bit controversial. Apparently there has been planned crossovers such as Xenoblade and Mega Man that were cancelled. There were other ones such as a MLP Crossover but that has yet to be approved.

...Stop crying Pinkie Pie, i was crying when i announced that.


Q: Do you plan to add things such as pornographic content and gay ships?

Well...Yes...and No...There is a planned gay ship for one of the characters but you know me, i have the tendency to be very hesitant. Now about the porn part, a (wait for it) sex scene nearly made it into one of the fics and another future fic, so it got removed but you won’t see that fic in like...15 weeks?.


Q: Recently we got a new antagonist, Draconius; Will more be revealed about him?.

Yes, as far as i will tell, he is a Tyrannical Dragon King who was imprisoned in stone 1000 years ago by an unknown figure. His past is shrouded in mystery but more will be revealed later in the series.

Also, appearance:
(Ignore the pony, a friend put that in there on accident)


Q: Favorite Character?



Q: Villain Backstories?

They will be revealed, but there will be one backstory i will not reveal; King Boo’s backstory. I will not reveal it since my idea of his backstory is what i deem “not true to the series”.


Q: There has been non-Mario characters such as Temmie from Undertale, Meta Knight from Kirby, and Discord from MLP. Do you plan to do the same?

Yes, but don’t expect a MLP or Gravity Falls Crossover


Q: Favorite Episode?

Episode 1


Q: Future Episodes?

Episode 6: Load Of Wario

Episode 7: Crowded Mindset

Episode 8: Best Frenemies

Episode 9: Instructions Not Included

Episode 10/11: With Every Breath


Q: What are the major timeline differences from the original and rebooted series?

In the original, it took over the course of 4 years. In the reboot, it takes over the course of 1200 years.


Q: What are the fanmade villains based off of?

Well, Amy’s design is based of The Mangle from FNaF but i always wanted a flirtatious villain who was love/hate relationships. The other day i read a Batman comic and Catwoman was a great example of a villain like that. Now Draconius is based off of Discord from MLP, i always wanted a villain who seemed to appear misleading but can act very serious and aggressive in most situations, Discord seemed to be a example of that to me. Now a future villain will be revealed in a later FAQ


Q: Funniest Episode?

Full and Fledged


So that’s all i have, i’ll see ya’ll later

[Jumps on Applejack and rides into the sunset]
Finally after a long hiatus
It was a calm afternoon in Toad Town, everything seemed to be calm and cool. Yoster was outside playing on a 3DS along with Bombette and Goombario.

“Dammit!” Yoster yelled in defeat “I lost!”.

“That’s why you never challenge Goombario to a challenge in Mario Kart” The Female Bob-Omb said “He knows how to kick butt” Bombette said as she pulled out a paper labeled “Goombario’s Wins”, which had over 100 tally marks.

“How ‘bout another 32?” Goombario asked mockingly “I have all the time today!”.

“Can’t we all just play Pokemon?” Yoster asked in response.

“Remember what happened last time you used Dialga on Bombette’s Clefairy?” Goombario responded, looking at Bombette.


“HA!” Yoster laughed “YOUR CLEFAIRY IS NO MATCH TO MY DIALGA!” Yoster yelled mockingly.

“Is it no match to my fighting skills?” Bombette asked angrily.

“What does that me-” Yoster said right before he was cut off by Bombette jumping onto him and beating the living daylights out of the poor little Blue Yoshi.

5 Days Later

“Nope” Yoster responded “Doesn’t ring a bell”.

“What about Call Of Shooty?” Goombario asked.

“Sorry but i don’t want to add to my pile of shattered headsets” Bombette said.

After a long argument over what to play, they all agreed on playing Pokemon. As soon as Goombario grabbed the game card, a moving van pulled up in front of the house across the street.

“New neighbors?” Yoster said scratching his head.

“Should we greet ‘em?” Bombette suggested.

“I think it’s better if we “observe” them” Goombario said in response to Bombette’s suggestion.

2 Figures exited the moving van, one of the figures was a short and rotund man who had a spikey mustache and wore purple overalls over a yellow undershirt. The other figure was a tall and lanky man who had the same mustache and wore purple overalls over a purple undershirt.

“They seem friendly” Bombette shrugged.

The purple man opened up the back of the van, only for a mattress to fall and crush him.

“A little help Wario?” The purple one said as he struggled to get out from under the mattress.

“Do it yourself!” Wario exclaimed “You said “Waluigi is the all powerful one and he gets all the babes” Wario mimicked.

Waluigi rolled his eyes and struggled to get the mattress off. After a while, Wario groaned and pushed the mattress away.

“Thanks” Waluigi said “I also bought something for you” Waluigi reached into the truck, pulled out a baseball bat, and hit Wario in the head with it.

“Um...Should we do something?” Bombette said as she was behind a bush along with Yoster and Goombario, staring at the episode.

“In a while” Yoster chuckled.

“Eeyup” Goombario laughed as he was recording the scene.

Wario grabbed the baseball bat, broke it into 2 pieces, and shoved it down Waluigi’s throat in retaliation.

“What’s going on?” Luigi asked as he came outside “What the…” Luigi said in shock as he came across the scene.

“New neighbors” Yoster shrugged.

Extra Shroomy
Episode 6: Load Of Wario

“I think we should greet them” Goombella cheered as she was baking cookies “We should show them around the town like on what your friends did with you when we moved into town”.

“After that scene, i think it’s better if we buy a gun” Luigi suggested.

“Perhaps a bodyguard?” Yoster laughed.

Goombella scowled.

“I think we should greet them” Goombella suggested “As a sorta-family”.

Luigi and Yoster got up from their seats and went outside along with Goombella. The moving van was gone but there was a beat-up car parked in the driveway. All 3 of them walked across the street and toward the house, which appeared to be in a fairly-worn out shape.

Luigi knocked on the door.

The door opened and Wario came out.

“Hi” Goombella greeted.

“Bye” Wario grunted as he slammed the door.

“Umm...Rude!” Goombella said as she knocked on the door.

“What do you want?” Wario groaned as he opened the door.

“We live across the street and-” Goombella said right before she was cut off by Wario slamming the door once more.

“Well, at least we tried” Yoster shrugged as he was about to leave.

“Wait right there” Goombella commanded “We’re still going to greet ourselves”.

“You heard him” Luigi said “He wants us to leave”.

“C’mon, 3rd times the charm” Goombella said as she knocked on the door.

Wario opened the door and swung a baseball bat, only for it to slip out of his hands and launch to the windshield of his car, shattering it.

“JUST LEAVE!” Wario yelled.

“I am absolutely disgusted due to your uncanny behavior” Goombella said “We wanted to introduce and-” Goombella was cut off as Goombario slapped her.

“NOBODY TOUCHES HER!” Luigi yelled as he stood up to Wario.

Wario grabbed Luigi by the neck.

“Let him go!” Yoster commanded.

“You don’t scare me!” Wario laughed as he gave a menacing glance to a emotionless Yoster “What are you going to do?” Wario mocked “Cry to your mommy and daddy?” Wario laughed.

Yoster walked to Wario and showed no emotion.

Wario laughed.

Yoster punched Wario, causing Wario to stumble back, fall onto a couch, and causing a large book to fall onto his face.

Yoster chuckled as he closed the door and left.

“Umm…” Luigi said “...What next?” Luigi shrugged.

“I’d say we leave and forget all this” Goombella scoffed as she followed Yoster.

Luigi shrugged and went after Goombella.

The Next Morning

Luigi got up from bed and entered the kitchen. There, he grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the front lawn, only to drop the cup at the sight of toilet paper covering the whole entire house and trees around it.

Luigi’s eyes widened.

“...WHAT!?” Luigi yelled as she picked up a note “Gotcha’ Dood!” Luigi read as he crumpled up the note “He didn’t even spell “dude” RIGHT!”.

“Can you keep it-” Goombella yawned right before she was cut off by the sight of the prank “Who did this?” Goombella asked.

“Take a guess” Luigi shrugged.

“Wario” Goombella said rolling her eyes.

“Eeyup” Luigi responded.

Yoster came outside holding a shotgun.

“HOLY!” Luigi yelled.

“We’re not going THAT far!” Goombella exclaimed “Where did you get that exactly?” Goombella asked.

Yoster sushed Goombella and Luigi.

“Follow along” Yoster said with a grin “HEY FAT YELLOW GUY!” Yoster yelled, causing Wario to come out “YEAH! LOOK HERE!”.

Yoster used the shotgun on Luigi, which shot fake blood over him.

“Tell my future wife i love her!” Luigi said as he collapsed.

Goombella faked a cry.

“You’re next!” Yoster yelled as he ran toward Wario’s house.

Wario panicked and slammed the door. He let out a huge sigh of relief as he boarded up the windows and hid behind the couch.

“That gun is a fake, stupid!” Waluigi said as he hit Wario on the back of the head.

“Bu-bu-bu-” Wario stuttered until he was cut off by Waluigi.

“Awww shaddup!” Waluigi yelled “You can buy one of those at the prank shop for a couple of coins”.

“But how will we return the favor?” Wario asked as he raised an eyebrow and removed the boards from the window.

“Well it’s about time you let me do something for once” Waluigi responded “I know good pranks!”.

“Pfft, as if you can prank!” Wario scoffed as he grabbed a soda can from the fridge.

Wario opened up the soda can but the soda can exploded, illogically flooding the house.


“That was fun!” Luigi laughed.

“Wait till you see what else i ha-” Yoster said right before he was cut off by soda pouring out the windows of Wario’s house.

Goombella laughed hard while Luigi scratched his head in confusion.


“Oh NOW you open it!” Waluigi rolled his eyes “I was waiting!”.

Wario strangled Waluigi.

Later that night

Wario tried to pry open a window with a pry bar.

“Crap…” Wario groaned as he handed Waluigi the pry bar.

Waluigi wedged the pry bar between the window and a little space.

“Almost...there” Waluigi struggled as he kept on pushing the pry bar down.

Waluigi couldn’t force open the window.

“Well what do we do now?” Waluigi asked “We couldn’t get the window open, so how the hell are we going to get in?”.

“I have an idea!” Wario responded as he looked at a ladder and sun roof.


Wario was hitting the window with the ladder.

“Well i tried” Wario shrugged.

“You idiot!” Waluigi said, taking the ladder “This is how you do it!”.

Waluigi placed the ladder at the wall and climbed up to the roof.

“How do you like dem’ apples?” Waluigi asked.


A Apple woke up screaming, the apple was on a wood shelf.

“What’s wrong billy?” Another Apple asked.

“I had a dream that something bad was about to happen” Billy The Apple responded as he was hyperventilating “But why were you watching me sleep, Mom?” Billy The Apple asked..

“Ummm…” Mother Apple chuckled “No reason…Since all the other Apples keep on snoring”.

The camera panned out, revealing lots more apples that were snoring.

“Goodnight sweetie” Mother Apple said as Billy The Apple went to sleep.

“Goodnight Momma” Billy The Apple said.

A shadow covered the shelf, making it darker.

The Apples screamed as a giant orange hoof grabbed one of the apples.

“NO DON’T PLEASE!” The Apple begged as he was being carried away from the shelf.

A giant red hoof grabbed another Apple who was holding one of the Apples.

“I WON’T LET YOU DIE PAL!” The Apple yelled as he was holding onto his friend.

“Thanks man!” The other Apple said.

But they couldn’t resist the strength of the hoof, as it grabbed both Apples.


“Here’s one for you” Female Farmer 1 said, tossing Farmer 1 an Apple and examined the 2 apples she had.

“Ugh, this here Apple got a worm on it!” Female Farmer 1 said “Should i dispose of it like a normal person?” Female Farmer 1 asked.

“Eeyup” Farmer 1 responded.

Female Farmer 1 approached a Apple Shredder and threw the second Apple in there, shredding it.

“That’s all” Female Farmer 1 smiled as she took a big bite out of the apple, causing it to scream inaudibly in pain.

“Did ya’ hear that?” Female Farmer 1 asked.

“Nnope” Farmer 1 said as he ate the Apple in one bite.

“Big Sis’!” Female Farmer 2 said as she approached Female Farmer 1 “Can i have one of ‘dem Apples?” Female Farmer 2 asked.

“Sure sweetie” Female Farmer 1 responded.

Female Farmer 2 approached the shelf.


“I’m getting the *BLEEP* out of here, man!” One of the Apples said as he ran away, only to be crushed by Apple Bloom’s hoof and splattering his entrails on the other apples.

Mother Apple screamed.


“Aw Poop!” Female Farmer 2 said “Ah stepped on one of ‘dem Apples!”.

“Well ya’ got them all dirty!” Female Farmer 1 said as she grabbed all the Apples and put them on the ground “Wanna play Squishy Cider?” Female Farmer 1 asked.

“I would!” Female Farmer 2 exclaimed as she was crushing Apples left and right.


“I’m the only survivor” Billy The Apple said as he tried to run.


A Apple was rolling away


Billy was running until he got crushed by a walker.


“Darn apples!” Grandma Farmer said as she crushed a Apple.


Waluigi walked toward the sunroof but fell right through the roof.

“Ouch…” Waluigi said as he managed to climb back up to the roof.

“I’m coming!” Wario said as he approached the ladder.

Wario stepped on the ladder but the first step broke into 2 because of his weight.

Waluigi laughed but fell through the roof once more.

Wario opened the back door.

“It was unlocked this whole time!?” Wario yelled.

“Ssh!” Waluigi sushed Wario.

*Footsteps on the roof*

It was none other than Amy, who stared through the broken hole.

“Dammit, this house is taken” Amy said “I guess i have to rob some other place” Amy shrugged as she left.

Wario and Waluigi shrugged and ransacked the house.

Goombella peeked out through her bedroom door and snuck out with a baseball bat.

“Look at all this!” Wario said as he admired The Mario Bros. personal belongings.

Wario looked back and was hit with the baseball bat, causing him to be knocked out.

Waluigi ran into the living room and looked at Goombella.

“You’re next!” Goombella said as she swung the baseball bat at Waluigi, but missed as Waluigi dodged it.

“You missed!” Waluigi said right before collapsing as he got hit in the top of the head by a hammer.

Right behind Waluigi was Mario, who had just swung the hammer at Waluigi thus knocking him out.

“Are you okay?” Mario asked.

“Yeah” Goombella responded with a sigh of relief.

“What’s going on?” Luigi asked as he entered the living room “Woah...what happened?” Luigi asked as he examined Wario and Waluigi’s knocked out bodies.

“Umm...I’m just going back to sleep” Yoster said as he walked back into his bedroom shortly after coming out.

“There is no way i am cooking THAT for breakfast” Wiggler said in disgust and confusion.

“So what are we going to do with this?” Mario asked “Call the cops or something like pranking them back?”.

“I think we should prank them back!” Goombella suggested.

“Hold your chain chomps!” Wiggler said “You didn’t involve ME in this prank war?” Wiggler asked “Then why am i here them?...Can i play a part?” Wiggler asked.

“What type of prank can we do?” Luigi asked.

“I know the perfect one” Wiggler grinned.

The Next Day

Wario and Waluigi were lying down on a couch and Wario woke up.

“Hmm...I guess it was a bad dream” Wario shrugged as he got up from the couch and approached the door.

“It’ll just be a regular old day” Wario said in delight as he opened the door and walked outside, only to scream.

Wario’s scream woke up and Waluigi, causing him to fall of the couch and hit the coffee as the scream scared him.

“What the heck Wario!?” Waluigi yelled in anger as he got up and rubbed his already swelling head.

Waluigi looked around.

“Wario?” Waluigi called out as he walked around the house.

Waluigi checked everywhere, even under the floorboards and inside several cupboards and wardrobes before going outside.

Waluigi walked outside and fell into a 20-foot deep hole, Wario was crushed by Waluigi as he landed.

Wiggler looked into the hole and started shoveling dirt into the hole.

“Isn’t that a bit too extreme?” Luigi asked.

Yoster grabbed a shovel and started shoveling dirt into the hole.

“Nah” Wiggler shrugged

The End
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Guess who’s back
Amy’s back
Tell a friend
It was 2 AM at Bowser’s Castle, there was a window that was flashing blue. Inside the window where the blue flashes originated was a laboratory. There was a waste bin that was full of empty energy drinks. Another waste bin was full of Insanity and Insomnia antibiotics. The lab was also littered with blueprints and documents, had menacing-looking machines placed all over the place, tables with test tubes and books, and a large chalkboard on the wall. There was a large flashing machine at the way end of the lab.

“Mindulation Device Data Transfer 90% Complete” said a computer.

On one side of the lab was Iggy Koopa, who was writing inside a journal.

“Data Entry #309” Iggy wrote “Data transfer is almost complete, can’t wait to see the final product
Iggy wrote as he got up and inspected the machine.

“Data Transfer Complete” the Computer said “Insert Mushroom Ruby”.

“I do have the time” Iggy shrugged as he took out a cube from the machine and left his lab.

Iggy walked down the dark corridor of the castle and approached a large wooden door, he opened up the door and went outside. He approached a Koopa Clown Car but stopped in his tracks as soon as he heard rustling in the bushes.

“Who’s there!?” Iggy yelled as he pulled out a Ray Gun.

The rustling got louder.

“Show yourself” Iggy yelled.

A Chain Chomp came out the bush and ran away.

“...Idiot” Iggy scoffed as he turned around and saw Yoster sitting in his Koopa Clown Car.

“Peek-a-boo!” Yoster laughed he tackled Iggy and took the cube.

“I guess this is mine now!” Yoster laughed.

“How did you know about my plans!?” Iggy yelled.

“Never leave important documents lying around during a confrontation” Yoster shrugged.

Iggy pulled out his Ray Gun and shot Yoster with it. Causing Yoster to fall down and examine his wound, he struggled to get back up.

“I’m sorry but i have a gem to steal!” Iggy cackled “Sayonara!”.

The clown car flew away.

“Dammit…” Yoster grunted as he walked toward a car, broke inside the car, and hotwired it.


Meanwhile at a museum, there was a red ruby at the way end of a hallway inside a display case. It was protected by lasers and there was multiple surveillance cameras. There was an air duct grate where the hall started, it got kicked open and Amy emerged from it.

“Ugh, i hate air vents” Amy groaned as she popped her neck “Lasers eh?...” Amy pulled out a phone, pressed a button on it, and the lasers disappeared.

Amy chuckled as she walked down the hallway and examined the ruby.

“I love using these things” Amy smiled as her claws protracted and she scratched the glass on the ruby display, making a hole in the display case “Child’s play” Amy chuckled as she grabbed the ruby.

A figure holding a baseball bat snuck up behind Amy, he swung but Amy turned back, grabbed the bat, and threw it away.

“Look dude, i have reflexes” Amy shrugged mockingly.

“Dammit!” Iggy yelled.

“Let me help you with that!” Amy laughed as she drop kicked Iggy and ran away.

“COME BACK HERE!” Iggy commanded as he ran after Amy, who had escaped onto the roof.

“Give up?” Amy laughed.

“Nope” Iggy responded as he made onto the roof and chased Amy.

“Catch me if you can!” Amy mocked as she jumped to another roof but got pulled down and fell into a alleyway.

“I’ll be taking this!” Yoster grinned as he grabbed the ruby from Amy and ran off with it “I gotta take this to Peach’s” Yoster thought to himself, right before getting tied by Amy’s whip.

“Not so fast, you’re not going anywhere!” Amy growled furiously as she took the ruby from Yoster “How do you like dem appl-” Amy was cut off by Iggy punching her.

Iggy took the gem and ran off, Amy proceeded to chase him along with Yoster. Yoster tripped Amy and tackled Iggy.

“How about THAT!?” Yoster said as he took both the Cube and Ruby from Iggy.

Amy pointed a gun at Yoster and Iggy.

“Give me the ruby!” Amy commanded “and that Cube too!...NOW!”.

“No…” Yoster refused.

Amy shot the gun.

“...I said give me it!” Amy yelled “Or perhaps that next bullet will hit you!”.

Iggy got up, punched Yoster, and grabbed the 2 items. Shortly afterward, the 3 teens started fighting for the items, Amy grabbed the cube and it began to glow and she inserted the ruby in it.

“Well who knew this came with a ruby carrier!” Amy shrugged.

“...Oh shi-” Iggy said right as he was cut off by a flash.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Episode 7: Crowded Mindset

“Ugh” Amy groaned as she got up from her bed “It was just a bad dream” Amy said as she got up from bed and put on a pair of glasses.

The clock read 7:00 AM.

Amy yawned and entered a high-tech kitchen.

“Make breakfast” Amy said.

Many robotic arms came from the ceiling and began cooking.

Amy stared at a pistol that was on the counter and began posing with it.

“I’m such an idiot” Amy laughed in her mind as she looked in a mirror, only to scream and shoot it.

“...Dammit…” Amy grumbled as she opened up a hidden box and pulled out a bloody knife from it “...It’s her…”.

Amy picked a mirror that had a crack that split the glass, on the left side was her reflection and the other side was her reflection except she had a bowtie and had stains of blood.

“Well, i guess it has to be this way” Amy sighed as she stared closely at the bloodied knife “I love using this” Amy said with a sinister smile.

Amy put the knife and gun away but eventually collapsed as she was having a terrible sudden headache.

“...WHO’S IN THERE!?” Amy yelled.

Yoster was knocked out, he eventually got up and examined where he was. Yoster walked around and found a knocked-out Iggy, he nudged him.

Iggy got up.

“YOU!” Iggy yelled and jumped onto Yoster “YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID!” Iggy yelled.

“Calm down man!” Yoster said “After this you can TRY to kill me!”.

Iggy groaned.

“What is this place?” Yoster asked.

“Oh no…” Iggy said as his eyes got wider “Oh crap…”.

“What did that machine do?” Yoster sighed as he rolled his eyes and adjusted his cap.

“It can transport you into anyone’s head” Iggy responded “WE’RE IN HER MINDSCAPE!”.

Yoster began panicking.

“WHAT DO WE DO MAN!?” Yoster yelled “YOU’RE THE GENIUS!”.

“Um...Um…” Iggy thought right before as lightbulb appeared over Iggy’s head “I have an idea!” Iggy said right before the lightbulb fell and shattered as it impacted on his head.

“Thank god” Yoster said with a sigh of relief “I was about to puke in anxiety”.

“We have to reach the Mind Core, which is both the center of the mind and the control panel for it” Iggy said.

“That sounds easy” Yoster shrugged.

“We’re going to run into her thoughts, both known and the really personal ones” Iggy said “Do you have bleach just in case i see something i might want to unsee?” Iggy asked as he examined the path in front of them.

“Nope” Yoster said.

There was a large groan that echoed through the cave the 2 were in.

“What was that?” Yoster asked.

“That girl-” Iggy said right before being cut off by Yoster.

“Amy” Yoster said.

“Amy is getting up” Iggy said “...How should we introduce ourselves in a way where it doesn’t sound like we’re going to kill her both mentally and physically”.


Amy got up and sat down.

“Woo...Did somebody slip me a Shroomii?” Amy chuckled as she adjusted her glasses and red box.

One of the feelers grabbed a case of medication.

“ thanks” Amy said.

The feeler put the medication away.

“Umm....Hi? Iggy’s voice said in Amy’s head.

Amy screamed.

“Hey, you’re not the only one who's confused as hell!” Yoster’s voice said.

“What is going on?!” Amy yelled in fear.

“Well, the machine was able to transfer us into your mindscape” Iggy’s voice said.

“THEN GET OUT OF THERE!” Amy yelled.

“We have to reach your memory core” Iggy’s voice said.

“I guess we’ll get to know you better” Yoster’s voice chuckled.

Amy facepalmed and lied on a couch.

“...Ugh…” Amy groaned “Whatever shall i do in that time?” Amy asked herself as she picked up a TV remote and turned on the TV.

“Want me to introduce myself?” Amy asked.

“Why not let us first?” Yoster’s voice asked.

“...You’re Yoster Italiano and the guy with the weird hair is Iggy Koopa” Amy said “I’m Amy…”.

“How the hell did you know that?” Yoster asked.

“Don’t ask…” Amy muttered.

“Are you ok?” Iggy’s voice asked “You sound like something is bothering you”.

“...Oh it’s nothing” Amy smiled “...It’s nothing”.


There was a dark figure holding a bloodied knife staring at Yoster and Iggy. As the figure walked they dragged the knife against the wall, leaving a etched line.

“...I’m Coming” the figure snickered.


“So how long will it take to get there?” Yoster asked.

“Probably 2 hours, maybe 3” Iggy said.

Yoster groaned.

“I just want to get this over with and fall asleep” Yoster said.

“Who sleeps?” Iggy asked.

“What!?” Amy’s voice echoed “Everyone does”.

“...I don’t sleep” Iggy responded “I rarely get sleep, the doctor is even surprised i hadn’t died yet”.

“...Damn, why don’t you get any?” Yoster asked.

“Insanity keeps me up, it makes it seem impossible” Iggy said.

“Well, if you revealed stuff about you then it’s my turn” Amy’s voice echoed “My name...isn’t really Amy...don’t laugh but...It’s really Amylissa, Amylissa Opperfox Candolit the Third”.
“...Why did you change it?” Yoster asked.

“Dude, it sounds really dumb if i had to speak like that” Amy’s voice echoed “But a girl like me has very personal reasons”.

Iggy and Yoster stopped at the sight of thousands of doors.

“Umm, what do these lead to?” Yoster asked.

“Memories” Iggy responded “The deeper we go, we see more important memories, which leads to the core”.

A Knife was flung but it barely passed Yoster and landed on a door.


Yoster looked back and saw Amy except this time her hair bow didn’t have feelers, she also wore a bow tie, she wore small spectacles, and she had a sinister grin along with blood stains on her fur.

“Hurry up…” Amy grinned “...I need a new pair of corpses…”

“RUN!” Yoster yelled as he and Iggy ran down the maze of memories.

Iggy and Yoster stopped after a while.

“Who the hell was that?!” Yoster asked.

“...I have no clue!” Iggy said “Look, just because i’m from elite schools doesn’t mean i know everything”.

There was singing.

“Ring around the rosies, Pocket full of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, We all fall down” “Amy” sang while she was looking around for Iggy and Yoster “Let’s fall down together…”.

“Ssh” Iggy shushed.

The 2 walked deeper into the maze of memories.

The singing faded.

“...What the hell?” Iggy said “You can’t enter your mind in your mind, that’s outright IMPOSSIBLE!”.

“That is not Amy” Yoster said “Does she look like a killer?...”.

“She does have a lot of dark secrets, but we need to know her backstory to find out” Iggy responded.

“Well dude, i’d rather get out of here rather tham chit chat and become Roasted Yoshi for Miss. Extra Creepy” Yoster said.

“Same here, man” Iggy responded as they approached a platform with different doors colored doors.

“What is this?” Yoster asked “Five Nights at Mushrooms?”.

“It more looks like the game Can You Not Escape” Iggy responded “But seriously, we are at the core memories”.

“How do you know so much of this place?” Yoster asked.

“...I’ve traveled in minds before” Iggy said, adjusting his glasses “It can be...traumatic”.

“Should we enter this door?” Yoster said as he pointed to a suspicious-looking door.

Iggy opened the door and it showed Amy styling her hair.

“How is this memory a core memory?” Yoster asked.

“A good fashion expert always styles her hair for a particular occasion, especially this one!” Amy said as she used a hairdryer.

Any put down the hairdryer and went to her bedroom, she entered a password on a door in her bedroom and behind the door was an armory.

Amy walked down the secret armory and looked at a jumpsuit in a display case.

“First time” Amy said proudly as she entered a code into the display case, opening it “If i’m going to get some retribution, then i better look nice”.

“Damn” Yoster said as he closed the door “Now where do we go?” Yoster asked as he approached a door “Here?” Yoster asked as he opened the door.

Inside the door was Amy, who was crying in bed.


Amy was using a DJ Turntable.

“...Hmm...I should get the other Vinyl Record” Amy said as she approached a closet, protracted her claws, and unlocked it.

A cello fell out the closet.

A voice echoed in Amy’s head.

“All this practice will eventually will pay off” The voice said “Don’t take this for granted, i’m doing this for your own good”.

Amy shed a tear and grabbed the cello.

“I remember this” Amy smiled as she adjusted her glasses “So long ago…”.

Amy began playing a tune on the cello.

“Oh why did it have to be this way?” Amy sang as she played the cello “Retribution seems wrong, but now it seems right”.

“Looks like good ‘ol Amylissa is talking to herself again” Amy chuckled.

“Umm...Amy?” Iggy’s voice echoed.

“That’s my name” Amy responded.

“We ran into someone...Who looked like you” Iggy’s voice echoed.

Amy dropped the Cello Bow and stared at a bloody knife on the table.

“It was...It...It was who i really am” Amy sighed in despair.

“She tried to kill us!” Iggy’s voice echoed angrily.

“I almost lost my face to a throwing knife!” Yoster said.

“I’m sorry guys you have any idea what retribution past...just get the hell out of there” Amy sighed in despair.


“Damn, that memory was pretty sad” Iggy said.

“I wonder what happened” Yoster asked “To become from a talented girl to a cold-hearted flirtatious killer and burglar”.

Iggy and Yoster walked into a door and found a giant glowing ball.

“...Here it is!” Iggy exclaimed.

Yoster high-fived Iggy.

There was a chair on the platform that was surrounding the glowing ball, it turned around revealing to be the Amy-like figure.

“Greetings” Amy smiled.

“...YOU!” Yoster yelled “WHAT DO YOU WANT!?”.

Amy played a tune on her cello.

“Retribution is all i seek, just stand there and see while i chop you up in glee” Amy sang “Blood on the floor in my eyes, i’ll run the knife into your heart, so quit staring and see the death in my eyes...I’m waiting right here”.

Iggy shuddered.

“It’s quite rude for me not to introduce myself in such a menacing manner although i am menacing, i would cut one of you but you know how awkward it would be talking to a person who’s friend you just killed?” Amy asked “...I am Amylissa”.

Amylissa had a sinister grin and charged at Yoster with the knife.

Yoster moved out the way.

“...Die” Amylissa grinned “DIE!”.

Iggy pulled out a scepter and started shooting fireballs at Amylissa, but Amylissa deflected them with her knife.

“Watch out!” Yoster yelled as he pushed Iggy out of the way.

“...This mindscape will be mine once again” Amylissa said with a sinister grin “And you’re not getting in my way!”.

“NEVER!” Yoster yelled as he tried to punch Amylissa, but missed.

Amylissa swung her knife, barely hitting Yoster.

Yoster froze and noticed a small cut.

“...Damn” Yoster said with a sigh of relief.

Amylissa kept on swinging her knife but kept on missing.

“WHY DON’T YOU DIE ALREADY!” Amylissa yelled as she kept on swinging.

Yoster fell onto his back.

“It’ll be over soon!” Amylissa smiled as she held the knife up high and swung it down, only to be stopped by Iggy.

“Nobody kills him except me!” Iggy yelled.

“Get away from me you idiot!” Amylissa yelled as she scratched Iggy with her claws, leaving a large claw mark on his stomach.

Iggy punched Amylissa and she fell back.

“YOU IDIOT!” Amylissa yelled as she charged at Iggy.

Iggy moved out the way, causing her to slip and fall off the platform.

As Amylissa was falling, she threw her knife, missing Iggy but hitting the Memory Core.

“Oh crap” Yoster said “Is that bad?”.


Amy was shining her knife and pistol.

“Oh the memories” Amy smiled “...I lived in luxury…”.

Amy felt a sharp pain go through her head.

“GAAH!” Amy yelled as she collapsed onto the ground.



“IF WE DON’T FIX THIS THEN SHE’S SCREWED!” Iggy yelled as he shook Yoster.

“HOW DO WE FIX THIS!?” Yoster yelled.

“I HAVE NO CLUE!” Iggy yelled.


“I DROPPED OUT!” Iggy yelled “...I’m a mere failure…”.

“...Iggy, i-i...I know you can fix this” Yoster said.

“You remind me of my mother…” Iggy chuckled “...Now Amy’s going to die and it’s all my fault”.

“...Who was the one who successfully found cures to various diseases?’ Yoster asked “Who was the one who never gave up at killing his nemesis...Who was the one who saved his enemy?”.

“...ME!” Iggy said as he approached the memory core, threw the knife off the platform, and began fixing it.

“I knew you could do it” Yoster smiled.

Several Hours Later

“Ugh…” Amy groaned as she got up from a bed and rubbed her head, she checked the time “5:00 PM”.

Amy opened the door and saw Yoster and Iggy eating pizza.

“Want some?” Yoster asked.

Amy cleaned her glasses.

“Is it really you?” Amy asked “And not one of my hallucinations?”.

“Dude, since when you were hallucinating people right in your secret base eating pizza we found in the fridge along with probably taking a swig from a bottle of wine?” Iggy asked.

Yoster laughed.

“Well thanks” Amy smiled “Wait right here for just a moment”.

Amy entered her bedroom and came back with her Utility belt.

“I don’t like revealing where my base is” Amy shrugged “...Sorry i have to do this”.

Amy pressed a button on her belt, which caused it to emit a gas; knocking out Yoster and Iggy.

12 AM
Iggy was sitting down at his desk, writing into a journal.

“Boo” Amy smiled as she peeked in through the window.

“GAH!” Iggy screamed as he fell from his chair “Ow…”.

“Yeesh man” Amy chuckled “I’m not some interdimensional demon”.

“Why are you here?” Iggy asked.

“Robbing a bank while i’m at it” Amy shrugged as she came in through the window as sat on the bed.

“Sounds like you” Iggy said.

“Staying up at night making inventions” Amy grinned “Sounds like you”.

“We are weird in our little ways” Iggy chuckled.

“...Oh yeah, thank you so much for that thing...In my mind…” Amy smiled as she opened up a pocket in her utility belt and pulled out a pair of glasses “Got a pen?”.

Iggy handed Amy a pen and paper.

Amy put on the pair of glasses, wrote on the paper, put the glasses away, and gave Iggy the paper.

“Call me” Amy smiled as she kissed Iggy on the cheek.

Iggy’s tail started wagging left and right.

“Is it supposed to do that?” Amy laughed.

“I’m a Koopa” Iggy shrugged.

“Well cya dude” Amy said “Banks don’t rob themselves y’know” Amy said as she used a grappling hook to grapple outside.

After a couple of seconds Amy peeked back in through the window.

“Oh yeah...Villains for life?” Amy asked as she offered to fist bump Iggy.

“Villains for life” Iggy smiled as he fist bumped Amy.

“Cya later, Iggy-o” Amy smiled as she left.

“I hope your dad doesn’t mind that i steal his fancy car!” Amy called out as she stole Bowser’s car.

Iggy wrote took out a phone and started calling on it.

“Lemme guess, it happened?” Yoster asked as he spoke on his phone.

“Yup” Iggy responded.

“Well i’ll see you when you kidnap the Princess tomorrow” Yoster said as he hung up.

Meanwhile, in the Memory Core

Amylissa made it back onto the platform and stared at her knife.

“I’m coming back” Amylissa growled as she walked away from the memory core

The End?
Sorry for all these constant delays, i have a lot going on in my life lately and so Episode 8 will come out tomorrow or this Sunday along with a surprise announcement.
Goombario was writing blueprints

“And with a scale factor of 2…” Goombario said as he was sweating heavily while writing “...This prank will end up perfect!”.

Parakarry flew into the window.

Goombario opened the window and looked down at a dizzy Parakarry.

“Package for...Goombario Wunstomp?” Parakarry read on a package.

“That’s me” Goombario said as he jumped out the 2nd floor window and landed on a trampoline.

“Thanks” Goombario said as he grabbed the package, signed on a clipboard, and entered his house.


“Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” Goombario exclaimed as he opened the package and pulled out a copy of MarioBoards: Build Your Own MarioBoards and Torture Other Users!.

“Now...Time to have fun” Goombario snickered as he pulled out laptop and book called Hacking Weird Video Games for 13-Year Old Goomba Pranksters.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Episode 8: Best Frenemies

Yoster was at the library with Goombella.

“...Just one more month and i can finally get my degree in archeology!” Goombella cheered “That way, i can finally pursue my dream job!”.

“Ssh!” A voice sushed.

“Nice” Yoster responded.

“Ok, quiz me so i can finally get a high grade on that exam!” Goombella smiled.

“Ssh!” A voice sushed again.

“Ok” Yoster said as he pulled out a large pile of paper “You know when i read something like this i say; Too much words”.

“Ok come on!” Goombella laughed.

The 2 were kicked out the library.

“Hm, saw that one coming” Yoster said.

Bombette came running up to Yoster.

“Hey, wanna visit Goombario’s house?” Bombette asked.

“Sure, why not?” Yoster responded as he got on his bike and rode off.

“...What about me?” Goombella exclaimed.

At Goombario’s House

“Hey guys” Goombario responded.

“What’s up with the smile?” Bombette responded.

“Well i bought Mario Kart 8 over today” Bombette said.

“What about Super Mario 3D World?” Yoster asked.

“I don’t wanna risk you throwing my Wii Remote out the window again” Bombette responded.

And so, the 3 had a gaming session of Mario Kart 8 but Goombario didn’t notice the copy of the CD fall into Bombette’s backpack


“Cya!” Yoster waved back as he left Goombario’s house along with Bombette.

“Now time to finish up that prank” Goombario smiled as he closed the window and looked at his desk, only to notice the CD was gone.

“...Oh crap” Goombario said nervously “...I LOST IT!!” Goombario began to hyperventilate “That’s ok...It could be under the desk?...RIGHT?!”.

Goombario opened up the window and yelled at the neighbor, who was trimming a hedge.

“RIGHT!?” Goombario yelled.

“...Um...What?” The Neighbor shrugged.

Goombario looked back into his room and started looking in multiple places while panicking.

“Oh no...I’m dead…” Goombario said as he kept on rocking back and forth “Maybe they won’t notice...or perhaps say “Hey, why is there a CD which will have the most cringeworthy and disturbing thing stored in it that makes me NOT want to put it inside my own Wii U?” Goombario laughed insanely.

“...MY PRANK BACKFIRED!” Goombario yelled.

Meanwhile, at Bombette’s house

Bombette was on her bed using her laptop while listening to music.

“Do you think Koop Reynolds looks hot?” Bombette asked Wendy as she was video chatting on a her laptop.

“Of course!” Wendy cheered “But nobody can beat Leonardo DiCarprishroom!”.

“That is so true, it sucks that he didn’t win a Ivan Award this year” Bombette responded “Only that stupid Nat Haymon got it instead of him!”.

“Laptop Charge at 5%” The Laptop read.

“Hold up, I have to get my charger” Bombette said as she put away the laptop, opened up the closet, and pulled out a backpack.

“Now where did i put it?” Bombette said as she rummaged right through her backpack, only to find the MarioBoards game and stare at it in confusion.

“What’s this?” Bombette said in confusion as she opened up the DVD and stared at the disc inside.

“I gotta go” Bombette told Wendy as she opened up her laptop and ended the video chat.

Bombette placed the CD inside her Wii U and began playing the game.

The game began to display regular gaming footage but then it began showing scary footage and broadcasting.


Bombette tried to turn off the TV but couldn’t, then the lights of her room kept on flickering along with other appliances.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” Bombette shrieked.

After several minutes in which seemed like an eternity to Bombette, the lights went out and the TV stayed on.

“...Um?” Bombette said as she stared at the TV in confusion, which was displaying a white screen.

The TV kept on displaying multiple colors every second, from White to Black then Black to Red, etc.

Bombette slowly approached the TV.

The TV turned off.

Bombette jumped back.

The radio turned on.

“YOU JUST GOT PRANKED!” The Radio played in a mocking manner “That was so much fun, wasn’t it?”.

Bombette grabbed a baseball bat and was about to destroy the radio but the radio interrupted Bombette.

“Well right before you destroy this radio” the Radio interrupted “Goombario just wanted me to tell you that it’s just a prank bro!”.

Bombette smashed the radio.

The Next Day

Goombario was helping Yoster paint the Mario Bros. house by holding the ladder Yoster was standing on.

“Hey, at least i’m lucky we don’t live in a 2-story home” Yoster said as he was painting the house “That means i have to apply more paint”.

“We just hire a painter to paint the house for us” Goombario shrugged “It’s kinda hard finding a cheap painter”.

“Hey, at least we save 100 coins on the cheapest painter available...but we waste 100 on trips to the ER due to a broken leg” Yoster sighed.

“How many times has Wiggler fallen off the roof?” Goombario asked.

“10” Yoster responded “Last time was 2 weeks ago”.


The Mario Bros. was having a BBQ.

Wiggler was grilling sausages and burgers.

“I’d like 2” Luigi said as he held out a plate.

“Sure” Wiggler responded as he pulled out a barbecue fork.

Wiggler tried to poke out a sausage but it was stuck, he kept on pulling but as he pulled out the sausage, it got flung onto the roof along with the barbecue fork.

“Well crap” Goombella said.

Wiggler grabbed a ladder and climbed onto the roof.

“Now where is it?” Wiggler said as he walked on the roof, eventually slipping on the barbecue fork, falling off the house, and landing on the grill.

Wiggler screamed in pain.

The Barbecue fork fell onto the room and ended up impaling Wiggler.

2 Weeks Later

“Wiggler had a fear of ladders ever since” Yoster said.

Bombette was hiding in a bush, holding a slingshot.

“...You’ll pay for this” Bombette muttered angrily as she used the aimed the slingshot at the ladder and shot it.

The rock flew and hit one of the ladder legs, causing Yoster to fall.

As Yoster landed, there was a large cracking noise and it was revealed that Yoster’s arm was bending the wrong away.

“WHAT THE HELL MAN!?” Yoster yelled.

Goombario noticed Bombette snickering at a bush.

“I-It was Bombette!” Goombario responded as he pointed to the bush Bombette was hiding behind.

But Bombette was gone.

2 Days Later

Yoster was wearing a cast and playing on Goombario’s 3DS.

“How did i forget my 3DS?’’ Yoster said in confusion.

Across from him was Goombario and Bombette, who were having a picnic.

“Wow, i’m glad Yoster set up this apology picnic!” Goombario cheered “Especially after our recent quarrels…”.

“Yeah” Bombette said “Yoster told me you bought “Something Special”.

“Oh yes i did!” Goombario cheered as he pulled out a cake.

“Oh you!” Bombette said happily as she ate the cake in one bite, only to spit it out then vomit it out soon enough.

“What was in that!?” Bombette yelled.

“Oh, just frosting...and expired cake mix that was mixed with...bird poop” Goombario laughed.

Bombette vomited.

“YOU GOT PRANKED AGAIN!” Goombario celebrated “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET!”.

“...I didn’t come unprepared” Bombette said as she pulled out a button and pressed it.

“What’s supposed to happen?” Goombario asked.

“OH MY GOD!” Yoster exclaimed “A SHINY MEWTWO!” Yoster yelled “I CAUGHT IT!”.

“But i need to save” Yoster said.

The 3DS exploded.

“...WHY!?” Yoster cried “WHY ME!?”.

Bombette ran away laughing while Goombario chased her.

“THAT THING WAS EXPENSIVE!” Goombario yelled.

“Catch me if you can!” Bombette laughed right before tumbling down a steep and rocky ledge with Goombario.

“Ow…” Goombario said in pain “My leg”.

Bombette tried to climb up the ledge but fell.

“Oh no…” Bombette said “...We’re trapped”.

Both Goombario and Bombette screamed.


Yoster was looking for Goombario and Bombette while calling out their names.

“Goombario?” Yoster called out “Bombette?”.


“...This wouldn’t have happened if you pranked me like that!” Bombette yelled.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t prank me back and just rolled with it!” Goombario yelled.

“Why did you have to be such an IDIOT?!” Bombette yelled.

“WHY ARE YOU EVEN MY FRIEND!?” Goombario yelled “This is my side of the hole and that’s your side!”.

“At least i get a rock bed!” Bombette boasted “All you get is a rock table”.

“Fine” Goombario said as he looked away from Bombette.


Yoster looked inside the hole.

“...Maybe i should let them get back together again” Yoster smiled as he walked away from the hole, sat down on a rock, and began writing in a journal.


It was late at night and Yoster had already left.

“..Should we focus on getting out?” Goombario asked “It looks like it’s about to rain badly”.

“Hell if i know!” Bombette said angrily.

“...Bombette...I’m sorry” Goombario said “That prank was meant for Yoster, you were right...It was my fault”.

“...Goombario” Bombette sighed “...It was my fault for taking it too seriously”.

It began to rain.

“Don’t beat yourself up over this” Goombario said “It’s my fault that i made up the prank, i should be the one who gets affected the most”.

“Heh heh, why are you so nice?” Bombette chuckled.

“I’ll answer that question right before we DROWN IN THIS HOLE!” Goombario yelled in anxiety as the hole began to flood.

“Oh crap…” Bombette said right before noticing a root sticking out a rock “Over there!”.

“I’ll give you a boost!” Goombario said right before he gave Bombette a boost.

“What about you?” Bombette asked.

“I’ll find a way!” Goombario said.

The water began rising higher to the point where it reached the height of the root.

“Goombario?” Bombette called out.

Goombario came up from the water and held onto the root.

Bombette grabbed a vine and used it to get out the hole along with Goombario.

Goombario and Bombette tripped and rolled down the hill into a bush.

They both got out the bush and laughed.

“...Bombette, i’m sorry about that prank” Goombario said “It did seem wrong for me to do it...Can you forgive me?”.

“Of course!” Bombette smiled “That’s all i needed after you saved me”.

Yoster was staring from behind a tree.

“That worked out well” Yoster smiled.

A branch collapsed onto Yoster.

“OH COME ON!” Yoster yelled.

Goombario and Bombette walked up the Yoster who was trapped under the branch.

“A little help?” Yoster shrugged.

The End

Now that’s Episode 8 folks but i have a special announcement. There will be a small 5-part miniseries called Ashes coming out after the special episode, With Every Breath (A game changer episode). I will not talk much about the miniseries although it does play a part in the series canon, but it’ll be worth the wait!.

(It will not count toward Episode count too).
Early release.

Legend has it that the mighty god will return to us all (hopefully) giving us a blessing.

He has returned.
30 Years Ago

“Daddy, I’m gonna play outside!” Peach said, she was a little girl.

“Take a guard with you and make sure to be back in a hour, okay?” Mushroom King said “We cannot be late to that play i booked tickets for your mother’s birthday”.

“Yes papa” Peach said as she left with a guard.

“I forgot her gift” Mushroom King thought to himself while smiling “I’ll use my expertise drawing skills in order to surprise her!”.

50 Minutes Later

“...I finally did it!” Mushroom King said as he wiped away sweat.

Mushroom Queen entered the kitchen.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Mushroom King yelled as he held up this drawing to Mushroom Queen:


“What is that?” Mushroom Queen asked.

“It’s Tuffy!” Mushroom King smiled “The monster in the closet!”.

Mushroom Queen laughed and kissed Mushroom King.


Peach was playing with a ball until Kid Mario and Luigi walked up to her.

“Woah” Luigi said in amazement “It’s the Pwincess!”.

“Your face is good!” Mario smiled “I’m a Mario!”.

Peach laughed.

“Wanna pway?” Luigi asked.

The guard checked his watched.

“No, the princess has bigger matters to attend to” the Guard said “Now Good day”.

“Cya Peach” Mario said as he walked away “Er-your highness”.

I had no friends when i was young.

Present Day

Peach was sitting down while reading a newspaper.

“...Hmm...A video game console for children without necks?” Peach said in confusion as she read the newspaper.

“Finally!” Mushroom King cheered “A game system for me!”.

“Dogs for sale?” Peach read on the newspaper.

Mushroom King took the newspaper and gave Peach a large book.

“We’re switching to books now” Mushroom King said.

“What’s up with you and dogs?” Peach asked.

“They are expensive!” Mushroom King responded.

“We’re rich” Peach said.

“They destroy things!” Mushroom King said.

“We replaced all the furniture after Amy stole it, Draconius destroyed it, and Iggy vandalized it” Peach responded.

“They are filthy!” Mushroom King said.

“You eat your food out of a dog bowl!” Peach responded.

“No i don’t” Mushroom King said as he poured cereal into a dog bowl and ate from it.

“Dad, I am 35 years old” Peach said “I am a Princess and i take full responsibility of my actions”.

“Peach, you are not going to have a dog and that’s final” Mushroom King said “Why don’t you have a pet bird or fish?”.

“Dad, don’t treat me like a little kid” Peach said “You can trust me”.

“...Fine” Mushroom King said “But you have to take full care of it and clean up after it”.

“Yes dad” Peach said as she left.

1 Hour Later

Mushroom King was watering the plants until Peach walked up to him with a dog on a leash.

The dog was very large and was white with beige spots. It also had a large collar and tongue.

“What’s his name?” Mushroom King asked.

“Well i haven’t decided” Peach smiled “Oh i know!” Peach exclaimed “Poochy, his name is Poochy”.

Poochy barked and licked Peach.

“Wanna pet him?” Peach asked.

“...Sure i guess” Mushroom King said as he pet a panting Poochy.

Poochy barked and licked Mushroom King.

“That means he likes you” Peach smiled.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Episode 9: Instructions Not Included

Peach was walking Poochy with Mario.

“Well we don’t need a dog” Mario said “We have Wiggler”.

Peach laughed.

A squirrel ran past Poochy.

Poochy barked and ran after it, dragging Peach along with him.

“Oh crap” Mario said as he ran after Peach.

“Heel!” Peach said as Poochy kept on dragging her “Bad Poochy!”.

Poochy was barking angrily at the squirrel.

Mario got in front of Poochy.

“Not so fa-” Mario said right before Poochy trampled him.

“Ouch…” Mario groaned.

“POOCHY!” Peach yelled as he kept on dragging her across the park sidewalk.

The squirrel ran up a tree.

Poochy came to a sudden stop and barked at the tree.

“Dammit…” Peach groaned as she got up and wiped dirt off of her.

Poochy growled at the tree.

“Poochy…” Peach said while snapping her fingers “I will not tolerate such nonsense!”.

Poochy looked at Peach and sat down.

“Good Poochy!” Peach smiled as she pet Poochy “Now where’s Mario?”.

Mario was being put in an ambulance.

“Umm...perhaps we should contact a dog person” Peach chuckled as she walked Poochy toward the castle and pulled out a phone.


Amy was sitting down at a chair and staring at a collar.

“I’m not a orderly person…” Amy mumbled “...He wanted me to be orderly” Amy smiled “...But i shouldn’t…” Amy smiled as she put on the collar.

“That...feels great!” Amy laughed “I’m keeping this on as long as i live!”.

Amy’s phone rang.

“Ello?” Amy answered on the phone.

“Umm...Amy?” Peach chuckled “...Don’t ask why i’m using Iggy’s phone”.

On Peach’s end was Bowser who had a kiss mark on his cheek holding a shotgun toward Iggy, who was holding his phone up to Peach.

“...This better be a joke” Amy scoffed “What is it that you want?”.

“You had a dog before, right?” Peach asked “I just got one and i seriously need some help raising it”.

“Oh sure i would!” Amy said “I’ll be there in like...a couple of seconds”

“Ok, thanks” Peach said as she hung up the phone.

“Okay, you can leave” Peach smiled.

Iggy and Bowser left.

Peach turned around and Amy was there.

Peach screamed.

“Look dude, i’m very fast when it comes to running” Amy shrugged.


“What happened to your dog?” Peach asked.

“My life story is saved for a future fanfic” Amy responded “But you should know that a dog needs lots of love” Amy said “Isn’t that right Poochy!” Amy said as she kissed the top of Poochy’s head.

“How do a dog from chasing a squirrel while dragging you across the grass?” Peach asked.

“...Just let him drag you…” Amy sighed as she removed her glove, revealing a scar on her hand “I learned that the hard way”.

Peach sighed.

“...Also, does your dad frequently mistake inedibles for food?” Amy asked.

“...Umm...Yes?” Peach responded.

Amy took out a case of pills from her belt.

“You’re gonna need these” Amy said, handing Peach the pills.

“Oh well look at the time” Amy said, checking her phone “Banks don’t rob themselves y’know”.

“I’m pretty sure villains don’t get foiled themselves” Luigi said as he walked in.

“...You called HIM?” Amy asked angrily.

“...Of course!” Peach responded.

“YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!” Amy yelled as she pulled out her grappling hook.


Poochy was biting Amy’s tail.

“...At least get HIM off my flanks!” Amy growled “I need my tail and my rump!”.

The cops came and arrested Amy.

Peach looked at Luigi and shrugged.

“Ooo, Chocolate!” Mushroom King’s voice ooed from across the hall shortly before he started making chewing noises “OH GROSS! WHO LIKES THIS?!”.

Several Hours Later

Mushroom King was vomiting.

Peach gave Mushroom King a case of pills and left the bathroom, only to find that Poochy destroyed the couch.

“Poochy!” Peach snapped as she examined the damage.

Poochy started to whimper.

“Oh i’m sorry” Peach said as she began to pet Poochy “I shouldn’t have yelled at you in such a way”.

Mushroom King entered the living room.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Mushroom King yelled “See why i didn’t want a dog?”.

“It’s just the couch, dad” Peach responded.

The kitchen door swung open, showing that the kitchen had transformed from one of the most organized places in the world into a garbage dump used as a nuclear testing site in mere seconds.

“...Put that dog outside” Mushroom King said angrily.

“Dad…” Peach said.

“Outside. Now.” Mushroom King said angrily.

Peach put Poochy on a leash and tied him to a stake outside.

“I’m sorry Poochy…” Peach said as she pet Poochy.

Peach entered the castle.

11:00 PM

“Ah, time to get some sleep” Mushroom King smiled as he fluffed his pillow and went to sleep.

Poochy began barking loudly outside.

“...Ugh…” Mushroom King groaned as he got up and opened the window.

“Can you keep it down!” Mushroom King yelled to Poochy.

Poochy stopped barking.

“Yes…” Mushroom King smiled as he went to sleep.

Poochy began barking again.

Mushroom King opened up a shelf and found a pair of ear plugs.

“Heh heh” Mushroom King chuckled right before he accidentally dropped the ear plugs into a drain.

8 Hours Later

Poochy stopped barking.

“...Finally” Mushroom King smiled as he fell asleep.

The alarm clock went off.


“Don’t worry dad” Peach said “I’m making Bacon Pancakes and Bacon Eggs, your favorite” Peach smiled.

“Thanks sweetie” Mushroom King yawned.

Peach opened up the Meat Locker, only to discover that all the meat had been eaten.

Poochy walked in; he was covered in meat crumbs.

“...Oh Poochy…” Peach smiled while rolling her eyes.

“I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS DOG!” Mushroom King yelled “I’m taking it back to the pound!” Mushroom King said as he grabbed Poochy’s leash.

Mushroom King put Poochy in the car.

“Dad!” Peach said “Give him one more chance!”.

“I already gave him enough!” Mushroom King responded as he started the car “C’mon, I’m not driving alone”.

“I’m not coming” Peach said.

“Come inside now” Mushroom King growled “Or else”.

Peach entered the car.

The car drove away.


“I’d like...return this” Mushroom King said as he struggled to put Poochy on the counter.

“Okay” The Receptionist said “Was this dog...Misbehaving in any way?” The Receptionist asked.

“I thought i’ve seen worse” Mushroom King said “His behavior was terrible”.

“Would you want to get him Euthanized for this?” The Receptionist asked.

“I can?” Mushroom King smiled.

“Sure” The Receptionist responded “Only for 50 Coins”.

“Shut up and take my money” Mushroom King said as he took out his wallet.

“Dad!” Peach yelled “How could you?!”.

“It’s just a dog!” Mushroom King said.

Peach ran out the door.

“Keep the change” Mushroom King said as he went after Peach, who was in the car.

Mushroom King started the car and drove away.

“Why?” Peach cried “Dad...I’m not a little kid...I AM 35 FOR GOD’S SAKE!”.

“Peach” Mushroom King responded “I used to have a dog when i was your age, it would do the exact same thing Poochy would do. It once did a total of 50,000 coins in damage...50,000!”.

“They why can’t we send him to a obendience school?” Peach asked.

“I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference” Mushroom King responded.

The 2 remained silent.

“...Knock Knock” Mushroom King smiled several minutes later.

“...You’re supposed to say who’s there!” Mushroom King said.

Peach remained silent.

“Don’t give me the silent treatment” Mushroom King frowned.

Peach remained silent.

Mushroom King turned the car around and parked the car at the Animal Shelter several minutes later.

“I want my dog back” Mushroom King said as he entered the facility.

“Too late” The Receptionist said “They’re already doing the injection soon enough”.

“I want my dog back” Mushroom King said.

“Did you even listen?” The Receptionist asked.

Mushroom King left, only to drive the car through the wall shortly after.

“This way!” Mushroom King said as he ran down a hall with Peach.

“...How do we know where Poochy is?” Peach asked.

Mushroom King noticed a doctor holding a container with a syringe with a warning label.

“After him!” Mushroom King said as they ran after the Doctor and entered the lab he was in shortly after.

Poochy was panting but then ran toward Peach and licked her.

“Oh Poochy!” Peach smiled “I missed you…”.

The cops came in.

“FREEZE!” The cops yelled.

“PLEASE!” Mushroom King pleaded “I don’t want to go to juvie!”.

“...You’re 60” Peach responded.

“Oh...I thought you said i was 6!” Mushroom King said.

Peach facepalmed.

The next day

Mushroom King was in a jailcell.

“What are you in for?” A Koopa asked.

“Shoplifting” A Toad responded “How about you?”.

“Going into a hunting store, testing out the guns, and asking where the antidepressants are for over 50 times i guess” The Koopa shrugged.

“You’re free to go” A Cop said as he opened up the jail cell.

“Me?” The Koopa exclaimed joyfully.

“No, him” The Cop said, pointing to Mushroom King.

Mushroom King left the prison and entered the car.

Peach was driving and Poochy was in the back.

“How did it go?” Peach smiled as she began driving.

“Like a world where bacon doesn’t exist” Mushroom King said.

Peach chuckled.

“Drive to the cemetary first” Mushroom King said.

“Why?” Peach asked.

“I’ll show you” Mushroom King responded.

Peach parked in front of the cemetary shortly after and the 3 entered it.

“Follow me” Mushroom King gestured as he walked past the sea of tombstones.

Mushroom King stoped at a giant tombstone.

“Oh my god…” Peach said.

The Tombstone read:

Margaret Toadstool:


“With Great Power comes Great Resonsibility”

“...Yup” Mushroom King sighed “It’s only been 5 years since your mother died…”.

“She sacrificed herself for me…” Peach said while shedding a tear “I couldn’t believe somebody could murder someone so kind and caring…”.

“C’mon, let’s go get Ice Cream” Mushroom King smiled.

Poochy barked.

“Ok” Peach smiled “I love you dad…”.

“I love you too….” Mushroom King responded.

The End

Well next week is going to be a special episode! Be prepared for a game changer.
[40k View Special Btw]

The new world is going to need Yoster Italiano

And the Mushroom Kingdom is about to seem a whole lot larger.
C’mon silly! The lake is this way!.

B-b-but i have a fear of swimming

Yeah, and i have a fear of boredom!


Look, i’m sorry if i’m always bugging you with my antics but fun is my middle name!

No, i should be the one that should be sorry for my actions….I’m no fun….I’m just a simplistic bummer…

Don’t feel that way, you’re the best person i’ve ever known and that became better the second i placed my lips on yours. Of course you speak smartypants and all but that is what makes You should never think negative about yourself, now let’s go Draconi-o.

*Chuckles* It’s not Draconi-o...It’s Draconius Tyrain….

Oh you…*Laughs*...Hug?


It could’ve ended...Differently….

1185 Years Later

“Dear Queen Andromeda” Peach wrote onto a scroll “Every single day means a new hope and path for all 5 Million citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, i remember when you would motivate me in my time of despair and melancholy. It has been 30 years since you last came to our recent celebration, so i have decided to invite you for the 1200th Anniversary of the Mushroom Kingdom’s founding. If you reject due to personal issues, we will be saddened but we understand”.

“Done?” Mushroom King asked as he placed a hand on Peach’s shoulder.

“Yes Dad” Peach smiled as she handed the scroll to a small Luma and pet it “Cya little guy” Peach giggled.

The Luma flew away into space.

1200 Years Ago, a fellow group of travelers founded 3 kingdoms; The Mushroom Kingdom, The Koopa Kingdom, and The Draconia Kingdom. 1200 Years later, the Mushroom Kingdom will celebrate that anniversary of the founding with the two remaining founders: Queen Andromeda and Princess Rosalina. With both of the remaining founders promising to be in attendance, it seems that the whole Mushroom Kingdom was aflutter with a new hope and celebrate the anniversary...but is this kingdom actually at peace for once?...Well grab a Kola and start reading, silly!.

“And so, Shroomish Liguine invented the Pizza 50 Years Ago” Goombario read aloud to a class along with Bombette.

“But we also got help on our 8th grade project by the one and only-” Bombette said right before she was cut off as Yoster ran in and fell.

“...Ouch” Yoster said as he got up and adjusted his hat.

“You got Yoster Italiano’s help?” the Teacher asked.

“Yup” Goombella responded.

“What time is it?” One Toad asked.

“3:49” Yoster responded.

“Wait everyone” the Teacher interrupted “There’s still-” the Teacher was cut off by the bell as it rang over the PA System “Never mind…”.

Everyone ran outside the school.

“Where’s Goombario?” Bombette asked as she exited the school alongside Yoster.

“I got trampled…” a bruised Goombario chuckled as he exited the building.

“Well let’s go” Yoster gestured as he walked down the sidewalk with Bombette and Goombario.

A figure ran after Yoster and Co.

“So, what’s up?” Goombario asked.

“Not much” Yoster responded “Sorry if i was late, there was some heavy traffic so i had to walk” Yoster chuckled.

“I never knew Toad Town even got traffic” Goombario responded.

“Well have you heard the Mushroom Kingdom anniversary is coming up” Bombette responded.

The figure got closer.

“It is?” Yoster said raising an eyebrow “Well i guess i’m going to be busy for the next couple of days”.

“How’s that?” Goombario asked.

The figure got closer.

“Well my dad is helping Peach with one guest in particular” Yoster responded “Queen Androme-”.

The figure was none other than Toadsworth, who finally caught up with Yoster.

“Master Yoster” Toadsworth gasped “Princess Peach-” Toadsworth coughed “-Needs you at the Castle this instant!” Toadsworth said right as he walked over to a bush and vomited.

Goombario vomited.

“First, do you need an ambulance?” Bombette asked.

“I’ll do fine” Toadsworth moaned right before he collapsed in exhaustion.

Yoster pulled out a phone.

The Super Shroomy Stories
Episode 10: With Every Breath

Yoster, Bombette, and Goombario approached Peach’s Castle.

“Wow, it looks better up close” Goombario said in amazement.

“I know right!” Yoster said as he opened the door and entered the Castle Foyer.

“Afternoon Yoster” Mushroom King greeted as he entered the Foyer “Peach needs you in the meeting room”.

“Sure” Yoster responded as he walked down the hall with Goombario and Bombette “Also, here’s your late birthday gift” Yoster said; handing Mushroom King a box.

Mushroom King opened the box and screamed in excitement.

“Cooking and Baking Bacon for Morons?!” Mushroom King screamed “How did you know!?”.

Yoster shrugged.

Yoster and Co. entered the meeting room, inside was Peach, Luigi, Goombella, Mario, and Rosalina. The 3 approached some empty seats and sat down.

“Where is Andromeda?” Peach asked.

“She is coming momentarily” Rosalina responded “She forgot on how to style her hair for an occasion like this” Rosalina chuckled.

The door opened.

“Well that momentarily is now a simple “I’m here” said a voice.

A white furry dragon entered the room, she had a white tail with a pink furry end, white wings, and a white horn. She also wore a large golden necklace, a gold crown, and had long rainbow hair.

Goombario stared at Andromeda blankly while Yoster started to sweat.

“Don’t be intimidated by me” Andromeda grinned “I am a bit flattered by it but there is no need to fear” the Dragon grinned as she took a seat.

“Now after what happened we fear that the Star Rod is in grave danger, the other day it was nearly stolen before the crook was noticed and ran off” Peach said “We plan to lock it away in a magical barrier that protects it but can be accessed at any time by me and Andromeda”.

“Such times this kingdom is now facing” Rosalina said.

“I fear that far greater villains will conflict with the Mushroom King and the world itself” Andromeda said “One of your subjects recently clashed with 3 villains but there are more…These times make our world seem a whole lot larger”.

“What about Me and Yoster?” Luigi asked.

“We are considering something that would include both of you but after the recent events of the past few months, you may be targeted” Peach responded.

“How about...the Zodiac of Protagonism?” Rosalina suggested “...Maybe that can work”.

“We cannot use a thing of such a great power and risk!” Peach responded.

“What is that?” Yoster asked.

“You’ll learn eventually” Andromeda winked at Yoster.

“...Maybe a spell of some sort?” Mario suggested “Or maybe some password protected barrier”.

“Mario, you’re up against the greatest hackers in the world” Peach responded “Heck, i can’t even access my laptop without a message that says “Marry my dad and be my mom” popping up”.

Goombario and Bombette were giving blank stares.

“Wait…” Goombella said “According to my studies, long ago...Andromeda used a magic room to seal the Star Rod in...Did you or is it pure hogwash?”.

“Well...No…But i did do it afterward my battle with Draconius” Andromeda answered.

“Well then let’s do that!” Goombella said.

“...Sure, i’ll go with it” Peach shrugged.

“Sounds good to me” Goombella shrugged.

“C’mon Yoster, let’s go” Luigi said as he got up from his chair along with Goombella, Goombario, Bombette, and Mario.

“Luigi, can Yoster stay here for the time being?” Andromeda asked “I wish to have a word with your son”.

“Sure” Luigi responded “Are you okay with walking home Yoster?”.

“Sure” Yoster responded.

“Let’s go Yoster” Andromeda gestured as she walked down a hall with Yoster and into a room “I have some upmost topics to discuss with you”.

“What’s wrong your highness?” Yoster asked as Andromeda closed the door with her telekinesis.

“No need for “Your Highness” Andromeda chuckled “Just call me Andromeda, now...I wasn’t surprised in over 1000 years until i heard of your “Feat” 2 weeks ago”.

“You mean when Me, Bombette, and Goombario defeated Draconius?” Yoster asked “I mean...Was it bad or something?...Or did i achieve something far greater?”.

“...Well…” Andromeda said “..He was an old enemy of mine, a mere tyrant who i stopped in order to bring peace to the kingdom he ruled alongside somebody else. So many unforsaken names” Andromeda said in a tone of sadness.

“Why do you regret doing it?” Yoster asked.

“How do you know i regret doing such an action for the betterment of others?” Andromeda asked raising an eyebrow.

“It seems like you do” Yoster said.

“I ruled the Mushroom Kingdom alongside one of the founders, Draconius was a founder himself but it just seemed wrong to encase him in stone for 1000 years” Andromeda said “I have a lot of faith in you my young Yoshi but i fear i’ll carry my burden of regret to you...I don’t want you to suffer the way i have suffered”.

“Andromeda, i’m okay if i carry your burden” Yoster responded.

“You remind me of me when i was your age” Andromeda smiled “Always enthusiastic and happy…” Andromeda pulled out a photo of herself and Rosalina.

“Can i tell you something?” Andromeda asked “You cannot tell this secret to anyone, not even your own father”.

“Sure” Yoster responded.

“Long ago...long ago...” Andromeda said “...I’ll discuss it with you tomorrow, i’d think it’s best if you be with your parents” Andromeda said shedding a tear “It’s better if they saw you sooner” Andromeda smiled.

“Yes Andromeda” Yoster said as he left.

“Oh, Yoster!” Andromeda called out.

“Yes?” Yoster asked.

“Your world...make it a better place” Andromeda smiled “The new world is going to need you soon enough”.

Yoster smiled and closed the door.

As soon as Yoster closed the door, Andromeda looked in the mirror and sighed.

“What went wrong?” Andromeda asked herself.

“It was your fault, right?” said a voice.

Meanwhile in the Foyer

“That tea sure was great” Mario burped “‘’Scuse me!”.

“It tasted like heaven” Goombella smiled.

“Hi” Yoster said as he got down from the stairs.

“Oh, hey Yoster” Mario greeted.

“I gotta use the bathroom” Luigi said as he bolted up the stairs “I shouldn’t have drunk that much tea!”

“All right, did you put Camilo Herbs in the tea?” Mario asked Peach.

“Oh i forgot!” Peach said “Those herbs make Luigi incontinent!”.


As Luigi bolted down the hallway, he heard voices coming from the guest room. He looked through a crack in the door.

“Who said that?” Andromeda said.

“You did” the voice said.

“Me?” Andromeda said confusedly “Is this some sort of game?”.

“Life is a game” the voice said “Or perhaps a mere lie through the tools of manipulation”.

Andromeda’s reflection stepped out from the mirror.

“Hello...Me” the second Andromeda said with a sinister grin.

“...Who are you!?” Andromeda yelled “SHOW YOUR TRUE FORM!” Andromeda commanded.

“...Oh you...I AM YOU!” the second Andromeda yelled as she got closer to her and her eyes stared to glow green.

“...No...I thought...I thought-” Andromeda said right before she was cut off by the second Andromeda.

“You were my reflection!” the second Andromeda added as she laughed evilly and pushed Andromeda into the mirror, trapping her in it.

“...Holy crap” Luigi whispered.

“This day will be my vendetta” the second Andromeda said with a sinister grin “I have waited so long for this rightful moment and i’m not going to let a mere buffoon like you get in my way of vengeance!”.

“No...No...NO!” Andromeda yelled as she tried to get out the mirror.

“I warned you that you made the biggest mistake of your life 1000 years ago” the second Andromeda said as she was about to leave the room.

Luigi hid behind a drape right as Andromeda walked out into the hallway. Andromeda walked up to a portrait of the Toadstools and stared at it.

“They too will pay” Andromeda snickered right as she snapped her fingers, causing the portrait to light on fire and become nothing but a pile of mere ashes.

Andromeda cackled as she walked down the hallway and left.

“Holy crap…” Luigi said as he got out from the drape and ran down the stairs, into the foyer.

“You have no idea what i just saw” Luigi said “I saw-”.

“Geez Dad” Yoster said “Relax”.

“You look like you saw somebody get trapped in a mirror by an imposter who has a vendetta against a family” Mario said.

“I did see that!” Luigi blurted.

Everyone remained silent but then began to laugh.

“Watcha’ smokin’ Little bro?” Mario said to Luigi with a sly look.

“Umm...What’s going on?” Peach asked as she entered the Foyer.

“Andromeda was sucked into a mirror by her own reflection and now she’s impersonating her!” Luigi yelled.

“Somebody’s been eating too much Spaghetti” Goombella said while rolling her eyes.

“I CAN SHOW YOU!” Luigi yelled “C’mere” Luigi gestured as he went up the stairs.

Luigi walked down the hall and entered the guest room.

“Look inside the mirror!” Luigi yelled.

“Oh my god” Goombella said “Who could do such a thing!? Who would make somebody stare into a mirror and see nothing but their own reflection for god’s sake!”.

Everyone except Luigi laughed.

“This isn’t funny anymore!” Luigi yelled.

“What is going on?” Andromeda asked as she entered.

“REVEAL WHO YOU REALLY ARE!” Luigi yelled “...I know who you are!”.

“Such accusations!” Andromeda gasped “I only put 4 cups of sugar in the cupcakes” Andromeda chuckled.

“SHUT UP AND STOP JOKING!” Luigi commanded.

“Listen here, anger is such a tone of diction i don’t take as a mere simplicity” Andromeda said, putting a hand on Luigi’s shoulder “Just take a deep breath and calm down”.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Luigi yelled as he punched Andromeda in the face.

“...GUARDS!” Peach yelled.

Luigi was kicked out from the Castle.

“I’d think it’d be best if you didn’t show up to the anniversary” Peach said as she slammed the door.

“...Oh god...this is my fault…” Luigi said to himself “...No...She is an imposter, but what if she is still here and she placed her reflection back in?...Damn…”.

Luigi got up, started the car, and drove away.


“You okay?” Peach asked as she helped Andromeda back up along with Yoster.

“Sorta, but i’ll be fine” Andromeda said.

Yoster helped Andromeda back up but noticed her eye starting to glow green.

“Andromeda...why is your eye...glowing?” Yoster asked.

“Oh um…” Andromeda said frantically “Um…It’s just like that” Andromeda chuckled.

“Hmm…” Yoster thought “...Okay then” Yoster said as he left along with Peach, Mario, and Goombella.

Andromeda closed the door and her eyes glowed brighter.

“That dirty rat” Andromeda said stiffly as she looked in a mirror and saw The Real Andromeda trying to escape from a crystal room in the reflection “Don’t worry…your death will be painless” Andromeda said with a sinister grin “But first it’s best to get rid of the detriment of your plans rather than being straightforward...a familiar fellow told me that”.

“Familiar?...” The Real Andromeda said in confusion “...Wait...Do i remember who said that?...”.


“Whatcha reading” Mario asked.

“I feel like Dad was right” Yoster said.

“I don’t think we can trust him at the moment, especially after that incident we just had” Mario said.

“It’s barely Episode 10” Yoster shrugged “I think we should just check if he’s okay or anything like that”.

“But what if he takes that anger out on you?” Mario asked.

“...You do make a good point” Yoster responded “But it never hurts to try”.

“Yeah…” Mario shrugged “Well i’m going to the bathroom” Mario said as he left.

“Yoster, c’mere” Peach gestured.

Yoster approached Peach.

“...At the anniversary, we’re going to use the Star Rod for the fireworks display, but i want you to attend just in case of any...attacks...Do you promise with all your heart that you will attend the celebration?” Peach asked.

“I will attend” Yoster responded.

“Good” Peach said as she left the room.

“This is going to be a bit more harder than i thought” Andromeda said as she was hiding behind a wall “I have to trick him in order for him to trust me…”.


“Ugh...Why did i do that?...” Luigi said to himself as he laid down in his bed.

“You did the right thing” Luigi thought to himself.

“I don’t seemed wrong…” Luigi said.

“[ii]But remember what you witnessed earlier today?[/i]” Luigi thought to himself.

“Yeah but…” Luigi said in response to his thoughts “...It didn’t seem right just to flat out punch her…”.

“Look man, it was right” Luigi thought to himself “But i don’t have the answers, now stop talking to makes you look like a wierdo”.

“You’re right” Luigi said right as he slapped himself “I should reveal the imposter right now!”.

So Luigi ran out the house and toward the Castle and sneaked inside. When he entered, he hid at the sight of Yoster.


Yoster was walking down the hall with Andromeda and walked up the stairs.

“At the ceremony, give me the Star Rod” Andromeda said.

“Why?” Yoster said.

“Although you will be the person holding it, i’ll use it for the Fireworks Display” Andromeda responded.

“” Yoster shrugged.

Andromeda’s horn gave out a faint green glow.

“Umm...Your horn?” Yoster said as he noticed the glow.

“Oh god...I have to go” Andromeda said as she bolted down the hall.

Yoster shrugged and left. After leaving, Luigi soon came out of hiding and ran after Andromeda. Luigi eventually stopped as he came across a set of stairs.

“...He’s near” Andromeda growled as her horn began glowing brighter “Thou hath yet to see my true power. I cannot fail now, i must improvise...But how?...”.

“Show yourself you impostor!” Luigi commanded.

“...Dammit” Andromeda growled “...I knew that he would notice around this time”.

“...I SAID SHOW YOURSELF!” Luigi yelled.

“Don’t take one more step” Andromeda growled as she came out of hiding “This is just yet the beginning...the beginning of a new era of villainy and terror”.

Luigi approached Andromeda before she used her horn to stop him.

“I am a force you do not want mess with, i won’t pity you if i were to kill you brutally” Andromeda growled as she shot a laser from her horn toward Luigi, but Luigi dodged it.

“Missed” Luigi snickered.

“Dammit!” Andromeda yelled in anger “I wish i can reveal my true form due to your...detrimental confrontation but it seems that you need a little time out!”.

Luigi was soon surrounded by green flames while Andromeda was doing an evil laugh.

“HOW DO YOU LIKE MY TRUE POWER!?” Andromeda yelled.

Luigi was running around in the barrier of fire frantically.

“WHO ARE YOU!?” Luigi yelled.

Andromeda kept on laughing.

“ANSWER ME!” Luigi yelled.

The fires raised higher and glowed brighter as Andromeda was cackling louder.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” Luigi yelled out once more after a while.

“...YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!” Andromeda yelled right as the room flashed.

After the flash, all there was left of Luigi was a small pile of ash.

“He’s in a better place” Andromeda said with a sinister grin as she walked down the hallway and approached a fireplace.

She snapped her fingers, causing a fire to start in the fireplace.

“1000 Years Ago…” Andromeda said with a sinister grin as she pulled out a photo of Andromeda “...That price has not yet been paid” Andromeda said as she threw the photo into the fireplace.

Andromeda walked down the hallway and into the guest room.

To Be Continued…


Eh-herm, pardon my french-

I don’t believe that was french

SHUT UP!...Now...First this preparation for a celebration has been a rousing success, but now it has transformed into a plan to get vengeance for some incident 1000 years ago. (Most Of) Your questions will be answered in the next part but who is this mysterious guest? What does she have against the Toadstools? Will we hear from our man in green? And will our heroic Yoshi be manipulated by the imposter or find out about her master plan on domination and revenge? And why do i have a horrific body rash?

We will more than likely find out in the next episode of!...


...The Souper Shruomai Sturees…


Now we wait for part 2!...

...I asked for this?...Well have a JonTron clip to pass the time!.

Hey, something for me!.
It's here, the conclusive ending of With Every Breath.
You really thought you had to wait a whole entire week for this episode?...Didn’t you?...Well don’t worry, i totally did not have to wake up at 2 AM in the morning on such a short notice in order to narrate this and i’m about to collapse in fatigue about now


“I put a lot of faith in you after i heard about your battle with Draconius” Andromeda said “But i’m afraid my burden of regret will be carried onto you”.

“I’m okay if i carry the burden Andromeda” Yoster said “There are somethings i have done that i’ve regretted, although it was for the good of many”.

“You remind me of me when i was your age” Andromeda smiled “I was always enthusiastic and happy”.

One guest came....

“WHO ARE YOU!?” Andromeda yelled.

“...Oh silly” the Second Andromeda said “I AM YOU!”.

The second Andromeda’s eyes began to glow green.

“...No...I thought...I thought you-” Andromeda said right before she was cut off by the second Andromeda.

“-WERE GOING TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID 1000 YEARS AGO!” the second Andromeda added right before she trapped the real Andromeda inside the mirror.

“Holy crap…” Luigi whispered.

But they bought another one too...

“You look like you saw somebody’s reflection jump out the mirror, attack them, and then later trap the real person in the mirror as an act of revenge” Mario said.

“THAT’S WHAT I JUST SAW!” Luigi yelled.

He warned us about this upcoming terror...

“OH MY GOD!” Goombella yelled as she looked in the mirror “I see nothing!”.

“What is going on?” Andromeda asked as she entered.

“I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!” Luigi yelled.

“Geez dad” Yoster said “Calm down and take a chill pill”.

“Oh no, i only put 4 cups of sugar instead of 5 in the cupcakes!” Andromeda chuckled.

“SHUT UP AND REVEAL YOURSELF!” Luigi commanded angrily.

“Listen here, anger is such a tone of diction i don’t take as a mere simplicity” Andromeda said, putting a hand on Luigi’s shoulder “Just take a deep breath and calm down”.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Luigi yelled right before he punched Andromeda in the face.

We warned us...

“Was he...right?” Yoster asked.

Now we must pay the price…

“WHO ARE YOU!?” Luigi yelled.

But we will fight back…

“YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!” Andromeda yelled right before the room flashed.

...With every breath

All there was left of Luigi was a small pile of ash on the carpet, Andromeda snickered at the sight of it and then started to cackle.

For several years i have laid awake in fear that she will one day return, but little that i had not known that it would be this day in particular. In this world we live in, there are stories of good but stories of such terror that i do not wish to speak of...the world seems larger...this is a new generation...this is...The next world...

...and it comes at a price

*Knocking noises* C’mon Draconius...don’t be shy...i’m not a tax collector…

*Stays silent*

Why are you always cowardly around me? It’s not like i’m going to cut your foot off

*Noise of a door creaking open* It’s just...It’s…*Noise of a door closing and slight crying*

Draconius...don’t cry...I’m not leaving until i see a smile on your face!.

Just go away...please…

...I honestly don’t think of you as a freak just like everyone else.

[color=lime green]Y-you don’t?...[/color]

I like you no matter what you are, but what happened?.

I was practicing a spell when it happened, something about “Creating things by snapping your fingers”...but something went wrong giving me these freaky hands and fangs.

But why are you always so shy and bashful around me?...

...I’m a monster…

…*Laughs*...You’re not a monster silly!...but...I’ve always been scared of you with your smartypants nerd things and magic.

...It’s better if you leave me be...I’d think you’d be better off without me…

I’m sorry if this saddened you...I know you’re not a monster

*Stays Silent*

C’mon Dracon-io, i was always so jealous of your feats...Especially after that time at the ball where you sacrificed yourself for me twice

*Door creaking* …*Chuckles*...You r-r-really think t-that?.


...No...a kiss…


What went wrong?...Was it my fault?...

*Evil laughing*

“...ugh…” Luigi moaned as he got up “Where the hell am i?”.

Luigi was inside a crystal dome, he could see the guest room through a large crystal panel of the wall.

“Welcome Luigi” a voice echoed “Now you get to witness the whole kingdom collapsing around you!”.

“WHERE ARE YOU!?” Luigi yelled.

“I could be here” Andromeda said right as she appeared in the center of the room but then disappeared and reappeared on the other side “or here!”.

“What do you want?” Luigi growled.

“Just the Star Rod” Andromeda chuckled “And to take over the whole Mushroom Kingdom in the process”.

Luigi ran up to Andromeda and tried to punch her, but she snapped her fingers, causing her to disappear into a cloud of smoke and Luigi punching a wall, causing it to crack.

“I’d love to stay and chat but i have a Ball to crash” the voice echoed.

The crack in the wall got bigger, the wall eventually shattered revealing Andromeda.

“YOU!” Luigi yelled right as he charged at Andromeda and punched her numerous times.

“Luigi stop!” Andromeda yelled as she used her horn to to stop Luigi’s pounding fists “...It’s me”.

“Prove it!” Luigi commanded.

Andromeda got up and kissed Luigi.

“...That’s all i need” Luigi said as he blushed.

“Good” Andromeda chuckled “Now we can think of a plan in order to get out of this cave”.

“Who was that?” Luigi asked.

“She was-” Andromeda said right before she was cut off by trembling.

“We have to get out of here!” Luigi said.

“Let’s go this way!” Andromeda said as she bolted down the cave along with Luigi.

“How do you know on how to get out of here?” Luigi asked.

“I know this person very well...I have been here before and know their tricks and plans” Andromeda responded.

The 2 kept on running down a path in the cave, but Andromeda eventually stopped Luigi at one point in the cave.

“Why did you do that?” Luigi asked.

“Take one more step” Andromeda said “And look down”.

Luigi took one more step only to find a large ravine with sharp rocks at the bottom. At the other side of the ravine was a portal.

“Jump onto me and hold on tight” Andromeda said “It’s going to be a bumpy ride but it’ll be worth it once we make it to the other side”.

Luigi jumped on Andromeda and she flew, making sharp turns and dives as she was avoiding stalagmites and falling rocks.

“Almost there!” Luigi said.

As Andromeda was flying, one of the stalagmites broke and fell onto Andromeda’s eyes.

“GAH!” Andromeda screamed as she started to fly in random directions “MY EYES!”.

Luigi pulled on Andromeda’s hair, causing her to fly toward the portal.

“Looks like i know on how to drive a dragon!” Luigi said as he used Andromeda’s hair as a steering wheel.

Eventually the two went through the portal, teleporting them to the Castle Entrance. Andromeda rubbed her eyes and ran inside alongside Luigi.


“1000 Years ago the Mushroom Kingdom was founded upon a group of 5 explorers” Peach spoke into a microphone “Only 3 remain alive since they were immortal, but one of them was imprisoned in a stone jail. The only remaining ones are Queen Andromeda and Princess Rosalina”.


Luigi and Andromeda were running down the hall

You won’t achieve it…


“It has been with great honor that me and Andromeda are able to attend the anniversary and that it has been over 1200 years since the founding of the Mushroom Kingdom” Rosalina said.


Luigi began bashing through doors as him and Andromeda kept on running down the hall.

For i am still here…


“Before we start, i would like to start the fireworks display” Yoster said as he took out the Star Rod and was about to hand it to the second Andromeda.


And i will stop you…

“DON’T GIVE HER THE STAR ROD!” Luigi yelled as he came running in.

Everyone stared at Luigi.

“Dad?” Yoster said surprisedly.

“What are you doing here?” Peach asked.

“I bought...the real Andromeda!” Luigi said right as Andromeda bolted in.

The crowd gasped.

“...What?...But...How?...What?” Peach said in confusion.

“What’s going on?!” Mario exclaimed in confusion.

“SHE’S AN IMPOSTER!” Andromeda yelled “...Stop this at once...Aseena!”.

“...OOPS!” the second Andromeda said as she grabbed the Star Rod and broke it into 2 pieces.

“NO!” Peach yelled.

“...We’re fucked” Yoster said.

Green fire began to surround the imposter as she was laughing evilly. The imposter was later revealed to be a black furry dragon with a white head, 2 horns, long blue-green hair, fangs, a black tail with a furry end, and claws.

“It seems that my plans were near completion” Aseena said with a sinister grin “Looks like i was my own Mother!”.

Everyone gasped.

“...She’s your daughter!?” Luigi gasped.

“...Yes” Andromeda said “She daughter”.

“Let me introduce myself” Aseena said “I am Princess Aseena Tyrain, The Princess of Dragons, Daughter of Queen Andromeda...and King Draconius!”.

“ lied to me?” Yoster asked “H-How could you?!...I thought i trusted you!”.

“And she lied to her subjects?” Aseena grinned “Wasn’t the Dragon Queen honest no matter what?”.

“Talking about my shady past is a thing i highly despise of” Andromeda said, shedding a tear “Draconius...wasn’t an enemy of mine...He was my husband”.

“Aw, looks like my own mother has to come clean” Aseena laughed “I remember what you did to father 1000 Years Ago and i was there to see it.Or how about that time i ran away from home 3 days later, you thought i was gone were wrong”.

“...I WAS FORCED TO!” Andromeda yelled as she charged her horn at Aseena, the two were eventually clashing with their horns.

“...Well thou hath yet to see” Aseena grinned “THE TRUE POWER OF THE DRAGON PRINCESS!”.

Aseena eventually made Andromeda fall over as she swung her tail at her feet. Aseena shot a beam at Andromeda with her horn but Andromeda dodged and flew about the ballroom, all while Aseena was trying to hit her with the beam of energy. Andromeda eventually shot a beam of light at Aseena, hitting her chest and causing her to fall back.

“I’m sorry sweetie…” Andromeda said as she shed a tear.

“DIE!” Aseena yelled as she shot a beam at Andromeda, the two were eventually shooting a beam at each other, but Aseena overwhelmed Andromeda. The whole room flashed and Andromeda was launched to the other side of the ballroom.

“AND YOU’RE NEXT!” Aseena yelled right as she levitated Yoster and began to coil him in her tail “Looks like my mother has found the perfect replacement for me...YOU!”.

Andromeda got back up after a long struggle.

“Stop this...I don’t want to hurt you...I still love-” Andromeda said.

“SHUT UP ANDROMEDA!” Aseena yelled, cutting Andromeda off “...Be honest, you don’t love me in any form...SAY IT!”.

“...Don’t you call your mother by my first name!” Andromeda commanded “I have carried the burden of regret for 1000 years”.

“I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT SOME BURDEN YOU CARRY!” Aseena yelled “After what YOU did to father...I will avenge him…By getting rid of the detriment, he always told me that”.

“I was forced to...He was about to kill me and and i was forced to use the Star Rod on him!” Andromeda responded “...I have regrets about turning him to stone but IT WAS THE ONLY SOLUTION!” Andromeda yelled.

“...Perhaps i would’ve been better off if he killed you!” Aseena yelled.

Andromeda fell back down and began to cry.

“It could’ve ended...differently” Aseena said “This is your fault, right?”.

“LET GO OF YOSTER!” Luigi commanded “...OR ELSE!”.

Aseena laughed.

“You think YOU can stop me?” Aseena laughed “Hit me with your best shot Green Bean!”.

“But didn’t he punch you in the face?” Mushroom King yawned as he was sitting down on a chair, eating popcorn.

Aseena snapped her fingers, causing the popcorn to explode and for Mushroom King to appear in a cage inside the castle dungeon along with the guests, Mario, and Goombella.

“...My popcorn” Mushroom King frowned.


Aseena snickered.

Luigi punched Aseena in the face, causing Yoster to pop right out of her tail. As Luigi was about to punch her one more time, Yoster stopped him.

“YOU DIRTY RAT!” Aseena yelled right as she was about to bite Luigi.

Aseena was on top of Luigi trying to bite him but Yoster punched her.

“Run!” Yoster yelled “Go to the Star Room and see if there is anything there!”.

“...You cheap replacement” Aseena growled “I shall replace you...WITH YOUR OWN CORPSE!”.

Aseena launched several beams from her horn toward Yoster, all of them missing him.

Yoster flipped over a table and hid in back of it.

“...Don’t you hide coward!” Aseena snarled right as Yoster jumped up from behind the table and squirted Mustard into her eyes.

“MY EYES!” Aseena screamed in pain right before stumbling backward and falling out one of the castle windows, onto a car.

Yoster let out a sigh of relief and approached Luigi.

“Looks like i was wrong about you…” Yoster sighed “I should’ve trusted you, forgive me?”.

“Sure” Luigi smiled, hugging Yoster.

Peach glanced over to a crying Andromeda.

“Perhaps we should console her” Peach said.

A figure tapped Yoster on the shoulder.

Yoster looked back and got scratched by Aseena, causing claw marks to appear and his right arm and bleed severely.

Luigi and Peach ran out the ballroom in order to get to the Star Room.

“I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!” Aseena yelled right as she snapped her fingers, causing vines to come out the ground and trap Yoster “Looks look i’ve earned myself an extra helping of dinner!” Aseena said before she flew out the ballroom.


Luigi and Peach were running down the hall.

“This way!” Peach said as she ran in another direction.

“Peek a boo” Aseena said as she appeared in the hallway, thus blocking it.

Luigi and Peach ran in the other direction.

“Once i get my hands on you, I’m GOING TO BITE YOU APART LIMB FROM LIMB!” Aseena yelled as she flew after Luigi.

“The Star Room!” Peach pointed out as she tried to open the door, only to discover a lock on it “Oh no…”

“Hey...she’s gone!” Luigi exclaimed cheerfully “I guess there’s nothing to worry about?”.

“I’m actually right here!” Aseena said right as she transformed to her original self, since she was disguised as a plant.

“Stay back!” Luigi said as he threw a vase.

Luigi missed.

“You missed!” Aseena laughed as smoke began to surround her while she was cackling “Now it’s my TURN!”.


Yoster and Andromeda were ensnared in vines, Andromeda was crying.

“...Andromeda?” Yoster said “Why...Why do you regret doing that?”.

“Draconius and I...we were perfect lovers y’know” Andromeda responded “The day where i had to trap him in stone was so...saddening. Aseena was watching us fight the whole time, but i was no match for him. As i layed on the floor next to the Star Rod display and he was about to kill me...I grabbed the Rod and i...and i…” Andromeda said right before bursting out into tears “I wish it didn’t happen”.

“We all lost something close” Yoster said “My parents...My real parents”.

“Aseena didn’t take it too well and she ran away from home” Andromeda said “She didn’t even look me in the eye…”.

“I’m sorry to hear that” Yoster said.

“It could’ve ended...differently” Andromeda smiled “But you have to make the best of your current situation”.

Aseena walked in as she was levitating Luigi and Peach.

“See what happens due to your past actions?” Aseena asked “I’m going to kill Luigi just for the heck of it!”.

Aseena snapped her fingers and a dagger appeared in her hands.

“Game over” Aseena smiled evilly.

“WAIT!” Andromeda yelled “...Take my life and prowess instead”.

“Good choice” Aseena said, dropping Luigi and Peach “Nobody except you has to die today”.

“DON’T DO IT ANDROMEDA!” Yoster yelled “It’s too dangerous!”.

“It’s the only way” Andromeda muttered “...Make it quick..”

“That’s what you said right before you imprisoned Dad” Aseena smiled right as she walked up to Andromeda “Right before you found that tool of abominations”.

“Asenna, before you stab me to death and take over the world by absorbing my prowess, I’d like to let you know that what you’re doing...Is very wrong” Andromeda said.

Aseena remained silent.

“Your father...He was in this very situation, but if remain calm and control your emotions then everything will be much better” Andromeda smiled “...I can put you back together”.

Aseena dropped the dagger.

“If you please just open your eyes i guarantee that your life will start rebuilding the way it will...I know you well” Andromeda smiled.

Aseena approached Andromeda.

“Mom…” Aseena said “Is there...any hope for dad?”.

“I’m afraid not sweetie” Andromeda said “You might just have to grow up without him...I’m sorry but it just has to be this way”.

“...Liar” Aseena muttered launching a beam from her horn toward Andromeda.

Andromeda deflected the beam and emitted a laser from her horn, hitting Aseena.


Aseena was being blasted off.

Andromeda shed a tear.

“Have it your way then…” Andromeda muttered “I said it with every breath”.

Andromeda left and walked out into the garden.

Yoster followed Andromeda into the garden.

Andromeda was staring at the statue of Draconius and was talking to it.

“Are you happy for all of this?” Andromeda asked the statue “Was this what you wanted this whole time? Just to see me suffer emotionally while i still have hope for you that you can reform?”.

“Andromeda?...” Yoster asked.

“C’mon, We have a anniversary to celebrate” Andromeda smiled as she left the garden along with Yoster.

2 Hours Later

“I’d like to thank Yoster and Luigi Italniano’s service to the Kingdom” Andromeda said into a microphone “It is with great honor that they sacrifice their lives in order to serve this Kingdom and protect it from some of the biggest threats that we’ve ever known. The light of dawn means a new hope and path down the journey of life and the pursuit of true happiness”.

Peach pulled out a giant firework.

“This isn’t some firework…” Peach smiled “...This one is special for a reason”.

Peach launched the firework, causing a beautiful fireworks show as it blew up.

“...Why is it special?” Yoster asked.

“You’ll know in a future fanfiction” Peach responded.

“Yoster, can you come here for just a moment?” Andromeda asked.

“Sure” Yoster responded as he followed Andromeda into the castle.

“Thank you…” Andromeda cried as she hugged Yoster “...But one question, would you want to be my student?” Andromeda asked “...There are several things you need to know about the threats you’re used to...and the ones in the future”.

“Future ones?” Yoster asked.

“...It’s best if i don’t tell you” Andromeda responded “C’mon, let’s go have fun” Andromeda smiled.

The 2 walked out into the courtyard and joined Luigi and Co.

Hey...Why didn’t i get an appearence this story arc?...I was a major character and so was my friend!

Which ones exactly?

Brave Shy Guy and my friend PIK

...Oh no...Not the boss…

Hey you know what to do, throw him some ponies and he gets distracted

First let me wrap up this fanfiction and then we can get waste-er-go on a snack run in celebration of the first Story Arc's completion.

2:30 AM

There was a figure who was flying near Peach’s Castle and landed in the garden. It was none other than Aseena, who was staring at the statue of Draconius.

“...I was close, Dad” Aseena said, shedding a tear “I wish you were there to see it...I wish you were still here…”.

Aseena began to cry.

"If only...If only there was some way to get you out of this retched prison!" Aseena growled "I promise i will avenge you and break you out someday...I will...I will follow in your footsteps, dad" Aseena cried.

“He’s not going to answer, stop talking to a rock” Aseena thought to herself as she began to walk away from the statue.

“Don’t walk away” said a voice “I am still here”.

Aseena looked back.

“Daddy’s here” said a voice, which turned out to be the statue talking.

“...Dad?” Aseena exclaimed surprisedly.

“Yes Aseena” the statue said “I am very proud of you”.

"You really are?" Aseena asked "Or are you lying?...Be honest".

"I have never been more honest than the day i met your mother" the statue said "I love you with all my...well...corrupted heart i guess".

Aseena hugged the statue.

“I knew you would reach a feat like this someday” the statue said "That "moment" you had with your mother about 1000 Years ago really surprised me since i can see outside my prison...Where were you all these years?".

"I...don't want to talk about it" Aseena frowned.

"Well, then" the statue said "If it makes you happy, then keep it to yourself".

"But i did keep one thing all these years after your battle" Aseena said "It's...your symbol" Aseena said as she pulled out a Gold Locket "I have my symbol too..." Aseena said as she pulled out a Thorny Rose.

"What?!...Where did you find it?" the statue asked " get...Selected?" the statue asked once more "Did you find the other symbols?".

"I was thinking of...worsening the rift" Aseena sighed "I couldn't find the Round Glasses, Bloody Knife, Fedora, and Dragon Tooth.

"Aseena, whatever you were doing is very dangerous" the statue said "...Don't ever worsen the rift...".

"I'm sorry dad" Aseena apologized.

"It's okay sweetie, just make sure you guard those with your life" the statue responded.

“But what about you?” Aseena asked "Can you escape or anything like that?".

"I fear that i cannot" the statue said "It's better to leave me here and live the rest of your immortal life without me".

Aseena frowned.

“But you should know that I’m proud of you…” the statue said "Very very proud of you and your accomplishment".

"I love you" Aseena cried as she was hugging the statue.

"Was it your fault?" Aseena asked "Is...that what you really wanted?".

It began to rain

"...I...wish not to speak of that" the statue said "But before you go, i want you to know that you are a very intelligent and beautiful dragon. I could see both hope and beauty in your eyes the second you hatched from your egg and wish to relive that moment like i remembered. But be aware that this world we live in is now a new world, everything wasn't how it was 1000 years ago...Remember that you are now living in the next world".

Aseena began to cry harder.

"I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU HERE!" Aseena cried as she hugged the statue "I'm not going to leave you behind, dad...not again".

"Sweetie...You have to move on...I'm sorry" the statue said "...I'm..."

The statue began to cry.

"I LOVE YOU DAD!" Aseena cried.

The statue began to shake and crack.

"Dad?..." Aseena said.

"...It's happening once more" the statue said.

“Yes...Yes...YES!” Aseena exclaimed.

Draconius broke out the statue and let out a big roar.

“Daddy!” Aseena exclaimed as she hugged Draconius “...Y-you’re...back!”.

Aseena bear hugged Draconius.

“Let’s go back to what’s left of our home” Draconius smiled as he flew away with Aseena.

The End

Now that concludes the end of “Story Arc 1: A New Beginning”!. “Story Arc 2: Extra' Shroomy” will start next week with Episode 12. I’d like to thank you for all the support all of you people have given me over the lifespan of the new series...Now i’ll see you again!.

3 New Villains have yet to appear; 2 Original, 1 New. Let’s see what happens next...
Like father, like son.

The first fic of Story Arc 2.
Every single year we do some sort of father/son bonding activity. It ranges from a wide variety of things such as going to a park, swimming in a pool, trying not to get run over by a car in which the reader may find very questionable, or just a simple gaming session. But it seems that it may be different this year…

…Let’s just hope that it’s...sophisticated and simple

Yoster was dragging a beat-up Bowser down the hallway of Peach’s castle.

“Just because he kidnaps me doesn’t mean you have beat him up and drag him halfway across my castle in order to launch him from the castle cannons” Peach said.

“I...don’t...know...what...i’m...doing!” Yoster grunted as he dragged Bowser and stuffed him into a cannon.

Luigi walked up and activated the cannon, launching Bowser.

“CALL MEEEEEEE!” Bowser yelled as he was being launched away.

“Well that’s crossed off the list” Luigi said as he pulled out a checklist and crossed out Launch Bowser out a cannon “Now what?” Luigi said as he read the checklist “Go do a father/son bonding activity with Yoster”.

“...Um…” Yoster said as he ran away and jumped out the window.

“Hey, come back!” Luigi called out as he ran after Yoster by also jumping out the window like an absolute idiot.

Yoster kept on running and hid behind a bush.

Luigi ran past the bush.

“Thank god” Yoster sighed right before looking to the other side.

“Hi there” Luigi smiled.

“GAAAH!” Yoster shrieked like a little girl.

Luigi’s ears began bleeding.

“How the hell did you find me?” Yoster asked.

“I don’t know” Luigi shrugged “Why the hell did you run away from me?”.

“Remember what we did last year as a father and son bonding activity?” Yoster asked “Back when we lived at Decalburg?”.

Last Year

“Wow, it was really genius of me to buy tickets to the Goomba Brothers Circus!” Luigi said excitedly.

“Umm...Hopefully there’s Porta-Potty!” Yoster said as he seemed that he was about to pee himself.

“There’s one!” Luigi said as he pointed to a Porta-Potty.

“Oh thank god!” Yoster sighed as he ran into the Porta-Potty.

“I’ll just wait here!” Luigi blurted as he sat on a crate “...Waiting”.

Behind Luigi was a tent with a giant Rexy.

Luigi was humming.

The Rexy appeared to have a stomachache and 2 circus workers approached the Rexy.

“...Umm...What did you feed him exactly?” One circus worker asked.

“Oh, I fed him Mushroom Beans!” Another circus worker responded.

“...Oh crap” The circus worker said.

“What’s wrong?” The other circus worker asked.


Everyone except Luigi ran away.

“What’s going on?” Luigi said as he looked around.

Rexy bent over and pooper, except the poop launched up and fell back down.

Luigi looked at Rexy.

“Smells gross” Luigi said right before the poop fell right onto his head.

Yoster left the Porta-Potty right before vomiting at the sight of Luigi.


“Being infected with E. Shroomi wasn’t fun” Luigi smiled.

Yoster stared at Luigi blankly.

“Look, just give it one more chance!” Luigi smiled as he put one arm over Yoster “I promise this will be the best father and son bonding activity you’ve ever had!”.

“Fine...I guess” Yoster shrugged “What are we doing?”.

“Well…” Luigi siad.

2 Hours Later

“Fishing!” Luigi said as he pointed to a lake full of boats.

One the lake was boats full of people doing random things.

Bowser, Roy, and Lemmy were on one boat.

“Look, i caught a fish!” Lemmy exclaimed as he held up and boot from his fishing rod “I’m magical!”.

Roy rolled his eyes.

“This is how you catch a fish!” Bowser snarled as he put both hands into the lake, pulled out a fish, and ripped it in half.

“...Wow” Roy said.

Wario and Waluigi were getting off a boat.

“We’re gonna be rich!” Wario said excitedly as he held up multiple bags of Cheep Cheeps.

Waluigi walked up to a person in a booth.

“How much for our load?” Waluigi asked.

“...Well a load of Cheep Cheeps?...Well” the Toad said right before pulling out 5 coins “Supply and Demand”.

Waluigi pulled a Cheep Cheep out one bag and kept on smacking Wario with it.

In another boat was Amy, who was fishing.

“Fishing rods don’t work” Amy scowled right before she pulled out a shotgun “Now THIS is more efficient!” Amy grinned right as she began shooting the water in random areas and stopping when she needed to reload.

A few seconds later, several dead Cheep Cheeps and one shark floated onto the surface on the lake.

And in another boat was Wiggler’s parents.

“Now ah say ya’ have to be VERY careful when catching fish, Margret!” Wiggler’s Dad said.

“Wha can’t ah just be myself fer’ once, Bobby?” Wiggler’s Mom said “OH LOOK, A BIG AND PLUMP FISH!”.

Wiggler’s Mom ran over to the other side of the boat, which caused it to tip over due to her weight and making both of the Wiggler’s fall into the lake.

“And look what i bought!” Luigi cheered as he pulled a tarp, revealing a shabby boat.

“...Dad, I don’t think your weight supports that” Yoster said “...I mean...nevermind”.

“My weight does indeed support it!” Luigi said as he got onto the boat, but fell right through.

“I’ll be back” Luigi sighed.

1 Hour Later

“I bought a new boat!” Luigi smiled “It’s certainly not the best one in the world but at least it will get us somewhere!”.

Yoster looked at the boat’s name that was painted onto the side of it, which read Annabella Cheated On Me And So I Put This As Her Boat’s Name.

“I can see why there was a 60% Discount” Yoster said as he read a Discount Tag that was attached to the boat.

“C’mon!” Luigi said “Give it a chance”.

5 Minutes Later

Luigi was fishing.

“Hey...My fiance lost her whole left side” Luigi snorted.

“...Dad...enough with the jokes” Yoster groaned.

“But it’s safe to say...She’s all right now!” Luigi laughed hysterically.

Yoster groaned.

Something began pulling on the fishing line.

“Woah, i caught something!” Luigi exclaimed “It’s pulling in hard!”.

“Really? What is it?” Yoster asked.

“It’s...It’s!” Luigi said right as he pulled the fishing line.

Luigi pulled Wiggler out of the water.

“...You attached Cheese to your hooks…” Wiggler shrugged “I couldn’t resist the temptation to eat the sweet cheese...Would you mind changing to swiss?” Wiggler asked.

Yoster cut the line, causing Wiggler to fall into the water.

“How much did we catch?” Luigi asked.

Yoster opened a bin, inside the bin was a dead fish that was barely 2 inches long along with a tin can.

“...We totally fished up a huge load?” Yoster asked sarcastically.

“Figured that one out pretty soon…” Luigi sighed.

“I wonder how other people on this lake are having fun” Yoster said right before looking to Amy’s boat, only to see that she was sniping seagulls.

A dead seagull full onto the boat.

“I guess that’s a third” Luigi shrugged as he opened up the bin and Luigi placed the dead seagull inside alongside the really short fish and tin can.

“Why don’t we do something like...explore that sunken boat over there?” Yoster said as he pointed to a boat that was crashed on a rock.

“Hmm...Sure, but we should ask someone” Luigi responded “Hey! You!” Luigi signaled to a Toad on a boat.

The Toad looked back, revealing a scar on his eye.

“Ummm...Perhaps we shouldn’t…” Yoster said in a frightened tone.

“Don’t be like that” Luigi responded right as he activated the boat, causing it to float toward the Toad.

“Hey, so is that boat accessible?” Luigi asked.

“Oh, yer’ talkin’ about Ol’ Majesty Of Mushrooms?” The Toad asked “Well she sure is but i ‘oughta warn ya’, there’s-a ghosts aboard that there ship!” The Toad exclaimed.

“Is that how you got that scar?” Luigi asked.

“No, i got this scar from one of ‘dem fishing rods...don’t ask” The Toad.

“Well you know what that means Yoster!” Luigi exclaimed “We’re going on a trip!”.

Luigi started the boat and it began to speed away.

“BUT BEWARE OF GHOSTS!” The Toad yelled out.

Shortly after, Luigi parked the boat near the shipwrecked Majesty Of Mushrooms, a cruise ship that sailed in 1956 before crashing. But this is no history lesson, this is a fanfiction and i’m a narrator barely getting paid due to my new boss...PIK is now the Co-boss and he’s crying in a corner because of it.

“Hmm...Pretty majestic if you ask me” Yoster said.

“Well it does say “Majesty Of Mushrooms” in the name” Luigi shrugged as he removed boards from a window and entered the window shortly after.

“I wonder why they never got rid of this shipwreck” Yoster said.

“Well unless i see a ghost, then i’ll see why they never removed this” Luigi said.

“Either this or that man was speaking pure hogwash” Yoster said.

Luigi opened up and locker, revealing jackets and hoodies.

“Aww sweet!” Yoster said as he pulled out a blue hoodie from the locker “I always wanted a hoodie like this” Yoster exclaimed as he put on the hoodie “How do i look?”.

“With your eyes” Luigi responded and then began laughing shortly after.

“Oh boo!” Yoster laughed as he nudged Luigi, thus causing him to stumble back a bit and fall through the weak wood floor.

“...Oh crap!” Yoster said in surprise “Are you okay, Dad?” Yoster asked.

“Yeah!” Luigi called out “This life vest broke my fall!” Luigi responded as he showed Yoster the life vest he was sitting on.

Yoster smiled and came down.

“This has been fun!” Luigi smiled “Don’t you think?”.

“Hell yes” Yoster responded.

Luigi got up and found a door that read “Captain’s Quarters”.

“Do you know how to pick a lock?” Yoster asked.

“I’m a plumber, not a locksmith” Luigi responded “Did Andromeda teach you any magic that can break this open?”.

“No” Yoster responded “She didn’t even teach me anything, but i can call someone” Yoster said as he pulled out his phone.

“We’re not calling your mortal enemies” Luigi said “Especially Iggy or Amy”.

“Fine” Yoster said “Let’s just give it a little kick”.

Luigi kicked the door open.

Inside was a neatly furnished office with a control panel of the whole ship alongside a steering wheel and monitor.

Luigi and Yoster scanned the room.

“Hey look what i found!” Yoster said as he found a box.

Luigi opened the box, finding tons of coins.

Luigi and Yoster’s jaws dropped.

“We’re rich…” Luigi muttered “WE’RE RICH!”.

Yoster high-fived Luigi right before hearing a moan.

“...What the hell was that?” Luigi asked.

A ghost was in the room next to the room Luigi and Yoster were in.

Luigi shrieked right as Yoster slammed the door and barricaded it.

“I think we’re safe…” Yoster smiled as he breathed heavily.

The ghost began going through the wall.

“WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” Yoster yelled right as he grabbed a chair and threw it at the window, but it didn’t work “DAMMIT!”.

Luigi examined the wires on the wheel frantically and began examining it.

“Maybe one of these still work!” Luigi blurted as he began hotwiring the ship.

“Umm...You better hurry up!” Yoster said frantically.

“Almost there and…” Luigi said.

The boat started to move.

The ghost disappeared.


Mario and Wiggler were fishing on a boat.

“I...uh...I!” Wiggler pointed out frantically to Mario.

“SWIM!” Mario yelled.

Mario and Wiggler jumped off their boat and it got destroyed by the Majesty Of Mushrooms shortly after.


“Well...Things didn’t go out as expected” Luigi shrugged as he was sitting down on a Dock with Yoster.

“You can say that again” Yoster said.

The Majesty Of Mushrooms was floating out toward a river.

“So what do you think is going to happen to it?” Luigi asked.

“I think it’s going to float out to sea and join the millions of Cheep Cheeps” Yoster responded.

“Hmmm...I think it’s going to be impounded” Luigi said.

Yoster noticed something in his hoodie.

“Huh?” Yoster said as he reached into his hoodie pocket, only to find a bank notice.

“Holy crap…” Yoster said “...Look what i found!”.

Luigi read the notice.

“50,000 Coins…” Luigi read “...What should we spend it on?”.

“Well, i’ll leave the choice up to you” Yoster smiled as he gave Luigi the bank notice.

“...I know exactly what i’m going to spend it on!” Luigi said “Wait here”.

1 Hour Later

There was a large object on the lake that was covered by a tarp.

“Presenting…” Luigi said right as he pulled of the tarp, revealing a Yacht “The Queen Of The Lake!”.

“Woah!” Yoster said in amazement “Can we ride it?”.

“HELL YES!” Luigi exclaimed as he got on the Yacht with Yoster, started it, and floated away toward the sunset.

The End

...The smallest of things...Have the biggest of stories.
There was a fireworks show in front of Peach’s Castle.

Peach pulled out a firework.

“What is that?’ Yoster asked.

“It’s not just any firework” Peach smiled “But you’ll learn about this firework in a future fic”.

Peach launched the firework, revealing a beautiful fireworks show.

“Yoster, come here” Andromeda said.


There was a cave, inside the cave was a book and quill.

A hooded figure grabbed the quill and began writing into the book.

”About 1000 Years ago the Mushroom Kingdom was founded along with the Draconia Kingdom and Koopa Kingdom, but when the Draconia Kingdom fell into an era of tyranny by its own king, the queen was left by no other choice than to encase him in stone using the Star Rod; Her daughter ran away 3 days later. The Mushroom Kingdom has faced many threats such as the chaotic demon King Draconius and the lustful vixen Amy. We may soon see others but we hope that others will help the hero Yoster in his quest by stopping all villains who interfere with the peace of this kingdom as he banished the Koopas, put a stop to Amy, re-encased Draconius in stone, and gave Andromeda hope to blast her daughter Aseena back into the land she came from.

...Now this world around us is changing...But there are stories before this world began to expand...Especially this one

35 Years Ago

A car was driving toward a hospital during a thunderstorm.

The car parked near a door that was labeled “Emergency Room”.

Mushroom King helped a moaning Mushroom Queen out of the car and ran into the hospital.

Mushroom Queen entered the E.R along with Mushroom King, the Doctor closed the door.

Several Minutes Later

“Is she okay?” Rosalina asked.

“Well...She did pass out due to shock and blood loss” the Doctor responded.

“But...Was it successful?” Andromeda asked.

“Yes, the baby made it out and the mother is in stable condition” the Doctor responded “We don’t know when the mother will wake back up, she lost a lot of blood due to the problems that arose during the C-Section”.

Rosalina sighed.

“It’s okay” Andromeda said, patting Rosalina’s back “Can we see her?” Andromeda asked.

“Yes” the Doctor responded.

Rosalina and Andromeda entered the Emergency Room.

“Thank god she’s okay” Rosalina smiled.

Mushroom King had a bandage on his hand.

“...She is a bit strong” Mushroom King chuckled.

Andromeda smiled and giggled.

Mushroom King began to wake up.

“She’s waking up!” Rosalina said.

“What happened?” Mushroom Queen asked.

“Well...We have a little bundle of joy” Mushroom King smiled.

Mushroom Queen held the baby.

“What’s her name?” Andromeda asked.

“I wanted to name him Fire Hydrant, but it was a girl” Mushroom King shrugged.

Mushroom Queen laughed.

“...She smells like peaches” Mushroom Queen smiled “...How about...Peach?”.

“Sure, if it makes you happy” Mushroom King smiled.

3 Years Later

Inside Toad Town was a daycare, it was filled with kids reading books.

“Okay, Reading Time over!” said a teenage Toad “Your parents should be coming anytime soon so you should pack up”.

The Teenage Toad wore glasses and had short red hair.

A female Toad came in from a door.

“Timothy, did you remember to tell the kids that-” the Female Toad said right before noticing the kids pack up their belongings.

“Yes, Mother” Timothy said.

Mushroom King entered with a young Peach.

“I see that we have one more customer” the Female Toad said.

“Heh heh, me and my wife have some important things to attend to” Mushroom King chuckled “Can you take care of her? I’ll be back by 10:00 PM”.

“Sure” Timothy said “You can count on me”.

“Thank you so much” Mushroom King smiled “Sweetie, Me and Mommy have to go somewhere...Do you promise to behave?”.

“Yes Pappy” Peach said.

“Good” Mushroom King smiled.

To be continued…

Upcoming Episodes Of Story Arc 2
Episode 13: Packaged Deception
Episode 14: Do Not Disturb
Episode 15: Ensnared Hatred
Episode 16: Karting For Morons
Episode 17: Demonic Partier
This episodes is fairly violent due to blood and gore, so keep that in mind.

Also this episode had to be divided into 2 parts due to text limit.
Waiting for the hours to tick by in school is such a bore, since school takes forever and Algebra sure seems like mental abuse to humans. But your life can change in a matter of hours, sure happens to me a lot!...dammit…

“...I don’t know how to solve this” one teen Toad said.

“...Me either…” a teen Koopa said “How about you?”

“The numbers...WHAT DO THEY MEAN MASON?!” Yoster yelled frantically.

“Seems necessary” the Toad shrugged “THIS IS TOO COMPLICATED!!!”.

The koopa was staring at them blankly.

The bell rung.

Somebody threw a desk out the window right before everyone came running out the High School.

Yoster started to ride on a bike toward Goombario’s house.

“Wait...It’s only 2...and Goombario comes out at 4” Yoster thought to himself “...Time to play Pokèmon on my GameBoy then” Yoster shrugged as he took a GameBoy out of his hoodie pocket and began playing it.

2 Hours Later

“...I achieved nothing” Yoster chuckled as he stopped playing his GameBoy and hissed at the sight of the sun.

“...Um...Yoster?” Goombario said as he came up to Yoster with Bombette.

“Finally” Yoster said as he put away the GameBoy and got on his bike.

“Cya” Bombette said as she left “Going to a friend’s place”.

Bombette left.

“You know?...” Goombario asked “Our plan for right now?”.

“Oh hell yes!” Yoster responded joyfully.

Yoster took off on his bike.

“What about me!?” Goombario called out.

Later, In the Forest

There was a figure lurking in the forest, it was looking around but hid in a bush at the sight of Yoster and Goombario.

Yoster and Goombario were running around in the forest.

Goombario tripped on a root and fell face first into the mud.

Goombario got back up and began to laugh.

“You have a worm on your face” Yoster pointed out as he grabbed the worm off of Goombario’s face.

“What are you going to do?” Goombario asked.

Yoster ate the worm.

“Gross dude!” Goombario chuckled.


“And today on Animal Universe, we have the nimrod ant” Yoster narrated as he was examining an ant who kept on walking into a wall.

“Why is this show still running although we have incompetent organisms such as this caterpillar right here” Goombario narrated as he examined a caterpillar who was still and vibrating intensely.

The figure stared closely at Yoster.

The bush rustled.

“Huh?” Yoster said as he looked at the bush but shrugged shortly after.

The figure let out a sigh of relief.

“Want to jump into a lake?” Goombario asked.

“Sounds very mediocre…” Yoster said “...I’m in!”.

Goombario and Yoster ran toward the lake.

The figure sneaked over from the bush and proceeded to stare at Yoster from inside a bush.

Yoster took off his hoodie, satchel pouch, and cap.

“I always wondered what you looked like without your shoes” Goombario said.

“I’ll take ‘em off” Yoster said as he was about to take off the shoes right before his phone rang.

“Wait...My dad is calling” Yoster said as he pulled out his phone, answered it, and went behind a tree.

“Dad?” Yoster answered on his phone.

“I forgot to tell you, make sure you come home by 8:00 PM” Luigi said on the other end.

“Oh sure” Yoster said as he hung up on the phone “Here, hold this” Yoster said to the figure as he gave his phone to a pair of eyes in a bush.

“Wait WHAT?!” Yoster said in surprise and he looked inside the bush, only that there was nothing except his phone.

“...Weird” Yoster said as he left and approached the lake “CANNONBALL!” Yoster yelled as he jumped into the lake from the top of a tree.

Yoster never came back up.

“...Um...Dude?...Oh shit!” Goombario said “Holy crap!...He’s dead?!”.

Yoster floated onto the surface.

“Dude...That was awesome!” Yoster laughed hysterically.

“Dude, you scared the crap out of me!!” Goombario chuckled.


Goombario and Yoster were sitting down on a log.

“Dude, have you seen my phone?” Yoster asked.

“I think it’s in that bush you threw it in” Goombario said.

“Hm…I’ll check” Yoster said as he got up and approached a bush “Found it!” Yoster called out.

Yoster was walking along the trail until he noticed a pair of eyes sticking out a bush.

“Huh?” Yoster said as he approached the bush.

The bush began to shake.

“Hey hey...I’m not going to do anything” Yoster said as he approached the bush slowly.

The bush stopped shaking.

“That’s better…” Yoster said as he opened up the bush.

As Yoster opened up the bush, he had revealed a medium-sized pink dragon with long blond hair and 2 hooked fangs.

“...Hi…” Yoster smiled “I’m Yoster”.

The dragon frowned and backed away slowly.

“...Woah woah…” Yoster said “...It’s okay, i’m not going to harm you”.

The dragon began to smile and approach Yoster.

“...Did i also forget to mention how beautiful you are?” Yoster smiled as he put a hand in the dragon’s hair and began stroking it.

“...Your hair is so...soft” Yoster smiled.

The dragon began to blush.

“Dude? You coming?” Goombario called out.

The dragon ran away.

“Hey wait!” Yoster called out “...Wow…”.

“What happened?” Goombario asked.

“...I met the most majestic person...I’m sorry but i have to go after her” Yoster said.

“No probs’ mate” Goombario said “I’ll leave”.

Yoster ran after the dragon.

“Wait!” Yoster called out.

The dragon kept on running.

“Hold up!” Yoster called out right before tripping on a root and losing the dragon.

“...Dammit…” Yoster sighed “...Fine, i’ll leave you be”.

Yoster walked away right before the dragon grabbed ahold of his hand and gestured him to follow her.

“...Um...Sure?” Yoster shrugged as he proceeded to follow the dragon.

“So...I never quite got your name” Yoster said “What is it?”.

The dragon looked at Yoster and kept on walking.

“Not much of a talker, aren’t you?” Yoster asked.

The dragon nodded a “Yes”.

“Reminds me of myself when i moved to Toad Town” Yoster smiled “I was really shy”.

The dragon held Yoster’s hand.

Yoster blushed.

The dragon and Yoster kept on walking through the woods, the woods got more dense with trees and the grass kept on getting higher as they got deeper into the woods.

“So are we headed to your house?” Yoster asked.

The dragon nodded a “Yes”.

“Umm...Ok” Yoster smiled “...Come on Yoster, think…Sooooooo...You wanna go out some time”.

The dragon began to blush but then began to frown shortly after.

“...You don’t like being in public?” Yoster asked.

The dragon nodded a “Yes”.

“Are you antisocial?” Yoster asked.

The dragon nodded a “Yes”.

“Figured that one out pretty easily” Yoster shrugged “...But why do you want me to be with you?” Yoster asked.

The dragon shed a tear.

“Oh come on, don’t cry” Yoster smiled “Look, i’m not leaving you until i see a smile on your face, Ok?”.

The dragon smiled.

“That’s better” Yoster smiled as they kept on walking through the woods.

The dragon gestured Yoster to follow her into a cave.

“...Are you sure?” Yoster asked “It doesn’t look that safe”.

The dragon entered the cave.

“Hey, wait up!” Yoster called out.

Yoster ran entered the cave and the dragon showed him a small hole.

“...I go in?” Yoster asked.

The dragon nodded.

Yoster jumped into the hole and began sliding down a underground tunnel.

Yoster eventually got launched out a tree and into the forest.

The dragon came out the tree, unharmed.

Yoster got up.

“That was fun” Yoster chuckled.

The dragon approached a small hut and opened the door.

“Is this your home?” Yoster asked.

The dragon nodded.

Yoster entered the hut.

The hut was neatly furnished, not one thing was out of place and everything was clean.

“Nice place you got here” Yoster smiled.

A chain chomp ran up to the dragon and licked her.

The dragon pet the chain chomp and went to the kitchen.

Yoster sat down on the couch and began humming an off-key tune to himself.

“I have no idea what i’m hum-ming” Yoster hummed to himself.

The dragon exited the kitchen holding a pitcher of tea.

“For us?” Yoster asked.

The dragon smiled and nodded.

“Thanks” Yoster responded as he poured some tea into the cup and drank it completely out of the cup.

“That sure hit the spot” Yoster smiled.

Yoster’s phone rang.

Yoster answered the phone.

“Hello?” Yoster answered.

“Yoster, it’s about time you should come home now” Luigi said “It’s already 8 o’clock”.

“Yes dad” Yoster sighed as he hung up “Look...I have to go”.

The dragon frowned.

“...I...I promise i will come back tonight” Yoster smiled “Ok?”.

The dragon hugged Yoster.

“...I promise” Yoster said.

2:00 AM

Yoster opened his window and sneaked out of his house.

“This better be worth it” Yoster sighed as he walked away from his house and toward the woods.

Yoster stopped as he heard howling.

“Crap, gotta be careful” Yoster said as he sneaked through the woods.

The howling got louder.

“Almost there” Yoster thought to himself “A little longer and i will make it to her house in one piece”.

Yoster heard breathing and growling noises.

Yoster looked back only to see a pack of wolves slowly approaching him.

“Well i guess it’s time to RUN!” Yoster yelled as he ran away from the pack of wolves.

The wolves began chasing Yoster.

“I can make it!” Yoster thought to himself.

Yoster tripped on a root and fell off a ledge and landed into a ditch.

“Ugh…” Yoster groaned as he was about to get up but screamed in pain “At this time i twist it!?”.

The wolves came out from the bushes and slowly approached Yoster, snarling.

“Heh heh, I guess i’m about to die” Yoster chuckled.

The wolves began barking at Yoster until a figure got in front of Yoster.

The figure was none other than the dragon from earlier, she was snarling at the wolves.

One of the wolves charged at the dragon but the dragon managed to grab it by the tail and fling it toward a tree, knocking the wolf out.

All the wolves got on top of the dragon and began mauling her.

“NO!” Yoster yelled.

The wolves began to glow and the dragon emerged unharmed.

“...What?...How?!” Yoster said in confusion.

The dragon began kicking, biting, and punching the wolves until all of them were knocked out.

The dragon hugged Yoster and smiled.

“Thank you” Yoster smiled “...Thank...youuuu…” Yoster yawned right before falling asleep.

There was the sounds of barking and gunshots before Yoster fell asleep.

Several hours later

Yoster was waking up nauseous and tired.

“...Where am i?” Yoster thought to himself right before falling off a couch “...Hello?”.

Yoster said right before noticing a bandage around his ankle, a blood stain on the couch, and blood prints all over him.

The dragon came out of the kitchen holding a bandage and smiled at the sight of Yoster.

“You saved me?” Yoster asked.

The dragon nodded and sat next to Yoster.

Yoster noticed a bloodied and bandaged bullet hole on the dragon’s arm.

“You got shot…” Yoster said “...It was my fault...You would have been killed if i walked out in the woods”.

The dragon hugged Yoster.

“ about me, don’t you?” Yoster asked.

The dragon got up from the couch and walked toward a ladder.

The dragon gestured Yoster to follow her.

Yoster climbed up the ladder along with the dragon and sat on the edge of the roof with her.

Outside on the roof was a beautiful sunrise in which Yoster admired.

“It's such a beautiful day…” Yoster smiled “...But it’s not as beautiful as you”.

The dragon began to blush heavily.

“I mean, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and on days like this-” Yoster said right before he was cut off by a voice.

“On days like this, it’s about time i reveal my name…” the dragon smiled “...My name is Lyra”.

Yoster stared blankly at the dragon.

“..Oh…” Lyra sighed “I must have made it awkward for us...I’ll go back to being silent…”.

“No no no!” Yoster said frantically “Your voice...It’s so...majestic”.

“...It is?...Are you being honest?” Lyra asked.

“If i wasn’t being honest...I wouldn’t have done this” Yoster said as he pulled Lyra forcefully and kissed her on the lips.

Lyra’s tail began wagging quickly and her right leg began thumping rapidly.

Yoster kept on stroking Lyra’s long and blond hair right before stopping the kiss as he felt something on the back of her neck.

“...Please don’t touch that…” Lyra frowned “...It’s...personal”.

“You can trust me” Yoster smiled “If it’s anything bad, i promise i won’t tell ANYONE!”.

“Okay…” Lyra responded “Don’t tell anyone but…”.

Lyra moved her hair, exposing the back of her and revealing a mark on her skin which was in the shape of a dragon tooth.

“It’s...just a birthmark” Yoster said.

“...This is no ordinary birthmark…” Lyra said “I’m going to demonstrate”.

Lyra’s mark began to glow right as Yoster began floating.

Yoster stopped floating.

Lyra’s mark stopped glowing.

“...I have a dark secret” Lyra said “...But i shouldn’t tell you”.

“I understand” Yoster said as he jumped off the roof and walked down the forest trail “Listen, i have to go”.

“Okay” Lyra smiled as she patted Yoster “How old are you?”.

“14” Yoster responded.

“16” Lyra smiled “Well...Cya!”.

“I love you!” Yoster said as he walked away.

The chain chomp came up and licked Lyra.

“I love you too!” Lyra called out “...Let’s go inside, Chompy”.

Later that day

“She is so...beautiful” Yoster said “I should’ve took a selfie with her to show you”.

“Is this the real deal?” Bombette asked.

“I saw her in person” Goombario shrugged.

“She had soft pink skin with long soft and yellow hair” Yoster sighed happily “Although her fangs kinda got in the way when we were kissing”.

“Hey, at least you kissed her straight on the lips” Bombette said.

“But how old is she?” Goombario asked “You don’t want a awkward age difference”.

“16” Yoster said.

“A 14 year old and a 16 year old” Bombette said “...Not bad i guess”.

“Hey, wanna head off to the arcade?” Goombario asked.

“Oh come on!” Bombette said “You always beat me in Mario Kart GP”.

“I got skills” Goombario shrugged.

And so, the 3 friends walked off toward the arcade to have some fun.

Yoster and co. entered the arcade.

“Did you bring any quarters?” Goombario asked.

“I have $20” Yoster said.

A explosion came across from another building and Bowser emerged from it, holding a machine gun and bag of money.

“I sure did make a payload!” Bowser grinned as he placed a cigar in his mouth.

“...I’ll be right back” Yoster sighed as he left the arcade and approached Bowser.

Goombario grabbed some popcorn and began eating it.

“Oh crap…” Bombette said “...I think he’s losing!”.

Bowser held Yoster at gunpoint.

“...Not today pipsqueak!” Bowser laughed.

Lyra was behind a building and knocked Bowser out using her magic by levitating a wood plank and knocking him out with it.

Lyra ran away.

“Lyra?” Yoster said confusedly right before Peach arrived.

“...Did not expect this on my walk today” Peach said “...What happened?”.

“Well…” Yoster said.

The Next Day

Yoster was walking through Toad Town with Lyra.

“Glad i was able to convince you to walk out to Toad Town with me” Yoster said.

“...Yeah” Lyra sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Yoster asked “You sound like you’re hiding a secret of some sort from me”.

“Oh, it’s just…” Lyra sighed before stopping “...It’s best if i don’t speak of it here”.

Yoster noticed Peach and Mushroom King in front of the castle.

“Please don’t call their names...Please don’t take me to that castle…” Lyra thought to herself “Yoster…I don’t think it’s the most ideal time to go there” Lyra said “Can we meet them later today?”.

“Oh come on!” Yoster said “You really have to meet them!”.

Yoster called out Mushroom King and Peach and approached the castle.

“I heard the news” Peach smiled “Your dad told me that you were dating and that she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen”.

“Where is she?” Mushroom King asked.

“Huh?” Yoster said as he looked around “She was here a minute ago...C’mon!”.

Lyra came out from behind a tree.

“...H-hi” Lyra said in a cowardly tone.

“Peach, this is Lyra” Yoster smiled “Lyra, this is Princess Peach”.

Peach stared at Lyra wide-eyed

“...D-dad..” Peach said “...I-i-it’s....”

“Oh my god…” Mushroom King said “...No...NO!”.

“Get the guards” Peach commanded “...Make sure she doesn’t escape!”.

“What the hell is going on?” Yoster asked.

“Yoster, your little girlfriend has a secret!” Peach responded.

Lyra backed away slowly.

“YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” Mushroom King yelled.

The guards pointed spears at Lyra.

“Stop it, you’re scaring her!” Yoster commanded..

“...Go away…” Lyra growled “...I...I didn’t mean to!”.

“You liar!” Peach growled at Lyra.

Yoster approached Lyra.

“STAY AWAY FROM HER!” Mushroom King yelled.

“NO!” Yoster yelled.

“I’m sorry Yoster…” Peach sighed “Guards...Grab him”.

The guards grabbed Yoster.

“GET THE HELL OFF ME!” Yoster yelled.

Mushroom King slapped Lyra.

“WHY DID YOU DO IT!?” Mushroom King yelled “ANSWER ME!” Mushroom King yelled as he slapped Lyra once more.

“You don’t know the damage you did!” Peach growled.

Lyra had begun to cry.

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HER!” Yoster yelled in fury as he escaped the grasp of the guards and punched Peach.

“...I’m sorry Lyra…” Yoster cried as he began hugging her “...I don’t know what is up with these people…Why?...”.


“SHE KILLED MY MOTHER!” Peach yelled.

“...What?” Yoster said as his eyes widened “...Lyra?...You killed her mother?...”

“YOU WILL PAY FOR ALL OF THIS!” Lyra cried as everyone began to float as her eyes glowed with both fury, magic, and tears.

“...I’m not going back to where i came from…” Lyra growled “...He was right...My Dragon Tooth mark meant something special...something...harmful”.

Lyra ran away in tears.

“...She killed my wife 4 years ago…” Mushroom King frowned “...We don’t know her motive but...It was something she had gone through”.

“She always talked about someone that was looking for her and about the land she came from” Peach said.

“...I’m going after her” Yoster said “I’m sorry for what i did” Yoster apologized as he ran after Lyra.

Deep in the forest

“...The light of my mark” Lyra said to herself as she was crying on the floor of her house “I lived a lie for my whole life”.

The door creaked open.

“...Lyra?...” Yoster said “It’s me...Your-” Yoster said right before he was cut off.

“GET OUT!” Lyra yelled both angrily and with tears “I should’ve left you to die in the woods!”.

“Lyra, I-” Yoster said right before he was cut off once more.

“GET OUT!” Lyra said as she slammed the door on Yoster using her magic “I never want to see you again…”

“...Lyra…” Yoster said right before leaving in despair “Have it your way...I love you”.

Lyra looked out from the window.

“...I…” Lyra said right before bursting into tears.

2 Days Later

Yoster was at Peach’s castle, dining with the Mushroom Kingdom Council.

“You sure taught him good” One council member said to Andromeda.

“It wasn’t me who taught him how to act like this” Andromeda said “It was his father”.

“He’s barely 18!” Another member said to Peach.

“What a nice young lad” Another member said.

“You’re welcome” Yoster smiled as he got up from the table walked toward the kitchen “I’ll go and grab some dessert for all of us”.

Yoster entered the kitchen and jumped in shock as he saw Lyra.

“...L-lyra!” Yoster said “Why are you here?...I thought-”.

“...I’m sorry…” Lyra sighed right as her eyes began glowing.

“Lyra?...” Yoster said.

A pan floated from the stove and knocked Yoster out.

Lyra shed a tear and left the kitchen.


“Now where is Yoster?” Peach said.

“Well those dishes take quite a while to make” Andromeda responded.

One council member shrugged.

Lyra came out the kitchen in a burst of anger.

“...This….THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” Lyra yelled in anger as everything began to float.

“Lyra?” Peach said as she was floating.

“I’d prefer using my own wings!” Andromeda said.

“I would think of a flying pun, but the author just can’t seem to find one off of Google!” A council member said.

“Lyra, i’m sorry for what i did earlier!” Peach said “I was really mad and sad and-”.

“Liar” Lyra growled “Perhaps i should even out the price”.

Lyra glanced over to a knife and had a sinister grin.

“I guess you’ll be able to join your mother” Lyra grinned as the knife began glowing.

Meanwhile, In Yoster’s head

“Where am i?” Yoster asked as he was nearby a house on a hilltop.

Yoster approached the house and opened the door.

The house was neatly furnished, not one thing out of place; similar to Lyra’s house.

*Slow piano*

Lyra looked into the window and saw Yoster

] Lyra entered the house and held... called out “GIVE ME SOMETHING!”.. [/spoiler]