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Donkey Kong
no i plan to get that for christmas

i do plan to buy Smash Bros for 3ds though

who is your favorite member of nsync


King Bowser
I don't listen to the band, but for a random guess, I would go with Joey Fatone.

What do you think is the most overrated Sonic song?

London Parris

Retired until further notice
Dark Souls Remastered.
What is your favourite movie?
Dunno. I only played the NES Kirby and Planet Robobutt Robobot, as demos.

Which meme do you prefer? "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud" or "Mario Goes To The Fridge To Get A Glass Of Milk"?


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Poll Committee
Eggman or Robotnik?

Stefano Valentini said:
Giratina because it's cool.

Which character in Mario Kart H8 frequently likes to cause trouble for you?
Rosalina, only because of how common she is back in the 2014 original.

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