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I think I saw a ghost in my swimming pool

Do you like vanilla ice cream?

London Parris

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DKTF for the Switch.
Snake Amiibo or Ridley Amiibo?


Mario Kart IRL. Poggers
Super Mario Party

Do you think the next person who will reply will be TG?


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It looks fun but I really don't get the point of not having every Pokemon (Or at least the one in Go) in it

Do you want to be a dentist?


Dry Bowser
Right now my top three is Tingle, Jill and Drill Dozer, and Geno.

Thoughts on Yokai Watch?


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I don't really care about the purple guy, it's not like he's not going to be playable in any other game

What would you do if you have to press a red button but you're a hologram?


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yoshi (2019)(or somethin like that i forgot it's actual name lol i remeber its old name)
least favorite mario odyssey costume?