Headcanons of Smash Bros


I give specials thanks for the maker of the Mario series headcanons.

It works the same only with more characters and elements from other series.

Ridley has a canon rivality with Pikachu.

Mewtwo deliberately left the series and will came back after his training, probably looking for the megastone or something.


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Mario looks so pissed in Brawl because he keeps getting beaten up.

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
i usually make character palettes have different personalities from each other aka green donkey kong is the stupidest donkey kong


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Donkey Kong's homeplace is Brinstar Depths, which is just the inner lair of Brinstar.

Mario's homestages are the Halberd and the Great Bay.
Link's homestage is Fourside.
Ice Climbers' homestage is Venom.
Ganondorf's homestage is Yoshi Story.
Captain Falcon's homestage is Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World).
Luigi's homestage is Kong Jungle N64
Zelda's homestage is Corneria
Falco's homestage is Pokaymon Stadium 1
Samus's homestage is Saffron City
Mr. Game & Watch's homestage is Battlefield (Melee)
Peach's stage is Final Destination (Melee)
Young Link's stage is Jungle Japes.



Charizard left the trainer because he got tired of being manipulated into unwanted fights.


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Pit was watching past Super Smash Bros. Tournaments, but was too shy to join until Palutena forced him to join. lol that headcanon kinda came outta nowhere. ;D


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Computer players taunt in Melee because they love losing.


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Hackmon said:
The Pichu is Melee became the Pikachu in Brawl.
This so much.

A. Both Melee Pichu and Brawl Pikachu have the blue goggles.
B. Melee Pichu and Brawl Pikachu can wall jump, but Melee Pikachu can't.


Ganondorf was revived/awakaned in Melee and needs time to reach his full potential, in Brawl he got better.

Yoshi(the long necked one) went for a vacation.

Andross lost his head into a black hole and his hands became Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

Bowser became more beast like because he is found a spell/thing to transform into Giga Bowser.


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When I was little, I thought Master Hand was Mario's father.


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Sonic was going to be in Melee, but was delayed by a freight train.

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It's headcanon because it's only true in my head. :yoshi:


Toon Link is Link's son.

Green Donkey Kong was living under a rock and is all mossy.

Giant DK is Donkey Kong's mean cousin who's real name is Donkey King Kong.

Wario stoled the trophies to prove he was still evil.

Waluigi whacks the others with a racket because he was not invited to fight.


Mario(species) is a thing. Wait, no, that's actual canon.
Captain Fabulous' fabulous-ness makes him much more powerful than the other Captains.


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Sonic and Samus definitely have a thing for each other.
Samus x Snake OTP