What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

aw yeah

and if you want to see the weirdest (but kind of the coolest) music video ever, uh
I love how this song pulls off being smooth and punchy at the same time, it literally makes me dance anytime I hear it. His choreography's pretty good in the video too, albeit a bit sped-up
This Time I Know It's For Real - Donna Summer

If that Alabama song was my favorite country song ever, this is my favorite song ever in general.
There's a reason this one's the most streamed song on Spotify, the instrumentation, lyrics, and singing are all pretty spectacular.
ah yes.
a 2 hour loop of "Heartbeat, Heartbreak"
now we got Mount Magmeow and Crisp Climb Castle (bowser's fury OST is one of the best OST's i've ever heard)
I didn't realize until recently how much I liked most of Justin Bieber's music, it's pretty well suited to my taste.

really great merge, i haven't been listening to the spotify version for this reason. sweet dreams feels like an important inclusion due to the powerful nature is gives the twins that was completely removed for no reason :/

One of my favorite songs from 2024, this guy is one of the most promising new artists out there. His debut album came out a week ago and he's gaining a lot of momentum
Getaway Car - Taylor Swift

I used to be the biggest snob about music but now here I am having a fixation with Taylor Swift music.