What's the above user's best quote?


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YoshiMonsta said:
My dog is the personification of a backwards God that is jubilantly peeling fresh oranges from the fire of our hopes and dreams, while playing baseball with yo mamma. Yes that is my dog.


One Tough Cream Puff
Glaceon said:
This may seem cold, while I appreciate the offer, I'm too cool to have multiple (as I have an IRL brother who's pretty cool) siblings. :cool: RARE NON-DK SMILEY USAGE
So ice-suppose I'll have to go with the frigid reception and decline. :dk:

By the way, wouldn't it be incredibly awkward for a dragon to go on one knee, possibly impossible even?


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Man this is hard to choose

Mario's Drunken Holiday Special said:
The distant planet happens to be made completely of hot water and is tidally locked with a star I recently created. Your plans are in deep water. Meanwhile, I go occupy Canis Majoris.


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Duskull said:
Who here has seen Rocker outside of the internet?

For all we know Rocker is an internet creation and so possesses no gender