Petey Piranha Lovers


Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
I'm sick and tired of people saying Petey Piranha sucks! So I made this
topic so I can find other people who like Petey Piranha.
So, is there anyone that likes to use him in video games? Don't give me
that crap about his head always being in the way, or his slowness!
Because I respect Him!
I kinda like Petey, but Nintendo is overusing him horribly.I like using him in mario tennis but his mkdd performance was well... awful.They should have gave him his own powerup instead of that cheap ''powerup of everyone''.
I'll be honest with you PPL, I never really paid too much attention to him. I mean, I do'nt hate him, but I do'nt like him too much either. So, he's O.kay, I guess.

(I've been thinking about making a thread like this about Toad.)
Once again, use the Marioverse thread.

Also, Peteys cool, though I did find it somewhat hard to drive with him in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the whole head thing.
Petty Rocks! He should have never been in Super Princess Peach...i mean come on losing to a princess! LAME

But petty is preetttttyyyyyyy awesome
I can totally imagine Petty getting beat up by a princes..... "shaes head spasmodically"

I think I'm around you too much, 3D.
Well Petey is good sometimes, because he makes the games mor enjoyable, but sometimes he's a badass
I like Petey Piranha. He's not just some throwaway generic character, like Koopa or Goomba. (Toad and Yoshi don't count--their personalities have been developed so well they can stand on their own.
Petey is kewl, but the Koopalings are better. Koopaling should be in more games that petey :D
well, yeah, he's overused, he apeared in sunshine, NewSMR, power tennis, super princess peach, double dash and partners in time I say is OK that he apears in some games, but is annyoing to see him in every game men. the only thing left is a cameo in metroid prime corruption and/or smash brawl. I like his apareance un NewSMB and the sunshine, but the other games not very much, because he don't show any funny espresions or stupidies (because they're funny :lol: )
Yeah, the whole barfing sludge thing is amazing.
He's an okay character... but I don't see what's to like about him in NSMB, Maledict. He was a total pushover in that game... like all its other bosses...
The boss battle in NSMB were patethic (epxert Lakithunder, he was amazing), they only had 1 or 2 attacks that were repeated over and over without variation and the fact thant you could defeat them with two jumps (countersy of the Ground-pound) kind of destroyed it.
Hk-47 said:
I don't like PP.

Koopalings are btter, I liked him at first but now I'm just annoyed by him...
His fans are way obsessive.
Dude, thanks captain obvious.