Ah, yes, Ray Moroz. Sounds about right.
What does he deliver to the good boys and girls? (Also I'm curious as to what his delivery route is... even the fastsest, bestest, most handsomest Protector is going to have trouble delivering to everyone's homes in one night.)

Ray Trace of course delivers presents, but he also loves good practical jokes and pranks too, so a touch of naughty would be great for him! Unfortunately, Ray Trace is a bit of a glutton so not only would he always eat your cookies and milk, he might raid your fridge for extras.

Ray Trace does admittedly have difficulty with delivering and it's mostly due to his dyslexia (it's why he can't read English but he can speak it fine). Since he is Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz's translation), he just does parcels (no mail man things, that's for the post office!) and he does have some....magic stored in that staff of his, that helps him with parcels.
I love the Baby Daisy one!