Super Mario Bros 3 VS Super Mario World

Which one is the king of Mario games?

  • Super Mario Bros 3

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • Super Mario World

    Votes: 23 69.7%

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nickicksbutt7 on the main SuperMarioWiki
This topic has been so controversial, its amazing, both games are EXTREMELY good, but I think Super Mario Bros 3 is slighty better. More levels, more power ups, and more features on the world maps, its very close and I cant argue with any opinion here.

Most forums I have seen gave the edge to Super Mario World though.

You got to admit, if one was on Nintendo, and one was on Sega, this would be the greatest debate ever.


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Super Mario World was better, though a good reason for that is that it was built upon Super Mario Bros. 3.
I didn't really play SMW, but I played super Mario bros. 3. On the virtual console.

Hated it. I just had no fun with it. Don't know why.

I feel like this topic is an argument waiting to happen.


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World, definitely. I didn't really enjoy SMB3 and consider it to be pretty overrated.

Although there are at least three Mario games that I liked more than World, so I wouldn't call it the "king of Mario games".


nickicksbutt7 on the main SuperMarioWiki
Advantage SMB3 on Levels, Power Ups, Mini Games, map items (Anchor, Music Box, etc). Advantage SMW on Graphics, Enemies, Ability to replay any level, Yoshi+Baby Yoshis and their abilities.


Donkey Kong
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Better level design, exits, just a variety of things that make it more enjoyable and just last much longer.

Not to mention the engine is down right perfection compared to smb3's.

T-Hrk said:
Which one is the king of Mario games?
SMW2: Yoshi's Island outclasses both.
It was a pretty good game.

and oh god the visuals and ost


nickicksbutt7 on the main SuperMarioWiki
What I find stupid is IGN giving the original Super Mario World an 8.5/10, and NSMBU 9.1/10, no fellas. SMW is like a 9.7/9.8 game IMO


Donkey Kong
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You shouldn't count on reviews period, as many as ive seen, I've also found them to not apply to my interests in a lot of cases.


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Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World

It gives you both in one cartridge

Well in all seriousness, Super Mario Bros. 3 was my first Mario game so IMO it will always be the best

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
Neither are the king of Mario games because games cannot be king without Baby Luigi in them however I will say Super Mario World is the better of the two.


Monty Mole
On the flip side, SMW has bigger levels, Yoshi, and a vastly superior world map. Not to mention the challenging secret world and better boss fights.


nickicksbutt7 on the main SuperMarioWiki
If you had the ability to replay levels in Super Mario Bros 3, it would have been perfect.

Lets go over how many types of levels there are.

Super Mario Bros 3 has
Regular, Scrolling, Fortress, Underground, Airship, Desert, Water, Giant, Sky, Ice, and Night levels.

Super Mario World has
Regular, Scrolling, Fortress, Underground, Ghost Houses, Ice, Water, Forest, and Castle levels.