Nintendo Network

i got one
add me freshsince94
ill skim through the list later im busy rn

add me and you shall finally be friends with true perfection
My Nintendo Network is Sully64.
lol Glitchy i'll make you glitch twice as usual XD.
NNID: TimmyTendo
Wii U Chat allowed? No

(Not sure if any other info is necessary, but if you ever want to Smash with me then let me know)
My NNID is mario3dworld64
Wii u chat: No Im too shy :-[
I have smash, mk8, and splatoon in case your wondering.
I have a new NN account because Wii U.

Mii: Gonzales (Right now it's ForTheWin but I'm going to change this tomorrow after I get home)
Name: bluetoad63a
I'd Wii U Chat but if it's ok I'd call you.