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I've never actually said mine, mine is

Mii: MetaKnight
NNID: IYoshi
Boards: Meta Knight
Wii U Chat: No


Donkey Kong
Retired Forum Mod
NNID: ProtoKoopa
Mii: Justin
Boards: MST3K
Chat: Yes

and i'll add folks when I'm done with class for the day


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Not that I know of.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I switched webhosts, which resulted in a cancelation of retrieving online information. I have not (yet) reactivated that function, so if you read in the OP that someone is online, that means they where online at a certain time a week ago.

Dr. Peach

Rest in Peace Walkazo 1991-2016
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My NNID is pwwnd123.

Add me if you want on your Wii Us folks.

Edit: Added Stargazing.