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My cursor has blood on it.
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My Mii is Alex, my NNID is SuperDoom, and I guess I could video-chat, just be sure not to cuss.


welcome to the hotel waluigi
realize that this is pretty late in the game but my nnid is schmutz-schmootz. mostly I just play mario kart.


The Archest Archer, not Miles Edgeworth
My NNID is A51_Trooper and I play both Mario Kart 8 and Smash 4 online. Keep in mind though that I can only play on even-numbered weeks, as I don't always have access to my games.


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Nickname: Garrison (but Miiverse is dead)
NNID: YoshiFlutterJump
Super Mario Boards: YoshiFlutterJump
Wii U Chat: It's dead, so no.

I'm on Mario Kart 8 (standard and DX) and Super Mario Maker. Please play my Mario Maker courses!