Who would/do you use for each Mario Party?

Just something I was thinking about, I wonder who people would choose more often out of all the choices.

Here are mine
MP1-4: Yoshi
MP5-6: Yoshi, Boo, Koopa Kid
MP7: Yoshi, Boo, Dry Bones
MP8: Yoshi, Hammer Bro, Blooper
MP9: Yoshi, Kamek, Shy Guy

I use Yoshi for all of them, since he's a character I can stay with, but there are other cool characters.


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Currently I would use:

MP1-2: Mario
MP3-9: Daisy

But when I was young, that was rather:

MP1-4: DK
MP5-6: Koopa Kid
MP7: Mario


I never played for 1~9.
My prediction for characters.

MP1~5 and portables: Peach, Yoshi
MP6: Peach, Yoshi, Toadette
MP7~8: Peach, Yoshi, Toadette, Birdo
MP9: Peach, Yoshi, Birdo, Koopa Troopa, Kamek

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I usually just play as any male character. No particular favorite. But I generally pass on Yoshi for some reason.


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Yoshi for all of them, but in 5 and 6 I will use Koopa Kid if someone else takes Yoshi. :p In 8 I will also use Hammer Bro.


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The characters I use the most are Yoshi and some of the enemies such as Dry Bones, Shy Guy, or Boo. I also use Daisy, Birdo, Wario, and Waluigi occasionally.

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Waluigi, Birdo, and the princesses are the characters I use the least.

Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario are the ones I use the most out of the original 6.

When Mario Party 5 first came out, I used Toad quite often.

Toadette for 6.

Dry Bones for 7.

Hammer Bro. for 8.

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1-4: Luigi
5: Toad
6: Toadette
7: Toadette
8: Toadette
DS: Toad

Toadette's my favorite to use in the Mario Party series. That is, until Baby Luigi is playable.


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For Mario Party, Mario Party 2 and — whenever I play it, which is rarely — Mario Party Advance, I only use Yoshi. Not including Mario Party 7 — from Mario Party 3 to Mario Party 9 and Mario Party DS, I mainly use Yoshi or Daisy. Finally, for Mario Party 7, I only use Daisy, which is because her special orb is so much better than Yoshi's special orb, giving me some advantage on the boards over the others.

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All - Yoshi. He's a go-to main character when there's nobody else I'd be interested in.
MP5/6 - Koopa Kid. Why not, he's probably the closest you'll get to a playable main baddie if MP9 is any indication.
MP8 - Hammer Brother/Blooper. Hammer Brother is a Koopa minion, and Blooper is just adorable.
MP9 - Koopa Troopa. Same as above, but combined. He really is the most adorable little turtle out there.


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Always my main man. :waluigi: