Least favorite animals?

Let's see...I hate bees and wasps and hornets and other flying stinging insects.

And since I'm vacationing in Florida, I will point out jellyfish, the scum of the seas.

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All of the above except jellyfish, plus more that I can't think of off the top of my head.


Bees are fine, but I can't stand wasps. They can sting you as much as they want. On what was to be my first day of kindergaten, I was waiting for the bus, and decided to use a stick to poke into a mysterious hole in the ground....I was stung 9 times and missed school that day to take a cold bath.


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I'm just going to say any biting/stinging/poisonous insect/arachnid and jellyfish.


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Bees, wasps, mosquitoes but the most I fear of all are roaches and I never tried to kill one myself.

I am so freaking scare of roaches and freak out when I see one.

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I'm also afraid of spiders and snakes too.

Btw, what's wrong with centipedes?

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Also spiders and wasps/hornets. Rats/mice never really bothered me, though we don't get them.

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I don't hate any animals, even spiders despite being terrified of them. It's silly to hate creatures for following their instincts.

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1. Spiders (especially Cellar Spiders)
2. Mosquitoes
3. 'Roaches
4. Monkeys
5. Humans (the selfish, stupid, idiotic kind)
6. Crane Flies
7. Mites
8. Ticks


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I've never once met an insect that showed the slightest sign of manners or common courtesy, but I can't say I hate them. Because without them the frogs would go hungry.


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every bug that tries to fucking bite you

oh and horses because i'm hilariously allergic to them
Also snakes. I love how these tv shows are like all "I caught the snake! I will relocate it to a safe environment!" while I'm thinking like, "GET A SHOTGUN GET A SHOVEL SHOOT IT SHOOT IT CUT ITS HEAD OFFFFFFFFF"