Control the Throne

I smother you with my tongue. All your throne are belong to me
I turn off the music. You become depressed because you cannot dance and go sit on outdoor grass. I sit in the throne instead. :shy:
I call in the epic Snifberg the Unfeeling from Yoshi's Woolly World to take away your 15 remaining health. Then, I fall from a slightly-higher-than-you cliff and take away that last hitpoint. You fall off the throne, Kirby-style, and I take the throne back with Snifberg, who's really my brother, sitting on his new throne. That's right, now there's TWO thrones.
I charge in with a Wonder Flower and use its power to send you both flying away. Then I sit on both thrones
I kill your Wonderflower with weed killer and then come at you with a sword. You get scared and run away and then I lock the front door of the castle after you leave so you can't get back inside. HA HA HA! My throne now! And I make a clone of myself to sit on the other throne. To make even more so you can't get back inside I melt the locks on the doors with a blowtorch. To ensure nobody else takes my kingdom away from me I start raising an army.
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I finally come back from the bathroom, I open the skylight windows, sneak up behind you, tie balloons to you and your clone, then you float up to space. I am such a big mammoth that I sit down on both of the thrones at once.
I explode one throne, returning it to its original state. However, I blew myself up in the process. The throne's up for taking.

POV: Me during that incident:
Bulbasaur attacks your Piplup. Now it's mine!
The Care Bears attack and now it's my throne!